130414 [Video] Jaejoong Mini-Concert/Fanmeet in Taipei Compilation

30414 [Video] Jaejoong Mini-Concert/Fanmeet in Taiwan Compilation

Hi Jaejoong. It is so wonderful watching you, listening, and enjoying your performance. Stay strong. We love you.  Momma Cha

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[Vid] 130410 ‘TVDaily’ Kim Jaejoong Mini Concert&Fan Meeting In Nanjing, China

[Vid] 130410 ‘TVDaily’ Kim Jaejoong Mini Concert&Fan Meeting In Nanjing, China

credit: tvdaily

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[TRANS] 130318 JYJ’s Jaejoong Says, “Asia Tour Fanmeet-Concert… I’m Happy To Be Connecting With My Fans”

[TRANS] 130318 JYJ’s Jaejoong Says, “Asia Tour Fanmeet-Concert… I’m Happy To Be Connecting With My Fans”

I’m happy about my Asia tour concert because it helps me connect with my fans.”

Amidst his Asia tour fanmeet and concert, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong opened up about his feelings and determination.

On the 16th Kim Jaejoong met with Korean reporters for a press conference ahead of his ‘Your, My and Mine’ Asia tour fanmeet and concert at the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Luwan.

During the press conference, Kim Jaejoong talked about being back in Shanghai as he stated, “It makes me feel great knowing that I held a fanmeet here last year and am holding a concert here this year,” and “I feel like I’m coming to greet my Shanghai fans every year. It’s a city that I have deep affection for.”

Kim Jaejoong added, “I decided to divide the concert into three sections because I wanted to create a space for me to share my stories with my fans, connect with them and introduce the music from my album to them,” and “After spending some time with the fans, I’ll be having a short yet impactful mini concert. I will do my best and work hard.”

Kim Jaejoong released his first solo mini album ‘I’ in January and met with over 20,000 domestic and overseas fans at the Ilsan KINTEX on the 26th and 27th of January and in Bangkok, Thailand on the 17th of February.

▶Here is the Q&A session from Kim Jaejoong’s press conference

-How do you feel about holding a concert in Shanghai, China?
“It makes me feel great knowing that I held a fanmeet here last year and am holding a concert here this year. I feel like I’m coming to greet my Shanghai fans every year. It’s a city that I have deep affection for. I come alone, and I come as a member of JYJ.”

-You held a press conference with the Chinese media before the one with the Korean media; what question made you feel happy?
“Setting aside the questions themselves, the Chinese reporters looked at me with delight. Something about their gaze made me feel great (laughter). It felt great to see them showing their affection for me.”

-We’re curious to know how much you participated in the directing of your current Asia tour concert.
“I held two concerts in Korea on the 26th and 27th of Korea. From the planning stages of the concert, I made a request for the concert to be split into three sections. My upcoming concert here will also have a fanmeet and a concert. Though there was the fear that it would feel low-grade and be difficult to concentrate on, but I wanted to create a space for me to share my stories with my fans, connect with them and introduce the music from my album to them. The upcoming fanmeet and concert can be seen to be fulfilling the same goal. Though it was easy to communicate with my Korean fans, I was very worried about doing the same thing with the overseas fans. But because the Thailand concert turned out better than expected, I think the Shanghai concert will be great as well.”

-Do you have any special events prepared for the China concert?
“It won’t be too different from my Thailand concert. The music that I’ve prepared is the same, but there will be a few changes to the fanmeet part of the concert. Because the audience changes, I will probably do things differently depending on the reactions of the fans. It’s not that I have something special specifically planned, but if I were to pinpoint something special about my Shanghai concert, it would be that I’m in Shanghai and connecting with my fans.”

-As a group, JYJ has created a niche for themselves in the Japanese market. You must sometimes think about expanding into the Chinese market as well.
“China is a country that we can’t give up. All of us believe that China is a country we need to visit, no matter how little time we have.”

-The feeling of standing on stage with the other members and standing on stage alone must be very different.
“I don’t think there’s anything good about being alone, because you feel lonely. (laughter) When Junsu was on his world tour and had just returned to Korea after his South America tour, he looked at me and said, ‘I thought I was going to die from loneliness.’ I thought being on a tour alone would be a new and great experience, but I realized that the loneliness you feel is inevitable.

For example, when we take on something new like acting in dramas or musicals, we take on that challenge thinking about what we can do to succeed and do well because all of us are working solo. But when it comes to musical activities and albums, you end up spending a lot of time alone when you’re used to being with your members. I couldn’t get used to that.”

-What is the biggest difference between a performance by JYJ and one by Kim Jaejoong?
“When the three of us are performing together, we move around a lot to give fans an equal opportunity to see all of our faces from a close distance. When I’m alone, I don’t move around as much. What’s difficult is that I have to keep singing by myself. Junsu complains that all the songs I write are in a high range, and I find myself agreeing with him and finding it difficult when I have to sing one of my own compositions by myself (laughter).”

-If you were to pinpoint a difference between JYJ fans and Kim Jaejoong fans, what would it be?
“There’s one thing that’s for sure. Kim Jaejoong fans are stronger, no matter what part of the world they come from. My fans seem to function at a level above everyone else, saying things like ‘I love you’ instead of ‘I like you’, and ‘You drive me crazy’ instead of ‘I love you’. It’s something I’ve been feeling for a while. (laughter) For example, even if ten people are calling out Yoochun and Junsu’s names, they are drowned out by two of my fans calling out my name. Kim Jaejoong fans are all full of passion.”

-Was there a moment in your Asia tour that the fans moved you deeply?
“When I see how much they’ve changed from the past, I’m moved deeply by the heart-warming scene. In my concert, there’s a segment where they get to communicate with me. Before, fans would get jealous when I was playing games with other fans, but they’ve changed. They play along and encourage everyone involved. It made me feel at ease and it felt like one big family.”

-During one of your events for the fans, you cooked rabokki (spicy rice cakes with ramen noodles).
“I made rabokki during my Korean concert, but I failed during my Thailand concert. It tastes great if it’s a little sweet so I like to put sugar in it, but the staff had already seasoned it backstage because they were worried that the audience wouldn’t like it. I didn’t know that so I ruined the food in Thailand. But I want to succeed this time and feed the fans some good food.”

-Is rabokki the dish you’re most confident about?
“I’m really good at cooking. I’ll get married one day, and all she (my future wife) needs to do is bring herself to me. Because both my parents worked ever since I was young, I cooked a lot when I was home alone. I’m good at any housekeeping chores and I’m a great cook. When I was young, my dream was to become a chef. (laughter)”

-Do you ever feel that you’re in a competition with Junsu, who has also released a solo album and held a solo concert? What was the advice the other members gave you?
“The thought that I needed to beat Junsu never crossed my mind. The concert I’m holding is so different from the one Junsu held. Now that I’ve released a solo album and started my tour, I’m sure I’ll be able to feel the things Junsu felt during his world tour. Because my concert is divided into a mini concert and a fanmeet that helps me communicate and connect with fans, I feel more like I’m traveling to be loved rather than feeling tired out by everything.”

-This year marks the tenth year since your debut. I’m sure it’s very meaningful to be holding your first solo tour concert while looking back on the past ten years of your life.
“It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since I made my debut. (laughter) When I look back, I can see that so much has happened and that I’ve accomplished so much in the past ten years. When I’m told, ‘It’s already been 10 years since your debut’, I think ‘Wow. It’s been that long already’ and then I forget about it almost immediately. What scares JYJ the most is time. We’re still in our early and mid-twenties. We have so much that we want to do and accomplish. We have to be able to satisfy and entertain the masses, even when time has passed and a new generation emerges. As the masses are aging with the passing time, there’s nothing we can do but beat time. (laughter) I think our biggest goal is to work so hard that time becomes powerless in front of us and stay young, energetic and upbeat.”

-What do you want to do, accomplish or fulfill?
“When we’re participating in overseas promotions, fans always ask us if we have any plans to be active in their home countries for a long period of time. We would like to stay in different countries and be active there for a long time. Because the restrictions on our Japanese activities were recently lifted, I’d like for us to be more active there. Not only that, but I’d like to take on new challenges in other fields in Korea and make a place for myself. There’s so much that I want to do that I’m thinking that time is going to be an issue. (laughter)”

-What was your happiest or saddest moment in the past 10 years?
“There were so many moments when I was happy. (laughter) What comes to mind first is that I can’t live without my members. The moment I realized just how precious my members are to me was my happiest moment. For the past two years, we’ve been focusing on our individual activities so it was hard for us to meet unless we had official activities together as JYJ. Because we had to take on long-term projects that demanded a lot of attention, we couldn’t see each other for a while. When we did meet, there was a moment of awkwardness. We couldn’t meet often because we were pursuing our own individual goals, but we realized just how thirsty we were for each other’s presence. Before, Yoochun didn’t pick up his phone often and Junsu never used to be the first to call, but nowadays, we’re too busy calling each other. That’s how happy I felt when we all realized just how precious we are to each other. The hardest times were when I would forget that happiness.”

Are you happy with what you’ve achieved with your first album?
“I’m very happy about what I’ve achieved. I could only put five songs into my album because it was a mini album and I wasn’t entirely happy because of the feeling that I wasn’t able to convey everything that I wanted to in those five songs. But I’m happy because the album was well-balanced, I got to try out a new genre and I was able to inject a variety of vocal colors into those five songs.”

-If you decide to release another solo album, would you take another stab at the rock genre? Or would you try out a new genre?
“I want to keep singing rock songs, even if I release a full-length album. There are such a wide variety of colors in rock music that I want to try the genre again. If I get the opportunity, I’d like to work with indie bands. It’s a personal thought of mine, but I’d like to work with Hyde of the famous Japanese group L’arc-En-Ciel if I ever got the chance.”

-Is there a senior in the music industry you’d like to emulate?
“I would like to learn from Lee Seung Hwan and his concerts. I heard that he doesn’t decide upon a set duration for his concerts. The longest his concerts have ever gone is five hours, and I heard that the audience never felt bored in all that time. I really like that. As long as the audience is satisfied, I could use up all the energy in my body. Lee Seung Hwan is a person who performs for his fans, and I want to be an artiste like him.”

-What kind of senior do you want to be for your juniors?
“I think the definition of being cool when you’re young is different from that when you’re older. I’d like to keep hearing that I’m cool and age gracefully. I’d also like to avoid being a senior of the past who’s referred to as ‘That senior used to be like this..” or “That senior was okay in the past..” For that, there’s nothing I can do but work hard. (laughter)”

-What are your plans for your Shanghai concert?
“I plan to spend some time with the fans, and then have a short yet impactful mini concert. I will do my best and work hard.”

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[Info] 130220 Jaejoong Mini Concert & Fan Meeting in HongKong

[Info] 130220 Jaejoong Mini Concert & Fan Meeting in HongKong

Jaejoong Mini Concert & FanMeeting in HongKong
Date : 2013. 3. 24. 7:00p.m.
Venue : HKCEC Hall 5BC
Ticket link : http://www.hkticketing.com/
Ticket open : 2013. 2. 27. 10:00a.m.

credit: JYJ FB
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[Info] 130130 Jaejoong Mini Concert & Fan Meeting in Thailand Ticketing Information

[Info] 130130 Jaejoong Mini Concert & Fan Meeting in Thailand Ticketing Information

GATE OPEN : 4:00 P.M.
TICKET PRICE: 5,000 / 4,000 / 3,000 / 2,000 / 1,500 THB
PUBLIC SALE: Start from Sunday February 17th ,2013
from 10:00 A.M. Via thaiticketmajor all distribution channel.
•Thai Ticket Major Counter
•Major – EGV
•Post office
•Every franchising
•Call center (02-262-3456)
TICKET SELLING BY: thaiticketmajor http://www.thaiticketmajor.com
TEL : 02-262-3456
SEATING: Available

1.A Maximum of 6 tickets per person is allowed.
2.Official poster for all tickets.
3.All tickets will have plastic ticket fee 20 THB.
4.Paper ticket will for entrance to the show. Please should not be damaged of lost it.
The plastic ticket will be souvenir only.
5.Please take paper ticket to receive plastic ticket and official poster at the venue,
Thaiticketmajor counter on 13:00 hrs onward.
6.For purchase thru http://www.thaiticketmajor.com
-Payment by credit card or counter service on 3rd to 8th February 2013
-Payment by credit card only on 9th to 17th February 2013

credit: 411ent
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[Info] 130107 JYJ’s Jaejoong Reveals Poster For Upcoming Mini Concert & Fanmeeting ‘Your, My, Mine’

[Info] 130107 JYJ’s Jaejoong Reveals Poster For Upcoming Mini Concert & Fanmeeting ‘Your, My, Mine

JYJ‘s Jaejoong has opened preorders for his first solo mini album, ‘Mine‘ today. He also revealed tehe above poster for his upcoming mini-concert/fanmeeting ‘Your, My, Mine‘.

Jaejoong’s concert ‘Your, My and Mine‘ will be held on January 26th and 27th.

In other news, Jaejoong will be pre-releasing a track titled “One Kiss” off his upcoming album, on January 8th!

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credit: allkpop

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