[Pic] 130323 Junho’s Weibo Update

[Pic] 130323 Junho’s Weibo Update

Today with dearest dad, mom, and Junsu attending Hotel Semi-Opening Ceremony in Jeju[鼓掌][嘻嘻]

source: Junho’s weibo
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EDITORS NOTE 110729 On KBS’ Response as to Why JYJ’s Performance Was Cancelled

Editors Note On KBS’ Response As To Why JYJ’s Performance Was Cancelled

Oh My!!! Talk about adding insult to injury. KBS doesn’t even believe this story; I guarantee you. Right now I think that they are using this situation for their own amusement. They even go so far as to imply that they would do it again with only a few minutes notice this time. This state of mind is called arrogance, and I hope that they can begin to see this in themselves. Yeah!! KBS owed someone some favors.
In the meantime, we and our mancubs will continue to do those things that we have always done in truth and in sincerity. Life Moves On.

Loving all Five, Momma Cha

NEWS JYJ’s KBS Cancellation Has Damaged Korea’s Image…

[NEWS] JYJ’s KBS Cancellation Has Damaged Korea’s Image? International Fans Say, “We Won’t Buy Korean Products”

A controversy is expanding at a rapid rate as KBS yet again cancelled JYJ’s upcoming performance. Domestic fans have more to worry about than just that as international fans began criticizing Korea’s image, broadcasting system and Jeju Island.
JYJ’s performance on KBS’ ‘Jeju 7 Natural Wonders of the World Nomination Special Program’ was suddenly cancelled. Not only this, but the controversy deepened when girl groups from SM Entertainment, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu’s former agency, replaced JYJ. According to JYJ’s agency, KBS never stated a specific reason as to why JYJ were being pulled out of the performance.KBS, who posted on their viewers’ thread that it would be impossible to allow JYJ to appear on its entertainment programs due to the group’s lawsuit with SM Entertainment in May, has come up to the chopping block once more.
Amidst all of this, posts made by international fans on various domestic portal sites are becoming a hot topic. Most of these fans stated that they began to love Korea because of JYJ and were now thoroughly disappointed by the current situation.
One Egyptian fan stated, “I came to love Korea because of JYJ and I even bought Korean products when I wanted electronic goods,” and “But now I only love JYJ, I don’t love Korea. The fact that JYJ are being treated unfairly because of a greater force is driving me crazy with anger.” A netizen who said she was Australian said, “After I became a fan of JYJ, I began learning lots of things about Korea and I fell for its charm,” and “But because of this event, international fans are worried that there are irrational evils within the Korean entertainment industry and we are enraged. I won’t buy Korean products.”
Fans from other parts of the world criticized the recent event with slightly harsh words as they said, “I was planning on visiting Jeju Island but I will never go anymore” and “How cheap is Korea’s image right now?” Domestic netizens and JYJ fans who saw these reactions are now very worried.
Netizens who read such posts stated, “I’m embarrassed. I don’t particularly like or pay attention to JYJ, but seeing these posts so often makes me feel embarrassed”, “KBS is ruining Korea’s image”, and “Hallyu is a form of cultural diplomacy but who cares if our diplomacy is great when our image is being damaged from the inside?“

Domestic fans are having the same thoughts. One domestic fan expressed her fears as she said, “As international fans began to like Korea because of JYJ, I worry that they will start hating Korea because of this JYJ situation,” and “I find myself unable to say anything to them, except to hope that they don’t start hating everything about Korea.” Another domestic fan exclaimed, “The international fans know everything that is going on domestically. They’ve had to cancel of their flight and hotel reservations that they had made to watch JYJ perform. Not only did KBS miss out on a chance to bring in foreign money, but they’re also a disgrace to Korea.“
Through this situation, not only has KBS damaged its own reputation, but that of Korea as well in the eyes of international fans. Regarding this, KBS stated, “It is our right to choose who performs,” and “We are planning on releasing our official statement once the concert ends on the 20th.”

Source: [sports seoul]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net
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Translation 110720 “It Was Impossible For JYJ To Appear’..Because Of Their Lawsuit With SM

[Trans] 110720 “It Was Impossible For JYJ To Appear”… Because Of Their Lawsuit With SM

KBS said, “It will be difficult for JYJ to partake in any non-individual activities until their lawsuit is over.”

This means that there will be close to no chance for JYJ to appear on KBS until their legal suit with SM Entertainment is over.

Meeting with Sports Seoul, a representative of KBS stated, “It will be difficult for JYJ to appear on KBS until the lawsuit with SM Entertainment is over.”

This statement came regarding the fact that JYJ were suddenly unable to perform at the ‘Jeju 7 Natural Wonders of the World Nomination KBS Special Program’ that was held on the 20th. JYJ were schedule to perform two songs for their stage but JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment revealed on the 17th that, “We received a one-sided notification of cancellation four days before the performance.”

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We received the statement ‘If JYJ perform, it might be impossible for the show to be aired.’” Therefore, an ‘external pressure’ controversy arose that KBS is blocking JYJ from appearing on broadcasted shows. As the representative stated that it will be hard for JYJ to appear on KBS until the end of the lawsuit, the external pressure rumor seems to be somewhat true.

This representative also added, “But JYJ are able to partake in individual activities on KBS,” and “Park Yoochun appeared in the drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, didn’t he?”

However, there have been instances in which their individual activities have been restricted by KBS. Park Yoochun was chosen to appear on KBS 2TV’s ‘Kim Seung Woo’s On A Roll’ with actor Kim Kap Soo early this year but received a notification of cancellation the day before filming was to take place. The representative explained, “I’m sure it was JYJ who were asked to appear on the show, not just Park Yoochun alone.”

But when Sports Seoul contacted ‘Kim Seung Woo’s On A Roll’, the representative who answered the phone stated, “Park Yoochun was invited as he got to know Kim Kap Soo from ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’,” and “There was no reason for JYJ to appear together.”

JYJ’s fans have opened up a petition that calls for an official statement from KBS, KBS Jeju and the other sponsors in charge of the performance. They wish for these sponsors to give an exact reason and an official apology to JYJ.

Source: [Sports Seoul]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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NEWS 110722 Journalist Talks About JYJ & KBS Controversy + JYJ Prepares For A Second World Tour….

[News] 110722 Journalist talks about JYJ & KBS controversy + JYJ prepares for a second world tour and new album release this year

On July 20th, journalist Kim Bum Tae covered the controversy surrounding JYJ and KBS on Radio 21’s ‘Lee Ki Ho’s Polyscope‘.

The segment began with an interview of Kim, who has been reporting on JYJ’s case for some time now. Kim stated, “For the ‘N7W‘, JYJ has sung logo songs and created self-produced videos to bring in votes from both Korea and overseas. Not even a day after these were released, the boys brought in hundreds of thousands of views. Jeju Island was in desperate need of international votes compared to the cities it was competing against, and through JYJ’s promotions, the island was able to garner the attention it needed. Under the suggestion of JYJ, both Korean and international fans voted for Jeju Island, bringing in effective help.”

Kim continued, “Fans are currently lodging complaints that they and JYJ’s popularity were used to bring in votes for Jeju Island. Not only KBS, but the entire Korean broadcast industry has become a laughing stock because of this one cancellation.”

On KBS claiming that SNSD and f(x) were more effective, Kim stated, “The decision on bringing in certain artists is at the sole discretion of the broadcast network and the producer. Still, logically, there is a ‘limit’ that shouldn’t be crossed. To tell the singers that worked as honorary ambassadors that their appearance has been canceled randomly one day is not just tyranny but akin to violence.”

The reporter was then asked what ‘So Tam Je Shil’ was, a new word that was created regarding the entire issue. Kim explained, “It stands for, ‘desiring SNSD and losing JYJ.’ Blind to the immediate profits, they lost what was more important and immaturely broke their loyalty.”

On SM Entertainment artists always being added in the place of JYJ, the reporter bravely mentioned that rumors of ‘external pressure’ was circulating within the broadcast industry.

Kim also asked fans to take a bigger interest in such issues by explaining, “Broadcast networks will be more heated in ‘catering to the stars’. There’s a possibility that the influence of the label will rise, and broadcast networks will have to cater to that influence. More than anything, the public and political circles need to take an interest to eradicate such unfair actions in the industry.”

Closing his segment, the reporter said, “I am not defending JYJ or pleading in their defense. What I’m saying is that we need to take a listen to the voices of those that are being sacrificed under unjust practices in unjust environments, whether they’re celebrities or laborers.”

The reporter went on to introduce a tweet that a foreign fan had said, “It’s upsetting that Korean broadcast networks still don’t have an open heart. Do they not know that JYJ’s activities are all for the benefit of Korea?” He responded to the tweet by warmly replying, “There are more people quietly resisting, supporting, watching over, and supporting JYJ than what they know, see, and hear.”

JYJ is currently preparing for a new album release as well as another tour in the second half of 2011. The department head of Prain, Lee Jae Eun, revealed, “They’re a worldwide group with a large scale, so we’re looking at the overall picture for the second half. It hasn’t been that long since they completed their world tour so we were going to have a moment of rest, but there are a lot of love calls from Europe and the Americas being received. As such, we will be going straight back into preparations.”

Lee continued, “JYJ has a special emotional attachment to their fans and are proud of their fans than anyone else. With everything they say, they always refer to their fans as ‘our fans’ and I think that with every obstacle they overcome together, that bond grows stronger than ever. We’re glad that they have fans that love their music and their dreams, and we hope that they aren’t too upset with this issue.”

Lee concluded, “Not only their fans, but the citizens of Jeju Island and the public have all lent their support after this issue erupted. There’s a side where I’m grateful because it raised awareness about the injustice JYJ is fighting against. This issue has nothing to do with JYJ’s efforts in promoting Jeju, and as world stars, they will be doing their best to let the world know about Korea’s beautiful island.”

source: Newsface
credit: allkpop

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NEWS 110721 Senator Kim Jae Yoon Condemns KBS, Calls For Clarification + Apology

[News] 110721 ]Senator Kim Jae Yoon condemns KBS, calls for clarification + apology

On July 21st, the controversy surrounding KBS’s cancellation of JYJ’s broadcast appearance was addressed by Senator Kim Jae Yoon from the Jeju Island parliament, and an apology from KBS was demanded.

Senator Kim Jae Yoon stated, “JYJ were scheduled to appear on a special broadcast on the 20th, yet was suddenly cancelled 4 days before the event, causing Hallyu fans to voice their statements and bringing such international embarrassment.”

He continued, “The media has raised speculation of external pressures. The situation became more controversial as groups from JYJ’s former entertainment company, whom JYJ are on trial with, replaced JYJ.”

Furthermore, he stated, “KBS formally announced that the reason is because of popularity [ie. SNSD and f(x) are more popular than JYJ] but they deserve criticism for not having ‘clear criteria’ for their broadcasts and going against the promise they made to citizens.”

Senator Kim ended with, “KBS must apologize to citizens, domestic fans and international fans for forsaking their promise and causing international embarrassment. Now reveal and clearly explain the reason for cancelling JYJ.”

source: mediajeju
trans by: @sojaednews

Momma’s Source; sharingyoochun.net

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JYJ became honorary ambassadors for Jeju Island as part of its bid to become one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. JYJ started activities to promote the island and encouraged us, the fans, to vote for Jeju.
As we love JYJ so much, and we also like Korea from the bottom of our hearts, we started voting for Jeju Island in order to help Korea and make JYJ happy. We did this believing and trusting in JYJ because we know that the boys are always more than happy to help others. Spreading the love for Jeju Island was something that they did from their hearts.
We are a group of fans from Spain that truly love and follow all JYJ’s activities. Because of them we have learnt to love Korea and its wonderful people. We don’t understand how it is possible that, just four days before their appearance on the KBS special program, they have received a notification of cancellation.We can’t just sit and wait anymore. This situation needs to stop. JYJ have been messed around once again. They have given their all, and this is what they get in return. They are not puppets, they are human beings, they are artists. And we, the fans, are also human beings, we have been teased as well.
There are two girls from Spain that were supposed to travel to Jeju Island to see JYJ performing live and give them support. Now they have just lost their dream. There were also lots of fans travelling from Japan as well. Does anybody from KBS care about this? We feel very disappointed. JYJ doesn’t deserve this kind of disrespectful treatment, neither do we the fans. We are complaining about being used this way, we feel cheated. It’s not right to use JYJ, or any other artist, to get what you need from them, and then just cast them aside.
Please, show to the world that South Korea is a great nation and let JYJ appear on TV. Stop blocking them! This shouldn’t even happen.
By Olivia Hernndez
Olivia Hernndez is a JYJ fan in Spain. A woman in her 30s, she works for a travel agency. She has been to Korea three times and JYJ concerts five times. ― Ed.

Source: KoreaHerald.com
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NEWS “My Entire family Voted”…But Viewers Get Girl’s Generation Instead of JYJ?

[NEWS] “My Entire Family Voted”… But Viewers Get Girls’ Generation Instead of JYJ?

(omitted for repetition from C-JeS’ announcement on the 17th)
Girls’ Generation and f(x) instead of JYJ, A switch that isn’t quite right
When it was revealed that SM Entertainment’s Girls’ Generation and f(x) would be performing in the slot that was intended to be JYJ’s before their performance was cancelled, the rage of JYJ’s fans reached a new peak. This situation also added fire to the continued suspicion that SM Entertainment is restricting JYJ’s broadcasted activities.
According to Prain, who are in charge of JYJ’s publicity, the performance on the 20th was to include violinist Kim Yoon Hui, JYJ, Popera singer Lee El and Norazo. But JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment received a sudden notification of cancellation from KBS on the 16th and JYJ’s performance was given to Girls’ Generation and f(x).JYJ’s fans began sending their complaints of, “You used JYJ’s popularity to get their fans to vote for Jeju in the 7 Natural Wonders of the World poll, only to cancel their performance,” to Woo Geun Min(@withwoo), governor of Jeju Island, Jeju’s 7 Natural Wonders of the World promotional account (@7wondersJEJU) and KBS’s Twitter account(@MyloveKBS). When it was found that Girls’ Generation and f(x) would be appearing in the performance, fans continued to say, “I don’t get why you even bothered appointing JYJ as your honorary ambassadors.”
“My entire family voted…” The only winner from this is Jeju?

The problem has been magnified because of the fact that people had to pay to vote by texting in. @like_jyj said, “Because of JYJ, my entire family voted through our e-mail accounts and regularly voted by calling in or texting in for a fee,” and “We can’t help but feel betrayed by all of this.” International fans who have already paid for plane tickets and made hotel reservations to see JYJ perform were seen frustrated as they said, “Who’s going to compensate our losses and how?”
Meanwhile, KBS Jeju and the local government of Jeju Island avoided giving a definite answer to the situation by saying, “The person in charge is not present because it’s the weekend.” A representative of the local government stated, “KBS is in charge of everything for the concert and the local government is doing nothing but giving a location for the performances. The local government did not even provide financial support.” Regarding fans who believe JYJ’s position as honorary ambassadors was used to gain votes from fans and who are suffering from financial losses after having to cancel plane tickets and hotel reservations, the representative stated, “The local government of Jeju Island knows nothing about the issue.”
Source: [OhmyNews]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net
Re-up: iXiahCassie

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NEWS 110722 C-JeS Lodges Complaint Against KBS For Disruption of JYJ’s Activities

[News] 110722 C-JeS lodges complaint against KBS for disruption of JYJ’s activities

On July 22nd, C-JeS Entertainment released an official statement regarding the recent cancellation of JYJ’s scheduled broadcast appearance for Jeju Island’s special “N7W” concert.

Their statement reads as follows:

“We would like to first apologize to all the fans for causing them worry over JYJ’s cancellation. Illogical disruptions against JYJ continue to repeat themselves, and every time this occurs, we feel that hesitating is not being of any help to the artists involved, which is why we have decided to release a final statement.

Like a flower that blooms in the blistering winter, JYJ continues to make great achievements amidst exterior pressure and disruptions. Under the name of JYJ, they have released a worldwide album with the help of world-renown artists, and were even introduced on the American Billboard. They are also leaders of the Hallyu wave, having gone on a worldwide concert tour that has brought in over 100,000 people both in Korea and overseas.

Unfortunately, JYJ continues to encounter cancellations for their TV appearances, much like what happened recently.

C-JeS Entertainment will no longer pay such matters any attention and feel any joy or grief from them; instead, we will be doing our absolute best with everything in our power to take actions to ensure that JYJ will be able to walk the path they desire.

We have filed a complaint with the Fair Trade Commission for this case with KBS, and we will take legal action for any further disruptions of JYJ’s individual activities.

Not only that, we will continue to focus on the original lawsuit by using the recent controversy (as well as many others) as an accumulation of evidence.

Unfortunately, I feel that there will continue to be mountains standing in our way, even if we win the original lawsuit;the situation will not change all that much.

C-JeS Entertainment will continue to walk the path that JYJ have been on all this while. In the future, JYJ will continue to advance onto stages all over the world to show off their talents to their hearts’ desire, and to present joy through their music and acting.

Lastly, JYJ will continue to work as honorary ambassadors of the ‘NW7′ and promote the beautiful Jeju Island. We ask that the fans continue to lend their support and interest.”

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver
credit: allkpop

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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Translation 110716 A Sudden Cancellation of JYJ’s Performance Has Fans Fired Up, Leading To A KBS Boycott

[TRANS] 110716 A Sudden Cancellation Of JYJ’s Performance Has Fans Fired Up, Leading To A KBS Boycott
Posted on July 20, 2011
by melodiamuse

JYJ’s fans have been expressing their rage over the cancellation of JYJ’s upcoming broadcasted performance.

On July 16th, JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment uploaded an official notice on their homepage that read, “JYJ were scheduled to appear in a TV special on the 20th as honorary ambassadors of Jeju’s 7 Wonders nomination, but received a notice today, stating that their appearance has been cancelled.”

They continued to say, “We have currently asked the organizer for the specific reason as to why JYJ’s appearance has been suddenly cancelled,” and “We will post another notice as soon as possible once we have confirmed the details behind the situation.”

JYJ were chosen as the honorary ambassadors for Jeju’s nomination as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World and have been garnering great attention as they were expected to drastically increase the number of votes that Jeju receives in the poll by the Swiss foundation ‘New 7 Wonders’.

Netizens who heard the news left comments that demanded an answer from KBS that read, “JYJ are superstars who can move thousands of fans all over the world with one or two songs. Because of KBS’ thoughtless decision to notify JYJ of the cancellation mere days before the event, we demand that they tell us what division of their broadcasting company will compensate the losses in time and money that fans face as they either cancel plane tickets, resulting in a need to pay cancellation charges, or as they are already in Jeju“, and “JYJ are Korean singers. So what is the reason that they cannot appear on Korean channels? They are more talented than most groups and are the honorary ambassadors of Jeju. If KBS can’t give a proper reason as to why JYJ’s performance has been cancelled, then they must allow them to perform.“

Other netizens stated, “Wasn’t the point of getting Jeju chosen as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World to let the world know of Korea’s top-quality natural wonders, encouraging growth in the tourism industry in the process? What will they do now about the disappointment they have given to JYJ’s international fans?” and “Many of my JYJ fan friends who are international fans are showing their anger at Korea’s unbelievable system. They have already bought plane tickets and made reservations in hotels to see JYJ perform. What will you do now? Korea and Jeju Island’s image is only getting worse in the eyes of foreigners.”

Source: [bnt news]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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News 110717 KBS Brings in SNSD & f(x), Explains That They Were The Original Performers For N7W

[News] 110717 KBS brings in SNSD & f(x), explains that they were the original performers for ‘N7W’

Yesterday, we reported on speculations regarding possible “backdoor pressure” with regards to the sudden cancellation of JYJ’s KBS broadcast appearance.

On July 17th, a KBS Jeju representative revealed that JYJ’s appearance on their special program, “New Seven Wonders“, was cancelled because of SNSD and f(x), who were said to be the original guests for the show.

“Initially in the past, plans for SNSD and f(x)’s broadcast appearances were being pushed forward, but they fell through because of the groups’ schedules. However, in the final stages of our broadcast preparations, their appearance became possible… Considering our station’s cultural duty of introducing a variety of stars to local communities, we considered what would be effective… We expressed our great apologies to JYJ’s representatives.

Spring Summer Fall Winter will still be making an appearance as planned. However, other artists besides like SNSD, f(x), and a popera singer are also scheduled to appear as well.“

A representative of one of the hosts of the event, the local government of Jeju Island, revealed,

“We did not know of this. By what skill and authority could we cast a celebrity? This is something that has been hosted by KBS Jeju. Our local government message board has been flooded with comments regarding this event, however, this is not something that we have done.“

The local government also shared their concern with this issue’s possible negative impact on the votes for Jeju Island in the ‘New Seven Wonders’ selection process.

Source: My Daily+allkpop
Tip: Cindy

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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Translation 110718 JYJ Members Expressed Their Feelings With Regard to Performances Cancellation

[Trans] 110718 JYJ Members Expressed Their Feelings With Regards To Performance’s Cancellation‏

JYJ members revealed their feeling with regards to cancellation of their performance in KBS “Wish for 7 Wonders – KBS Special 5 Live”. Representative company CJeS Entertainment stated that Jeju’s honorary ambassador JYJ was slated to perform 2 songs at the “Wish for 7 Wonders – KBS Special 5 Live” and to go through the ambassador appointment ceremony on the 20th, but they received the broadcast cancellation notice on the 16th.

JYJ Kim Jaejoong tweeted on the 16th with, “If there are going to be obstacles blocking us from promoting our nation’s natural wonder, then this time, I’ll just promote it alone (like this).” He tweeted again on the wee hours of the morning on 18th with, “I don’t believe that the 7 Natural Wonders of the World Declaration Committee chooses beautiful locations in the world as a means of publicity for the profit and losses of a specific nation. Finding beautiful things in the world is a “happiness” that everyone in the world shares. Wouldn’t the purpose of choosing these natural wonders be to preserve them for a long time? But if there are complicated conditions existing beyond this significance, then the simpleness ..of everyone finding happiness will not be a smooth road.” Kim Junsu also expressed on his Twitter, “We cross mountain after mountain.. but ahead looms another one” and “Why are you all sorry.. we’re the ones who should be sorry”
(T/N: all tweet translations are credited to dongbangdata.net)

CJeS Entertainment stated through their homepage that JYJ was supposed to be appointed as ambassadors through the Special broadcast but with Jeju’s local government proceeding with the promotional activities, they (CJeS) officially announced their stance that “In this situation where there are no negotiations with the artistes and performance was one-sidedly canceled just four days before, we will file a complaint to Korea Fair Trade Commission.” CJeS Entertainment has yet to hear any response from Jeju’s local government or KBS Jeju.

On the other hand, KBS had ever stated in their homepage’s message board regarding JYJ’s unability to perform on KBS Music Bank that it is due to the on-going lawsuit between JYJ and ex-company SM Entertainment and yet contracted with current representative company. They also stated, “The continuation of allowing JYJ to perform would cause legal problems and damage the cultural development and order. Until the judgment between JYJ and their company is passed or a mutual agreement is agreed upon, broadcasting activities will be stopped as what was stated before and would be further discussed depending on the judgment.” They further explained that, “The stance before the judgment of invalidity of the contract was a mistake in our management.”
(T/N: This refers to KBS’s change of stance stating that “the previous ‘restriction’ stance was in February.” They later on released another statement that JYJ would be able to appear when they release a new album since JYJ did not released an album since February.)

credit: asiae+mazejae
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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[News] C-JeS’s official announcement regarding Jeju (Full Trans, C-JeS will take legal action)


This is C-JeS Entertainment.

We are announcing our stance on KBS’s one-sided cancellation notification of JYJ’s appearance in KBS Jeju N7W Special Promotional Program.

Mid-April, through a phone call with the Jeju provincial government, we received their wish to appoint JYJ as an honorary ambassador to promoting Jeju’s selection in New 7 Wonders. The date in which we officially received the roles of an honorary ambassador and their reason for selecting JYJ through e-mail was April 26th.

However, it is customary for honorary ambassadors to begin their promotional activities after being appointed through an appointment ceremony and official press statements are released. Because the time in which we received the offer was during JYJ’s World Tour, we first politely declined their initial offer because we would be unable to hold an appointment ceremony.

However, the local government of Jeju-do stated that they were preparing a special broadcast program in July and that because they are preparing an appointment ceremony to be held then, they proposed that JYJ begin their promotional activities [before the ceremony] since they urgently needed publicity. JYJ, as Korea’s artist, accepted the position of honorary ambassador with responsibility in letting the world know of the domestic brand and Jeju’s 7 Wonders.

On May 4th, the Jeju local government notified the appointment of new honorary ambassadors through the press and [JYJ] officially began their promotional activities. JYJ, who was at the time holding their world tour, promoted Jeju Island and actively cooperated by filming videos encouraging on-line and phone voting as honorary ambassadors. Furthermore, last May, Jeju local government sent us a thank you mail stating that Jeju N7W were being publicized nationwide thanks to JYJ. In addition, the special broadcast program was decided to be held on July 20th, and JYJ was supposed to perform two songs and be officially appointed as honorary ambassadors.

However, on July 16th, 4 days before the concert, we received sudden one-sided notification that our appearance on television has been canceled. The reason was, “if JYJ appears, the program itself may not air,” a final notification without specific explanation. Today, although KBS claimed to have apologized to JYJ, we have only received one-sided cancellation and never an apology with official explanation.

We believe the broadcasting networks have the right to decide on the people that appear for the sake of their program. However, as this program was a special program wishing for Jeju’s appointment as the New 7 Wonders, and since JYJ has been selected as the official honorary ambassadors and have been holding promotional activities for three months, we insist on an official position from Jeju government and KBS regarding this one-sided cancellation notice.

Furthermore, C-JeS Entertainment will report the organizer, who has one-sidedly (without previous consultation with the artist) sent us a cancellation notice 4 days before the performance to the Fair Trade Commission, and will take legal action against this incident where the party promised JYJ a special broadcast program on their appointment ceremony, but deceived the artist by one-sidedly cancelling their appointment ceremony after using them for promotional activities.

Finally, JYJ’s current lawsuit is a civil suit regarding unfair contract with their previous management company, and is in reality, a weak artist’s fight against the unjust nature of exclusive contract, and thus is not a lawsuit which causes social problems or has moral issues. Furthermore, the courts have already decided that while this lawsuit is undergoing, JYJ has the right to resume their activities as free artists.

Most importantly, we apologize to JYJ fans who have received great shock through this unacceptable situation, and regardless of this situation, JYJ will continue to support promoting Jeju’s N7W as Korean citizens.

Thank You.


Please give proper credits when moving/taking this post

translation credit: withjyj

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