[TRANS] 140124 TVXQ Are The First Korean Singers To Be Officially Introduced On A Famous Mexican Program

Male duo TVXQ have been experiencing an explosive amount of popularity in Mexico.

On the 18th, TVXQ’s ‘Something’ music video was introduced on ‘HITM3′, a famous program of TV AZTECA, one of Mexico’s top media companies. This is the first time that a music video of a Korean singer has been officially introduced on this program.

‘HITM3′ is a program that airs every Sunday morning and introduces sports, music and movies. It’s a popular program that also features live performances and interviews with singers.

After being introduced on the program, TVXQ’s music video was uploaded on the official homepage of ‘HITM3′, while the program’s Facebook and Twitter accounts left updates that said, “The music video of TVXQ, the representatives of K-pop, will be coming your way.”

Mexican fans who heard the news left comments like, “Please introduce them on your show again,” and “Thank you for introducing them.”

Meanwhile, TVXQ recently dominated the major music shows with their seventh album ‘TENSE’, and have also proven their popularity both domestically and globally.

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[VIDEO-ENG SUBS] Junsu’s Mexican Interview with Fer Gay

There would have to be a million copies of you to go around Duckie. Impossible. I pray that you will find that special person someday. 🙂 Momma Cha <3

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[News] 120910 JYJ’s Junsu Performs For A Total of 5,000 Fans in Mexico and Brazil

[News] 120910 JYJ’s Junsu Performs For A Total of 5,000 Fans in Mexico and Brazil

JYJ‘s Kim Junsu (XIA) put on a superb performance in front of 5,000 fans this past week.

The singer who wrapped up successful shows in New York and Los Angeles continued his World Tour by performing at the Blackberry Auditorium in Mexico on September 6th (KST).

The fans there enthusiastically responded to his visit by perfectly singing along to his songs “TARANTALLEGRA“, “UNCOMMITTED“, “I Don’t Like Love“, “Set Me Free“, and more.

3,500 fans flocked to this performance in Mexico, and the local media outlets as well as the cultural center were shocked to see that the show had completely sold out.

Producer Alex of Mexico Media TV ‘Azteca’ remarked, “Kim Junsu (XIA) is a total performer. His independent solo album was amazing, and we feel his performance today was also remarkable. We would like to continue to share news regarding Junsu (XIA) with the Mexican fans in the future.”


And after observing Junsu’s show, Seo Nam Kyo of the Korean Culture Institue in Mexico remarked, “There are about 50,000 Hallyu fans in Mexico, and I knew that K-Pop was popular amongst the young people, however, I truly felt it after seeing this performance today. It was a performance where I was able to realize why Junsu was indeed so popular, and I hope that starting with this concert, more and more Mexicans will be able to get to know Korea.”

As soon as his performance in Mexico came to an end, Junsu got on a plane the next day to perform at Espacio Victory in São Paulo, Brazil. At the performance where 1,300 fans were present, Junsu made the crowd go wild when he stated in Portugese, ‘Obrigado (thank you)‘, and ‘Amore (I love you)‘.”

Coming to South America to perform an independent concert was a huge challenge on my part, and I was concerned about a few different things because I could not utilize the greatest equipment, but those concerns vanished once I arrived,” Junsu said. “There were so many fans who loved my songs, and I earned new energy. I would like to take responsibility to successfully wrap up the rest of my World Tour.”

Source & Image: OSEN
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[Video] 120830 XIA 1st World Tour Concert in New York City Part 3

[Vid] 120830 XIA 1st World Tour Concert in New York City Part 3

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[News] 120906 JYJ’s Jun Su says, “My Ideal Type Is A Feminine Woman”

[News] 120906 JYJ’s Jun Su says, “My Ideal Type Is A Feminine Woman”

JYJ’s Jun Su recently talked about his ideal type.

On September 5 at 2:00 p.m., Jun Su gave an interview to Korean reporters at Camino Real Hotel in Mexico City before holding a concert in Mexico.

After releasing his first solo album, Tarantallegra, in May, Jun Su had concerts in Seoul, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, New York, and LA, meeting over 40,000 fans. On September 6 at 8:00 p.m., Jun Su will hold a concert at the Auditorio BlackBerry in Mexico City. He’s the first Korean solo singer who holds a concert in Mexico city.

Jun Su also talked about his ideal type.

Jun Su said, “I want to have a girlfriend. I don’t have a specific ideal type, but I like a girl who is polite and feminine. I’ve dated a few times, but I don’t have a girlfriend now. I think I will be kicked out even if I have a girlfriend now, though,” insinuating that he’s currently having busy days.

Regarding the fact that he’s the first Korean solo singer holding a concert in Mexico, Jun Su said, “This is my first visit to Mexico, and I’m very happy to be able to hold a concert here. More than 3,000 fans will come to my concert in spite of the fact that this is my first concert in Mexico. I’m so thrilled.”

Jun Su also said, “When I got this opportunity to hold a concert in Mexico, I thought K-pop had really spread all over the world. I’ll try my utmost to create the best concert for my fans in Mexico.”

Jun Su will also hold concerts in Brazil, Chile, and some European countries.

source: Starnews
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[News] 120906 K-Pop’s First Artist to Perform in Mexico, JYJ Junsu, “I Gave up My Drama Casting Role for This Album

[News] 120906 K-Pop’s First Artist to Perform in Mexico, JYJ Junsu, “I Gave up My Drama Casting Role for This Album

Junsu stated, “There is about 500,000 miles that I didn’t use earlier this year for my mileage, but it does not matter. Wherever my fans are, I will go to see them.”

 Junsu stated, “There is about 500,000 miles that I didn’t use earlier this year for my mileage, but it does not matter. Wherever my fans are, I will go to see them.”

JYJ member Junsu is the first K-Pop artist to perform in Mexico. Junsu commented, “I worked really hard not to make anything boring or normal.”

Yesterday, Junsu held a press conference in Mexico. Junsu commented, “Although this was my first concert in Mexico, I was shocked to see that all 3,000 seats were sold out. Since I am the first K-Pop musician to perform here, I promise not to let anyone down.”


There had been many problems before being able to release a solo album and hold a world tour. Junsu commented, “In reality, it is hard to show someone’s face on TV unless it’s acting and so I rejected the idea to make a new album at first. I was also casted for a mini drama series, but if both my acting and singing career are on the line, I knew that I would have to choose what I am best at. That is why I gave up my acting role and decided to go on with making this album.”

Junsu’s new album was a major success with over 120,000 albums sold. His Asia tour brought in 40,000 fans as well.

Junsu believed that his success was due to the internet. He commented, “The days where songs would only become popular through TV broadcasts are gone. Now, it become popular through music videos online. The internet allows anyone to advertise their content online.”

Junsu also commented, “Doing musicals helped me change into a more positive person. Certain things I’ve learned from musicals helped me to make this new album as well. If I had not done musicals, I would not have made this great album. Musicals helped me to express myself freely as an artist.”

Junsu was very thankful that he was able to portray his own style and image through this album.

After his concert in Mexico, he will continue on to Brazil and Chile.

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[News] 120905 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Fools Around, Hugging and Kissing…

[News] 120905 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Fools Around, Hugging and Kissing…

Xia Junsu, also known as Kim Junsu from JYJ, shared a rather amusing photo of himself, humoring his followers on Twitter. On September 5, JYJ’s Kim Junsu tweeted, “Don’t you like me?” and attached the funny selca. As shown in the photo, the singer is seen giving a back hug to a human-sized doll, leaning is for a kiss.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “I wish I was her,” “He is too adorable,” “Congrats on finishing your U.S. tour,” “I’ll never reject you Xia,” and more.

Meanwhile, Junsu wrapped up his North American tour with a concert in Los Angeles on September 2. At the Hollywood Palladium, the solo artist gave an explosive performance for his 2,000 American fans. Junsu will now head south to perform before his fans in Mexico, Brazil and Chile.

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[NEWS] Xia Junsu (JYJ) Successfully Finishes L.A. Concert for World Tour

[NEWS] Xia Junsu (JYJ) Successfully Finishes L.A. Concert for World Tour

Junsu has successfully finished his second concert in L.A. as part of his world tour.

On September 2 at the Hollywood Palladium, Junsu held his ‘XIA 1st World Tour in LA’ concert with 2,000 of his fans. As this was labor day weekend, he was able to meet many more of his fans at the concert.

Just 3 days after his New York concert, he has now successfully finished his LA performance. His 120 minute concert was filled with energy and power. He opened the concert with the song “Breath” and showed off his dance moves in “Set Me Free.”

His english title song which was produced by producer Automatic, called “Uncommitted” was also showcased on stage. He also sang his hit song from his previous album called, “Tarantallegra.”

Junsu commented, “After finishing both the New York and LA concert, I now really feel like I am on a world tour. I am so thankful to all the fans that came out to support me and I hope that this will be a lasting memory for them.”

With the end of his LA performance, Junsu will travel to Mexico on September 6 to continue his world tour.

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[TRANS] 120727 Kim Junsu’s ‘Tarantallegra’ Tops Peru’s Weekly Radio Charts

[TRANS] 120727 Kim Junsu’s ‘Tarantallegra’ Tops Peru’s Weekly Radio Charts

 JYJ’s Kim Junsu (XIA) has become a hot topic in South America for topping weekly radio charts in Peru.

The Peruvian weekly radio charts Teen Top held a poll in which Kim Junsu had a landslide win of 1,835 out of 3,014 votes and beat out other singers such as Big Bang, Justin Bieber and 2NE1.

Also, when the cities for Kim Junsu’s world tour were announced, Peruvian fans showed their intense desire for the singer to hold a concert in their nation by posting a video on Youtube titled ‘XIA SUPPORTING PROJECT BY PERUVIAN FANS’.

A South American representative stated, “When it was announced that concerts would be held in Mexico, Chile and Brazil, fans from Peru, Columbia, Bolivia and Argentina expressed their disappointment that the singer would not be visiting their respective countries. The feeling was stronger for Peruvian fans because JYJ’s popularity in Peru is immense, with 3,000 fans gathering in front of the hotel JYJ stayed at during their last visit.”

C-JeS stated, “We know how passionate South American fans are. Because we intend to include South American in all future world tours, there will be more opportunities for fans to meet the members. We are certain that Kim Junsu will be met with a sensational response in the continent.”

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu will wrap up his Asia tour in Hong Kong on the 7th of August to begin his world tour soon after.

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Great Olympic Moments 1896 to 2012

Olympic Games 1896 – 1960 (Best Moments)

Paris 1900 Olympic Games

How Olympic Gymnastics Used To Be – Paris 1924 Olympic Games

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Video+Translation 110511 TVXQ Mentioned in Mexican TV

Oh My, They will catch up quickly. Momma Cha

Video+Translation 110511 TVXQ Mentioned in Mexican TV


Now is turn to TVXQ is a kpop group from Korea formed by HERO, MAX, XIAH, U-KNOW and MICKEY. The name TVXQ comes from Dong bang shin ki that means:”The Rising Gods of the East”.

One of the group with more influence in the kpop and one of the most known in Asia . They have 3 record guiness:
for having the world’s largest official fan club. Cassiopeia, the band’s official fan club, is claimed to have more than 800,000 official members, the group was also listed as the most photographed celebrities in the world with 500 million pics , and for sold more than 200, 000 album in 2010

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