[TRANS] 121105 Hayato-San Blog Update

[TRANS] 121105 Hayato-San Blog Update

November 05, 2012

JaeJoong, who was so sick from the flu that he couldn’t speak, still appeared in front of his Jakarta fans, even though he was advised by the staffs and the doctor not to go through with the FM.

This became one of the anecdotes of how JaeJoong cherishes his fans.

I’ve heard that fans sang for him instead.
I guess the inconvenient communication through an iPad was in fact an act of affection.

And the letter he wrote with his own hand, such touching contents.

I’ve heard that the clap hand event with the 2000 fans was a sudden request from JaeJoong, so that he could show more love to the fans who wanted to hear JaeJoong’s voice and live performances.This is who JaeJoong is. I just hope that he can treat his flu and get some rest.

JYJ is a group that is compiled with the talents from JaeJoong, Yuchun and Junsu and will not exist without any of them.

It’s a pity that 2012 has become a year that they did not work as JYJ. (Although I use past tense, there are still 2 months left.) Yet, I think
this is a year prepared for the coming 2013 (This is not a speculation but a fact).

I went to LA and met with them. All the interview contents won’t
be revealed here. I’ve also watched the unedited footage of 3V3 but
I won’t talk about its content as well.

But if I continue to keep silent, I’m afraid that JYJ will be defeated so I’d write by talking to myself.

The purpose of 3V2…
JYJ couldn’t held activities or convey their thoughts to the fans. For those fans who worried about them because of the rumors from the anti-fans, they wanted to show us how they were striving to move forward and ask the fans to move forward with them….such contents. You should have felt relieved when you saw them in 3V2 and felt that you should move forward with them?

In that condition, they overcome all obstacles, went across two countries and Hitachinaka city and came to Japan.

As for 3V3…
its purpose is to show the three of them who are now moving forward
and also their attitudes and frames of mind towards music.

I asked Junsu his thoughts on his solo concerts and solo album and also what is JYJ to him.

I’ve also asked JaeJoong and Yuchun about their thoughts on Junsu’s solo concerts and what they thought about having their own solo concerts.

Although I’m just talking to myself, I won’t reveal any of this.

For them, JYJ is a place like home, where they will always go back to.
Be it musicals, dramas or movies, they begin their journey from JYJ

to the sites and then go back to JYJ. I’ve seen with my own eyes how they need each other and how they get together without any resentment. I’ve once again felt the strong attachment between them.

You should know that it is very important for JYJ that the talented trio to develop their own talents as their solo activities are the fertilizers for JYJ.
Don’t you look forward to next year, of JYJ?

At least, I do look forward to that, because I knew what they did in LA and also what they have prepared for the coming year.

But now, I’m worried that they would be hurt by the attacks towards one of them because of some fans’ jealousy. Why did the fans whom they love the most do things that they did not want?

We have to support them so that JYJ will not be defeated by those fans.

I hereby announce that I will shut the blog down as soon as they can hold activities freely here in Japan. At that time, I can stop being a busybody and I hope you can support them onward. With the thought of the huge wall that they are against, I think that you should know that as fans, what you should do and what not to do.

This is my murmuring so I won’t allow messages. (^_^)

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Japanese to Chinese translation: JYJ台灣粉絲同樂會(翻譯&分享:N&J)
Chinese to English translation : mandragore of JYJ3
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[TRANS] 120808 Kim Jaejoong, “The Girl I Was Introduced To Turned Out To Be An ‘Idol Killer’ ” – Interview (3)

[TRANS] 120808 Kim Jaejoong, “The Girl I Was Introduced To Turned Out To Be An ‘Idol Killer’ ” – Interview (3)

 Kim Jaejoong, who has a mysterious aura, was surprisingly candid in answering my questions. Staff from C-JeS said that although Jaejoong did not speak, he would never put on any false pretence, and is straightforward. This is part of his charm, and he also spoke about many issues that fans are concerned about.

Did you feel any pressure acting with veteran actor Kim Eung Soo in Dr Jin?

Burden? Not at all. Father and I got along very well from the beginning. Looking at his expressions made it easy for me to show my feelings. There were a lot of impromptu moments that were not scripted into the drama, and these came naturally to me as I watched his expression and actions.

In the crying scenes, there was a lot of drool.

(Laughs) We already talked about this during our gathering. Actually, there really was a lot drool, but in actual fact it was a mix of sweat, saliva, tears and nasal fluids. (Laughs) there are many complicated reasons for this. During that time, I had stayed up for many nights in a row, hadn’t had a proper meal,  and it was really hot on set; once the feelings came, and I saw my father’s tears, I just exploded, and whatever there was in my body just came out. (Laughs)

I heard that you bought Kim Eung Soo alcohol as a present?

Father was always someone who loved alcohol, and when filming the first scene, he said that it would be great if he could have a glass of whisky on such a hot day. I kept that in mind, and said that I would buy him alcohol in the future, and that was why I bought him alcohol as a present.

Kim Eung Soo seems to have really liked it?

He was never one to hide his feelings. If he likes something, he would say so directly. Father’s handphone was a 2G model, and he would sit beside me and say “My handphone isn’t easy to use, so it hard to keep in contact,” “Someone said that they would buy me a new phone, but when will that be.” He said that to me three times. So I ordered a new phone at once, and gave it to him. Although he didn’t say much to me, except “This is a smartphone, a 4G model.” He didn’t know how to use various functions on the phone, so I did a search online when I had the time, and helped him download everything he needed.

Did you always like to mix with seniors?

Jeong Hye-Seong sunbaenim once said that it is unacceptable for an actor be hated by others when he first starts acting. At first, I did not mean to try to earn their favour intentionally, but simply felt that I should start from the basics, such as reaching the filming set first, and not lazing around. Regardless of whether I acted well or not, I should still show that I am working hard so that my efforts could perhaps be recognised by everyone.

Did you get any acting advice from Jeong Hye-Seong?

She isn’t that kind of person. She says that no matter who you are, you should always respect your co-actors. If they don’t do well, it can still be part of their learning experience, or even a personal style, so we should let them explore their abilities to the fullest. She would definitely not say things like “You should do this or that.”

A lot of people are rooting for you and Jin Yi Han to win the Best Couple Award.

It always seems to end up that way for me. Instead of the female actors, I seem to have better chemistry with the male actors. Best Couple Award? That would be great, thanks.

 You look like Robert Pattinson.

I’ve heard that one before. Am I? He’s from the West, I’m from the East, I don’t think we look alike.

Compared to Park Yoochun, who do you think is a better actor?

Yoochun and I are totally different. Yoochun has a quiet toughness, and when he is acting he shows gentleness with strength shining through, and I find that very interesting. I am the type that gives of a feeling of toughness, and the gentleness shines through the toughness. If Yoochun played the role of Kim Kyung Tak, and I played Lee Gak, I think it would be a mismatch. I think it’s a good thing to have a team with members that each possess their own unique qualities.

You are very good looking.

No, I’m not good looking, I just look very different.

Who do you think is better good looking (than you)?

Junsu is better looking. Honestly, among the JYJ fans, each member has their own fans as well. These fans each have their own unique styles. Junsu and Yoochun’s charm is very different from mine. Junsu has something that I just don’t have.

What do you consider as your charm?

Hmm..I think there are two things. Overseas, it seems like the fans will notice me first, because I look special, and people tend to remember my face. But after that, the fans that continue to stick with me, may like me for my looks but more so because of my personality. Just by face, I think that I look a little rude, but actually I’m a nice young man.

What are Jaejoong’s beliefs?

It’s similar to Kim Kyung Tak. I want to protect those that are dear to me. There is a tattoo on my chest, that tells me to “Always keep the faith.” Man is the most afraid of losing things that they have gained. Even if I lose those things, I still want to protect things that I care about. Because I do not have the confidence to do this well, I tattooed it myself. Every time I falter, I look at it and regain my strength.

Is there something that you really want to achieve?

Not at the moment. However, there are many things that I want to revisit and challenge. Even if there will be pressure, it would still be good, as this will allow me to enjoy the happiness when I overcome the challenge. If success comes too quickly, then it wouldn’t be meaningful.

How does acting and singing weigh up against each other?

This is hard to say. For singing, as you grow older your voice ages as well. I may not be able to keep up with the music that I want to do. But for acting, there will be acting styles that are suitable even as you grow older. When I reach a certain age, I will be able to challenge roles that are suitable for my age. Therefore, I will continue to act, as well as sing. I don’t know what kind of music I’ll be making in 30 years’ time, but even during that time, I guess I will still want to continue doing music.

Is there a director you would like to work with? And why?

I want to work with Lee Jae Han, who directed the movie “A Moment To Remember.” That was a really good movie, and I even wrote a song for this movie, which is Junsu’s “No Gain.” In the lyrics, it says “The room in my heart is getting smaller” and this was something I wrote based on the script of the movie.

What are your plans for military enlistment?

About enlistment, when it is time for me to go, I’ll go.

What other plans do you have?

After this year, I want to film a new project to meet with everyone. Also, I want to fall in love, and if there is a nice girl, I would like to go on a blind date.

Have you gone on a blind date before?

Twice, but it never worked out. Although I went on the date, but then I found out she was an “idol killer,” and had dated many famous idols before, one after another. That girl is really pretty, very nice and very rich, but once I heard about this, I ended it at once and never saw her again. To me, friendship always comes first. She dated a close friend of mine before, and those friends were hurt by her.

What is your ideal type?

I don’t know, I need to meet more women before I can tell. It’s not just about falling in love, but I want to find someone that I can truly call “my woman.” I don’t like someone like Young Rae, but would prefer someone who reciprocates my feelings. She must be like Young Hwi, who only things about me. If Young Hwi wasn’t a friend but a girl, how great would that be.

When I was younger, I cared a lot more about looks, but now looks are not important at all, and it is what is inside that counts.

Source : [BaiduHeroJaejoong + My Daily]

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[Trans] 120129 JYJ’s Plans To Release Second Worldwide Album

[Trans] 120129 JYJ’s Plans To Release Second Worldwide Album

(T/N: only JYJ’s part from the article was translated)

The boy group that released their worldwide album ‘The Beginning’ in 2010 has announced plans to release their second worldwide album this summer.

JYJ officials stated, “During the second half of this year, there are plans to have a worldwide tour and to release the second album before this. Similar to the year before, the members will advancer their album work in America. Furthermore, JYJ has successfully completed their tour in North America, so rather than it being like they are trying to enter a new market (America), it is more of a continuation of their previous activities.

America’s famous artist Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins collaborate with JYJ’s first album, and attracted enough attention to be introduced as hot topic on America’s billboard charts. In regards to this, JYJ’s second album will also be produced in America, and there is also a high chance of more collaborations with other American artists. “However as of now, who will be collaborating and how has not been decided”, officials added.

source: focus.co.kr
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[News] 111229 JYJ to Bring Their World Tour to South America in 2012

[News] 111229 JYJ To Bring Their World Tour to South America in 2012

After bringing their world tour to the United States, South Korea, Canada, Europe, Japan, Singapore, China, Taiwan and various other countries in Asia, JYJ is planning to add stops to their world tour in 2012 to South America.

On December 29th, an official from C-JeS said, “We are currently in the final stages of scheduling JYJ’s concert tour in South America.” The official adds that the stops to South America will most likely take place between late February and early March.

However, the cities in which JYJ will hold their concert has yet to be finalized and they will be revealed after everything has been concluded as there are still discussions taking place.

Are you excited for JYJ’s venture into South America?

source: 10Asiae
credit: koreaboo

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