[Trans] ELLE November ’12 – Jaejoong Interview‏

[Trans] ELLE November ’12 – Jaejoong Interview‏

The route to Alwar, a city near Rajasthan of Northern India, is steeper than what was expected. The information that it will only take four and half hour to reach from Delhi’s airport should not be believed that easily.

To someone who is used to measure life with a tick-tocks of the clock, it is not easy to enter a city where time is believed to stand. It is also not that unusual for such comments to appear, “Are we filming ‘Laws of the Jungle’?”. In the seven hours, the up-roaring dust kept pursuing the rears of the vehicle, just like the genie that appeared from the magical lamp. Through the dust, looking out of the window, the people of Ajabgarh have started their new day upon daybreak and it was a breathtaking scene

 “It feels like Indiana Jones. An adventure of back to the past?” Not sure who commented this feeling. However this land which used to be one of the King’s favourite place, has become a developing village with drought and poverty. Even after the strong wind gushed by and leaving the lake into a puddle, the hearts of these people remained moisturised and this is something to be happy for.

“Wow, it is really an amazing country!” Jaejoong reacted when the elegant resort appeared in front unknowingly, and very quickly, his mixed feelings were gone and became all energetic once again.

 JYJ member Jaejoong was focused on in his many areas of development. Facing the various experiences, challenges and image, he has never been patient in staying stagnantly. The reason we chose India as the shooting location is also due to his diversity and willingness. To someone like him who have travelled to many countries, India is a country he has not been to. To us, we are lucky to find a good location. And so, let the adventure begin.

In the world he imagined, the title of actor was linked to many problems. In drama ‘Dr Jin’, Jaejoong was the righteous police officer Kim Kyung Tak and experienced love alike to Plato’s theory; at the same time, he was Choi Hyun in the movie ‘Code Name: Jackal’. Despite the lack of sleep, his feelings involvement and retrieval in were natural, as though enchanted

“It was not easy filming two works, but the desire to portray the various characters was strong. It was two different characters and will need more concentration. Luckily I was able to memorize the lines well. (in a sincere look) I eat Omega-3 very often, it will help in blood circulation? It seems to work so.”

‘Dr Jin’ is a historical drama and more or less, there are inconveniences. To those viewers who likes novelty, the mundane filming location in historical dramas seems less appealing and this gave Jaejoong great burden. Till about mid way through the drama where more viewers starts to pay attention to it that Jaejoong’s mentality changes. At that time, even those viewers who love the rival drama ‘A Gentlemen’s Dignity’ starts to develop interest in Jaejoong’s character. “Anything that is not well-displayed this time round can be done better next time. Thinking like this. I will also be able to review myself critically.”

For his first historical drama, Jaejoong had to explore and display the character Kim Kyung Tak while in his debut movie ‘Code Name: Jackal’ showing in November, Jaejoong will show the looks of his original occupation as Choi Hyun. (T/N: Jaejoong’s debut movie should be ‘Heaven’s Postman’) “There are a lot of fiasco scenes in the movie and I had the thinking, ‘Really? Is it okay to be such?’, as there are a lot of exaggerating scenes. To say that we are ‘being funny with our whole body’ is actually not that unsuitable. On the surface, (Choi Hyun) he is a very haughty and willful singer but after understanding him, one would find that he is actually an innocent guy and been through a lot before becoming a very popular singer yet he was kidnapped by a killer.” In the one-day-event of the kidnapping of top star Choi Hyun, Choi Hyun and Jaejoong shares the same similarity of being a singer and this is a chance to show his acting with realism. “We are all singers and usually artistes would show the perfect side of them. And we also have a normal side of us that was not usually shown. I realised my own hidden personality is showing out slowly.”

Jaejoong is also close friends with co-star Song Ji Hyo and both cooperate easily as they understood each others’ acting style. “This is a comedy and there are many scenes that are interesting and have to be shot from different angles. Not only was it the Director’s request, Ji Hyo noona and myself would said many times, ‘Let’s do it one more time.’ As most of the filming were done under insufficient sleep, I found the filmed scenes not that satisfying after checking at the monitor. However I was not very concerned with my image. Drenched, electrocuted… I simply am okay with all the (image) destructing scenes.” Jaejoong’s repetitive image destroying has got to do with his openness towards acting.

Jaejoong started his acting career from Japanese drama ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’ but his official domestic drama debut was ‘Protect The Boss’ with Ji Sung and Choi Kang Hee. It was a light comedy drama about a wacky secretary with the wayward chaebol successor but his character Cha Mu Won was not that lively as expected. When facing challenges, his true emotions are often hidden under the poker face.

 “It was difficult. The skills of singing and dancing as a singer and the skills of acting are different, isn’t it? Thus I need to slowly accumulate. But this does not mean that I neglected music. Though it looks as if the time I spent acting is more and singing is lesser, I will not use the excuse of ‘I’m busy with acting thus no music inspiration’. I do take out time to compose and listen to music.”

“It’s good to expand oneself but I don’t wish to give up my current skills in order to develop another new skill. Therefore I don’t wish to be troubled by my identity but to give myself time to adapt to the changes.”

“I am not musically inclined at first and am totally an outsider towards singing and dancing. But it was through training and more of it through experiences accumulation that I attained improvement. Therefore isn’t acting able to be so, right? Through accumulating of experiences and attaining the satisfactory performance.”

In the past, his easy-going and child-like looks were never been shown. Due to Jaejoong’s looks, people always think that he is cold and picky, and his personality might not be good. However through his hard work, such skepticism was dispersed to some extent.

Jaejoong’s acting career allows flexibility to his artiste career but the problem still exists. “As the dramas’ works increases, more and more people knew about Kim Jaejoong. But to overseas fans, overlooking the group JYJ and still associating me with the past Hero Jaejoong, this is a bit regretful. It is an issue with time. I will have to work harder.”

The three members of JYJ worked hard in their own area, exploring a diversity of potentials and finding a chance to develop. “Right now we are in a process of developing ourselves and when we grouped together once again, I anticipates the compliance effect.”

However, Jaejoong felt regrettable about the lessen music interactions with fans. “Just like a festival, festival!” The concert experiences in South America and Spain changes his thinking towards popularity and cheers. “When I was younger, I felt that as long as I do my job well, popularity will naturally come along. But I don’t feel it that way now. Those who would leave, will leave in the end.” Nine years of artiste’s activities groomed his sense of crisis and feelings are changed naturally. One has to rebuild the relationship with fans. “Once fans disappeared, there will be severe sense of loneliness, right. Those who said, ‘I’m happy just by making music’ might not experience fans’ love before. They wouldn’t know that being loved by fans due to music is such a blissful matter. Because creating music with own preference, and the satisfaction from creating it for others is very strong. Just like cooking. With a heart of ‘The ones eating will find it delicious right?’. If nobody listens to your music… that feeling might just be the worst.”

 Thinking back of the days in India, we are unsure how they managed to find out the resort Jaejoong was staying but there will be fans calling everyday and emails enquiring about it. There were even female fans who did not care about the lengthy and steep routes of the filming location and followed us through. Therefore, his concern should not be happening any sooner.

“In the past period of 8 to 9 years, what remains is eternity. At that time, there were many things that need to be done and from what I’m looking at now, it’s still the same. Growing up and developing needs time. Can popularity and fame, the embracing hope and challenging spirit be maintained forever? I have such thinking and sense of crisis. As time goes by, what remains is eternity. Even when I’m in my 30s, I have to live with my 20s mentality. What is different from the past is that I am no longer afraid of challenge and my mentality and determination has never changed.”

To people with a mature mentality like Jaejoong, traveling to a new place should be an experience towards a slow-paced life. And to him who is steadily increasing his activities, it will be a short break for him. Lastly, life is an adventure and the journey is lonely. The once-prosperous Indian village embraced the deep meaning of eternity. And to Jaejoong, this journey embraced his thoughts on the realistic tomorrow and the unpredictable future.

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trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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Translation ELLE December 2011 — JYJ Interview

[Trans] ELLE December 2011 – JYJ Interview
Posted on November 22, 2011 by DBSK Always

Q. How was the Europe concert tour?
A. The Spain and Germany concerts were really fun. Even though it was a little scary because it was our first time it was an experienced that allowed us to see “hope” and it gave us confidence and a new goal as well. While we were singing, the Caucasians were singing along and it’s a different feeling from our Asian fans. It’s strange (t/n: in a positive way, like wonderous/miraculous).
Q. If you had a must-have item in your travelling trunk. A. Um, the kind of slippers you can buy from supermarkets. Those with thick fur that keeps your feet warm.
Q. A way to become happy during a tough day. A. When you’re in pain, if you pinch other areas, the original pain won’t hurt as much. If I have to give an example, when I’m feeling down I down even though I drink a lot, the next day I’ll sober up. If I have to go on, when my stomach hurts and I eat a lot! If I eat without reason, I’ll regret that moment and I’ll feel like my stomach is protruding out. So then I’ll exercise. A way where you think all kinds of thoughts and forget the important thing at hand?
Q. (To Jaejoong who was playing catchball) It seems like you like catchball.
A. (Earnestly) I think the “catchball of the heart” of one person’s connection to another is more important.
Q. If you had aabout a week’s holiday. A. Definitely! Never! I don’t have anywhere I want to go if I had a holiday. I just hope that I can spend a long time in my house that I moved into. It’s lonely when I’m alone, but that feels good too. I want to rest without thinking about anything.
Q. A (bad/peculiar) habit no one else knows.
A. Out of all my facial features, I have the most confidence in my lips, but because of that I have a tendency to stick my tongue out all the time. Because I want to wet my lips. (Editor’s note: Interviewer turns away awkwardly and Jaejoong tapped as he continued) Also, because it’s nicer to have red lips than pale lips, I bite them occassionally. Haha.
Q. Something that breaks away from your usual exuberant behavior.
A. Giving modestly (t/n: to charity). There are also times when I give quietly without publicizing it. I’ve also been appointed to be an ambassador for several causes.
Q. Something that makes your heart swell with satisfaction.
A. I don’t think it’s enough yet. I’m still lacking.
Q. Then, up until now, a moment when you felt that you were happy.
A. That moment when tooether with the members, I sing a song that I’ve created and completed. Before anyone else hears it, that particular time when we hear it only amongst ourselves and feel happy. Looking at it this way, I think that moment is one of the best small moments of happiness.
-ELLE December Issue behind the scene- “Noona, why is there no one around?” That’s right. It’s because you (Jaejoong) are first. Here in the backwoods all alone, without even his manager, it was the first time we saw a celebrity turn up 30 minutes before the meeting time. Therefore, we could only feel bewildered. We moved the equipment together. And then Jaejoong quietly left to drink some haejangguk (t/n: also know as ‘hangover soup’.)

Q. You said you spent quite some time overseas.
A. That’s the thing. Rather than going around when I’m overseas, aside from my official schedule, I spend all my time in my hotel room. I’ll dim the lights of the hotel room as I drink. Haha. Previously in Spain, I drank 17 bottles of beer.
Q. Wouldn’t you start to think a lot when you’re drinking alone?
A. Yes. The thoughts come one after another… Even though I don’t want to, after observing, it seems like I do enjoy it. When that happens, I write. I have quite a number of notes that covers all kinds of themes. When I look at them later, I use them as lyrics. Almost all the lyrics for my songs were written this way.
Q. Thoughts on charity work.
A. It’s a good thing. But it’s not like I’m doing it with a “please praise me” attitude.
Q. Are you doing any good work? (t/n: charity)
A. I’m doing it, but it’s not something I want to disclose.
Q. If you had any small moments of happiness recently.
A. Yoohwan’s acting has improved. Even when I was overseas, I continued to monitor him via Youtube. When I see that, compared to thinking that he looks handsome or admiring him, I feel “happy” instead. Is that boring? But recently, these kind of ordinary things have made me feel happy.
Q. If there’s something that you always set your mind to.
A. Um… (silence for a few seconds) I don’t really know. (His manager who was watching said “For example when you told Yoohwan ‘Let’s not have any regrets’.”) Yeah, that’s something you’ll only understand when you first experience regrets.
Q. If you were given free time to do whatever you wanted.
A. I want to go to a temple (Buddhist). If possible, I want to leave my handphone behind and go and stay at a temple with the allowance of time in my hands.
Q. Your favourite music recently.
A. Did Junsu talk about Tablo-hyung? For me, I like Linkin Park. Just listening to them reduces my stress.
Q. Plans hereafter.
A. I’m creating my personal work room at home. It’ll probably be completed around December but from then on I want to push forward and work on my compositions. Following that, I also hope to get a good project next year. We’re also thinking about our concerts… There are a lot of plans. Well!
-ELLE December Issue behind the scene- Yoochun put on a hair piece. He looks cool, or perhaps, it’s a lonely image. His character and his looks are both calm. On the other hand, the stylists who saw him blew up with a ‘bang’. “Oh, aren’t you Yoohwan?” He looks like he’s having a lot of fun when he’s with the puppies. In order to bring up his pet dogs he moved from his previous apartment and he also got a golden retriever from the camping ground. It was his first time doing a photoshoot with his real brother and acquired a new family member (in the company) it was a calm day of “series of hits.”

Q. I’m the type who thinks a lot or I look at things simply (t/n: in an uncomplicated way)? A. Surprisingly, I’m the kind who thinks a lot. We stayed in Berlin because of our Europe tour and I thought about a lot of things as I took a walk on the streets at night. It’s been a really long time since I did that. 4 hours passed as I walked. Although I think a lot, I do my best to wash it out immediately. I believe in the power of positivity.
Q. A way to become happy during tough times?
A. The fans who are waiting for us! When I just think about that, without a shadow of a doubt, I’ll be able to do my best. If I can give a slightly more frank answer, it’s when I imagine myself playing soccer? I feel happy just thinking about it. Of course, it’s even better when I actually play on the sports ground.
Q. Recent playlist that “up”s my mood.
A. I’m really into Jason Mraz’s new song “The World As I See It”.
Q. Someone special within the Cjes family. A. (Song) Jihyo-noona is the only actress that I’m close to. I’m proud of that. Haha.
Q. My thoughts regarding charity. A. Because I’m young I still feel a little awkward when I come into contact with words like “charity”. However, naturally I feel a sense of responsibility. Recently, I’ve been contributing more and the people around me are increasingly giving more as well so I’ve been thinking of better ways to contribute. Together with the JYJ members, we gave towards “Building Houses of Love” for victims of the earthquake, but I take the most joy in supporting the children in Africa. The children are really cute.
Q. Your life’s catchphrase.
A. A bad thing can turn around and change into a blessing! Even when there are tough times we should look for the good things. If we keep looking forward, the results will head towards a better direction. I’ve learnt this over the past 2 years, and little by little I’m starting to understand life.
Q. The book I read last night.

A. Practice for the musical [Elisabeth] will begin soon so I’ve been reading books related to it. I’m at my happiest only when I’m standing on stage so I definitely have to give my all.
-ELLE December Issue behind the scene- Striker Junsu is energetic. He played soccer with the managers and played catchball with Jaejoong enthusiastically. He also sang in a loud voice as he stood beside Yoochun, who was in the middle of an interview. While doing the photoshoot, no matter what pose he did, it was way too “colourful” causing a sea of laughter among those present. When the staff’s interest shift towards something else, he is someone who has the ability to garner everyone’s attention with a joke.
Source: [lovemickysmile6]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
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[Trans] 111117 JYJ’s Unreleased Photoshoot For Charity Project Revealed, “Messengers of Sharing Happiness

Trans] 111117 JYJ’s Unreleased Photoshoot For Charity Project Revealed, “Messengers of Sharing Happiness

JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) carried out the virtue of sharing through a charity project.

Before the official release of ELLE magazine’s December issue on the 18th, the teaser photos of JYJ’s looks were revealed.

As part of the photoshoot for the charity project “Share Happiness”, JYJ members were seen welcoming the sunshine of Autumn and basking in it leisurely.

ELLE’s charity project, “Share Happiness” featured in the December’s issue will include JYJ, Park Yoo Hwan, Song Ji Hyo, 2NE1 etc, with the various artistes and luxury brands participating in sharing the happiness.

Additionally, the photoshoot for JYJ is slated to be released on the December issue of ELLE and ELLE website. (www.elle.co.kr)

credit: tvdaily+joongyi
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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[TRANS] 111024 Kim Jaejoong’s Cigarette-Holding Photoshoot ‘Draws People’s Attention’

[TRANS] 111024 Kim Jaejoong’s Cigarette-Holding Photoshoot ‘Draws People’s Attention’

To celebrate their 19th anniversary, fashion magazine Elle will be releasing a special edition booklet ‘Men We Loved for 19 Years’ of male celebrities.

The male stars in the booklet who will be showing off a different charm include Cha Seung Won, Jang Dong Gun, Jung Woo Sung, So Ji Seob, Song Joong Ki, Kim Jaejoong and Lee Seung Gi. The booklet is drawing more attention for including interviews with famous celebrities such as Lee Oi Soo, Park Ji Sung and DJ DOC.

The ‘Men We Loved for 19 Years’ booklet, which will be the same size as the actual magazine, will have a total of 150 pages and will be released with the November issue of Elle.

Source: [NewsWay]

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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NEWS 110727 Park Yoowhan Discusses His Role Model, Acting, and Older Brother Yoochun

[News] 110727 Park Yoohwan discusses his role model, acting, and older brother Yoochun

Actor Park Yoohwan, the younger brother of JYJ’s Yoochun, recently took part in a photoshoot with ‘Elle Girl‘ magazine and revealed that he wanted to become an actor like Cha Seung Won.

Currently starring in the MBC weekend drama, ‘Shiny Shiny Shining‘, Park Yoohwan plays as the charming, but bizarre uncle. For his magazine photoshoot, he transformed into a chic,and rebellious young man.

Now that the plot in his drama is slowly starting to unfold the secret of his character’s birth, Yoohwan has been rehearsing his acting more intensely than ever. He commented, “I wanted to try the type of acting that really emphasized your display of emotions. I’m finally able to try it, and it’s great.”

When asked what his favorite drama was, he chose ‘The Greatest Love‘. “Dok Go Jin is the best! How can he breathe life into such a character? I want to become an actor like him.”

When asked whether he had ever strayed from the ‘right path’, he wittily replied, “Never. You only suffer when you leave home.” Yoohwan also revealed an adorable fact about his older brother, “He had this habit of clutching my clothes whenever we slept as children.”

Check out the full interview in the August edition of the magazine!

Source + Photos: Mydaily via Nate
credit: allkpop

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun

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News JYJ Kim JaeJoong’s Recent Update “Positive Consideration…

[News] JYJ Kim JaeJoong’s Recent Update “Positive Consideration of an Offer of a New Work Piece”

It’s good to see Jae so focused and studying. Choose something challenging, Hon, but nice. Momma Cha

•[Trans] 101113 JYJ Kim

Boy Group JYJ Kim JaeJoong’s recent update.
On the night of 18 March, through Fashion Magazine ELLE’s TV Channel, ELLE atTV, JaeJoong’s photo video ‘Movie Still JaeJoong’s Chapter’ was broadcasted.

On this day, he said, “There are a lot of new propositions of work piece, all of which i’m reviewing it positively.”
He added, “I am spending my time taking up lessons and studying.” and “acting lessons, english lessons, golf lessons and more. These are all my hobbies and it will be an experience for me and these studies that might become useful to my work in future.”

Adding on, he didn’t miss out to mention of his upcoming JYJ World Tour. He said, “The album that’s to be released in the USA, and discussions with regards about the performance of the World Tour, there are plans to go to the US for a couple of weeks.” and added, “We’re planning to show more of what we wasn’t able to show at the only concert we had. Please show us lots of support.”

You can also find more of the unreleased cuts of sensational videos and a honest interview with JaeJoong that wasn’t shown on the video on the copy of ELLE magazine March issue.

credit: tvdaily.mk
trans: InHye87
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Our Jaejoong in Elle Magazine. Number On…

Our Jaejoong in Elle Magazine.
Number One, I have promised myself that I will always give my true opinion on the mancub’s activities. I think it only fair to say that I am not surprised at this Photoshoot but I am a wee bit disappointed as I was with Intermodulation.. It is not necessary to display your body like this in order to have your fans love you, Jae.  Simple, tasteful, stylish pictures will do.
I realize that you feel a need to prove your masculinity, but that has never been questioned by those of us who can see more of you than your face and your body. Also, sweetheart–you are so thin. Sleek and svelte is good–skinny is not. Through it all, however,  I acknowledge that you are a now grown man with your own ability to make decisions… All I ask is that you rethink some of them. To be fair–that applies to all five mancubs.

For our website–a few tasteful pictures from the photoshoot.

Loving you, Momma Cha

Credit: DC gall

Source: iHeroCassie