[Trans] 120524 Post of JYJ Tweets

[Trans] 120524 Post of JYJ Tweets

@6002theMicky: Rooftop Prince ended its run with an ending more beautiful than any other works..^^ I was really thankful for all the love you gave during this time. Thank you. Even if 300 years pass, I still love you~^^ Silly~~~~!!!

@6002theMicky: Lee Gak Park Ha~^^http://yfrog.com/kju22zqoj

@1215thexiahtic: Yoochunie you worked so hard during this time..^^ For the time being, please have a good rest…! Your Highness..;;

 @1215thexiahtic: @poimin73 Thank you as always Hyung~^^

@6002theMicky: ^_______________________^ http://yfrog.com/od1hujij

@6002theMicky: @1215thexiahtic Thank you~^^ Do the tour well!! You are the best!!

@6002theMicky: Today’s filming ended too~^^!!! http://yfrog.com/esuiditj

@6002theMicky: Lee Gak, you’re the first drama character that I’ve ever looked forward to… I’ll miss you… Goodbye.

@6002theMicky: Ah!! And for a while I used to think “Gakie, you’re such a player”, I cancel that thought now. Cancel!!^^ Thank you~

@6002theMicky: @woosiq Never forget… http://yfrog.com/ocp9bbgoj

@6002theMicky: @jihye5555 ㅎㅎ You worked so hard too~^^ㅎㅎ Let’s get even more tired during the next piece of work^^

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Editors Note: Episode 20 Rooftop Prince Ends…Sob…Sob…Sob…


First of all, I personally think that “Rooftop Prince” would have been interesting as a Parallel Universe production–however, reincarnation was the theme [I can’t even imagine wanting to go through this again] so “ya gots what ya gots”.

This was an absolutely adorable drama. It started and ended with tragedy but hope is in the air. Yi Gak and Bak Ha [scratches head] or Tae Yong and Bak Ha manage to meet in the palace gardens. Tears and reunited love all around.

I guess my biggest accolade goes to the writer, who somehow managed to corral this complicated set of characters into submission. Even so, we lost numerous characters never to be seen again, but all in all–the main characters were managed well. I am still wondering what happened to Yong Tae Yong in the hospital–but I can only conclude that once Yi Gak died in Joseon–Tae Yong awakened and came to Bak Ha.

I guess the giggly fun part is watching the Flower Four put on their modern wear and consume omurice. They turned it into a business.

‘Rooftop Prince’ was a combination of the tragic, the ridiculous, true love, sacrifice, and reward–complete with baby-faced protagonists and antagonists.  Interestingly, I thought the answer to the riddle was a butterfly, that’s what I think they wanted us to believe–but it was the lotus flower.

This had a truly surprising ending. I hope that a sequel is planned. Wouldn’t that be great? Bak Ha and Tae Yong with cute plump babies at their feet who have their own time adventure with Mom and Dad. We’ll see.  😮  

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[News] 120521 Park Yoo Chun Hints at “Rooftop Prince” Ending?!

[News] 120521 Park Yoo Chun Hints at “Rooftop Prince” Ending?!

Singer-actor Park Yoo Chun (JYJ) is attracting attention for his tweet, which seemed to be hinting at the fate of his character and his minions in the currently airing SBS series, “Rooftop Prince.” On May 21, Park Yoo Chun tweeted, “I’m sorry. Ahem…Manbo, are you still in 2012 Hanyang (Seoul). I heard Chisan was in Joseon! Manbo, hurry and come over here.”

In the tweet, Park Yoo Chun was referring to Song Manbo (played by Lee Min Ho), Crown Prince Lee Gak’s (Park Yoo Chun) faithful teacher/scholar, from the series. However, netizens were more drawn to the fact that Do Chi San (Choi Woo Sik) made it back to Joseon. They began speculating whether the flower four left Park Ha (Han Ji Min) and returned to where they came from.

Netizens commented, “Poor Park Ha. Did they go back to Joseon?” “I can’t wait to see how the series turns out,” “I’m dying to know!!!” “No, they should just stay in 2012,” and more.

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[News] Han Ji Min Died to Save Park Yuchun in Rooftop Prince? Hidden Reversal Surprise

[News] Han Ji Min Died to Save Park Yuchun in Rooftop Prince? Hidden Reversal Surprise

Who is exactly the main character involved in the murder of Crown Princess incident 300 years ago?

Episode 18 of SBS’s “Rooftop Prince” aired on May 18th, 2012 shows that Park Ha pushes away Lee Gak (Park Yuchun) who is about to be hit by Yong Tae Moo (Lee Tae Sung), and plunged into the crisis of death.

The ultimate goal of Tae Moo is Lee Gak. After the evidence that he is related to the death of president Yeo was discovered, Tae Moo said, “Lee Gak must die,” and set up a trick a Hong Se Na (Jung Yoo Mi). In order to carry out the murder, Se Na uses Park Ha’s mobile phone to asks Lee Gak to the reservoir.

Se Na brings along Park Ha’s mobile phone and couple T-shirt to reservoir together with Tae Moo. Lee Gak chases after Se Na who is wearing the couple T-shirt in the dark. Tae Moo who found Lee Gak rushes over to him. The last scene is Park Ha, who knew the trick slightly later and come to the reservoir, stands in front of the car in order to save Lee Gak.
But there are many voices about the possibility of Se Na, instead of Park Ha, who would be hit and killed by the car. 300 years ago, at the time when Crown Princess was murdered, many viewers pointed out that the face of Crown Princess was not shown in the end, and reasoned that the person who fell into the water and drowned is not Crown Princess but Bu Yong (previous life of Park Ha).

The speculation is that at that time, Bu Yong passed away when wearing the clothes of Crown Princess. In modern times, it can be inferred that Se Na would suffered from the fate of death when wearing the clothes of Park Ha. Especially the anxious face shown by Se Na when Park Ha jumps onto the car, or through Se Na’s lines which suggest that she might die, “If I died once and for all, would I be forgivven?”

Netizens who watched the broadcast said, “If Park Ha died really can not be justified,” “Only Se Na died would clear off the notoriety of the so-called bad guys,” “Our Lee Gak is pitiful, what to do?” “I vote for Se Na gets hit by the car while Tae Moo fell into the reservoir” and so on.

via Daum

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[Trans] 120511 JYJ Twitter Updates

[Trans] 120511 JYJ Twitter Updates

Junsu: @JUNO_Japan Oh~ hyung, your OST is very nice! You did well.. ^^ (T/N: Junho sang the OST for drama Ji Woon Soo’s Stroke of Luck, where he’s acting in.)

Junho: @1215thexiahtic You heard it~~ Thank you!! I’m very happy to hear such words from senior!! (^∇^)Fighting for concert preparation!! I hope to go to the concert very very much… Recently whenever I’m in the car or exercising or resting at home, I have been only listening to songs in your solo album. Kekeke The Best!!!

Yoochun: The one I love… Will come here often.. ^^ http://yfrog.com/klg31jrj (T/N: Restaurant’s name is ‘Bin Goong’. Also known as ‘Crown Princess’.)

Lee Tae Sung (@TAE_SAMA): @6002theMicky Lame…

Yoochun: @TAE_SAMA Dong Tae Mu…. Where is Park Ha???

Lee Tae Sung: @6002theMicky You didn’t go yet?? It’s not the time to be so relaxing now…

Bum (@ bums1313): @6002theMicky Oi~ Partner Boss Park!! Please do think/take care of our shop too?! Our Bum’s Story!! Ke

Yoochun: @bums1313 I’ll give a treat there after the drama ends~^^ ♥

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Editors Note: 120411 Rooftop Prince The Suspense Is Killing Me!!!

Surpise! Surprise! Surprise! 

Well, Yi Gak is in a pickle, and definitely Bak Ha is in a pickle. The wily killer personality Tae Mu has struck again, and again, and again. His target–Yi Gak, through manipulating, capturing, and now attempting to kill Bak Ha. Admittedly, Yi Gak has been playing some reall mind games on him, too. Yes!!

What he doesn’t know is that the game is just about up because I firmly believe that Bak Ha is going to be rescued and restored to her love, and able to tell you put her in a reefer–and if someone [ listening writers? ] doesn’t do something about these ultimate villians [like wipe them off of the map or something] I think the viewers may just storm the set!!

I want Bak Ha to discover her mother’s identity so badly, and I want SeNa to discover that her shenanigans have only gained her mother’s attention enough to want to take her away. I want her to discover that she has been messing with her own blood sister this whole time, including almost getting her killed [that might not make much difference however] and probably cutting herself out of the company leadership.

I want to discover what happens when the real Tae Yong wakes up, and are they going to find a way to meld he and Bak Ha so that Yi Gak can go back to Joseon and woo/marry Lotus Flower Girl.

My greatest question is: Where are the threesome? They need to be helping to find Bak Ha, and can Yi Gak find her soon enough?  Suspense galore!!!

I guess we shall see next week whether our heroine [in some people’s opinion wimpy or not… I say not ] survives the deep freeze. This is better than a ‘Perils of Pauline’ thriller for sure…  😮 

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

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[News] Is The Yellow Butterfly The Answer to ′Rooftop Prince′ Riddle?

The reappearance of the riddle – ‘What dies when it’s alive and is alive even when it dies?’ – has piqued the curiosity of the Rooftop Prince viewers.

In the April 12 broadcast of SBS’ Rooftop Prince, crown prince Lee Gak (Park Yoo Chun) became aware of the possible connection between Park Ha and Bu Yong (Lee Gak’s sister-in-law from his previous life in Joseon).

During the episode, the audience witnessed Lee Gak and Park Ha’s impromptu trip to Chuncheon with just a childhood picture as their guide.

Although they found the elementary school that Park attended as a child thanks to the help of a photo studio, Park Ha’s name was nowhere to be found in the school registry. They later found out that Park Ha’s childhood name was Park In Joo from President Jang, Park Ha’s biological mother.

Turning towards a sullen Park Ha, Lee Gak asked, “Is that your real name? How do you write your name in Chinese characters?” After learning of her Chinese character name, Lee Gak explained, “Your name signifies a lotus and a lotus is also known as ‘Bu Yong,’” recalling his sister-in-law from his previous life.

Then, Lee Gak asked Park Ha the same riddle he had asked Bu Yong many years ago. However, unlike Bu Yong who had answered correctly, Park Ha said, “Life, because living is not really living. We are all in a vegetative state.”

After the broadcast, viewers tried to play the role of ‘Rooftop Prince CSI experts’ and took a stab at solving the riddle.

One viewer said, “The answer [to the riddle] is Bu Yong. Not only is Han Ji Min’s name Bu Yong, the (Bu Yong) lotus blooms in the morning and withers at night.”

Another viewer said, “The correct answer is a butterfly. A caterpillar hardens into chrysalis and turns into a butterfly. The caterpillar lives a busy life but his transformation into a butterfly signifies that it dies when it is still live and is alive even when it dies.”

Previously on the drama, the yellow butterfly that was woven into Bu Yong’s veil was brought to life with Lee Gak’s tears and 300 years later, the same yellow butterfly linked Lee Gak with Yong Tae Yong in America. As such, the butterfly appears to be the answer to Lee Gak’s riddle.

Viewers are wondering when Lee Gak will finally discover Bu Yong’s reincarnation as Park Ha and how he will solve the secret of the yellow butterfly.

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