KYUHYUN (규현) [Super Junior] – The 1st Mini Album ‘광화문에서 (At Gwanghwamun)’ [Full Album]

Very gentle on the ears. Kyuhyun has a beautiful, melodious voice. 🙂

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News] 140707 TVXQ’s Changmin shows support for Super Junior’s Kyuhyun’s Musical “Singin’ in The Rain”


TVXQ’s Changmin showed some love for his buddy, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, by attending the show of his musical, “Singin’ in The Rain”, on July 6.

Changmin came to see the performance at the Chungmuro Art Hall. During the intermission, he managed to see Kyuhyun’s mother and they comforted each other. He also managed to come to see Kyuhyun at the backstage and snapped a picture with him, as shared by Kyuhyun on his Twitter.

“The one who came back ShimChwang (Changmin) and Singing in the rain^^,” tweeted Kyuhyun along with a picture of the two of them posing with double v-signs to the camera.

The musical “Singin’ in The Rain” is a musical adapted from the 1952 movie of the same name. It tells a romantic story of its casts on their way to stardom. The Korean musical is produced by SM Entertainment’s subsidiary company SM C&C, which has casted a lot of SM artists in its rooster, including EXO’s Baekhyun, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, TRAX’s Jay and Girls’ Generation’s Sunny.

The musical “Singin’ in The Rain” is currently playing at Chungmuro Art Hall from June 5 to August 8, 2014.

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[Trans] 140216 KyuHyun Twitter Update

KyuHyun: yesterday at the moon that embraces kyu~ my last performance! With shimchwang eongminnie joonyeon-ie luluhan and minseok^^ thoroughly enjoyable performance!


source: GaemGyu
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[TRANS] 140110 Kim Hee Chul Says, “Hero Jaejoong – U-Know Yunho, Came To Me In Tears About The Name ‘TVXQ’”


While explaining the special powers of EXO, Kim Hee Chul mentioned TVXQ and H.O.T.

During the episode of JTBC’s ‘Sseoljeon’ that aired on the 9th, a ‘How Much Do You Know About EXO?’ segment was held to discuss why EXO is so popular.

Kim Hee Chul, who is a senior under the same label as SM, said, “Super Junior also planned to promote in China, with our Chinese member Hankyung, but it was extremely difficult for us. Hankyung left the group, and it became difficult for the Chinese unit of Super Junior to promote in China. So EXO has taken on the strategy of completely splitting up into two different groups to promote, but coming together when they need to. That’s why they film two different music videos.”

He continued to state, “I knew that EXO would become a topic of discussion on this show, so I called the company and said, ‘I heard that EXO have super powers. Please explain them to me’. But while hearing their explanation, I said, ‘I once said that I enjoy the super powers on ‘Running Man’ for their childish nature,’ so what do you think I have to say about this?’” Regarding EXO’s super power concept, Kim Hee Chul said, “I’m pretty sure Lee Soo Man was the person who came up with it. He’s the one who always comes up with the names and concepts of teams. When TVXQ’s name was created, U-Know Yunho and Hero Jaejoong were close to tears. Shindong and I laughed at the name. But they ended up making their debut as TVXQ. TVXQ ended up being a hit, as did Super Junior, Shinhwa and H.O.T. But now, names are not enough. So they need to come up with a storyline with super powers.”

Source: [tvdaily]

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Editors Note: Out of Respect for LeeTeuk’s Family


I can understand the disbelief and sorrow of sudden death. Death struck my family in December of 2013. It is a shock to the mind, body, and spirit.  It is because of this fact that  Leeteuk’s family needs a display of understanding and sensitivity to this tragedy from the fandom and from the media.  This is not a time to speculate, or obtain a scoop, but to give support. It does not matter whether Super Junior is a favorite group or even that Leeteuk be a favorite person. Death is not a  respecter of persons. We all travel this road.

Only GOD knows what truly happened here, and He is the only qualified judge.Out of respect for Leeteuk’s family, JYJ (CY)Fantalk will not be posting for a 24 hour period. We will resume posting on Thursday, January 9th. May they rest in peace.   Momma Cha

[News] 131230 SM puts out full page ad as TVXQ passes 10 million album sales by their 10th anniversary


SM Entertainment not only celebrated Super Junior’s accomplishment with a full ad page but also did the same for TVXQ to congratulate them on selling 10 million albums over a 10-year span!

Amazingly enough, TVXQ celebrated their 10th anniversary on December 26 and have now been presented with this great news that they have a sold a whopping 10 million albums. It seems to be a good year of milestones for SM artists.


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credit: allkpop

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[TRANS] 131101 TVXQ-Girls’ Generation-EXO Come Together To Recreate SHINee’s ‘Everybody’


The singers of SM Entertainment have gotten together to recreate ‘Everybody’.

On the 1st, a video of singer such as TVXQ, Super Junior, EXO and Girls’ Generation performing the key dance moves of SHINee’s ‘Everybody’ was released on SM’s official YouTube channel.

The video showed the singers of SM showering their praise for SHINee and the song, and following the dance moves that mirror Detective Gazette, helicopter propellers and a man playing a flute.

Super Junior’s Eun Hyuk had everyone laughing when he stuck his tongue out and acted like a clown, while Girls’ Generation gave it their all to support SHINee. TVXQ’s Max Changmin followed the powerful dance moves with a strawberry hat on his head, while U-Know Yunho set aside his charisma and got his body moving.

Meanwhile, SHINee’s ‘Everybody’ has been sweeping the music charts of various televised music programs.

Source: [mydaily]

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[TRANS] 130822 53 Korean Idol Groups Are Nominated For The Hallyu 10th Anniversary Japanese Music Awards


53 Korean idol groups, including TVXQ and Girls’ Generation, have been nominated for the Hallyu 10th Anniversary Japanese Music Awards, which will be held in Chiba, Japan in October.

According to Oricon, a ‘Hallyu 10th Anniversary Awards’ awards ceremony will take place at the International Convention Hall in Chiba, Japan on the 9th of October to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Hallyu Wave. The committee in charge of the awards ceremony will hold a poll from the 22nd till the 30th of September for boy bands, girl groups, and female and male solo artistes, to choose the top 5 groups in each category.

The nominees for the boy band category came to a total of 33 teams including INFINITE, AJAX, EXO, Epic High, FT Island, MBLAQ, CN BLUE, JYJ, SHINee, SHU-I, SHinhwa, Super Junior, ZE:A, Choshinsung, TEEN TOP, 2AM, 2PM, TVXQ, NU’EST, B.A.P, B2ST, B1A4, Big Bang, VIXX, Boyfriend and U-Kiss.

The girl group category had a total of 20 nominees including Jewelry, After school, A Pink, f(x), Girls Day, KARA, SECRET, SISTAR, Girls’ Generation, Davichi, Dalshabet, T-ara, 2NE1, 4Minute, Brown Eyed Girls, Miss A, Rainbow, and the Wondergirls.

The male solo category includes Psy, Se7en, Rain and Kim Bum Soo while the female solo category includes IU, Gummy, Ailee, BoA and Wax.

Source: [starnews]

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Happy Birthday to Thatmelancholysoul from Mommy Cha

 Happy Birthday to thatmelancholysoul from Mommy Cha

I can remember the first time that I laid eyes on you. You were blue, and a team of doctors and nurses were fighting for your life. Thankfully, through God’s grace, they won, and I was able to hold you in my arms. You have always been my most curious one; the one who questions everything; and my music and dance companion. If I were to define you I would say that you are multi-faceted and multi-talented. What you choose to put your mind, time, and effort into becomes a positive reality. It is in the choosing that you must display the most wisdom–because every moment spent in pursuit of a goal is a lost moment if the goal is not attained.

You have endless potential my Dear, and life is beckoning you to explore and conquer. I can remember being your age and the things that I wanted to do– imaginable and unimaginable things. The horizon was vast and many pursuits beckoned. Art college came first–then an art career. BB, [Before Babies], I was content with graphics, but after your sister and then you were born–I somehow gained a different perspective on life.  I discovered that I enjoyed children so much that my next pursuit became teaching–a pursuit I still engage in. Over time, I have taught everything from kindergarten to college; from church school to public education; infancy to geriatrics–and I have enjoyed them all. I have had a wonderful life filled with teaching and learning with and from you and your sister. Surprisingly, young people can teach their elders a thing or two. It is the young who face challenges head on and refuse to give quarter. It is the young who look for possibilities before impossibilities.

I guess I could say that I hold you responsible for introducing me to the world of J-Pop and K-Pop. First came Super Junior. I struggled so hard to remember [much less pronounce] each member’s name, and I danced many times with you to ‘Sorry, Sorry’. For a while we were unaware of any other K-pop groups until the day that you discovered ‘Mirotic’ while surfing on Youtube. That is the day that DBSK became a part of our existence. I was immediately fascinated by their dancing and singing abilities, and I can remember spending hour upon hour learning everything that I could about the group and its members. I learned to talk on the blogs and forums, and gradually became solidly supportive of Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin. I was attracted by their musicality and their personalities. For a while I struggled because I couldn’t understand why, I, a classic music teacher, gospel singer, songwriter, wife, and mother of two grown daughters, would enjoy listening to this music. For some reason it both soothed me and challenged me to explore beyond my everyday music parameters. Hence came that immediate Mommy, agape love for the members of DBSK. If it seems as if Super Junior paled in comparison, not so, I still enjoy their music and their antics. What was most surprising, however, was that nurturing spot that DBSK immediately occupied. I became a Momma Bear, ready to defend if needed. Sadly, it would be needed.

There are happenings in life that defy description. One such happening was the split of DBSK. 2010 became a remarkable year that smelled of change on the wind. Many were confused and frightened, including the members, and in an effort that would take strength from us all, the Five became Three and Two. As a family, we stood in the position of distressed observer, never abandoning any member, but with a spirit that knew deep down that things would never again be the same. This didn’t mean that hope was abandoned, but reality dictated that change was inevitable. We fought with everything in us to maintain the faith, and we still fight for the hope that someday these friends and brothers will be able to sit down and enjoy quality time together. It is no longer about the music or the companies–it is about the friendships.

So now, thatmelancholysoul, how does this in any way relate to your Birthday? Why have I written this narrative in this way? It is because I want to see you fight just as hard to be who you are despite all the obstacles and oppositions that life can mete out. It isn’t even about who’s right or wrong–it is about seeking the truth that will set you free to pursue goals that are beneficial to you and to those around you. It is about hanging in there when everyone else says that it is time to give up. It is about clinging to hope when it seems as if hope has abandoned you. Word to the wise–hope never will abandon you as long as you cling to hope because hope is in Christ.. It is in realizing that faith and hope are the underpinnings through GOD’s Holy Spirit that keep you stable in a world full of instability.

You are now an adult making adult decisions and entering this arena called life. Think deeply about things; meditate on things; then trust your spirititual instincts. …”Whatever things are pure, think on these things”….

I will always love you, thatmelancholysoul, with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength because I am striving to be made in the image of Christ.  I do not expect perfection…I only ask you to strive for it.

Love, Mommy

[News] 121230 KBS K-pop Festival’s Sound System Exposes The Vocal Talents of Idols, ‘Forced MR Removal’

[News] 121230 KBS K-pop Festival’s Sound System Exposes The Vocal Talents of Idols, ‘Forced MR Removal’

The KBS K-pop Festival’s honest sound system has exposed the vocal talents of K-pop idols.

KBS 2TV’s ‘K-pop Festival’ was aired on the 28th of December and was graced by singers who shined in 2012. They sang their biggest hit of 2012 and also got together for collaboration performances that exuded a completely different charm than usual.

However, aside from the dance numbers, the performances of the attending idol singers fell below expectations and were disappointing. As the entire concert was performed live, their embarrassing vocal talent, or lack thereof, was exposed. The sound of singers struggling to catch their breath could be heard through the microphones, and there were some idols who couldn’t sing at all because they were out of breath. There were also idols who lip-synced and relied on the AR of their songs, making the entire ordeal awkward for those who were watching.

The only people who survived the exposure were 2AM, K. Will, Hyorin, Ailee, SHINee, Noeul and TVXQ. Hyorin showcased her vocal talent through a sexy performance, as well as during her collaboration number of the guitarist Park Joo Won. SHINee and TVXQ gave perfect performances as they sang so well to extremely difficult choreography that it made one wonder if they were actually singing live or lip-synching.

Meanwhile, netizens left comments on various online community sites as they were watching the performances. Most of the netizens picked up on KBS’ sound system and the singers’ vocal talent. They left comments such as, “KBS’ K-Pop Festival’s sound system has no mercy. A forced MR removal”, “The singers vocal talents are exposed. It’s embarrassing to listen to”, “This shows who has talent and who doesn’t”, “It must be embarrassing for the singers. How will they perform live”, “I can hear their voices so well. I can easily tell who can’t sing”, “Is today a MR removal special?” and “Forced live performances.”

Source: [newsen]
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[Video] 121228 TVXQ! KBS Gayo Daejun 2012

[Vid] 121228 TVXQ! KBS Gayo Daejun 2012

Opening with Kikwang (Beast), Shindong (Super Junior), Son Dambi, Kim Hyuna (4minute)

Guests: TVXQ, Super Junior, KARA, CNBLUE, Miss A, BEAST, T-ara, TEENTOP, Trouble Maker, 2AM, B1A4, Noel, SISTAR, Dynamic Duo, SHINee, Son Dam Bi, K.will, Secret, Ailee, INFINITE

credit: Nam ChangMin+지 약+dearkpop6

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[Pic] 111226 KyuHyun Twitter Update

[Pic] 111226 KyuHyun Twitter Update

KyuLine who is spending the last of 2011 together with a year-end party^^ TVXQ & S.J & SHINee & CNBlue, barely finding a time between these 4 groups’ schedules with such difficulty, we managed to meet ㅜ In any case I feel so happy^^

source: GaemGyu
trans by: AllRiseXiahtic

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111216 So, How ‘Bout Them Mama’s? ~Myndless~

So, How ‘Bout Them MAMAs?

Before I begin this post, know that I am also a crazy fangirl in some ways.  ^_^  But…

Ugh…never have I seen so much crazy mess that is an award ceremony.  From the day the polls opened up for voting to the time of the actual award giving, things were just crazy.  But just to make things clear, I didn’t really pay much attention to it all.  So I really shouldn’t be saying anything about it.  But since my Twitter list is 90% Kpop related, I was still a part of it. 

In the beginning, I wasn’t really opting to vote.  I kept hearing who the nominees were for certain categories and such.  HoMin were nominated for a few as well as Super Junior, B2ST, and several other groups I like.  So, the main reason I didn’t want to vote was because of that: too many of my favorite groups.  But then there was also the fact that I was a little sad that JYJ was once again absent from the list.  Everyday was like one of those voting campaigns for presidential elections you’d see on television.  Fans of various groups had also found ways to boost up the voting results of their groups by making several voting accounts.  To me, I kinda felt that was wrong.  It felt like cheating.  Like fans were doing it just for the sake of the award rather than thinking about if they really deserve it.  Eventually, I did come around to voting, but I wasn’t going to vote for just HoMin or just Super Junior in all categories they were nominated for.  I actually went and looked up some of the other nominated artists and the songs that they were nominated for.  But I only voted ONCE.  That was it.  The rest of the time, I watched as others made various accounts to vote.  I was pretty much ready for it to be over really.  ^^;;

Then, just yesterday (on my side of the world).  Voting had ended and the award ceremony was held…in Singapore.  But it was live streamed as well.  I didn’t watch it because it was during my sleeping hours.  XD  But when I woke up…the reactions were just…  @_@  Cassiopeia was upset because HoMin didn’t win anything.  And I was okay with that.  They’ve won so many awards in the past.  I’m sure Yunho and Changmin were like: “Ah~ No awards this year.  That’s okay though.  We did our best.”  But if all five were there, I’m sure it would’ve been an almost all-kill.  It just goes to show that anything that was once full and becomes divided doesn’t stand a good chance.  Kind of like the slogan I kept hearing while in school.  “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”.  So…what does that tell us, Cassies?  Anyway, I believe E.L.F.s were upset because they didn’t win a certain award.  Again.  Nothing to worry about.  I think Super Junior did well this year too.  And I think they won an award anyway, so I’m cool with it.  I’m not sure why BlackJacks (2NE1’s fans) were upset though.  Either way, many fandoms were butthurt that evening.

Now…I know that there are some things that I do get upset about in my fangirl life.  Most of it being whenever my biases are said to be in relationships and stuff or when things between JYJ and HoMin stans flare up.  But when it comes to awards…I’m cool with it.  HoMin may not have won any awards, but look at our situation.  And heck, neither JYJ or HoMin are nominated for the Golden Disk Awards.  My theory is because they know how us Cassies are.  ^^;;  But whatever, TVXQ (all five members of course) are still stars in my eyes.  No need for an award.  Just keep on truckin’ towards reunification.  To the artists that won an award, I congradualate you~! 

I know I may sound like a bitter fan or some meanie that just stole your lunch money, but doesn’t some of my words have at least some truth or sense to them?  As one of my fellow Cassie friends has said…I am a thinking fan.  There are lots of things I think about that deal with how this fandom is and how I wish it was.  So, as usual, I apologize for stepping on some toes.  Now…onto my next post!

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