130123 [Video] Yim Jae Beum Song Compilation/Sampler

Thank You, Jae, for leading me to this singer. Beautiful, rich voice.  His covers are just as beautiful as the originals.  🙂 TT

credit: koolbjeongshin+AFGMcHan+OceanBrightness+kissofdragon08+kuri8000708+

Momma’s Source: youtube

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121026 Video Jaejoong Thailand Fanmeet Compilation

credit: littledevillek+FingyyChannel+3rebelangelsproject+ChangDrinking
+FussyAunty+MDpitt0618+KessudaPiyajitpairoch+miumiu1117+rreewwzzaakkii+Imon Shi

Momma’s Source: youtube

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In Honor of U-Know Yunho’s Birthday: A Compilation–DBSK/TVXQ DAY

Happy Birthday, Yunho. May each day of this year bring you immense happiness, love, and fulfillment… Until you have a girl to call your own–we will be there when you are down. Momma Cha

credit: aktfhannah01

credit: miroticocean

credit: ivyrosita41

credit: Uknowlovely

uploadedby: yunho051

credit: 100dbsk

Uploaded by: HDBSK

credit: TohoDancoFighto

uploaded by: leerina506
Momma’s Source: youtube

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Video 111015 JYJ Unforgettable Live Concert In Japan

[Vid] JYJ Unforgettable Live Concert In Japan

111015 DAY 1

credit: Paddioria+iMonstar1st

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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Memory Lane DBSK/TVXQ HD A Nation ‘Stand By You/Survivor/ SKY/ Choosey Lover Soul Power Summit: Choosey Lover

DBSK A Nation Stand by You/Survivor

credit: hanelta

Sky Live A Nation 2008

credit: HDBSK

Choosey Lover A Nation 2007

credit: HDBSK

Soul Power Tokyo Summit Choosey Lover 2007


Momma’s Source: youtube

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