[TRANS] 131014 Shill Duty Free Holds A ‘TVXQ Fan Festival’ With Japanese Tourists


The TVXQ Fan Festival was held on the 13th at COEX and gave Japanese fans an opportunity to fly to Korea to meet with TVXQ.

A total of 2,000 Japanese tourists flew in for the event, twice as many as last year, for the two day trip and enjoyed a trip around Seoul and the Shill Duty Free main shopping centre, and met with TVXQ during their fan festival before flying back to Japan.

The day’s event had TVXQ gifting lucky fans with the shirts and cardigans they had worn during their Shilla Duty Free photoshoot.

Source: [asiae]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

JYJ Fantalk Source: dongbangdata.net

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[News] Yunho’s Fans Give Winter Coats as Gifts to 200 of “Night King” Staff

[News] Yunho’s Fans Give Winter Coats as Gifts to 200 of “Night King” Staff

Recently, singer and actor Yunho’s fan club members provided winter coats as gifts for approximately 200 staff people from SBS’s drama “Night King” (or “Queen Of Ambition).

A staff from the drama set stated, “Yunho, who has been showing great enthusiasm and determination, is working very hard in this drama. We believe that his fans wanted to show support and encourage both Yunho and the drama staffs, and we want to let them know how much we appreciate it. With their gifts, our energy level at the set went up drastically.”

In addition to the coats, Yunho’s fans have been providing abundant amount of food at the set for both Yunho and the staffs.

Meanwhile, Yunho has recently been praised for his acting skills in “Night King.”

credit: soompi
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[Fanaccount] 120604 JYJ for NII Fan Party

[Fanaccount] 120604 JYJ for NII Fan Party

I still need to write my Junsu fansign fan accounts but I’m procrastinating on doing my homework right now so oops~

I arrived at the Lotte Department Store at 영등포 about forty-five minutes before the event started. I started to get in line and then I look at the woman behind me and I see she has a ticket. She looks at me, and sees that I don’t have a ticket, and says (rather snarkily), “You need a ticket to get in. Don’t you have a ticket? Winners pick it up from the NII store.” Anyways I start to get kind of panicky because I don’t have a ticket, so I explain to the guard I got my merchandise online, and showed him my text message confirming that I won along with my ID, and he said that it’s fine and I’m good to go. Hah! Take that rude lady!

I get closer to the door and theres a man holding a paper bag, and I see people pulling bits of paper from the bag. I close my eyes and draw out a piece of paper from the bag, and I have number 33. I wasn’t sure what it ment, so I wander around and see a group of fans writing notes for the boys on post-its and sticking it to a board. On mine, I tell them that even though I can’t speak Korean well, their music has made me so happy throughout the years, and that I will always love and support them no matter what.


 Soon it’s time to go in, and I go into the event hall and find out the numbers we drew are actually our seat numbers and I just about wet myself because I drew 33 out of about 500 people, meaning I was in the second row and about 3m from the stage. They are playing the Making Of for the latest NII CF in the background.

Soon, two MCs come out and start talking to the crowd. TBH I don’t really know whats going on but I know they say they’re giving away the cardboard standees that are on the stage, and some other items as well as hugs and handshakes from the boys. And then the two MCs walk to the side of the stage and suddenly the boys start talking with their mics, but we can’t see because they are still offstage.

 Then the boys come out, and everyone bursts into screams and applauds. Junsu (wearing a blue NII shirt) is sitting closest to me, then Jaejoong (wearing a white NII shirt), and then Yoochun (wearing a grey NII shirt) is farthest ;_; (but still really close).

Also I might be crazy but I’m pretty sure Yoochun kept staring at me. Like not just glancing at me but we would make eye contact for at least 10 seconds before I would have to cover my face with my hands from blushing or look away to Jaejoong or Junsu. He did this a few times >//< I guess I really stood out? haha

So I honestly can’t remember which of these two events happened first but they ask the people in the audience wearing the same shirts as JYJ to stand up. Then, they bring the girls up on stage. The girl wearing the same shirt as Yoochun gets a back hug from him, and she covers her face while he does it because she’s so shy haha. Jaejoong had four people wearing the same shirt as him, and they each got a hug. Junsu had two girls, and they both got hugs and got to take polaroids with Junsu!

Then, they bring out the boards with the post-its and they start picking out ones to read. Like I said, I can’t speak Korean really well but I THINK Jaejoong might have picked off mine and gave it to Yoochun saying something like, “Here, this one is English, you can read it” but Yoochun laughed and took it but didn’t read it aloud so I guess I’ll never know ;_; It might be just wishful thinking.

Then, the boys drew a number from the box, and whatever number he drew the whole row got to go up and get a handshake from them… It was a row from the back this time though ;_;

At one point Yoochun started saying something (I think I remember it as “What I really like is…” and then he trailed off) and one girl shouted “헐!”. Yoochun looked at her and said, “헐?!… 대박…”

During the fanmeet, I was tweeting what was going on, so sometimes I wasn’t giving my 100% attention or not looking at the stage. While I’m tweeting about the above event, suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder and hear “STAND UP!”, and I look around and see everyone else in the audience is standing up. I stand up and the MCs and pointing at me and still saying playfully, “STAND UP! STAND UP PLEASE! THANK YOU” and JYJ are looking right at me and grinning so I smile and give a thumbs up and say sorry! Haha I’m glad JYJ noticed me but not exactly the way I wanted to get noticed haha ;_;

Anyways they played a game where if you were wearing a certain item of clothing/were a certain type of person, you had to sit down. They asked questions like, “If you are single…”, “If you are wearing a ring…”, “If you aren’t wearing any makeup…”. They played this three different times and each winner got a bottle of perfume/cologne signed by one of the boys. Yoochuns girl got a hug from him, and Jaejoong wrote what I swear was a novel on his perfume bottle. He wrote on the edges and cap and everything haha. Junsu even initiated the hug with his girl ;o;

They start having a short chat session (which the girl beside me was kind enough to translate small bits of), and they bring up how Junsu was so shy during the latest NII photoshoot because of the girl, and he kept blushing a lot and couldn’t even touch her because he was so shy haha. Idk how much of it I believe because Junsu certainly showed his not-so-innocent side during his latest comeback haha ^^

Then, they tell us to check under our chairs. There are three chairs with pieces of paper taped to them and the winners got one of the cardboard standees. One winner was a girl in front of me, and the other two were somewhere in the back of the crowd.

They have another number drawing where a row of people (from the back again!) get to go up and get handshakes ;_; They have another talk and Jaejoong says how JYJ doesn’t wear the shoe inserts to make you taller because they are already tall enough haha. Yoochun also said how Jaejoong is working so hard for his drama and he even has to go to a shooting right after the event.

Soon after, the event comes to a close and the boys take a photo together with a NII banner, while the guards are trying to shield fans from taking photos of the boys haha. Outside of the hall, ladies that one the cardboard standees were kind enough to let us take photos of them ^^

I really hope this isn’t he only time I’m able to see all three of them together. I’m going home in a few weeks (or I might extend my stay until mid-August!), so I hope there’s another opportunity to see them, especially Yoochun! ;D

thanks a lot @yooCHUNSA
credit: kimchidelight

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[TRANS] 120220 JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s Photograph Of Chocolates – “Even His Arrangement Of The Chocolates Is Carefully Done”

[TRANS] 120220 JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s Photograph Of Chocolates – “Even His Arrangement Of The Chocolates Is Carefully Done”

JYJ member Kim Jaejoong gained attention for his photographic proof of a late valentines’ day.

On 19 February, Kim Jaejoong uploaded an image onto his personal twitter account, which was a photograph of various chocolates in exquisite packaging.

Kim Jaejoong had opened all the presents and arranged them, so that everyone could see the contents, and his careful consideration warmed the hearts of the fans.

Netizens said, “When will you be able to finish eating all these?” “Kim Jaejoong’s photo warms our hearts” “This shows that Jaejoong is a considerate person”

Source: [BaiduTVXQ + TV Daily via Nate]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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[NEWS] Lotte Duty Free’s “JYJ in STAR AVENUE” Held Successfully

[NEWS] Lotte Duty Free’s “JYJ in Star Avenue” Held Successfully

Duty free shop Lotte Duty Free created a delightful meeting JYJ and their Japanese fans.

On 14 January, at the Dom Art Hall, Lotte Duty Free held the “2012 Lotte Duty Free JYJ in STAR AVENUE” Fan meeting.

Regardless of the cold weather, 2,000 Japanese fans from all over Japan came to Korea to attend this fanmeeting.

“Enter-tour-ment Marketing” is the Korean tourism buisness developed by Lotte Duty Free, combining “Tour” with “Entertainment”, holding hallyu star fan meets and concerts in Korea, a market strategy to attract foreigners to Korea.

Lotte Duty Free’s PR representative Kim Ju Nam said, “Enter-tour-ment Marketing is a strategy in which we heighten the image of Korea in the minds of foreigners by utilizing hallyu stars, and to stimulate the travel industry via shopping, lodging and various tourism industries. 2,000 fans came for this JYJ fanmeeting, and with the upcoming Kim Hyunjoong (Fanmeeting) on 21 January, as well as Jang Geun Suk and Big Bang on 28 January, we expect a total of 7,000 Japanese coming to Korea.”

This fanmeeting which was held on 14 January kicked off with the JYJ Lotte Duty Free promotional video “So I’m Loving You, then followed up with a talk show, mini concert, and a letter of thanks. JYJ performed their hit songs “Get Out,” “In Heaven” and others, their sophisticated choreography drawing passionate cheers from the fans.

Furthermore, there were special events such as a lucky draw in which JYJ gave away their personal items such as jackets and sweaters. This draw was done by selecting seat numbers, and the selected fan would go straight on stage to receive their present as well as take a commemorative photograph. Also, during the talk show, a surprise party was held to celebrate the birthdays of Kim Junsu (1 January) and Kim Jaejoong (26 January).

This 3-hour fanmeeting ended with JYJ’s thank you letters. JYJ read out these letters personally, to thank their fans who came to Korea.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Star Today via Nate]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net
Re-up by: iXiahCassie

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[INFO] 111223 JYJ ‘Come on Over’ Private DVD Breaking News by 3hreevoices

[INFO] 111223 JYJ ‘Come on Over’ Private DVD Breaking News by 3hreevoices

This news is like an Oasis in a desert!
3hreevoices Shop has prepared special gifts for those who purchased “COME ON OVER.”

Carefully look inside of the “COME ON OVER” box.
We have put “Congratulations!” cards in some of those boxes.

If you are the winner, please follow the direction on the card and email us with your information.
After confirming, we will send you a very special gift!


[Junsu] This is the first reality clip of JYJ

[Yoochun] All 3 of us will be showing you

[Jaejoong] our appearances behind the stage

Source: 3hreevoices
Shared by: JYJ3

Momma’s Source: JYJ3

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Translation + Pictures TVXQ Kakao Talk–October Updates

[Trans + Pic] TVXQ Kakao Talk October Updates

Welcome. You’ve been friends with Asia’s Best Group TVXQ in Kakao Talk. We hope you’ll receive various news and contents of TVXQ in Plus Friends. Today too, a happy Kakao Talk with TVXQ!

*If you don’t want to receive messages from TVXQ anymore, you can press “Visit home” at the bottom then “Block”.

Oct 13

First Gift! TVXQ’s undisclosed photo release!


Oct 14

TVXQ’s second gift! Now in everyone’s hands~

TVXQ, new album ‘TONE’ certified as ‘Platinum’, sale on 14th in Korea!

Oct 17

Cool Max Changmin’s photo has arrived! Please check right now ^^

Photo credit: TVXQ Kakao Talk
Translation: raenxia
please credit if taking!

Photo credit: candy-sky.com/blog

and not sure when this was posted though…
for tutorial on kakao, (See Below)

Good News: TVXQ/HoMin has Kakao Talk (카카오톡) Bad News: It’s not available for certain countries

ShareDigg DiggI have this habit of checking the official TVXQ website, and imagine my reaction when I saw this:

If my understanding is correct, it says “TVXQ KakaoTalk Plus Friends Opening Information!”

Well, days before this news of SM Entertainment tying up with KakaoTalk came out. And so they’ve finally opened an KakaoTalk account andddd info on how to add the boys is available!!! So of course I clicked the link, and got my 6002theMicky (the iPhone 4) ready. This was the closest to a TVXQ twitter account we can get!

Instructions on how to add TVXQ on KakaoTalk (I think this one is for those using Android phones?):
1. Open KakaoTalk > Go to Settings > Manage Friends > Plus Friends

2. Friend Settings > Find friends by Nickname > Input Artist

For iPhone users:
Manage Friends > Plus Friends

Basically you’re supposed to see TVXQ from a list of Plus Friends.

I did this immediately… And took screen caps:

KakaoTalk: “Sorry, Plus Friend is currently not available in your country.”

Me: #@$%&#$%!!!!


Well, for sure it works for those who are in Korea/has a Korean phone number. I’m not sure if it is available for other countries, so if you guys have KakaoTalk, and live elsewhere besides Philippines/Korea, do try it out and let me know if it works for you? ^^

*sigh* Hopefully they make it available to more countries and users! Right now it’s just wowww too exclusive =/

It would really be wonderful if I could get KakaoTalk alerts telling me that TVXQ’s posted this and that and whatnot : ( Why can’t the boys just get twitter! OTL

Anyways, yea. I got too excited over nothing (for now). I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed and praying PlusFriends option will be available for those in the Philippines! Haha ^^


Found more stuff —

KakaoTalk – PlusFriends Tutorial (posted by kakaocorp)
Walk-through tutorial on how the new feature works, uploaded by KakaoCorp : D

KakaoTalk Plus Friends Mobile Website
And a list of some of the available PlusFriends. As you can see everyone can be added by @USERNAME. Normally, you need to know someone’s phone number or KakaoTalk ID to be able to add them. With the new feature, the only thing needed is their username : D But again, only available to Korean users =_=

Honestly just… wow. KakaoTalk’s seriously expanding. Sort of like me2DAY, but phone based *_* Now please to make this available for everyone /cries

There have been updates already… Here are some screencaps:

^Maybe someone can translate? ^^”

Ah.. I wonder… Do they update it themselves? =[ It’s probably the staff doing it right =/ GAH GET ME2DAY OR TWITTER OR SMTH D: (ok how many times have I said that?)

CREDITS: Fiorenza (http://twitter.com/raenxia)

Anyways, here are handsome YunHo and ChangMin:

Apparently there’s also a video message from Yunnie, but I have yet to find it. /cries

Anywhoo, I shall update when I find more!

Feel free to take out, but do credit and link back to http://candy-sky.com/blog : D



Momma’s Sources; sharingyoochun.net+candy-sky.com/blog

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