Info] 120125 JYJ Come On Over DVD – Director’s Cut

[Info] 120125 JYJ Come On Over DVD – Director’s Cut

Expected release: February 2nd, 2012

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[News] 120108 JYJ ‘Come On Over’ DVD – No.1 Tower Records Daily Ranking

[News] 120108 JYJ ‘Come On Over’ DVD – No.1 Tower Records Daily Ranking


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[INFO] 111223 JYJ ‘Come on Over’ Private DVD Breaking News by 3hreevoices

[INFO] 111223 JYJ ‘Come on Over’ Private DVD Breaking News by 3hreevoices

This news is like an Oasis in a desert!
3hreevoices Shop has prepared special gifts for those who purchased “COME ON OVER.”

Carefully look inside of the “COME ON OVER” box.
We have put “Congratulations!” cards in some of those boxes.

If you are the winner, please follow the direction on the card and email us with your information.
After confirming, we will send you a very special gift!


[Junsu] This is the first reality clip of JYJ

[Yoochun] All 3 of us will be showing you

[Jaejoong] our appearances behind the stage

Source: 3hreevoices
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[INFO] 111115 Come On Over JYJ Pre-order

[INFO] Come on over JYJ Pre-Order


Is a special fully import version JYJ documentary DVD released around United States.
Captur the real life of three which fans awaited.
Is a video collection of valuable unpublished treasured that Phantom was not aired on Korea.

3 person reveals secret House
3 Private life and spending time alone at lifestyle, at home, such as video.
Besides the CD release for world wide concerts and also other musical activities
Such as “time in the rest of time”, time preparing for the next step”
The realistic appearance of JYJ.

[DVD specifications]
-DVD:Disc: total run time: 70 minutes × five
5-Disc DVD booklet 40 pages (luxury BOX specification)
Release plan price: 22,890 Yen ( in tax /1,090 Yen )
※ Audio: Korea / English / Chinese / Japan language subtitles available
※ Fully imported machines
※ Region code : ALL
※ Japan language subtitles
※ Customers: two sets or purchase (planned).
※ After ordering seven days since orders cannot be undone
※ After opening it is not returned.

※ Purchased towards offers a nice perks.

※ Further purchases have applied from amenities also presents a nice prize draw

※ Country: Republic of Korea
※ Production: SOMEONE AGENCY
※ Release date: 2011 Nov.-December mid-planned

Source: & JYJ 3hree Voices Shop
Translation Credit: JYJ3

Momma’s Source; iXiahcassie

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[VIDEO-ENG SUB] “Come On Over JYJ” DVD Introduction

[VIDEO-ENG SUB] “Come On Over JYJ” DVD Introduction (Cute! Cute! Cute! 🙂

credit:via JYJ Family MY @YT

Momma’s Source: iXiahcassie

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