120206 Yunho and Fans Have a Surprise Birthday Party, “Potato Soup, Let Me Buy It For Everyone!”

Yunho and Fans Have A Surprise Birthday Party, “Potato Soup, Let Me Buy It For Everyone


On Yunho’s Birthday 120206

“Potato soup, let me buy it for everyone!”… Yunho and fans have a surprise birthday party

“Today, it is my treat.”

This day is really a day that is “lucky”, right? Being able to be dine with oppa, from what seemed like a dream, tens of fans gathered on that day, probably having faced a sleepless night in anticipation of it. In an unprecedented event, Yunho and his fans met on the 6th of February, to have a joyous celebration.

At 7pm on the 6th, they met Yunho at a restaurant, and hordes of fans both local and international gathered outside; a simple question returns the answer that today is Yunho’s birthday. Each fan came bearing gifts, sincere and heartfelt, staring right at Yunho who was sitting inside.

At this moment, they heard Yunho’s voice ring out from the inside.

“If you would like to eat, please come in~”

Indeed this is one way to show love to your multitude of fans. Yunho had seen them wait disparagingly outside, and called them from inside to join them for the meal. Who would have thought that Yunho would take such good care of his fans? Each face showed disbelief, but as Yunho looked on, he was beamed at each one of them.

He was far too considerate. Yunho took care of the orders for each of the fans, and while waiting for the food to be served, greeted each fan. When the potato soup reached the table, the fans said in unison “oppa, we will eat well,” before proceeding with their meal. Yunho just kept his pleasant and pleased expression, and watched the fans eat.

When all had had their fill, Yunho left the restaurant with the fans, at there was a chorus of “oppa, we’ve eaten till we were full,” “that was extremely delicious,” “happy birthday,” amongst other cries of gratitude. It was just like a fan meeting, and it was truly a memorable birthday.

Yunho shyly waved his hand in response, and when receiving the fans’ gifts, thanked each one of them, true to his mannerly idol form, and the fans were just as polite. After a reluctant goodbye, Yunho sat in his own car and left.

What style did Yunho have on that day? He was completely un-idol like, wearing a white T-shirt, yellow-lined black coat, and comfortable pants, but he still exuded the same amount of charisma as when he’s on stage, with his newly dyed hair, and he looked put together.

Even the usual disguises were gone, such as the idol’s favorite face mask and hat, and he didn’t seem to mind the looks he got from all around. He did not attempt to cove anything up, but talked directly to his fans. This is probably how Yunho has secured the love of his fans even after all of these years.

For Yunho and Changmin, as TVXQ, in their activities not just within the country but also around the world, they are international stars who receive the love of fans worldwide, but in front of fans, they are like oppas and friends. We hope that they will continue to build these relationships with their fans.

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[TRANS] 120126 A Birthday Party For JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong In Egypt?

[TRANS] 120126 A Birthday Party For JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong In Egypt?

Birthday parties for JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong were held in Shinjuku and Egypt.

A post was recently made in an online community with the title ‘Jaejoong Oppa’s Birthday Parties in Shinjuku and Egypt’.

In the post’s photos, fans can be seen celebrating Kim Jaejoong’s birthday on the 26th. Though the singer himself wasn’t present, the fans were seen having a good time and sharing a birthday cake together.

Netizens who saw these photos left comments such as, “Of course, they’re JYJ, a global group”, “Jaejoong’s really popular, even in Egypt”, and “Birthdays are the best holidays for fans to celebrate!!”

Meanwhile, Hong Seok Chun posted a tweet on the early morning of the 26th that read, “It’s Jaejoong’s birthday. I send applause to Jaejoong to celebrate it.”

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[Trans] 111213 Yunho Splatters Milk On Changmin, Pushes Blame To Milk Tea Shakers

[Trans] 111213 Yunho Splatters Milk On Changmin, Pushes Blame To Milk Tea Shakers

 After anticipating for 3 years, Korean band TVXQ held their fan party at Taiwan. Fans were still as passionate although the group was left with only Yunho and Changmin performing on stage.

Yunho started doing some tricks as the duo were on stage shaking bubble tea, accidentally causing some milk to be splattered onto Changmin.

The duo complimented each other on being manlier during the 3 years. Changmin appeared on stage in a deep V suit, displaying his chest lines. Yunho said shyly, “recently, many people have said that my expressions have become deeper.” The host then asked him to electrify fans with his eyes, causing fans to scream, and Changmin said jokingly, “my liver conditions have improved.”

 The both of them loves drinking Taiwan’s bubble milk tea, hence the organisers arranged for the duo to shake “double Q milk tea”, signifying that with the “mixing” of Yunho and Changmin, the duo has gained better rapport.

As Yunho tried to do some tricks with the shaking of the milk tea, he accidentally splattered some milk tea onto Changmin; after which, he said jokingly that the shakers were a defect when he couldn’t open the cover. Even then, having a sweet tooth, he still drank up the milk tea in big gulps.

TVXQ continued activities as a duo, and Yunho and Changmin have performances practices during Christmas, Changmin said, “I will listen to Christmas carols back home.” As fans were worried that he might be lonely, he said jokingly, “ah…life.”

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NEWS TVXQ Tickles Fans With Singlish

[News] TVXQ Tickles Fans with Singlish

The Korean boy band was in town for an upclose and personal fan party yesterday.

Dubbed the ‘Kings of Hallyu’, Korean boy band TVXQ returned to the music scene with the album Why? (Keep Your Head Down) in January this year. Following their highly successful comeback, the group held their first overseas fan party in Beijing, China back in August.

TVXQ debuted as a five-member group, consisting of leader Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin. In 2009, three members — Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu — filed an injunction suit against their former company, forming the group JYJ. The trio was last seen in town for a showcase in October last year.

The two-member TVXQ arrived on our shores for the first time yesterday, performing to an audience of 4,500 fans at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

For the first 10 minutes of the fan party, concert-goers were entertained by the group’s music video for the song ‘Before U Go’. Fans screamed and shouted enthusiastically, whenever the members appeared on screen, as if assuring TVXQ, who were backstage.

Consisting of members Yunho and Changmin, TVXQ exploded on stage, bringing the house down with their first song of the night, ‘Maximum’. Deck in matching white costumes, the pair sang and danced to a sea of red light sticks (red being the group’s official colour).

After the first song, Yunho and Changmin took turns to greet the audience, both expressing their delight and excitement to be performing for the first time in Singapore and hoped that “fans would enjoy each of our performances”.

Fans also got to know the duo a little bit more during the Q&A session, but it was Yunho and Changmin’s apt use of Singlish, which had the fans doubled over in laughter.

When asked if they knew about Singlish, Changmin answered that he had learnt a few words from the local staff, before proceeding to show his “fluency”.

“No problem … la?” the 23-year-old tried.

Fans chortled in response, with a few nodding their heads in approval.

Not one to be outdone, Yunho said, “Chilli crab shiok!”

Later, five lucky fans each got the chance to ask TVXQ a question personally. Two well-made fan videos, which left some people in tears, were also chosen to be aired during the fan party.

Upon viewing the videos, Changmin said, “Thank you for the videos. I’m impressed by the amount of effort they put in. They give us the energy to put on our best performances.”

Yunho added that he was very “touched by their effort and love” and even though they have tough times, this “love [from fans] keeps us going and gives us support to do our utmost best”.

These two winners were rewarded with a TVXQ poster each. Yunho signed with a personal ‘God Bless You’ message, while Changmin wrote ‘Thank You’.

It might have been a short two-hour fan party, but it was evident that TVXQ was thankful for their fans, some who have waited for as long as seven years.

Not only did the group thank the fans profusely for their “love, passion and support”, they also showed their appreciation in the most practical way.

For any Cassiopeia (name of TVXQ’s official fanclub), the best part of the fan party was definitely to hear the pair perform ‘live’ in their top-notch condition. TVXQ proved their reign as ‘Kings of Hallyu’ by putting up a perfect performance. The duo’s singing was not compromised, despite the amount of dancing they had to do.

xinmsn is proud to be the official online media of TVXQ! Asia Fan Party 2011 in Singapore.

TVXQ arrives in Singapore!
TVXQ finds Singapore absolutely beautiful

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