[News] 121010 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Plays A Soccer Charity Match As A Captain

[News] 121010 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Plays A Soccer Charity Match As a Captain


The celebrity soccer team FC MEN that JYJ’s Kim Jun Su is leading will hold a charity match at Samyook University on October 11 at 4:00 p.m.

This charity match will be held between FC MEN and the department representatives of Samyook University.

Other stars besides captain Kim Jun Su will be participating, and this particular charity match will be more meaningful because they have donated 10,000 dollars to help the destitute.

Kim says, “We started this team to promote good fellowship, but we are truly happy and proud to play a match for the people in need.” This was the second time that FC MEN and Samyook University held a friendly match since last year. Kim Jun Su and Kim Hyun Joong showed off their outstanding plays and won the game by 4 to 3.

Samyook Univerisity gave out cheering balloons for the students and fans who visited the site and other various prizes such as FC MEN members’ signed soccer ball and albums were given out.

source: TV Report
credit: korea.com

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[NEWS] Kim Joon Soo of JYJ Leads Way to Victory at Soccer Game

[NEWS] Kim Joon Soo of JYJ Leads Way to Victory at Soccer Game

The celebrity soccer team made up of Korean entertainers called FC Men from Soo Won Blue Wings and the celebrity soccer team made up of Japanese entertainers called FC GEININ held a charity soccer game to help recovery efforts in east Japan, the region severely impacted by the major earthquake last year, at Tokyo National Stadium on April 28, and around 40,000 audience members glowed with enthusiasm while watching the game.

The soccer game was designed to remember the earthquake to mark its one year anniversary. A special performance by Juno (Kim Joon Ho), who is the twin brother of Kim Joon Soo of JYJ, and the five member group M.E.N led to an enthusiastic atmosphere before the game.

The soccer players from both teams appeared on the field and listened to both countries’ national anthems. The leader of FC MEN, Kim Joon Soo of JYJ, and actor Yoon Sang Hyun donated 20 million yen to Sakurai, the mayor of the city of Minamisoma in Fukushima Prefecture, which suffered the most severe damage from the major earthquake. Kim Joon Soo received a letter of appreciation from Nakasone, the former Japanese prime minister and the chairman of the Korea and Japan Collaboration Committee, for helping the revival of the region. Kim Joon Soo said before the game, “I am glad that I can participate in this meaningful event.” And Yoon Sang Hyun said, “It is my honor to become a coach of the Korean soccer team, and I will definitely lead this game to victory.”

FC MEN gave up the opening goal to the Japanese team, but the first half finished in a tie as the Japanese team scored an own goal. The two teams played a tight game in the second half, and the audience went wild while watching the game. FC MEN led the game with better physical conditioning and it was expected to win the game with the fourth goal by Shin Ki Hyun at the 39th minute of the second half, but the game became tied again as the Japanese team scored one more goal. The game looked likely to be tied, but Kim Joon Soo scored the fifth goal after receiving a pass from actor Lee Wan right before the game finished. The Korea celebrity soccer team won by a score of 5 to 4.

 The 40,000 audience members cheered both teams with loud applause while watching the game. Kim Joon Soo, who ran the whole game without taking a rest for his fans, said, “I felt pressure as the Japanese team was too strong, but I am glad that we finally won the game. I thank our team members’ great effort.”

 In addition, the players of FC MEN including Juno, Lee Wan, and Seo Ji Seok ran around the field and presented soccer balls to the audience who rooted for the two teams.


source: KBS GLOBAL


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[Translation] 120426~120427 JYJ Twitter Updates‏

[Trans] 120426~120427 JYJ Twitter Updates‏

Kwak Yong Hwan (@plmok30): @mjjeje Jaejoong hyung, ke, Hyung I’m waiting patiently. ^^ You didnt forget it right? Ke

Jaejoong: @plmok30 How would I forget? ^^ Just wait.

Kwak Yong Hwan: @mjjeje Keke ^^ I will give hyung a call Ke

Kwak Yong Hwan: @mjjeje Hyung, I really enjoyed the food. ^^ http://pic.twitter.com/3hMNgv8m

Jaejoong: @plmok30 Hyung enjoyed it too ^^ It’s good ^^

Yoochun: Thank you very much for another beautiful memory created. ^__________________________^

Junsu: Going to Japan~ ^^ And it’s for football… Keke Am actually agitated but felt so funny upon thinking about it.

Kwak Yong Hwan: Coffee time at the airport.. while listening to Junsu hyung’s songs ^^ The songs are really good. Ke. Please wait for us, Japan~ Ke http://pic.twitter.com/jgvHrG7K

credit: jnam + josiemiao
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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[INFO+VIDEO] FC MEN Japan Charity Match in Tokyo

[INFO+VIDEO] FC MEN Japan Charity Match in Tokyo

FC MEN Japan Charity Match in Tokyo
(Charity Match for Hoping the Early Recovery from Great East Japan Earthquake)

FC MEN vs FC GEININ (team with Japanese entertainers)
Date: 28 April 2012 (Sat)
15:30- Open of venue
17:30- Opening event
18:00- Opening remarks, introduction of players
18:30- Start of game

Venue: National Stadium (Kokuritsu Kyogijyo)
Address: 10-2, Kasumigaoka cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Ticket: JPY5,800- (tax included, reserved-seat)

Player confirmed to participate:

Kim Junsu (team leader)
Yeong Pil (M.E.N.)
Juno (Singer)
Park Geon Hyung (Actor)
Lee Wan (Actor)
So Jisoku (Actor)
Tefa (M.E.N.)
Yoon (M.E.N.)
Geong Jin (M.E.N.)
Ji Hwan (M.E.N.)
Sin Ki Hyon (Actor)
Park Jung Kwang (Comedian)
Kim Sonwoo (Model)
Yong Hwan (Actor)
Park Jung Jae (Actoer)
Lim Byung Han (Stylist)
Che Yongin (Talent)
Coach: Yun Geong Sik

Manager: Special member (to be announced on the day)
*There may be some changes in the members

(FC GEININ Members)
Wakkie (Penalty)
Hide (Penalty)
Takashi Imoto (License)
Jun Murakami (Shizuru)
Dancho Yasuda (Yasuda Dai Circus), etc.
*There may be some changes in the members

Special Guests:
Kohjiro Oka, Jisong, M.E.N., Juno
Minami Kawahara (MC)

[FC MEN Japan Charity Match] Secretariat
Tel: 03-3320-0243
10:00-18:00hrs, 13 Feb-28 Apr 2012
Email: ticket@fcmen.jp

Ticket: Booking period is over.
Credit: FC Men Japan
Translated and Shared by XIAH Press
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[TRANS] Kim Junsu’s Message In Nikkan Sports

[TRANS] Kim Junsu’s Message In Nikkan Sports

It’s been one year since the Tohoku Earthquake, but there are probably still many problems. Everyone, please stay strong. I hope that the FC MEN match will become everybody’s strength.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Nikkan Sports]
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[TRANS] 120216 Soccer Team Captain Junsu, Fights His Way Through Bowling With His Brother

[TRANS] 120216 Soccer Team Captain Junsu, Fights His Way Through Bowling With His Brother

The soccer team FC MEN, which JYJ’s Kim Junsu (25) is the captain of, will be holding a Tohoku Earthquake Charity match at the Kokuritsu Kyougijou (National Stadium) on 28 April.

The opponent will be “Team Yoshimoto + Selected Artists Team”. Members of this team include JichouKachou’s Kawamoto Junichi (36), Shizuru’s Murakami Jun (31), Penalty’s Wacky and others.

“Scheduled to make an appearance for the Korean team are Junsu, his brother Juno (25), 3 members from Beast, Yeoseob (22), Ki Kwang (21) and Doojoon (22), Shinhwa’s Minwoo (32), 5 members from the rookie group M.E.N., that are expected to make their debut in Japan this year, and others.” (Organizing Personnel)

This team, with a line-up of handsome K-Pop idols, are the strongest eleven, who have won the Korean Entertainer’s Soccer League tournament. According to the official website of the team, SS501′s leader Kim Hyunjoong (25) and JYJ’s Yoochun (25) are also members.

“Practice is 3 times a week, for 3 hours each day. In preparation for the match, the focus now is on set-pieces. The mood-maker, Junsu, is the most fired up.” (Organizing Personnel)

Team leader Junsu is also concerned with strengthening the friendship between the members. The team moves as a group to the practice grounds in the same bus, and during trainings, he encourages them to shout out loud energetically and enjoy themselves. While in the bus on their way back to Seoul, it is also routine for the members to have an “evaluation session” facilitated by Junsu.

“(The team) goes out for meals or to bowl, and their cohesiveness has increased. They do not drink alcohol. For bowling, Junsu’s brother, JUNO, is the best at it. With consecutive strikes, he (once got) a high score of 200 points, his average score is 170 points.” (Relevant Team Personnel)

K-Pop performances are also being planned for that day, and more than 50,000 audiences are expected to be at the National Stadium. It seems like it will be an anticipated match between Japan and Korea.

Source: [Josei Jishin via yahoo.jp]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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[NEWS] Celebrity Football Team FC MEN To Hold Charity Football Match In Japan

[NEWS] Celebrity Football Team FC MEN To Hold Charity Football Match In Japan

Celebrity football team FC Men will be holding a charity football match in Japan, for the rebuilding of areas affected by the Tohoku earthquake. According to a Japanese music site, FC MEN members such as JYJ’s Junsu, Beast’s Lee Ki Kwang and Yoon Doojoon, 2AM’s Changmin and others will be holding a charity football match on 28 April at the Tokyo Kokuritsu Kyogijo(T/N: National Stadium) in support of rebuilding areas affected by the Tohoku earthquake

It is expected that Beast, 2AM, Kim Hyun Joong and other popular singers will be taking part in this competition. Last year, this team was the overall champion of the Korean celebrity football tournament.

More information will be put up on the FC MEN official site on 13 February. All proceeds from this event will be donated to the people who lost their livelihood due to the Tohoku Earthquake.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Osen via Nate]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net
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