Missing You–A Happy Ending+The King of Dramas–A Hurried Happy Ending

Missing You–A Happy Ending

After all the hints of a tragic ending for Jung Woo and Soo Yeon of “Missing You” including [supposedly] Yoochun’s assessment that his character needed to be killed off to make things right, I was happy to see that my own personal desire for the melodrama’s ending was realized. I could see no justification in a conclusion that would separate Jung Woo and Soo Yeon after all the heartache they had been through. Fourteen years is a long time to have an ache in your heart–at least the reward of being together can ease that hurt. There were a lot of positive role model elements in this melodrama that endeared it to my heart immediately. Jung Woo displays great compassion and sensitivity, and Soo Yeon has an ability for self-sacrifice that is fearsome. The two of them deserved each other. All of the actors in this melodrama were commendable, believable, and deserved awards all around.

I have to say something here about Yoo Seung Ho who portrays “Harry” aka Kang Hyung Joon in “Missing You’. I was curious so I looked up his profile and realized why he is such a good actor. He has been acting for years. I believe that his acting in “Missing You” was top notch. He somehow managed to be a villain and make you love him at the same time. My mother’s heart went out to Harry Borrison.


The King of Dramas–A Hurried Happy Ending

I have no idea how the ratings went for this remarkable drama. It probably wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea–it taught too many life lessons. I fell totally in love with all of the characters especially Mr. Aen Seo-ni and Writer Lee aka Kim Myeong-min and Jeong Ryeo-won. Choi Si Won of Super Junior also starred in this drama that centered on the transformation of the main characters from self-centered obnoxious persons into caring individuals. I enjoyed every moment of this drama that was packed with an excellent cast. It was apparent that the writer’s intent was on redeeming the hearts and minds of the main characters, especially Aen Seo-ni, who makes a 360° transformation by the conclusion of this drama. His influence and inspiration–a mere slip of a girl who teaches him that people matter more than success or appearances. I was only disappointed at the end of this drama by what appeared to be a rushed ending. I believe it would have benefited from two additional episodes.

Hats off to both of these well-written, well acted dramas.

Credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

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[News] 121113 ‘I Miss You’ Park Yu-Cheon, Turned Into A Homicide Detective

[News] 121113 ‘I Miss You’ Park Yu-Cheon, Turned Into A Homicide Detective

Park Yu-Cheon of JYJ has changed into a homicide detective perfectly.

Park Yu-Cheon appearing in the drama ‘I Miss You’ of MBC released a photograph of himself expressing his rage with a clenched fist to a prisoner. In the photograph, he showed a strong charisma, which gathers expectations for his changed acting.

An official of the drama said, “Since he has the role of a homicide detective in the drama, he showed wild and sharp eyes. His action scenes will also be one of distinctive parts in the drama.”

On 12th, a photograph of Park Yu-Cheon singing in a karaoke was released, which announces a changed story of actors from young actors.

Meanwhile, ‘I Miss You’ which is going to broadcasted on 14th will have a scene of being apart of young Jeong-Woo(Yeo Jin-Gu’s role) and Su-Yeon(Kim So-Hyeon’s role).

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Editors Note: 120411 Rooftop Prince The Suspense Is Killing Me!!!

Surpise! Surprise! Surprise! 

Well, Yi Gak is in a pickle, and definitely Bak Ha is in a pickle. The wily killer personality Tae Mu has struck again, and again, and again. His target–Yi Gak, through manipulating, capturing, and now attempting to kill Bak Ha. Admittedly, Yi Gak has been playing some reall mind games on him, too. Yes!!

What he doesn’t know is that the game is just about up because I firmly believe that Bak Ha is going to be rescued and restored to her love, and able to tell you put her in a reefer–and if someone [ listening writers? ] doesn’t do something about these ultimate villians [like wipe them off of the map or something] I think the viewers may just storm the set!!

I want Bak Ha to discover her mother’s identity so badly, and I want SeNa to discover that her shenanigans have only gained her mother’s attention enough to want to take her away. I want her to discover that she has been messing with her own blood sister this whole time, including almost getting her killed [that might not make much difference however] and probably cutting herself out of the company leadership.

I want to discover what happens when the real Tae Yong wakes up, and are they going to find a way to meld he and Bak Ha so that Yi Gak can go back to Joseon and woo/marry Lotus Flower Girl.

My greatest question is: Where are the threesome? They need to be helping to find Bak Ha, and can Yi Gak find her soon enough?  Suspense galore!!!

I guess we shall see next week whether our heroine [in some people’s opinion wimpy or not… I say not ] survives the deep freeze. This is better than a ‘Perils of Pauline’ thriller for sure…  😮 

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

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