Editors Note: 120426 The Plot Thickens on The Rooftop: Episodes 11 & 12

Wow!!!  What a surprising ending to Episode 12. Yi Gak planted one on Bak Ha ‘right in the kisser”. I figured he would come to the realization sooner or later that he loved her. All the signs were there all along, but what was a complete give-a-way was Yi Gak’s reaction to the call about the fire, and his impassioned speech at the end of Episode 12. . He threw everything up in the air and raced to rescue Bak Ha from danger. I believe by this time he was the only one who didn’t know that he loved her.

In Episode 11, Yi Gak fights his attraction for Bak Ha with every fiber of his being because he feels that marrying Se Na will reveal the true circumstances behind the Crown Princess’ death and enable he and his men to return to Joseon. I don’t believe that Yi Gak/Tae Yong has ever been fooled into thinking that Se Na had sincere feelings for him. She just shows him how possessive she is of everything Bak Ha has, and she has no finesse or manners fitting for a Crown Princess. His heart follows its natural course and settles on Bak Ha because of her warmth, her vulnerability, and her candidness. Yi Gak and Bak Ha are a perfect match.

I am a bit disappointed in the pettiness of the Grandmother’s actions. She doesn’t listen when Yi Gak/Tae Yong  tries to explain to her the circumstances of the fire; assuming that he has abandoned the project on a whim. She is so intent on securing Se Na as Tae Yong’s wife that she is blinded to all of the manipulation and evil ways that this woman has. Thankfully, YI Gak can see her ways. She does not attract him.

Lastly, the drama’s ruthless, professional killer, Tae Mu, is rapidly losing control of his mind and his senses. He is passionately enraged and possessive of Se Na to the extents of using any means possible including manipulation and extortion to secure her and the company. Once he finds out that Bak Ha is Se Na’s younger sister and the daughter to inherit Chairwoman Jang of Hong Kong’s company shares–he immediately begins to plot to gain control of the company by using Se Na. Lying about her family circumstances has set Se Na up for a major fall. This is the typical chaebol narrative with a truly sinister twist!  What I believe is even more of a twist is the fact that Se Na and Bak Ha may be blood sisters. That discovery will heat things up!

I am excited to see Episodes 13 and 14 next week to  see how this continues to play out. I will be happiest when Yi Gak sends Se Na packing. Of course, the writer and director are going to drag this out–but the drama, yes, drama, will be coming to a head real soon. As I said in a previous summary, I believe that I know the end to this plot–but I am not a teaser.

Let’s just keep watching and enjoy the splendid acting and–oh, yeah Yoochun-ah– better come up for some air by the next episode. We love you both.  🙂

credit: Momma Cha @ jyjfantalk

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