[Vid] 130813 Showbiz Korea : Musical “Elisabeth” – Kim Junsu [Eng

Elisabeth once again. I sincerely wish Junsu the best, and I look forward to more roles that suit his talents. <3

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[TRANS] 130727 If You Are Curious Of The True Extent Of JYJ Kim Junsu’s Ticket Power

The reason why everyone should see Kim Junsu in ‘Elisabeth’


‘Elisabeth’, the large-scale musical that took the industry by storm last year, has returned. Like last year, Kim Junsu’s performances, which seat a total of 20,000 people, were sold out in five minutes.


Looking at the overall critiques by the public and media, Kim Junsu’s ticket power is astounding. But this time around, the expectation for ‘Elisabeth’ is different from that of last year, because this time around, many people are saying “‘Death’ by Kim Junsu, ‘Death’ for Kim Junsu.”


First of all, last year’s Tod role was given to three actors, Ryu Jung Hwan, Song Chang Ui and Kim Junsu. The first two actors are veterans who each have at least 10 years of experience in the industry. Because of this, Kim Junsu was constantly compared to them for their ease and presence on stage.


On the other hand, 2013′s ‘Death’ role was given to Kim Junsu, and two other young actors. Park Hyo Shin, who appeared in ‘Rock Hamlet’ in 2000 but is better known as a singer than a musical actor, and Jeon Dong Seok, who hit the musical scene through the 2009 production ‘Notre Dame de Paris’.


Not only does Kim Junsu have the merit of having been in the first round of ‘Elisabeth’ performances, but he has also created a strong foundation for himself in the past three years through ‘Elisabeth’, ‘Tears of Heaven’ and ‘Mozart!’.

During the press call of ‘Elisabeth’ that was held on the 25th at the Seoul Arts Center’s Opera House, composer Sylvester Levay showed his faith in the singer as he said, “I personally think of him as a close friend and I’m honored that Kim Junsu will be working with me for another production since ‘Mozart!’. His presence on stage is truly spectacular.”


Kim Junsu’s role of ‘Death’ is a fantasy character that draws off the fact that the real-life empress Elisabeth used to write countless poems about death. He is an important character who makes the life of ‘Elisabeth’ more dramatic and tragic.


‘Death’ falls in love with ‘Elisabeth’ when she falls from a tightrope at a young age. He is a mystical character whose gender can’t be properly defined. Though he approaches Elisabeth as a man, he approaches her son Rudolph as a woman. He follows her wherever she goes throughout her life, and tries to seduce her into taking the last dance with him because he is the only one who can give her true freedom.


The image of ‘Death’, who is both strong and soft, is similar to Hyde of ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ or the phantom of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ when he appears on a lift. In the musical, he seduces both Elisabeth and her son Rudolph, but also has to draw the audience in and entrance them.


‘Death’ is accompanied by six ‘Angels of Death’, who fill the stage with sophisticated choreography. The ‘Last Dance’ number showcased Kim Junsu’s superior dance skills that he honed as a member of idol group JYJ.


During the press call, Kim Junsu performed ‘The Shadows Grow Longer’ and captivated everyone with a more dignified and charismatic stage presence than last year. During the press conference that followed, he impressed the reporters as he sat and paid attention to what the other actors were saying. It seems as though we must let go of some of the prejudices and negative feelings we have for singer-turned-musical-actors when it comes to Kim Junsu. One critic even justifiably stated, ‘Kim Junsu’s aura grows longer.’


Kim Junsu is currently facing restrictions on his activities as a singer due to a dispute with his former agency. During the press conference, Kim Junsu stated, “My longing for the stage is on the verge of desperation. I’m only able to show my energy through concerts or in musicals. As desperate as I am, I’m going to put all my power and energy into each and every scene.” The instincts he picked up while on stage, as well as the passion he has for what he does, will ensure that Kim Junsu’s charisma will have increased tenfold this time around.


One more thing, EMK plans to open the musicals ‘Marie Antoinette’ and ‘Dance of the Vampire’ next year and the year after, and it looks as though he may be in the running to appear in one of these shows.


Meanwhile, the big and small changes made to this year’s ‘Elisabeth’ is drawing the attention of many. The biggest change is that a new song called ‘The Dance of Love and Death’ has been added to the musical. As a song that was showcased during the Japanese performances of the musical, it will greet Korean audiences this year. Small details have been fixed to bring a new ‘Elisabeth’ to the music industry.


‘Elisabeth’ opens on the 26th of July and features Ok Joo Hyun and Kim So Hyun as the leading role of Elisabeth. They will be joined by Lee Ji Hoon, Park Eun Tae, Yoon Young Seok, Min Young Ki, Lee Jung Hwa, Kim Isak and Noh Ji Hoon.


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[Trans] 130717 XIA Junsu Sells Out Both His Seoul – Busan Concerts… Amazing Ticket Power

JYJ’s Kim Junsu has proved yet again that he has unbeatable ticket power by selling out all 32,000 seats for his Seoul and Busan concerts.

According to Kim Junsu’s agency C-JeS Entertainment, all 18,000 seats of XIA Junsu’s Seoul concerts sold out last week and all 14,000 seats of his Busan concert, for which ticket reservations began yesterday, have sold out as well.


Kim Junsu also sold out all 20,000 seats for his nine Elisabeth performances in August, meaning that he has managed to attract a total of 50,000 people to his events in the month of August.

Regarding this, a representative of the ticket reservation site in charge said, “It’s amazing enough that he managed to sell all his tickets in August, the off-season for musicals, but to hear that he has sold out his concerts in Seoul and Busan as well, which are set a week apart, shows just how powerful Kim Junsu is when it comes to selling tickets.”

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu held a showcase on the 15th to commemorate the release of his second solo album, and will begin his Asia Tour on the 20th in Thailand.

Source: [enews24]
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[INFO+PIC] Junsu will return as Death/Tod for 2013′s ‘Elisabeth’ Musical!

[INFO+PIC] Junsu will return as Death/Tod for 2013′s ‘Elisabeth’ Musical!

1st Round of Ticketing opens: June 4th
Seating Plan Info: May 28th
Performances Days: July 26 – Sept 7
Location: Seoul Arts Center

Ticketing here:
Seoul Arts Center

Picture Credits: @xiah_Yearn + @listenxiah
Source: Official site for the musical Elisabeth + @Theatro_
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[News] 121030 Kim Junsu, Ock Joo-hyun Take Top Honors at Musical Awards

[News] 121030 Kim Junsu, Ock Joo-hyun Take Top Honors at Musical Awards

Kim Jun-su, a member of boy band JYJ, and Ock Joo-hyun won Best Actor and Best Actress at the 18th Korea Musical Awards on Monday for their roles in “Elisabeth.” Kim played the role of Death, while Ock portrayed the titular heroine.

“La Cage aux Folles,” which premiered in Korea, won Best Foreign Musical, Best Supporting Actor (Kim Ho-young), best Ensemble and Best Choreography, sweeping the most awards on the day.

From left, Kai, Kim Jun-su, Ock Joo-hyun, Kim Ho-young and Oh So-yeon

Best Supporting Actress went to Oh So-yeon of “Next to Normal.” Popera singer Kai won the Best Male Rookie award for “A Tale of Two Cities,” while singer Ivy won the Best Female Rookie award for her role in “Chicago.”

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[Pic] Musical Elisabeth 2012 Live Recording – Kim Junsu Special Edition Part 2 [Choices]

[Pic] Musical Elisabeth 2012 Live Recording – Kim Junsu Special Edition Part 2

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[Trans] 120723 BODA 7 Magazine – Junsu’s Love For His Fans Was Remarkable

[Trans] 120723 BODA 7 Magazine – Junsu’s Love For His Fans Was Remarkable

Junsu’s love for his fans was remarkable

It was deeply impressive to witness Junsu showing his love for his fans on the red carpet. Since he appeared on the red carpet and till he disappeared into a building, he waved his hand to every fan in every side. Even considering that most of the people around the red carpet were Junsu’s fans, his attitude was very rare to see on the red carpet. Most stars usually walk on the red carpet, wave their hands formally, and leave in hurry after being taken photos in front of photo wall. Compared with this, it is very exceptional that a star says hello to fans from the beginningi to the end. Of course, in front of the photo wall he waved his hand to all fans around him by a request of a MC. But walking from his car to photo wall, and from photo wall to the building, he waved his hand to all on the all sides certainly by his willingness. That was the moment we could feel his heart for his fans

credit: Magazine BODA 7月号(July) + xiahpress
translated by Chocolat

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[Translation] 120223 Post Of JYJ Tweets

[Translation] 120223 Post Of JYJ Tweets

Junsu talking about nail polish, my life is complete \o/
(Joo Hyun, 12:25pm KST) That nail polish is Shu Umera GPR285~!
(Junsu, 2:18pm KST)@joohyunieee Noona, I really think that nail polish color is the best one ever~~

I believe this is in reference to the article about Junsu ‘appearing in a movie’. Stupid reporter -__-
(Junsu, 4:44pm KST) Why would they be in a debate over me.. when it’s something that I’ve never even heard of… haha That’s just laughable

Sexy child♥
(Junsu, 7:16pm KST) Aja (T/N: It’s similar to ‘Let’s go’)~! http://pic.twitter.com/N40u5WW8

Source: [Junsu+Other’s  Twitter]
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[Translation] 120220 Junsu’s Twitter Update‏

[Trans] 120220 Junsu’s Twitter Update‏

[Yoon Young Seok] @1215thexiahtic Handsome XiahTod~~ Now, standing on stage together~~~ You have worked hard today~~^^

[Junsu] @yoonphantom I am very happy too hyung ^^ Please rest well.

[Junsu] @joonhyunnie Noona has worked hard too ^^ Ha Sha

[Elisabeth’s staff @mjkim8200] ‘Often’, compared to earnest person, people who did well will be complimented louder. In this professional world, true ability is called as a virtue… ‘But’, recently it became an earnest person who do it very well will be loved more by others… ‘Also’, would like to walk down the road with someone like this… ‘But’, everyone knows, such a person is not easy to find.

[Junsu] @mjkim8200 Although we actors have our ups and downs at times, noona you are perfect as always~ I respect you! You have world hard, please take a good rest~ ^^

[Junsu] People who asked me why am I not sleeping till now… Then I would like to ask, why aren’t you all sleeping then …. T

[Junsu] Because I have no performance tomorrow…… Hahaha

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[TRANS] 120217 Xiah Junsu’s Charm… 99% Of The Audience Of The Musical “Elisabeth” Are Females

[TRANS] 120217 Xiah Junsu’s Charm… 99% Of The Audience Of The Musical “Elisabeth” Are Females Feb 20, 2012

Written by jugglingtheclouds
 “Due to an insufficient number of female washrooms, some washrooms intended for use by males have also been converted to female washrooms.”
As each of the musical performances that Kim Junsu performs in attracts a large number of female audiences, even the washrooms in the performance venue have to be changed.

During the intermission of the performance of the musical “Elisabeth” on 15 February, during which Kim Junsu played the role of “Death (Tod)” , the number of female audiences in the washrooms at the Blue Square Musical Hall in Seoul spiked. On this day, (the management) of the theatre opened the male washrooms on the basement floor for use by female audiences. The caretaker turned away male guests who were trying to use that washroom by saying, “It’s only because Kim Junsu is performing today, please understand.”

Since their opening in November 2011, although the theatre has realised that there is a large influx of female guests when local musicals are being performed, and has since increased the number of female washrooms, it is still insufficient on days when Kim Junsu performs. The capacity of the female washrooms in the theatre are already the highest in Korea, with an average of 1 female washroom cubicle for every 25.9 seats. The Charlotte Theatre in Jamshil (only) has one female cubicle for every 33.5 seats.

Such “situations” arise because the tickets for shows in which Kim Junsu performs in are all sold out, and a majority of the audiences are female. Interpark, which provides the online ticketing service, expressed that over 99% of the buyers of tickets for Kim Junsu’s performances of “Elisabeth” are female purchasers. Although female purchasers may bring males along to watch the performance, but this is unseen in the history of Korea’s musical theatres.

The 20 shows of “Elisabeth” in which Kim Junsu will be appearing, with a total of 31,960 tickets, all sold out within 10 minutes. The tickets for his shows are also the only ones which are being resold by ticket scalpers. According to reports, prices in Japan have been marked up from the original 150,000 won to 100,000 yen (approximately 1,440,000 won). The theatre rents out approximately 100 opera glasses (binoculars used for watching performances or shows), but there are plans to purchase more in preparation for Kim Junsu’s performances.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + DongA Daily via Nate]

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Translation 120213 “Failure Is Also An Experience; Bitterness Also Has It’s Value”

 [Trans] 120213 “Failure is also an experience… ‘Bitterness’ Also Has It’s Value” – Junsu’s Interview With The Daily Focus

(Kim Junsu has gained the attention of people for taking up challenges and achieving results. He is not complacent, and always does his best to progress.)

Kim Junsu Speaks To Reporters About ‘Challenge’

Someone once jokingly said, “When you realise that it’s late, then it must be really too late.” In this extremely competitive society, compared to “challenging”, learning to “give up” is more a facet of the life of the youths today. If there is no “challenge” there will be no result.

But the process before getting a satisfactory result is very important. Both ‘The 88 thousand won generation’ and ‘Jobless youths’ alike, would simply say they are not up to it before taking on the ‘challenge’. If this is their attitude, even if they managed to land a job in the company, they would be unable to adapt to society and would often feel lost and helpless. When he/she is not familiar with the work and has to rush through it, it will be tough even if he/she is trying to build relationships with colleagues in the company.

 Newbie reporters Kim Jungwoo (29), An Soyeon (24) and Choi Joo Heung (24) take learn simple lessons from Kim Junsu, an ordinary youth turned top idol star, and a singer that continues to “challenge” himself as a musical actor, on ‘challenges’.

Pressure Towards Challenges

Kim Jungwoo: Challenges are called challenges because they are difficult and thus makes one fear them. Life is interesting because there are challenges. If situations are placed before you simply as they were, how uninteresting would that be? Junsu-ssi, it seems like you are like everyone else, always challenging new areas. All the musicals you appear in, be it “Mozart”, “Tears of Heaven” or “Elisabeth”, are all being performed for the first time locally. It must be very pressurising to (take on) a character without anyone to refer to.

Kim Junsu: To me, challenges are a double-edged sword. Actually, as an artist, there are not that many things you can choose from. If you do not want to be eliminated, then all you can do is to constantly change. Of course, there are times when it just cannot be done, but even if you fail, it is a valuable experience.

Dating And Marriage For An Artist

An Soyeon: People seem to start learning from here, things like marriage do not seem to be things that (just happen) naturally. I think that (even normal) things which have to be done in your life can also be considered challenges.

Choi Joo Heung: That’s right, aren’t they called the 3-stages of life? Dating, marriage, having children… This is an era where you have to work hard to fulfill the things like “When I am this age, I should have become this right?” which you would have imagined since you were younger.

Junsu: Perhaps it is because we are all aware of that, that artists including myself do not date carelessly, because we know that we would receive a lot of unwanted attention. You cannot walk around as you wish either. Once you know (about the risks), you begin to hesitate. In my case, because I was not aware (in the past), I used to just do things recklessly. On hindsight, I was acting blindly. But having a heart that does not fear has allowed me to move forward. My character of wanting to finish whatever I start has helped me a lot.

(Kim Junsu, who is a singer as well as a musical actor, in conversation with Focus News’ newbie reporters, Choi Joo Heung, An Soyeon and Kim Jungwoo (from the left).)

“You gain as much as you lose
I have developed a habit of always thinking,
What is it I have gained”

Sometimes Ordeals Are Necessary

Soyeon: I think it is better to regret after you have tried. If I think about it seriously, no matter what the challenge is, I do not have much to lose.

Joo Heung: In the past, I used to be the type that would think very hard (about things). I had the habit of always thinking about things specifically, like “What will I be like in a year’s time?”. However, while I was preparing for the reporter’s exam, everything was a blank and nothing seemed to appear in my mind. I was lost, but everything started from having no plans. Compared to a year ago, today I am more focused on achieving my goal starting with the smaller things, like what I need to accomplish tomorrow.

Junsu: It may also help to imagine the worst-case scenario. Sometimes you also need to experience difficulties, having to experience “bitterness” 10 times in order to experience “sweetness” is also worth it.

Jungwoo: It seems important to manage your mindset. For me, should I fail an exam or interview in the company, I always thing “Seems like I am not fated” or “Seems like I failed because there is a better place waiting for me”. Perhaps it is because of all this that the feelings of failure usually do not hit me as hard.

Joo Heung: Even if it is a company that you struggle very hard before getting in, it does not mean that it is the end of your challenges. It has been 2 months since I entered the company, whenever I receive crticism from the seniors about articles that I write, it is always hard for me. Junsu-ssi must experience many such instances as well, I am curious how you overcome them.

Junsu: Even if it is something which you cannot achieve immediately, as long as you have the heart of wanting to work hard at it, you will succeed. Work hard to find breaks through your struggles in order to succeed.

Soyeon: Have you ever had second thoughts about becoming an artist?

Junsu: I did during debut. Not being able to date freely, not being able to have your own life, it was hard. But as much as I had to give up all this, I also gained a lot, so while we were having activities, I grew into the habit of thinking about what I could gain.

Jungwoo: It seems very important to know how to be content with what you have. During my training, I had to leave home very early and only get back very late at night, but I have been able to find employment in a company that allows me to exercise my potential, and for this I am very thankful. At first I realised there were difficult obstacles holding me back, but the sense of accomplishment (after overcoming them) is also very big. Although there are times when it is hard, but as long as you control your own emotions, you will be able to control your heart.

Soyeon: When I was preparing to get a job last year, everyday was heartbreaking. After all, how lucky must you be in order to get a job even before you graduate. From now on, my first mission is to settle down as a reporter in Focus.

Joo Heung: Being able to do the job that I have always wanted to is amazing, which is why I feel kind of dreamy. Not many people are able to get the job which they have dreamed of since they were young. The difference between “very tiring” and “very tiring, but enjoyable” is very big. Firstly, for me, it is very important to find a job that suits you. The starting point should be what you like, then you work on it from there.

Soyeon: I want to live being a reporter for more than 20 years. I want to be a reporter that says only what is necessary, and listens more to what other people have to say.

Junsu: Recently, I have been very interested in producing. By looking at the agency system and naturally learning how musicals or singers are made.

“You are always strong enough to withstand the difficulties
Think of people less fortunate than you are
Find happiness in despair.”

Everything Depends On Your State Of Mind

Jungwoo: Finally, please give some useful advice to the younger generation like us, who have just stepped out into society.

Junsu: Everything depends on your own state of mind. Although Mozart became famous because he was a music genius, but his life was an unfortunate one. Even rich people may not be happy, isn’t it? Rather than being in despair over the way you are, be aware that there are others that have it harder than you. If you can find happiness from there, then you could achieve your dreams and overcome failure, isn’t it? It would be good if everyone could bear in mind that you are always strong enough to withstand the difficulties. Let’s work hard, everyone. Fighting!

Source : [BaiduTVXQ The Daily Focus]
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