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And a good morning to you too, bub 🙂

Jaejoong, 7:54am KST) Good morning~~~v pic.twitter.com/znLZryoHEd


(Jaejoong, 7:56am KST) Morning kiss~} pic.twitter.com/eZrVir6Fz2

jaemornkissOh no, I’m not going to be able to stop laughing at the concert :X
(Junsu, 6:23pm KST) Hello.. everyone ^^ I hope you’re all doing well~ My Saturday-Sunday concerts this week are finally about to begin~ I just wanted to say.. Because of all the requests I’ve been getting.. I decided that I’m going to perform ‘Isn’t This Song Funny?’ for you just for kicks. Even now, I’m wondering if this is a good idea… but let’s just go with it…^^;;

(Junsu, 6:25pm KST) Even my US dance crew must know a great song when they hear one.. They work their hardest when practicing the choreography of ‘Isn’t This Song Funny?’ and they keep giving me a thumbs-up…. ooooooh I just wanted to say that ‘Isn’t This Song Funny?’ requires some participation from you all to work. You have to shout along to these sentences that I’m about to write!!

(Junsu, 6:32pm KST) In the last section.. Everything except the lyrics ‘Even I think it’s funny’!.. You have to follow along to everything except ‘You’re amazing~’ And here are the other parts to follow along to as well!

(Junsu, 6:33pm KST) In the first verse: We beg you~~!!, In the second verse: Junsu, are you okay?, Junsu, they say that the altitude here is higher than that of Mt. Halla.. 2240m, In the third verse: Oh my god! Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you weren’t too shaken by this. A pigeon got stuck in the propeller so our flight will take off tomorrow!
I want you guys to shout these words out as loud as you can!

(Junsu, 6:33pm KST) Okay then, bye~~~~!!!!

Aww thanks for the clarification 😉
(Junsu, 6:57pm KST) Ah! You don’t have to do the ‘Oh man’ or the ‘Boing’ haha

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Translation 110809 SBS Gorilla Opens “Star Channel’ Which Airs Videos Of Stars 24/7

[Trans] 110809 SBS Gorilla Opens ‘Star Channel’ Which Airs Videos Of Stars 24/7! TVXQ’s To Open On The 22nd

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What if there was a channel I could watch my favorite star’s videos on 24/7 for a whole month?

The service that fans have wanted so much is about to begin. SBS Gorilla opened ‘Star Channel’ on the 8th that allows fans to watch videos of their favorite stars 24/7 for a month.

The first stars for ‘Star Channel’ are none other than 2PM(Junsu, Nickhun, Taecyeon, Woo Young, Junho, Chan Sung), who have made a busy comeback with ‘Hands up’. Through SBS Gorilla’s ‘Star Channel’, fans will be able to watch all SBS broadcasted programs that 2PM appeared in. (Each star gets one month. Only available on PC Gorilla.)


On SBS Gorilla’s ‘Star Channel-2PM’, which is currently airing, fans are able to watch fun and interesting SBS programs with 2PM such as ‘SBS Gayo Daejun’, ‘Strong Heart’, ‘Chocolate’, ‘Dalgona’ and ‘Running Man’.

Fans left comments to express their excitement as they said, “It’s much better now that we’re able to watch 2PM’s shows and talk with fans at the same time!” and “Wow! 2PM 24/7!!!!!”

If you want to see your favorite star 24/7 for a whole month, all you need to do is make a request on SBS Gorilla’s blog. The star with the most requests will become the next month’s ‘Star Channel’ celebrity. Through a lucky draw, fans who make a request for their favorite stars will receive a variety of prizes which include movie tickets and Starbucks mobile coupons.

On the 22nd, ‘Star Channel’ plans to open a channel for TVXQ(U-Know Yunho, Choikang Changmin).

Source: [enternews]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source; sharingyoochun.net

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