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[INTERVIEW] 120129 Kim Junsu – Attracted To The Role of The Transcendental “Death”

[INTERVIEW] 120129 Kim Junsu – Attracted To The Role Of The Transcendental “Death”

Musical “Elisabeth” Kim Junsu
Open from Feb. 9 at Blue Square Samsung Electronics Hall

In 2010, Kim Junsu has already experienced the musical “Elisabeth”. In the musical proposed by composer Sylvester Levay “Kim Junsu Musical Concert – Levay With Friends”, he has already performed most of the songs in the musical “Mozart”. However, it is revealed that “Elisabeth” will have six major songs.

Junsu personally performed ‘Death (Tod)’’s two songs, which were ‘When I Feel Like Dancing” and “Last Dance”. His greed rose as he sang the songs. During that time, it was not confirmed that the musical would premiere in South Korea but he had already set his eyes on the role of “Death”.

“Elisabeth” is the most successful German-language musical ever since it started in Vienna 20 years ago in 1992. It will finally premiere in South Korea this coming Feb. 9 at Hannam-dong’s Blue Square Samung Electronics Hall. Of course, Kim Junsu will play the role of the alluring fantasy being “Death” who stays besides the ill-fated Habsburg Empress “Elisabeth” constantly.

“Although they are all actors, I am a singer so I think that it is more important to select songs than choosing play. Even though I already know that it is a good musical, it will be more touching if I get to sing it personally. Also, the role of “Death” itself is not a person, but an imaginery transcendental existence. The role itself is charming. Adding a twist in Elisabeth’s life using the fantasy character “Death” in the musical, I think that Michael Kunze is really an outstanding person.”

Even so, Junsu did not accept the role without hesitation. He thinks that the role of “Death” should have substance. As there will be a triple cast of Ryu Jung-han and Song Chang-Ee, he is worried that he will be lacking in substance due to his age and experience in musicals.

“I hesitated and questioned myself, ‘Who will give substance to this role?’ When I heard that, I think I should take the role. My self-confidence increased when I think that I can express the role well.”

Interpreting the sweet temptation of Elisabeth’s longing for freedom

Mobilising the country’s best musical actors for the premiere 


Junsu thinks that the role of “Death” in the musical is sweet. To Elisabeth who longs for freedom, her life in the imperial family is a tragic one and death gives her the sweet temptation of rest and peacefulness.


“There is no answer to death. Nobody has feel and experience it before. I think that to Elisabeth, experiencing the existence of death is sweet. The voice and music will be dark, but I have to express a slight sweetness in my role.”


From his debut musical “Mozart”, “Tears of Heaven” to “Elisabeth”, Junsu always takes the lead role in South Korea’s musical premieres. Although it is a great risk for the producer, he believes in the growth potential of Junsu who only has a year of experience in musicals.

“Even though I have no plans, I think that I was given a good opportunity. To me, the image of the actor in the premiere becomes the image of the Korean actor. Although there is a burden, I think that I have to do well since I have accepted the role. It will be good if I can show the other sides of myself, which I did not show in the previous two musicals. To a musical actor, this musical gives me a chance to develop my skills.”

JYJ’s schedule is tight, but Junsu always thinks that he is lacking as a musical actor, hence he constantly listens to musical music and watches musicals in his spare time.

“This play mobilises the best musical actors in the country. It is Elisabeth’s strength. It will be fine if I do well. I was worried about my voice when portraying the transcendental existence in this play. I have paid a lot of attention to details like expression and hand and body movements.

Besides Kim Junsu, the cast of the musical “Elisabeth” includes Ok Ju-hyun, Kim Sun-young and Park Eun Tae.

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