[Info] 130416 JYJ to Hold Their Second “Membership Week” in June

[Info] 130416 JYJ to Hold Their Second “Membership Week” in June

Last year, group JYJ successfully held their “2012 JYJ Membership Week,” in which over 15,000 domestic fans and around 7000 Japanese fans descended up Seoul, South Korea to participate in the large-scale exhibit and event. The “membership week” was conceptualized as a fan-service event through which JYJ would be able to “pay back” their fans’ love by providing everything related to the event for free to the fans, with the exception of travel fare. This event marked a recording-breaking number of one-time entry foreigners into the Republic of Korea. It also reportedly cost the group 3.7 billion KRW (3.2 USD).

In response to the success of last year, JYJ will be opening a “membership week” again this year for four days, from June 27 to June 30, at the SETEC hall. This event is expected to cost more than the last, with the group also funding the travel fare of Japanese fans.

CEO Baek Chang Joo of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We feel certain that we are the only ones capable of holding such a large-scale fan service event. The tickets to the fanmeeting and exhibitions will all be free and there won’t be any sales of other promotional goods. While we received offers of sponsorship and funding, we declined them all. We want this event to purely be a time for JYJ fans and JYJ to make precious memories and for JYJ to relay their thanks for their fans love.”

In related news, JYJ recently completed their Tokyo Dome concert in Japan that reached 150,000 fans over three days.

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[News] 121204 Park Yoochun Meets 1,000 Japanese Fans On The ‘I Miss You’ Set

[News] 121204 Park Yoochun Meets 1,000 Japanese Fans On The ‘I Miss You’ Set

Singer and actor Park Yoochun had a special meet-and-greet event on Sunday (02Dec12) with nearly 1,000 fans who came all the way from Japan to visit him on the set of “I Miss You” and root for him to succeed in his newest drama.

“Rooftop Prince” actor, in return, kindly introduced his role in the drama and shared a variety of episodes he had encountered while shooting “I Miss You.” He then performed “Magic Castle,” a sweet ballad he sang in the drama and received a round of applause.

According to a publicist at C-JeS Entertainment, Park Yoochun was pleasantly surprised by the reactions of his Japanese fans, who seemed to be up-to-date with the latest episode.

The JYJ member spent the rest of the day building an intimate relationship with his devoted fans and posing for photos.

Towards the end, Park sincerely thanked them for coming, and said he would return their endless love and support by focusing more on his role in “I Miss You.”


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[NEWS] 120628 JYJ Huge Fan Service… Japanese Fans “Thrill and Tears”

[NEWS] 120628 JYJ Huge Fan Service… Japanese Fans “Thrill and Tears”

Tears of the Japanese fans, who participated in the 2012 JYJ Membership Week that is held from the 28th to the 1st of next month at SETEC, could be seen.

2012 JYJ Membership Week is a large-scale fan service project with a 3.7 billion won budget by CJES Entertainment for their members.

For an Expo that is like no other, CJES entertainment spent 4 months to prepare for the event by combining state-of-the-art programs with JYJ content. Also, there was no commercial intent as admission was free to fans with things like water, fans, popcorn and etc provided. 10 photo sticker machines were also placed. It was literally a big fan service.

This large-scale Membership Week event is the first fan expo in the country and it has become a huge topic as it is expected to bring 7024 Japanese fans in. On the 28th and 29th, Japanese fans flew in from 14 airports and have started flocking to the exhibition this afternoon. Photos of JYJ and 3D images as well as space displaying personal items gained explosive reactions and cheers of joy from fans who entered the exhibition.

Utaka Kimie (49 years old) said, “This is an event that you cannot find in Japan. I’m touched by the huge effort that was put in. Even though we are unable to see JYJ in Japan often, I am extremely grateful with such an event.”

Miyakawa Eri (28 years old) expressed, “I was surprised that everything is free and I felt like this was a huge present. I think I am going to love JYJ forever.”

This expo is expected to be visited by 15,000 fans in Korea. At the opening of the expo yesterday, Korean members expressed, “I am proud to be a JYJ fan. To not have commercial interest and have a large-scale exhibition purely to see JYJ is really like a dream,” and “Even though it is difficult to see JYJ on broadcasting channels, it is really good to be able to see them at the gallery and theatre here at this expo and I feel that it is precious.”

On Saturday, 30th of June and Sunday, 1st of July, JYJ plans to have an enjoyable fan meeting event with their fans.

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[News] JYJ Spends $3 Million USD on Its Fans

[News] JYJ Spends $3 Million USD on Its Fans

JYJ’s fan expo, which started on June 28, has cost a hefty price tag of 3.7 billion KRW ($3.2 million USD).

JYJ is having a four-day “2012 JYJ Membership Week” at Hangnyeoul SETEC. It’s a large scale event/showcase catered toward C-Jes Entertainment JYJ members. JYJ is renting a total of three exhibit halls to present a 3D media façade, trick art, fan meeting, and film screening. The group is also preparing for the fans various paraphernalia. A corner of the exhibition was dedicated to showcasing trophies bestowed upon Park Yoo Chun, Kim Jae Joong, and Kim Jun Su for their acting in domestic and foreign dramas.

Although the use of 3D media façade isn’t anything new and won’t be effective in drawing people outside JYJ fan base, it is a valid attempt to give back to the die-hard fans.

Nearly 4 billion Korean won budget was prepared by JYJ official fan club membership fees. Domestic fans must pay 15,000 KRW ($12.99 USD) per year, and fans in Japan must pay 50,000 KRW ($43.28 USD) per year. A JYJ spokesman said, “It is through this event that we desire to give back the fees JYJ fans have paid yearly. Therefore, we won’t be promoting sale of merchandise or commercial activity of any kind. This is a pure gesture of gratitude through an annual event held just for fans.”

He also added, “If Hallyu-related events were just limited to performances during overseas fans’ visit to Korea, this event will be an opportunity to enjoy K-Pop in different ways.”

For this event alone, 15,000 Korea’s fan club members and 7,024 Japan’s fan club members are scheduled to arrive at the expo. The flood of Japanese fans marks a record-breaking number of a one-time entry of foreigners into the Republic of Korea. They arrive by 116 airplanes departing from 14 airports including Haneda, Narita, and Kansai airports. A total of 3,500 rooms were booked around Seoul, Incheon, and Suwon for this event.

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News JYJ’s Japanese Fans Take Unusual Step of Taking Collective Action for Foreign Artist “Even Charity Concerts…”

[News] JYJ’s Japanese Fans Take Unusual Step of Taking Collective Action for Foreign Artist“Even Charity Concerts…” Japanese Fans Angered at Interference With JYJ Concert


“Avex sold CDs and DVDs without consultation with C-JeS (which is JYJ’s Korean management company) even though it had unilaterally suspended JYJ’s activities. Our fans (Japanese fans) who had been watching silently in the meanwhile reached the limits of our patience when Avex interfered with JYJ’s charity concert in Japan. We are furious at Avex which is interfering with an event for the benefit of Japan’s victims by using the contract as a shield.” (JYJ Japanese fan, Twitter ID @keiko04)

“Although under contract, (Avex is) not letting them be active, and also not terminating the contract. For what reason could this be?” (@byoru1)

The popular 3-person idol group JYJ (Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejooong) is facing a difficult time with regards to appearing on domestic broadcasts due to the after-effects of withdrawing from TVXQ. When Avex put the brakes on to make even its Japanese activities become difficult (to materialize), JYJ fans have stood up to action.

The direct impetus is from the time of the relaying of the news that JYJ’s plans for a large-scale charity concert in Japan to help the victims of the March 11 earthquakes (June 7) has been put in danger of foundering due to Avex’s sabotage. It is that the discontent of the Japanese fans which had been seething at the treatment of Avex to announce the suspension of JYJ’s activities suddenly in last October has exploded at the potential of the concert’s foundering.

When a few Japanese fans drafted a “demand letter” to Avex that demanded the resumption of JYJ’s Japanese activitieson the 19th of last month, within less than one month more than 10,000 fans participated in signing.

The result of asking the opinions of Japanese fans on this situation through Twitter is that within a few hours more than 200 writings flooded the newspaper. As the pointing-out of the Japanese fans mentioned earlier, the writings are mostly of the content that one cannot understand the behavior of Avex.

That Japanese fans stand up to take collective action to publicly express an opinion for a Korean Wave star is an extreme anomaly.

In particular, the date of JYJ’s charity concert coincides with the date that TVXQ performs in “Seoul-Osaka Music of Heart 2011, Fighting Japan!” and so suspicions are becoming focused on the circumstances surrounding its cancellation.

According to a recent press release from C-JeS, JYJ had planned to hold a charity concert on the 7th of next month in the Saitama Super Arena which has the seating capacity of approximately 20,000 and had even finished the contract to rent the venue but suddenly was notified of the contract’s cancellation.

JYJ showed themselves to be actively sympathizing with the pains of the disaster, donating 600,000,000 KRW (approximately 600,000 USD) immediately after the earthquakes, saying that they “would like to return the help received from the Japanese fans.”

Perhaps due to this, among some fans there are responses that say: “It is too much to interfere even with a charity concert” and “I am ashamed to be a Japanese.”

The Twitter ID @eyua raised a question: “At this time when due to the nuclear issues many foreigners are returning home (away from Japan), JYJ says that they want to come in order to help in the revival of Japan, out of good will as human beings—why is this not allowed?”

C-JeS pointed to Avex as the forces behind the cancellation of the venue’s rental, saying that “Avex’s sustained and relentless sabotage attempts became the fuse of this incident (of the contract’s cancellation).” At this, C-JeS hurriedly contracted with another venue but it has become known that whether the concert will be held or not is currently unclear.

Paek Changjoo, director of C-JeS, said in a phone call with that “in order to accomplish the concert in any way possible, we are in the middle of persuading the venue affiliates and others.” JYJ’s charity concert began selling tickets on April 5 and is known to be sold out as of now.

Prior to this, director Paek wrote on the home page to the Japanese fans, asking for understanding that: “Because the Japanese fans had been waiting for JYJ’s stage for a long time, we thought of even cancelling the concert because we could not show a properly-equipped concert. But in order to keep the promise with many fans who had waited for JYJ in trust and in patience, we decided to push ahead with the concert.”

Director Paek revealed that even though Avex officially contracted with C-JeS regarding JYJ’s Japanese activities last March which is after the division of TVXQ and so recognized JYJ’s activities within Japan, in October of last year suddenly notified the “suspension of activities” of JYJ within Japan.

Director Paek revealed: “On the surface it is raising as reasons my personal issues and that (JYJ is) in the middle of a conflict with TVXQ. But in truth, it seems that it is attempting to take the rights relating to the management of the international activities of JYJ.”

The Japanese weekly recently reported that on this, Avex revealed: “Because the 3 of JYJ are singers attached to Avex, the concert contract is a clear breach of contract. Further, as we see it, (even though this event is a charity concert) this event has a profit-making motive. Currently we are filing for an injunction on the infringement of business rights.”

However, Japanse fans asked back in the demand letter: “If Avex argues that it did not know the past of the director of C-JeS prior to the signing of the contract and claim that this is the cause of the suspension of the contract, then is it not that they were negligent on their obvious (duty to the) task of prior research and examination of a company that is an object of collaboration?” Further, on the reason of being in conflict (with TVXQ) the demand letter also pointed out that: “By the April of last year when JYJ resumed its activities in Japan, the problem of confirming the exclusive contract between the 3 and SM had already been resolved through the (injunction judgment of the) Korean Court of October of year 2009.” It argued that: “Therefore the issue that Avex raises as the reason for the suspension of the activities – that “there is a possibility that the exclusive contract itself may become invalid according to the results of the trial” – is already meaningless.” Because the Japanese market is the biggest market for JYJ, if they find it difficult to be active there it is expected to be a large blow.

JYJ, which his currently in a conflict with the mega-entertainment agency SM Entertainment (hereafter SM) won against the Objection and the Injunction to Suspend the Effects of the Exclusive Contract (contract between JYJ and C-JeS) and was guaranteed independent entertainment activities until the main suit is decided. However, public broadcast stations and cable and satellite broadcasters are being wary of SM and other mega-entertainment activities and are avoiding their appearance on music programs. Director Paek said: “The results of the lawsuit is currently not affecting the appearance on broadcast at all.”

Therefore, JYJ is concentrating on tours outside of Korea, including Japan.

JYJ’s 4-time Asia Tour which kicked off in Thailand on April 2nd through 3rd gathered approximately 43,000 fans.

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