NEWS “Scent Of a Woman’ Concert with JYJ’s Junsu Suddenly Cancelled…Why?

[NEWS] “Scent Of A Woman” Concert with JYJ’s Junsu Suddenly Cancelled…Why?

The concert for SBS’s “Scent of a Woman” which was scheduled for 11 September, to be held at the Olympic Gymnasium Arena in Bangi-dong, Seoul, has been cancelled.

On 31 August, the production team said “As that day is the weekend that is the eve of Chuseok, the admission schedules and traffic inconvenience, as well as other issues which would leave the fans dissatisfied were considered. Furthermore, with the concert expected to end around 11pm, fans living in other areas may not be able to get home on time, so it was decided that even though ticketing was already underway, the concert will be cancelled.”

Initially, this concert was planned so that audiences could watch the last episode of the drama “Scent of the Woman” while listening to the soundtrack, and as the drama’s main characters Lee Yeon Jae (Kim Sun Ah) was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer, proceeds of the concert was to be donated to children who were suffering from cancer. Kim Sun Ah, Lee Dong Wook, Uhm Ki Jun, Seo Hyo Rim and others appearing in the drama were to have a talk session, and to showcase the soundtrack, participants included JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Big Mama’s Lee Young Hyun, JK Kim Dong Wook and others were scheduled to perform.

The production team said, “The organizers of the concert had announced the cancellation via the ticketing website on 30 August, and those who had already got their tickets during the presale which had ended, will be contacted individually.” And also “Despite preparing the event with good ambitions, but we’re sorry that it ended in a failure.”

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INFO JYJ’s Japan Charity Proceeds To Provide 1,000 Radiation Detectors For Children

[INFO] JYJ’s Japan Charity Proceeds Donated to Provide 1,000 Radiation Detectors for Children

Posted on August 27, 2011 by jyj3 The proceeds from JYJ’s charity concert has provided the children of the Japanese city of Souma 1000 radiation detectors to guard against future contingencies. The below is a translation of the notice as provided by ZAK corporation.

JYJ Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong.

Report for the Donation for the Aid for the Victims of the Earthquakes of Eastern Japan

August 25, 2011

ZAK Corporation

We are reporting on the donation of the proceeds from the charity event.

It has been decided that the proceeds from the JYJ charity concert which took place on June 7, 2011 will be donated in the form of 1000 NukAlert, a radiation detector, to the city of Souma in Tachiya Shigeru Kiyoshi Fukushima Prefecture. This was at the emergency request from the mayor of Souma to the Japan-Korea Economics office of the Foreign Affairs Bureau and to ZAK and as a result of consultation with C-JeS.

The city of Souma plan to distribute them to the children and students of its elementary and middle schools and also little children of the preschools in Tamano district in order to prepare for the possibility of the nuclear plant of Fukushima prefecture again having a hydrogen explosion. Among these, 500 has been handed to the government office of the city of Souma on August 12.

The remaining 500 will be distributed to the children of preschools and daycares of the city of Souma. It is planned that on August 31, the representative of the preschools and daycares of the city of Souma will come to Tokyo to be handed over the nuclear detectors.

Source: ZAK Corporation
Translation Credit: JYJ3

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Translation 110725 Avex Sues The Sumo Association For 143.4 Million Yen

[Trans] 110725 Avex Sues The Sumo Association For 143.4 Million Yen

(T/N: This article was translated from the magazine Shuukan Genzai. It’s a rather disorganized article and contains factual errors, so please take this article with a pinch of salt. Also, additional translator notes had to be added to make more sense out of this article, so please bear with me)

Even if you’ve never heard of the popular Korean idol group JYJ, you would probably be familiar with the name “Tohoshinki.” 5-man boyband Tohoshinki is a highly popular group that was ranked as the no.2 best selling artist for CDs & DVDs last year in Japan, with earnings close to 9.4 billion yen.

However, unexpected trouble has arisen due to their “Charity concert” which was held in the Ryogoku Kokugikan on 7 June this year.

Tohoshinki’s management company in Japan, the large recording label Avex has announced that they are currently suing the Japan Sumo Association, who owns and manages the Kokugikan. We will talk about the details of this lawsuit a little later, but Tohoshinki has been facing various issues within the year.

During spring of last year, 3 of the 5 members in Tohoshinki revealed their unhappiness with the low amount of remuneration they were receiving, and broke away from their (Korean) management company, which is one of the largest entertainment companies in Korea. They became independent and started activities as “JYJ.” At the same time, they also left their Japanese management company Avex, and started doing activities independently. Currently, the two remaining members are continuing their promotional activities as “Tohoshinki.”

(T/N: This is a factual error. JYJ signed a new contract with Avex initially as JEJUNG/JUNSU/YUCHUN (JJY), which led to the release of the “The..” album as well as the “Thanksgiving Live in Dome” concerts, with Avex announcing the suspension of JYJ’s activities later in the year citing reasons as stated below)

However, it was later discovered that JYJ’s management company C-Jes Entertainment’s representative was involved in gang-related activities, and this was picked up by the sports papers. (T/N: Sports papers = Japanese tabloids)

Sending Propaganda Vehicles to Avex

Furthermore, this issue became complicated in May this year.

“On the morning of 6 May, in Tokyo’s Bunkyo City, near Avex’s Executive Vice President Chiba Ryuhei’s home, right-wing propaganda vehicles turned up in an aggressive manner.

While yelling “AVEX!” they continuously played the Japanese anthem at a loud volume in the quiet residential area. These propaganda activities would happen for around 15 minutes at a time, and occur several times a day, continuing for a week. Chiba’s family were emotionally run down, and were too afraid to even step out of the house. Naturally, the police officers in the area came and gave repeated warnings about this.

Around the same time, the same propaganda vehicles visited the Avex head office in Aoyama, shouting about the nuclear plant and other unknown issues before leaving. The volume could be heard so loudly that it affected the operations within the office.”
– Representative from the Police

The famous right-wing group that sent the vehicles explained that the protest was due to Avex’s actions to demand a prohibition.

According to this right-wing group, JYJ had been planning for this charity since May of this year.

“Initially they planned to hold it at Tokyo Dome, and we received an inquiry from them. However, we hold the management rights within the country, and having this concert with such disregard would be a breach of contract, and therefore could not be allowed. The event location was informed that they would be held responsible as well, so Tokyo Dome refused to give its approval (for the event.)

C-Jes then approached Yokohama Arena, Saitama Super Arena and others, for a location to hold the event. We received inquiries from various locations and we gave the same explanation, requesting for them to desist. “
– Avex related personnel

Saitama Super Arena, who had already started selling tickets, panicked and withdrew (from the agreement) after receiving this notice from Avex.

Immediately after this, the protests happened. Where the right-wing group heard about the event is unclear but, “After so much effort in organizing a charity event that could raise 100 million yen for the disaster victims, why are you raising objections and preventing the event from happening,” they argued with good reason.

It was around this time that suspicious people started “paying visits” to Avex.

Just before Golden Week, a man claiming to be from another right-wing group visited Avex, saying “The Koreans are helping to raise relief funds for the Japanese, so why are you causing problems for them?” and other things, raising his voice at the staff who served him.

Also, there was an incident of a man holding a name card of another group visiting the head office building, but was stopped by the security personnel.

Warnings Were Issued To (Japan Sumo Association) Chairman Hanaregoma

All of a sudden, the 7 June concert was to be held at the Kokugikan.

“An email came, with contents that said something similar to, “To the fans, this wouldn’t exactly be called a concert but more of a fanmeeting.” Although this was announced just before the event was held, most of the fans participated very happily. The tickets cost 8,500 yen per person. Compared to the time of Tohoshinki, the trio’s dances may seem a little lacking in power, and it was a pity that they couldn’t sing Tohoshinki songs, but the fans were really passionate as they were finally able to see the three members after a long time.“
– Female fan who attended the concert

However, Avex was enraged by this sudden concert. “We informed all concert venues that JYJ and C-JeS were in breach of contract, and requested for them not to hold the concert. However, the Kokugikan silently pushed through with it.

“On 10 May, we issued a warning letter addressed to the Executive Director of the Japan Sumo Association(JSA) and distinctly requested for a cancellation. But a representative of the Sumo Association called us on 12 May and said “Settle the problem among yourselves,” “Because we have already given them approval to use the venue, and also received payment.” in a hostile manner. On 2 June, just before the concerts, we sent another warning to Chairman Hanaregoma, but was completely ignored.”
– Avex related personnel

Avex even applied for a provisional disposition to prevent the concert from happening, but it was held nonetheless. And now, they are now suing the Sumo Association and its management partners, requesting for 143.4 million yen in compensation at the Tokyo district courts.

This compensation amount was calculated from the expected profit that Avex would have earned as the rightful management company, if they had held the concert.

“All of the concert venues in Japan refused to hold this concert because they knew about the problems between ourselves, the right-wing groups and gang-related people. But for some reason, the Kokugikan agreed (to hold this concert.) We suspect that it’s possible that they may be connected to those (right-wing groups and/or gangs) sides”
– Avex management staff

The Sumo circle have always seen gang-related people sitting in the “ijiin” seats (T/N: the best seats closest to the sumo ring) , and there has been rumours that the “oyakatas” (T/N: Sumo coaches) have gang connections as well. With regards to this lawsuit, the Sumo Association said, “ We have yet to be able to verify this writ, so we are unable to reply to your inquiries.”

For the Sumo Association, who were finally able to hold their “Grand Tournament,” after being plagued by misfortune, a popular idol group concert would definitely have been something that they would want very badly. However, it resulted in them antagonizing a big record company.

Source : [Shuukan Genzai]
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FANACCOUNT JYJ World Tour in Busan 11-12 June 2011

[Fanaccount] JYJ World Tour in Busan [11-12 June 2011]

So finally, I was there.. I was in Busan for JYJ concert.. after so many weeks of doubt, frustration, anger, despair and tears, I could get those so precious tickets for the most wonderful event of 2011.. Thank you so much Monica and Reina for getting me those tickets.. without you, I would have never attended the first tour directed by Kim Jaejoong, and it would have been one of my biggest regret as a fan.. something I wouldnt have forgiven myself.. This concert, I knew I couldnt miss it.. so I’ll never thank you enough for giving me this wonderful opportunity..

The so precious “tickets to Heaven”

Thank you also Jenny and Kyung Yeon for accompanying me during a part of this journey, this was so amazing to meet you and experience those great moment together… you girls are the best!!

Anyway, so my journey in Busan started pretty funnyly indeed.. when I got in the Limousine bus to go from Gimhae airport to the hotel, my sister thought it was a great idea to call me at this moment.. so yeah, suddenly I heard the ringtone “I want you in my plans.. I want you in my plans babyyyy”.. okie great.. now the whole bus know the reason why I am in Busan.. lolz.. and when I finally arrived in Seomyeon area, I walked the wrong way looking for my hotel, and I lost myself and my luggages in the backalleys, thanksfully a taxi driver stopped for me.. then I realized I was really not far away.. I paid only 2600 wons.. lolz.. when I finally arrived, I was too exhausted to do anything else.. so I stayed there in my room and relaxed..

The very cute subway card in Busan
When I saw this one, I picked it right away..

The second day, Jenny and me finally met.. we found each other easily at Seomyeon station thanks to the phone hehe.. and first surprise, when we were about to take the subway to Haeundae beach, we saw Jaejoong subway ads.. such a proud feeling..

Our director.. our pride

then as we planned before, we went to visit Haeundae beach and the aquarium.. this so beautiful aquarium where Jaejoong took pictures with his friends (and definitely a must see.. even though I visited the aquarium in Valencia (Spain) before, I never saw so many varieties of fishes).. also we were lucky because not a long time ago, there was this famous festival where artists build sand castles and any kind of sand sculptures..

Busan Aquarium where Jae took the picture

Saturday 11th june~ Goods and Concert

I woke up early this morning.. too much excitement and impatience in my heart.. no matter how many times I’ll see JYJ in concert, I think I’ll always get this feeling, as if it was my very first time, all over again.. no matter how many times, I think the withdrawal syndrome and the emptiness I feel when everything is over will never stop.. I’ll never get enough of them.. never.. they’re just too amazing.. do they even know what they do to me.. to many of us..

Anyway, so after eating my breakfast, I walked happily to the station, where I was supposed to meet Kyung Yeon, and later Jenny.. having absolutely no clue where was this station, I lost myself in Busanjin-gu.. lolz.. when I finally found it, I got to know (via Monica on twitter) that sadly our Xiahpwa was sick in the morning and we could meet only later.. so I headed alone to Sajik stadium for the goods.. clumsy me stopped at Sajik station (the name fit the name of the stadium.. lolz).. but when I exited there, there was no souls around.. lolz.. Besides, no stadium in sight.. so yeah, I remembered Seoul, Sports Complex station.. it was the same name, so I went back to Sports Complex station and found some fans to follow and Asiad Stadium in sight (looking at it, I couldnt help but thinking how nice the concert would have been inside.. but somehow, I loved how close we were from the boys during the concert, due to the not so big venue)..

Sajik Indoor Gymnasium

To reach the stadium from the station, you have to walk quite a bit, and that day was very very hot, the sun was burning (I even caught a sunburn).. so I was worried we”ll have to wait for too long.. but when I arrived, the line was still ok.. its just the goods hadnt started selling then.. lolz.. so I waited in line with others.. cursing myself for not bringing my umbrella.. yeah, in my country, you use an umbrella only for the rain.. it was not raining when I left my hotel, so I decided to not bring it with me.. huge mistake!!! no umbrella, no cap, nothing, I was in a very uncomfortable situation and thankfully, besides me there was a very sweet korean fan, who shared half of her umbrella with me, protecting me from the sun.. Thank you so much, adorable fan.. this JYJ family is really wonderful and caring.. somehow, she reminded me a lot of this fan in Seoul, who lent a blanket to my sister and me.. maybe she was the same person indeed.. anyway, so we waited for the goods, surrounded by fans speaking korean, japanese, chinese.. and while waiting, Jenny and later Kyung Yeon joined me, so we could grab our goods..

Goods for Busan concert

Then we left and at the subway station, you could see many JYJ ads on the wall.. Sports Complex station was all about JYJ.. so beautiful.

JYJ ads in Sports Complex Station

Anyway, Kyung Yeon led us everywhere we asked for, buying Tio for us, then to NII store, and eating korean food.. then she checked if our lightsticks were worked fine.. and bad luck, Jenny’s lightstick wasnt working.. so we headed back to the venue to change it.. haha.. Kyung Yeon took care of everything then (she is such a lively and amazing girl.. it was something to witness her talking on the phone with Monica.. she is so funny.. but also sweet and caring), while Jenny and me walked around, taking pictures of the venue, the banners, the so amazing Jaejoong bus, and the fans also..

Kim Jaejoong, Our Director, Our Pride

Yoochun’s banner

Junsu’s banner

JYJ World Tour banner in Busan

JYJ fans all around the venue~

The diversity of this fandom never fails to amaze me.. any age (children to pretty older women), any gender (yeah, we saw few fanboys around), any nationality or race.. I believe no other group than JYJ has such a “colored” fandom.. and to me, it proves their talent as artists.. they’re one of a kind.. I wish Korea would understand this and protect them, because they’re truly the best ambassadors overseas… anyway, later we sat on the floor waiting, and we could listen the boys rehearsing inside already.. Get Out.. Empty.. raising our excitement to the highest.. after a while, we could see waiting lines forming, so we followed one too.. and such a loooong waiting line.. its hard to believe we were “only” 10,000 fans.. it looked like so much more.. at first, we thought we were not so far away from the door, but indeed, the waiting line was leading behind the stadium to go back to this same door, moving just like a snake!!!!!! we were so tired already, and the concert didnt even start.. haha.. Kyung Yeon was worried to fall asleep in front of Junsu.. lolz.. as if it could happen!!
Anyway, once inside the venue, we realized our seats were absolutely awesome.. 2nd floor pretty much in front of the smaller stage (at the right), first row somehow.. this was the best!! *thank you Moni!!*.. then on our seats we could find the yellow lightstick with explanations for use written in korean and english.. it was very very well organized..

Yellow lightstick and explanation
Ah this yellow lightstick that kept glowing all night long,
lighting my hotel room, as if I was still at the concert.. lolz

And while waiting for the beginning of the show, I looked around, witnessing the venue filling up little by little and admiring the wonderful stage setting.. work of a genius.. as the venue was filling up, the red lights glowing (some green lights also for my JaeJae), the excitement was growing more and more.. we could hear Boy’s letter and In Heaven music playing in background..

The venue filling up little by little

then they played the flashmob on the screen, so I started rehearsing for it (rehearsal was very much needed, as I never danced it again after the concerts in Seoul last november lolz).. fans around me were doing the same haha.. anyway, then they turned off the lights, and The Beginning music started playing with the pictures introduction on the screen.. the green lasers flashing all around the venue, raising up even more (if possible) our excitement.. fans kept screaming when their bias was appearing on the screen lolz.. then suddenly, the boys were thrown from under the stage onto the stage.. and oh wonderful surprise, the one appearing in front of my eyes was Jaejoong.. how lucky and I didnt even prepare my camera then.. haha.. but my eyes were so focused on him, that now I am unable to tell you where were Junsu and Yoochun.. even though I believe Yoochun was on the main stage, and Junsu on the small stage at the left..

Jaejoong performing Empty on the stage in front of me

Short Fancam of JYJ singing Nine

JYJ performing Be My Girl (I think.. lolz)

Anyway, that night , we had the chance to have “Be my girl” performed on the small stage in front of us.. not really the small stage, but the path leading to it, and they were facing the right side of the crowd.. and so, right in front of our eyes, we could see perfectly Junsu’s hips moves (profile side *yum yum*).., I am Jae biased, but I must say without any guilt, that Junsu’s hips moves during “Be my girl” is a sight for the eyes.. so incredibly sexy.. our Xiahpwa besides me was sure very pleased.. lolz.. Also, Junsu and Yoochun’s solo were performed in this same stage.. so when “I can soar” started playing, Kyung Yeon screamed “Junsuuuu” just when the venue became suddenly silent.. lolz.. I am sure Junsu could feel the love.. If it had been during the ment, I am sure the boys would have teased hehe.. Junsu’s solo is really beautiful and the choregraphy looks enchanting with the dancer dancing like a butterfly around him.. while the choregraphy for Yoochun and Jaejoong’s solo are made to tease the fangirls!!! very hot, sexy and bold.. and I think it would be interesting to compare Jaejoong’s first solo performance in Bangkok, with this performance in Busan.. performance after performance, he became more daring, touchy-feely and natural with the female dancers.. maybe because of the good response from his fans who somehow wished to see him doing sexy things like Yoochun.. lolz yeah, Jaejoong’s fans are indeed strange.. we want to see him play with the girls.. Anyway, talking about his solo, it was not performed on the stage in front of us.. I knew it wouldnt after we had Junsu and Yoochun’s solo there.. but still, as Jae biased, I hoped it would be, so I was a bit sad *greedy much lolz*.. nonetheless, I couldnt take my eyes off of him.. Jae’s voice singing this song is mesmerizing.. who wouldnt dream to have him saying those words to us.. ah this is love.. indeed, their solo really have a blues atmosphere (not sure its the right word, I dont know how to explain.. you know, just like the atmosphere of those lonely nights.. hmm..) and the choregraphies and the overall stage atmosphere really fits those moments..

Junsu performing I Can Soar

Yoochun performing I Love You

Jaejoong performing Still In Love on Sunday 12th

Also, I must say how much I love “Nameless song part 1″ sang live.. rap may not be my favorite style of music, but the emotion and anger Yoochun put into his rap gives you goosebumps.. I can still remember perfectly Yoochun’s expressions while rapping.. so much angst.. then Jaejoong and Junsu’s heavenly voices blending so perfectly, are soothing, like a lullaby.. calming your broken heart on the verge of tears.. and you listen silently, overwhelmed with emotions, you just cant say a word.. this song is really meant to be sung live, sharing all their emotions with the fans who knows more than anyone else what they have been through.. those fans who suffered together with them.. their family.. the JYJ family..

Jaejoong performing.. and I loved the clothes he was wearing there.. so adorable Jaejoong

JYJ interacting with the fans~

Anyway, later they performed one of the fans favorite “Chajatta”.. Junsu and Jaejoong started singing their part.. and then they called Yoochun.. as if he was lost somewhere, playing around haha.. it was so cute.. and as always, they really dont need to sing the “Saranghae, nul saranghae” part, because the fans sing it so loud to tell the boys how much we love them.. this saranghae truly comes from the deepest of our heart.. and God knows we love them our boys and I am proud to say that the “Fallen Leaves” yellow ocean project was a great success.. when we started hearing the first notes of the song, we turned off the red lights and prepared our yellow lightsticks (both days, I had hard time to light it.. mostly because I was worried to ruin it when bumping it hard.. lolz) and suddenly the whole venue was colored in yellow..

The whole venue colored in yellow during Fallen Leaves ~ JYJ lets start again..

I dont know if the boys expected something like this, but I have no doubt they were deeply moved while performing this song.. they looked so happy after the song, talking and joking around (how I wish I understood then).. but when Junsu said “one, two, three” in korean, Kyung Yeon took my yellow lightstick to hide it inside the bag) and then we turned back on our red lightsticks.. lolz.. ah those boys powers are supernatural.. their wishes are our command.. lolz.. and so then, they started singing “Boy’s letter” surrounded by the red ocean.. ah this song is such a beautiful love letter to the fans.. feeling how loved we are, it’s impossible to not love those boys to death.. anyway, later “Be my girl” remix started playing, it was our (fans) moment to perform and better perform well to show the boys how hard we worked for them too!!.. so we got up (luckily there was no seats before us, so Kyung Yeon and me had some space to dance the flashmob.. its such a high moment, so exciting when the whole venue dance together with the boys, making one with them.. and the wave was absolutely amazing, just like during a WC soccer game.. then I thought of how proud and happy our boys must be at this moment.. and the second day, the wave was even more awesome.. we kept playing around.. lolz.. after the song, the boys wanted us to continue the wave as we stopped after one turn only during the song.. they didnt get enough so we started it again.. but then, when they asked us to stop, we didnt.. we kept waving and waving.. so they laughed and Jaejoong sat on the floor, laughing too much because we didnt want to stop.. and they had to turn off the lights for us to stop doing the wave.. lolz.. then they left the stage, and we started chanting “JYJ, JYJ, JYJ” and we kept chanting those 3 magical letters, without fail, until they came back onstage for the encore.. until Jae appeared on the stage right in front of me to sing Get Out.. how I love my seat that first night.. how I love this song.. now I think about it, they changed the opening choregraphy of it, as they were on the 3 different stages to start the song (well, I think.. I cant remember well.. hmm).. and my eyes were glued on Jaejoong, until he joined the main stage, Yoochun and Junsu.. ah it always amazed me so much how fans are screaming happily when Yoochun shout .. and those two days, I was one of those screaming happily too.. haha..

Very short fancam of Jaejoong performing Get Out

Jaejoong performing Get Out

Then it was empty remix, how hot it is when our Junsu does the handstand.. that boy, he is talented in everything.. he can do absolutely everything.. to me he was always the best dancer and still is.. wow.. we’re all very high when the first notes of In Heaven starts playing.. but then Sajik gymnasium listens quietly, mesmerized by those boys voices, who literally send you to Heaven.. singing the song with everything they got.. all their feelings, emotions and sorrow.. there is no words strong enough to describe the emotions then.. this song is beautiful, and when JYJ perform it live, it becomes a masterpiece.. the harmony of their voices blending so perfectly.. you dont want it to end, you dont want to let them go and the “kajima” takes all its meaning.. but already they are saying goodbye, ready to leave the stage.. and we were left speechless, so Yoochun left the stage chanting “JYJ JYJ”.. and we followed him, and started chanting “JYJ JYJ”.. but on Sunday, he didnt need to tell us anything, when they thanked the fans, ready to leave, fans already started chanting “JYJ JYJ”.. the second day, I was sitting in the angle where they left the stage, so I could see them until they disappeared backstage.. how I wish they could have stayed longer.. how I wish the concert could just last forever..

JYJ kamsahamnida… JYJ kajima~

Then we had to leave.. so after we joined Jenny, we went to the subway station.. it was such a crazy and scary experience.. We were so many waiting for the train to come, and when it was finally there, fans were pushing to fit in it.. there was this young man, who wanted to stop at the station, and he couldnt even leave because he kept being pushed back inside.. some fans were screaming, scared to fall.. once inside, I didnt know anymore where were Kyung Yeon and Jenny, but I could listen Kyung Yeon calling my name.. lolz.. also an ahjussi talked to me in the subway.. I was so ashamed, I couldnt speak one word of korean, but he made the effort to speak to me in english!! and he was probably more than 60 years old.. so sweet of him..

Back to the hotel, pic of the goods I bought

Sunday 12th June~ Second day of the concert

That day, I arrived at the venue a bit before the lunch time.. I wanted to spend the whole day at the venue and enjoy the atmosphere.. besides, I had to get my ticket at 1pm.. as it was the right time, I walked to the tickets booth, and there when I showed the paper, they asked me for my ID *shock*.. so I explained that my friend bought the ticket for me, and they asked me to call my friend.. thanksfully, Reina gave me her phone number before in case there was some problems to get the tickets, so I let the woman calling her.. lolz.. what a fear though.. anyway, after this, I went to get my Herose goods at Jaejoong bus (I was supposed to get them the day before, but I didnt dare to get into the bus.. I was not sure if it was allowed.. lolz).. anyway, so this time, I got inside the bus where two very nice girls were waiting.. then I explained I was there to get the goods I ordered online and so they gave them to me hehe..

Jaejoong’s goods from Herose, that I ordered online few weeks ago~
When I left the bus, I kept meeting people with those cute fans.. Jaejoong’s, Junsu’s or Yoochun’s.. and I couldnt find this anywhere.. I so wanted one.. Jaejoong’s one.. where it was written “Go together Jaejoong”.. so I thought we could get them in Jaejoong’s bus.. so I went back there.. but at this moment, there was two security guards, so I tried to explain them I wanted to talk to the girls inside the bus.. I even showed them the bag with my goods, asking if the girls were still inside.. and I think they thought I was looking for Jaejoong inside the bus.. they kept telling me he was not there.. I would never dream they would let me in the bus if Jaejoong was inside, even if I asked nicely.. lolz.. ah I feel so stupid when I cant speak a word of korean and even my english is not so understandable.. but anyway, then I asked around to know where they could get this nice Jaejoong’s fan.. but time for me to understand, get in the line for it, there was no fans left anymore.. I was so upset and angry at myself to not have asked earlier.. oh well.. then I sat for a little bit, immersing myself in the before concert atmosphere.. at times, you could listen fans screaming, and so other fans were running, thinking the boys were around.. lolz.. Also, I could see the red balloons distributed by all fans.. and listen those balloons that kept bursting.. but in the end, there was no “all fan” project inside the venue.. I must say I feel Korean fans moved on, more than anywhere else.. just like JYJ.. they’re already all for JYJ and JYJ only.. they want to protect the boys and do everything to make them happy..
Anyway, later I joined the line.. so this time, I didn’t have to wait and walk for too long before entering the venue and I could find my seat pretty easily hehe.. but to be honest, I liked my Saturday seat better than this one.. this time, I was pretty much behind the big stage, in the angle with the pole hiding a bit my view.. but it was ok.. as I said before, to me the most important was to be there and attend the concert, no matter the seats.. anywhere, as long as I could be there.. Sitting besides me, there was a very sweet korean noona fan.. we discussed a bit, I discovered she was a Chunsa and I proudly said I was Jaejoong’s.. lolz.. she then explained me about Fallen Leaves project, saying she was there yesterday already (sitting in the same area as me too.. lolz).. and she was in Seoul last November for the concert too.. wow.. it’s so nice to meet this JYJ family.. so many sweet and adorable fans.. also she explained me a bit of what happened the night before.. I understand some things might be upsetting, but we fans should know better than anyone else that due to some circumstances, the boys can’t perform in the venues they deserve.. invisible dirty hands make things difficult for them.. so lets be understanding and happy with what we get.. because what we get is truly wonderful.. it comes from deep inside their heart.. and Jaejoong’s tweet broke my heart…

Jaejoong: Ah… really… our fans, I am just too thankful for… Before, I said that I would perform if there is even one person left… But now I think that I will suffer terribly if the family that I love were to disappear from me… I think I shall work very very hard…

Source: @mjjeje
Translation Credit: JYJ3

Anyway, during this second day of concert, they changed few things indeed.. and many songs were performed on the big stage (the one in front of me).. I couldn’t believe my luck, but Jae’s solo was performed on this stage that night.. lolz.. this night was once again like a dream.. such a wonderful dream that you beg for not waking up from it.. you want it to last forever.. but this is impossible.. sadly, I cant understand korean and this is such a big regret.. I was there witnessing their laughter and interaction with korean fans.. yet I couldnt understand and I was thinking “If I start learning korean now, will I be able to understand them one year later?”.. will dedication and love help me? lolz.. during one of the ment, a fan sitting not so far away from me screamed something and she got Jaejoong replying to her.. lolz.. so then many other fans were trying to get his attention too.. lolz.. and the wave after “Be my girl” fanmob was such an amazing moment where we truly played with them and they loved this as much as we did.. If you compare to Thanksgiving live in Tokyo Dome last year (exactly one year ago), those boys are now genuinely happy.. then it was their very first concert as JYJ, they were probably very concerned about the fans react.. their future was so uncertain.. but now.. now they moved on together with their faithful fans, they know what they want and where they’re going.. they’re now confident as JYJ.. and yeah, in the end, it’s JYJ.
Jaejoong~ah.. Kim Director.. the direction of this concert was like no other.. the stage design, choreographies, light effects, stage costumes, songs diaporama, this is the work of a genius.. a person who worked very hard on every little details.. a wonderful man who created the perfect stage for his fans and his members.. I am so proud to be your fan Jaejoong~ah.. I know my heart made the right choice, you’re truly one of a kind.. you’re the best, you’re forever my number one..

This concert was so special for so many reasons.. this concert belongs to JYJ.. its theirs from A to Z.. their very own songs, their direction, their creativity, their talent.. their sweat, tears and blood.. this magical concert is fully theirs.. So proud of my boys.. I am so loving you.. when and where will we meet again?! will you come to Europe? if not, I’ll come to you again.. if JYJ concert was held on the moon, I guess I’ll go there too.. once you tasted a bit of JYJ heaven, you cant live without it.. just like a sweet drug, it becomes addictive.. we’ll meet again, I’ll make sure of this.. Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun, see you soon.. saranghae~

On Monday, I went to the venue again.. and then the withdrawal syndrom hit me hard.. the venue was so empty.. suddenly my world and Busan were so empty.. “Un seul être vous manque et tout est dépeuplé”

Sajik Gymnasium venue the day after the concert.. so empty..

Some other moments of my Busan trip~

During my journey in Busan, I couldnt miss doing some JYJ shopping.. one thing I wanted absolutely was the new Nature Republic photobook.. so as soon as I could find a store, I asked them if they had this photobook, then I got my shopping basket and bought NR products.. the store was full packed, it was almost impossible to move around inside it.. lolz.. and in the end, it turned out they didnt have the new NR photobook (maybe they didnt have it anymore, I couldnt say).. I didn’t understand, because she first talked to me in japanese (people in Busan speak very well japanese, and a bit less english).. so I got the 2010 photobook, with the cute cardboards and 2 posters of each members.. I need to find a way to get the new photobook!!.. lolz.. when I was about to leave the store, they asked me if I came for JYJ concert.. lolz..

Nature Republic, NII, TiO.. those boys, they’ll be the end of me..

Also, the day before my departure, I went back to NII store, which is in the commercial center in front of the concert venue.. there I bought two nice shirts for my sister (missed so much my sister who couldnt come with me this time..).. then I asked for Jaejoong poster, but she didnt have it anymore, japanese fans probably grabbed all the stock before me.. lolz.. only Junsu poster was left (Junsu is the king in his homeland.. so fans already got his poster long time ago.. while Jaejoong is the king for japanese fans hehe).. but my boys are my boys, if no Jaejoong poster, give me Junsu’s one after all.. and indeed, not only she gave me JYJ’s NII agenda, Junsu poster, but she also gave me Jaejoong poster that was sticked in the store.. it was so sweet of her.. and when she asked me if I was a fan and went to the concert, I proudly said I came for it..

NII Store

Some of my JYJ goods~

And I believe Busan was totally under JYJ spell.. when I was doing some souvenirs shopping in the shopping mall underground in Seomyeon, I entered a CD store and “I can soar” was playing.. so I listened, singing along hehe.. and indeed, I realized they were playing “The Beginning” album, so I stayed there until I listened all the songs!!.. haha.. later while I was eating something at Caffé Bene, they played Empty.. so so nice.. another small detail, as if everything reminds me of my boys.. but while I was walking in the streets, I suddenly heard “For you” playing.. but it was not sung by Jaejoong though..

Some other anecdotes.. when leaving Busan, taxi driver asked me where I was from and why I came to Busan.. so I proudly said I came here for JYJ concert.. lolz.. also when I was buying souvenirs at the airport, I carried my Jaejoong goods backpack, and through it we could see Junsu (pic from NR bag).. and the woman there was like “oh Xiah Junsu!!”.. so I was wondering “Xiah Junsu? where? where?” before I realized she was looking at my bag haha.. so then we started talking a bit about the boys, I said I came for their concert, and she said they’re very good singers and her favorite is Xiah.. hehe.. overall, before leaving, I made sure everyone knew I came to Busan for JYJ concert!!

JYJ fighting!!

credit: lenahero

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NEWS Translation 110608 JYJ’s Japanese Charity Concert Ends In Great Success

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[TRANS] 110608 JYJ’s Japanese Charity Concert Ends In Great Success
Posted on June 10, 2011
by melodiamuse

JYJ’s Japanese charity concert ended in great success.

Having already donated 600 million Won for the victims of the earthquake that shook the nation of Japan in March, JYJ held a successful charity concert on the 7th at 2pm and 7pm with 20,000 fans at the Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo.

This was JYJ’s first Japanese concert since Avex put a halt on all JYJ activities last October so the two-hour performance was meaningful for both JYJ and their Japanese fans.

Hiroko Saito(25), a fan who attended the concert, stated, “I was nervous because I thought the concert was cancelled due to Avex’s obstructions. I was so happy to see JYJ performing in Japan.” Yuko Yoko(37) stated, “I received a great amount of courage from JYJ who were sincere in their worries throughout the concert of the victims of the earthquake. I will continue to support JYJ’s future activities.”

CEO Baek Chang Joo of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “The fans played a big role in holding this concert,” and “Though others tried to stop us from using certain concert venues, they were unable to break down the passion of the fans who support JYJ. Please think of this performance, not only as a charity concert, but the signal that signifies the start of JYJ’s Japanese activities.“

JYJ, who successfully ended their charity concert in Japan, will be greeting Korean fans at the Busan Sajik Indoor Gymnasium on the 11th and 12th of this month.

JYJ’s popularity continues to soar as their music essay ‘Their Rooms, Our Story’ was deemed the best seller of celebrity-written books of this year by Kyobo Books.

Source: [mydaily]

Translated & Shared by:

Momma’s Source:

Translation JYJ Charity Concert FANACCOUNT

[Translation] JYJ Charity Concert Fanaccount It has ended~

It was really cool !!

I was holding back my tears upon seeing the World Concert in Tokyo words (on screen), and as I lined up for the restroom, minutes after I got back to my seat it began.

The stage was a 360 degree circle, a design that made it easy to see from any seat.

The first number was as expected Empty.
I was already howling.
The three of them, really were so cool.

I thought Jaejoong would perhaps cry, but with a strong gaze he has said many things to us.

I felt Yoochun has gotten thin again!
His English singing was so cool~!

Junsu as per usual was full of charisma, be it dance or singing, he was super cool TT_TT

Be the One’s Yoochun also was utmost cool, I screamed non-stop during the bridge w

Be My Girl was the remix version, and we did the same dance steps together as in the Seoul concert ;0;

And then I was in tears seeing the dancers march during Mission’s introduction TT_TT Just like that utmost splendid choreography that I saw in Seoul.

The greetings were in Japanese and a lot were being said!

Jaejoong by himself spoke a lot, and many times apologized for not being able to talk a lot because there weren’t enough time.

“Everyone here do not feel like audience, but like family.”
“During this past year, I think there have been many unpleasant things, and many infuriating things (for you), but you’ve waite for us, thank you.”

Jaejoong was really cute when he spoke Japanese.
The fans also laughed a lot and we all had a good time ww

Their Japanese were astonishingly good (laugh).
Speaking in fluency.
Except for Junsu (laugh).

Junsu was having fun dancing with the female dancers and that was so cute w

Yoochun said he wanted to do a countrywide tour singing Japanese songs.

Jaejoong also said we wanted to sing Japanese songs (for this live), sorry that we could not.

There was no sadness in this concert, the way they carried themselves were dignified and beautiful.

The evening show was also seriously cool, JYJ gave a perfect performance.

Jaejoong said, standing on a stage in Japan was since a-nation.

At these words, the fact that it’s already been a year was keenly felt by me. Especially since I have just recently watched the three’s a-nation performance recordings.

Throughout this live, Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun truly sparkled, and delivered performances as the best artists.

Their costumes were also identical to the world tour ones.

For the evening show my seat was in the eighth row.

A seat that I could view the stage very easily from, it was about at the same level as the stage. It was the first time I was this close to the trio (´_`。)
Because I had already cried a lot during the afternoon show, I thought I wouldn’t cry anymore, but when Jaejoong appeared onstage right in front of me, I again welled up…

At the first number Empty, fans were yelling “Let it Go, Let it Go!!” along with them and the venue’s atmosphere was heated up from the very beginning. This choreography was also cool. And really, JYJ’s dancers are hot!!!!!

Basically, the talks were mostly done by Jaejoong who spoke smothly in Japanese, and when he first greeted us said, “Let’s each, each, each say our greetings.” I was poking fun at him in my mind as he likely said each, each, each because there were three of them, but he seriously was so cute~~~ *^0^*

Junsu made effort to say his greetings in Japanese ww During the afternoon session he frankly admitted that “I’ve forgotten quite a lot of Japanese vocabulary.”

“Ehhh?!!” Yoochun acted as if he was shocked at this.

Yoochun said, “Don’t you speak (in Japanese) right away when you drink with Japanese friends?”

Junsu, “Recently, I have not drunk with them so…”

This conversation was cute ww

Jaejoong said, “We didn’t think coming to Japan would be so hard.”

After the geeting they sang Pierrot.

And they also performed that new song (Get Out) that was prepared for the world concert.

The song was COOL!!!!!!

When Jaejoong sang Junsu and Yoochun would be dancing in the back, singing Hey!!!Ho!! ww

Junsu was giving his 120% and dance with his all, and Yoochun, he was dancing so hard I was wondering if he woud collapse!!!!!!!

Mission began with the dancers marched toward us, I’ve loved the song when I heard it in the Seoul concert, so the introduction of the song was enough to get me all hyped up.

So cool, Mission…

I forgot when was Be The One sang… But this was another song that the audience all sang along with!!!!!

At Chajatta, everyone was loudly singing along and Jaejoong asked, “Everybody, know this song hun??”

Of course we know~~~~~ We love this song~~~~~!!!!!!!

How much do you think we’ve cried watching you sing it during the year-end award show~~~~!!!!!!!

I was really satisfied when Junsu danced right in front of me.

Because I was sitting where Junsu came over a lot, I was able to see Junsu dance like he would overwhelm us with his power for many times.

Though I have in the past seen Junsu dance with naked eyes, but he was reeeaally cool.

Fallen Leaves was a song I fell into a daze listening to.

It was a blessing to be able to feel this song I so love live.

As the circular stage was rotating around as it rose upwards, we were able to see the trio alternately.

Today, I was nervous until the event began, worrying a little if something would happen to interrupt it, so when it proceeded without a hitch I was so relieved I again cried …

Be My Girl was the remix version, we danced that legendary dance together again w

The lighting was quite bright and it last long, so I saw very well Junsu’s movements and Yoochun’s sexy dance.

And at Jaejoong’s instruction, we did the human wave as well w

This was when the members and dancers left the stage and prepared for encore.

Fans continued to call for JYJ, and toward the end the JYJ calling got super loud I was startled ;;

The first encore song was Empty (Remix) that was sang at the beginning.

Junsu was very close to me again, Junsu was shaking his neck so vigorously I almost thought his neck would fly my way (laugh).

Jaejoong spoke a lot during the ment.

Jaejoong’s manner as he expressed his thoughts in many words,

it was completely different from when I saw him in Tokyo Dome one year ago.

He was really manly, cool, and he has become strong.

Jaejoong, you were really really splendid.

He promised that they would come to Japan again.

It’s alright if (their coming to Japan) would take time, I want them sing in Japan again.

At last it was their new song In Heaven.

Kajima, kajima, kojima, kojima, saranhe saranhe.

Ah~ They harmonized as they gathered at the center of the stage, it was awesome.

When I saw the performance on youtube I thought, that another classic was born, so I was glad to be able to hear it live.

Though the concert was short, we had a really wonderful time.

Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, I was relieved t see your beaming faces. Thank you so much.

I love you~~~~~

Come again~~~~~~~

source: ilovehiphop5678
trans by: @Starfieldsho
Momma’s Source;
(some additional ment)

Jaejoong: Even though we have nothing (for the fans). But for a year, a year is such a long time, you have waited for us.

Jaejoong: You have repeated told us, you want to see us, you want to see us. And when we have come, you tell us that you’ve wanted to see us, you have wanted to see us. (T/N: Or alternatively, “You have repeated told us, you miss us, you miss us. And when we have come, you tell us that you’ve missed us, you have missed us.)

Jaejoong: The three of us got wet, got wet… wait I sound kinda dirty here…

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Pictures 110607 JYJ at Charity Concert

[Pictures] 110607 JYJ at Charity Concert

These are picture choices from the Charity Concert. Our mancubs were somekinda hot–but they did a great, unselfish job. Lot’s of love, Boys. Momma Cha

credit: as tagged+黒井ネコ+riko
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Translation 110603 C JeS Press Release – Regarding…

[Translation] 110603 C-JeS Press Release – Regarding The Lawsuit Filed Against Avex Management

With regards to the yesterday’s withdrawal of the provisional injunction, it was withdrawn due to the following case.

Currently, Avex is asserting that JYJ’s exclusive management contract termination is not valid, and used unfair influences to conduct obstructive measures against the charity event in question.

We have decided to take action against this, and from now on, will assert the legitimacy of our company in the courts of law.

About The Lawsuit Filed Against Avex Management

With regards to our company and our company’s artist JYJ’s activities, we would like to report that we filed a lawsuit against Avex Management for an injunction against the obstruction of our company’s management activities.

Our company had been planning to hold the JYJ Tohoku earthquake charity event which is scheduled for 7 June, and although we had gotten consent from the planned venue Saitama Super Arena (SSA) and sold tickets, it became a situation where the SSA homepage put up a notice stating that “it was decided that it would not be appropriate to approve the use of our venue.” The change in venue brought about inconvenience and confusion to everyone who had purchased the tickets, and we apologise for the worry caused.

This situation was a result of a message from Avex to the SSA side, with the key point being that “Without Avex as a proxy, JYJ cannot hold activities as artists in Japan,” so “we request that the use of venue for JYJ’s artists’ activities be denied,” and this was how things started.

However, our company and Avex’s exclusive contract for JYJ had been terminated on 22 February of this year, due to the non-fulfilment of obligations, and with this termination, Avex had lost their exclusive rights over the management of JYJ in Japan. Accordingly, Avex’s reason given to SSA for the request to not approve the use of their location was actually an untruth.

Our company had been in preliminary discussions with Avex, with the consideration of the fans and artists’ wellbeing as our top priority, and were in discussions with Avex with the aim of resolution. However, Avex had unilaterally announced the suspension of JYJ’s activities in Japan, and Avex had not fulfilled any of its promised management duties in Japan as per the contract for over half a year, so we were forced to terminate the contract with Avex due to breach of contract.

Despite this, Avex insists that the termination of the current contract is invalid, and for this charity event and personally, without taking any form of legal action, used their influential power as a big corporation and told untruths to the venue side from the background, utilizing unfair influences to obstruct this charity event.

In light of the abovementioned actions from Avex, our company had requested for a proper verdict from courts, and although we had been forced to seek a preliminary injunction against Avex from the Tokyo District Courts a few days ago, given the current circumstances of the charity event being just around the corner, it was decided that we would not continue with the lawsuit against Avex, as stated in the topic (of this press release).

In the future, we will be asserting our company’s legitimacy in the courts of law, but for this charity event, and with the fans’ and artists’ wellbeing being our priority, we will continue to do our best. We thank everyone for their understanding.

Source : [C-JeS]
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Translation 110525 JYJ Japan Charity Concert — Reason Why Event Time Was Revealed But Not Event Location

Translation 110525 JYJ Japan Charity Concert – Reason Why Event Time Was Revealed But Not Event Location

Only revealing the event date, without a location. This is not a “guerrilla” performance, but an actual performance where tickets have to be purchased.

However, it is currently in a situation which cannot be understood easily. This is the Japanese charity concert of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu of JYJ.

JYJ will be holding a charity concert on 7 June. This concert was created in support of victims of the big earthquake that hit Japan in March. However, their management company C-JeS Entertainment has only revealed the event date, and has said nothing about where the concert will be held.

This is what happened. Initially, JYJ, who had broken away from TVXQ, had started selling tickets (for this event) for a concert at Yokohama Arena. However, they suddenly received a notice that they would be unable to perform at Yokohama arena, and the management company switched locations to Saitama Arena. However, they once again received a notice from the location management dissolving the agreement.

This matter is related to JYJ’ s management company in Japan, Avex Entertainment. Avex, who announced the suspension of JYJ’s activities in October last year, heard about this Charity Concert, and sent a official notice to the locations requesting that they “Do not hold this concert.”

In response to this, JYJ’s management company, together with the charity concert organiser Zak Corporation, filed for a provisional injunction against Avex Entertainment for unfair handling last month at Japan’s Tokyo District Courts.

With their concert venue being coerced into cancellation, the performance would have to be cancelled completely, but the management company has decided to push ahead with the plans to hold the concert.

According to personnel related to JYJ, the concert venue has already been decided. Those who have purchased tickets will be notified of the location soon via SNS. It will not be held at the currently stated arena, and because it will be an outdoor location, audio technicalities may occur, but after consideration of the waiting fans, they have decided to go ahead with this concert.

C-JeS Entertainment, expressed via their Japanese website, that “This concert is not just a one-time event, please take this to be a sign that JYJ will be restarting activities in Japan from now on. Even if the location for this concert may not be the best, please believe in our sincerity, and we hope that everyone will be able to support us.”

On another note, on 7 June at Osaka’s Kyocera Dome, Yunho and Changmin’s TVXQ will be participating in a joint K-Pop concert, incidentally creating a face-off of TVXQ members in Japan.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Sports Chosun]
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