[News] 120910 JYJ’s Junsu Performs For A Total of 5,000 Fans in Mexico and Brazil

[News] 120910 JYJ’s Junsu Performs For A Total of 5,000 Fans in Mexico and Brazil

JYJ‘s Kim Junsu (XIA) put on a superb performance in front of 5,000 fans this past week.

The singer who wrapped up successful shows in New York and Los Angeles continued his World Tour by performing at the Blackberry Auditorium in Mexico on September 6th (KST).

The fans there enthusiastically responded to his visit by perfectly singing along to his songs “TARANTALLEGRA“, “UNCOMMITTED“, “I Don’t Like Love“, “Set Me Free“, and more.

3,500 fans flocked to this performance in Mexico, and the local media outlets as well as the cultural center were shocked to see that the show had completely sold out.

Producer Alex of Mexico Media TV ‘Azteca’ remarked, “Kim Junsu (XIA) is a total performer. His independent solo album was amazing, and we feel his performance today was also remarkable. We would like to continue to share news regarding Junsu (XIA) with the Mexican fans in the future.”


And after observing Junsu’s show, Seo Nam Kyo of the Korean Culture Institue in Mexico remarked, “There are about 50,000 Hallyu fans in Mexico, and I knew that K-Pop was popular amongst the young people, however, I truly felt it after seeing this performance today. It was a performance where I was able to realize why Junsu was indeed so popular, and I hope that starting with this concert, more and more Mexicans will be able to get to know Korea.”

As soon as his performance in Mexico came to an end, Junsu got on a plane the next day to perform at Espacio Victory in São Paulo, Brazil. At the performance where 1,300 fans were present, Junsu made the crowd go wild when he stated in Portugese, ‘Obrigado (thank you)‘, and ‘Amore (I love you)‘.”

Coming to South America to perform an independent concert was a huge challenge on my part, and I was concerned about a few different things because I could not utilize the greatest equipment, but those concerns vanished once I arrived,” Junsu said. “There were so many fans who loved my songs, and I earned new energy. I would like to take responsibility to successfully wrap up the rest of my World Tour.”

Source & Image: OSEN
credit: allkpop

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NEWS 110722 C-JeS Lodges Complaint Against KBS For Disruption of JYJ’s Activities

[News] 110722 C-JeS lodges complaint against KBS for disruption of JYJ’s activities

On July 22nd, C-JeS Entertainment released an official statement regarding the recent cancellation of JYJ’s scheduled broadcast appearance for Jeju Island’s special “N7W” concert.

Their statement reads as follows:

“We would like to first apologize to all the fans for causing them worry over JYJ’s cancellation. Illogical disruptions against JYJ continue to repeat themselves, and every time this occurs, we feel that hesitating is not being of any help to the artists involved, which is why we have decided to release a final statement.

Like a flower that blooms in the blistering winter, JYJ continues to make great achievements amidst exterior pressure and disruptions. Under the name of JYJ, they have released a worldwide album with the help of world-renown artists, and were even introduced on the American Billboard. They are also leaders of the Hallyu wave, having gone on a worldwide concert tour that has brought in over 100,000 people both in Korea and overseas.

Unfortunately, JYJ continues to encounter cancellations for their TV appearances, much like what happened recently.

C-JeS Entertainment will no longer pay such matters any attention and feel any joy or grief from them; instead, we will be doing our absolute best with everything in our power to take actions to ensure that JYJ will be able to walk the path they desire.

We have filed a complaint with the Fair Trade Commission for this case with KBS, and we will take legal action for any further disruptions of JYJ’s individual activities.

Not only that, we will continue to focus on the original lawsuit by using the recent controversy (as well as many others) as an accumulation of evidence.

Unfortunately, I feel that there will continue to be mountains standing in our way, even if we win the original lawsuit;the situation will not change all that much.

C-JeS Entertainment will continue to walk the path that JYJ have been on all this while. In the future, JYJ will continue to advance onto stages all over the world to show off their talents to their hearts’ desire, and to present joy through their music and acting.

Lastly, JYJ will continue to work as honorary ambassadors of the ‘NW7′ and promote the beautiful Jeju Island. We ask that the fans continue to lend their support and interest.”

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver
credit: allkpop

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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