[Trans] 120511 JYJ Twitter Updates

[Trans] 120511 JYJ Twitter Updates

Junsu: @JUNO_Japan Oh~ hyung, your OST is very nice! You did well.. ^^ (T/N: Junho sang the OST for drama Ji Woon Soo’s Stroke of Luck, where he’s acting in.)

Junho: @1215thexiahtic You heard it~~ Thank you!! I’m very happy to hear such words from senior!! (^∇^)Fighting for concert preparation!! I hope to go to the concert very very much… Recently whenever I’m in the car or exercising or resting at home, I have been only listening to songs in your solo album. Kekeke The Best!!!

Yoochun: The one I love… Will come here often.. ^^ http://yfrog.com/klg31jrj (T/N: Restaurant’s name is ‘Bin Goong’. Also known as ‘Crown Princess’.)

Lee Tae Sung (@TAE_SAMA): @6002theMicky Lame…

Yoochun: @TAE_SAMA Dong Tae Mu…. Where is Park Ha???

Lee Tae Sung: @6002theMicky You didn’t go yet?? It’s not the time to be so relaxing now…

Bum (@ bums1313): @6002theMicky Oi~ Partner Boss Park!! Please do think/take care of our shop too?! Our Bum’s Story!! Ke

Yoochun: @bums1313 I’ll give a treat there after the drama ends~^^ ♥

credit: josiemiao + park0604+freyazo
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

 Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net
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Editors Note: 120411 Rooftop Prince The Suspense Is Killing Me!!!

Surpise! Surprise! Surprise! 

Well, Yi Gak is in a pickle, and definitely Bak Ha is in a pickle. The wily killer personality Tae Mu has struck again, and again, and again. His target–Yi Gak, through manipulating, capturing, and now attempting to kill Bak Ha. Admittedly, Yi Gak has been playing some reall mind games on him, too. Yes!!

What he doesn’t know is that the game is just about up because I firmly believe that Bak Ha is going to be rescued and restored to her love, and able to tell you put her in a reefer–and if someone [ listening writers? ] doesn’t do something about these ultimate villians [like wipe them off of the map or something] I think the viewers may just storm the set!!

I want Bak Ha to discover her mother’s identity so badly, and I want SeNa to discover that her shenanigans have only gained her mother’s attention enough to want to take her away. I want her to discover that she has been messing with her own blood sister this whole time, including almost getting her killed [that might not make much difference however] and probably cutting herself out of the company leadership.

I want to discover what happens when the real Tae Yong wakes up, and are they going to find a way to meld he and Bak Ha so that Yi Gak can go back to Joseon and woo/marry Lotus Flower Girl.

My greatest question is: Where are the threesome? They need to be helping to find Bak Ha, and can Yi Gak find her soon enough?  Suspense galore!!!

I guess we shall see next week whether our heroine [in some people’s opinion wimpy or not… I say not ] survives the deep freeze. This is better than a ‘Perils of Pauline’ thriller for sure…  😮 

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

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