[TRANS] 140310 TVXQ, “Sunmi Has The Greatest Choreography These Days, It’s Really Classy

TVXQ brought Sunmi up in their conversations.

During today’s broadcast of MBC FM4U’s ‘Kim Shin Young’s Hopeful Song of Noon’, TVXQ appeared as guests and chose Sunmi as the singer with the best choreography these days.

DJ Kim Shin Young asked, “TVXQ can never be left out when talking about choreography, which singer has caught your eye these days with their polished choreography?” Max Changmin replied, “Yunho and I talked about this yesterday, and we both think that Sunmi has a great dance routine. It’s really classy.”

U-Know Yunho added, “The concept for her song is really specific. I didn’t know she was actually going to draw a moon with her hands.”

When DJ Kim Shin Young kept asking about Sunmi, U-Know Yunho said, “The first time we met her, she told us that she was a member of our fanclub. More and more juniors are coming out and revealing that they were in our fanclub.” When asked who these stars were, U-Know Yunho hesitated for a moment before he said, “There’s Dal Shabet’s Woo Hee, Girls Day’s Min Ah, a member of BESTie, and EXO’s Xiumin and Chen.”

Max Changmin added, “More and more juniors are coming up to us and telling us that they were our fans, with a level of sincerity that brings truth to their statements, and it makes us happy to see them do well as singers.”

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[Trans] 120320 Junsu Twitter Update

[Trans] 120320 Junsu Twitter Update

Park Seung Kwang (@skpark81): Is there any team who can have a practice match with Gag Con~~~ baseball team? Kekeke Looking~!! We are not very good at it… looking for a team where we can leave memories together.

Junsu: @skpark81 Let’s compete… baseball!!

Yoon Kyung Shik (@fcmen17): @1215thexiahtic Junsu ah~ Should our Hulk team gather once again? Keke Our FC Men shouldn’t be losing, isn’t it~ keke

Junsu: @fcmen17 Shall we go get the baseball outfits? ke

Park Seung Kwang: Ke. Junsu ah, let’s have a real match. keke. We were once very hooked onto baseball isn’t it? kekeke

Junsu: @skpark81 Go go~ Gag Concert doesn’t play football???

Junsu: @skpark81 Oh ya hyung, I don’t really watch tv but I only watch Gag Con~~ I like everyone who appeared in Gag Con a lot… Except hyung!

Junsu: @skpark81 Keke


Junsu: Woke up at 7am again… Didn’t sleep that early yesterday either… Quiet morning… Mmm… One day one day… Went through a lot in the midst of it… What kind of challenge will it be today.. Or what kind of joy would fulfil me… It would be good if it is happiness… The kind of happiness that can be shared with everyone.

Junsu: @plmok30 Fighting~ Yong hwan ah! (T/N: Kwak Yong Hwan is one of C-JeS’s new artiste.)

[Junsu RT Jung Gun Yong’s tweet] Jung Gun Young (zerotic0124): Will plan to start JYJ dance classes from April onwards… Will tweet in future for details.. Please do look out for it and participate in it~ <3

Lee Gi Kwang (@b2stGK): @1215thexiahtic A happiness day for Hyung and I. Fighting!!

Junsu: @b2stGK You are going Japan today right! Fighting ^^

Lee Gi Kwang: Fighting!!!!! ^-^ my hyung~

Junsu: @b2stGK Fighting~ my brother~!! ^^

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trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net
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Editors Note The article entitled Letter of Almost…

Editors Note:

The article entitled Letter of (Almost Resignation) Final Confessions, Part 3 written by Jimmie Kim, who is affiliated with the JYJFiles, is an interesting one. You will find it on this website.

There are several key points in this article that are valid and I believe that you can note those as you read. I will address a statement that was made that I believe needs clarification. The reference was to English-speaking websites that view JYJ and other K-Pop singers/dancers as sex objects. I understand the reference and will go on record as saying that ,yes, this does exist, but does not exist across the board. There are many sites that exhibit respect for Korean artists and Korea as a nation. This site is an example.

I personally do have a sense of honor, and I will address issues of sensuality or sexuality as they occur. One example would be the recent choreography to “Before You Go” by HoMin/TVXQ. This is a beautiful song–but the choreography is embarrassing ,and ,in my opinion, over the top. This is not new. The original TVXQ had torchy choreography and lyrics over time as well. This is a result of the demands of the industry, but also just facing a fact of life–these artists are young people with hormones. Pure and simple.
That doesn’t make them bad people–it simply showcases their humanness.

Where the dilemma lies is in the fact that companies and artists can refuse to go there. They can choose to keep their gestures, choreography, and intentions pure for the public.. Would this make sales drop? Perhaps–because some fans are motivated by outside admiration only. The artists become objects of desire and their worth as human beings deserving respect is diminished. However, it is also possible that adhering to moral principles can also attract a different type of fan. One who is motivated by the music, talent, and inner personality of the artists involved. This is where I live.

I choose not to buy objectionable material, but I also choose to give the artist room to grow. I am a praying person, and I choose to pray for them, not to judge them. I make mistakes every day. I cannot judge others, but I can pray that they will respect themselves as well as the fans. I also pray that the fans will respect themselves and subsequently relay the message to the artists.

I have a love for JYJ, HoMin and other artists as well that transcends their stage personalities. I am more interested in their personalities off stage than on.

So–what I am saying here? As people we have to decide whether we have a moral code that governs our actions, especially in the public view. This dilemma extends to many entertainment areas including Hollywood, Bollywood, and other industries like it. If the fandom did not support or demand that the artists sing, dance, act, or perform erotically, perhaps it would not be as prevalent a phenomena in the industry as it presently is. I agree that there is abuse, lack of respect, and lack of sensitivity for artists. The question is how do we solve this social dliemma? Momma Cha

Credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com