[TRANS] 131027 Kim Jaejoong To Hold A Global Chatroom Event To Commemorate The Release Of His First Album


JYJ (Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu)’s Kim Jaejoong will be holding a global chatroom event ahead of the release of his first full-length solo album.

According to C-JeS Entertainment, Kim Jaejoong will be chatting live with fans in Asia, Europe and South America on the 7th of November to commemorate the release of his first full-length album ‘WWW: Who, When, Why’.

A representative of the agency stated, “Instead of holding a showcase for his album, Kim Jaejoong will be setting aside some time to personally introduce his album to his fans,” and “On the 7th of November, he’ll be meeting with Chinese fans on Weibo, Japanese fans on LINE, and then with European and South American fans in Turkish and Spanish.”

Each chatroom event will be held for an hour, and Kim Jaejoong will introduce his first album and take questions from his fans, taking videos and pictures of himself to share with his fans.

The specific time schedule for the event will be released soon on music sites with an introduction of his album.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will participate in the music event that will be held at the Blue House on the 27th of October to sing his new song ‘Butterfly’. He will then release his first full-length album on the 29th and embark on his Asia tour.

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[Trans] Junsu Twitter Update

[Trans] Junsu Twitter Update

It must be because my voice is naturally husky.. That’s why no matter how I sing, my voice really isn’t the type that gets hoarse easily.. But today when I woke up, finally my voice went hoarse.. Is it because all the tension is eased now..? At the same time while thinking “Ah, it’s been such a long time”..It’s also a relief that it became like this after the South American tour ended….^^ Although I lost my voice.. because it’s like a badge to show how I’ve come so far in the past 3 weeks without rest.. it’s a kind of weariness that makes me happy.. To the American and South American fans who made my heart run so fast.. and give me the energy to do nothing but my best every single time.. Thank you sincerely.. Ah.. Now I really have to get some rest ㅎ

Source: Junsu’s Twitter
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[TRANS] 120727 Kim Junsu’s ‘Tarantallegra’ Tops Peru’s Weekly Radio Charts

[TRANS] 120727 Kim Junsu’s ‘Tarantallegra’ Tops Peru’s Weekly Radio Charts

 JYJ’s Kim Junsu (XIA) has become a hot topic in South America for topping weekly radio charts in Peru.

The Peruvian weekly radio charts Teen Top held a poll in which Kim Junsu had a landslide win of 1,835 out of 3,014 votes and beat out other singers such as Big Bang, Justin Bieber and 2NE1.

Also, when the cities for Kim Junsu’s world tour were announced, Peruvian fans showed their intense desire for the singer to hold a concert in their nation by posting a video on Youtube titled ‘XIA SUPPORTING PROJECT BY PERUVIAN FANS’.

A South American representative stated, “When it was announced that concerts would be held in Mexico, Chile and Brazil, fans from Peru, Columbia, Bolivia and Argentina expressed their disappointment that the singer would not be visiting their respective countries. The feeling was stronger for Peruvian fans because JYJ’s popularity in Peru is immense, with 3,000 fans gathering in front of the hotel JYJ stayed at during their last visit.”

C-JeS stated, “We know how passionate South American fans are. Because we intend to include South American in all future world tours, there will be more opportunities for fans to meet the members. We are certain that Kim Junsu will be met with a sensational response in the continent.”

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu will wrap up his Asia tour in Hong Kong on the 7th of August to begin his world tour soon after.

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NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu To Hold a World Tour and Release a Repackaged Album!

NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu to Hold A World Tour and Release a Repackaged Album!

 On July 16th, representatives from C-Jes Entertainment announced, “[JYJ‘s] Junsu, who is currently traveling on his Asia Tour, will also be holding a world tour in North America, South America, and Europe.

After having released his first solo album and sweeping music charts across the continent of Asia, Junsu appears to be ready to meet his global audience. And not surprisingly so, since despite this being Junsu’s first time embarking on solo album activities, he has achieved great sales numbers even on charts abroad with his unique concept and 12 stylistically diverse songs.

CEO of C-JeS Entertainment Baek Chang Joo further expanded on Junsu’s success, saying,Ever since Junsu’s first public performance, his solo album has not only captivated the country, but also a wide area of Asia as well; as we were, of course, targeting markets overseas, it seems we have produced a world class music video. The awaited results were extraordinary. During Junsu’s successful Asia tour, the number of love calls we received from areas such as North and South America would not stop flowing in, and thus we decided to launch a world tour.

The CEO continued to reveal, For this world tour, Junsu has put together and prepared a repackaged album. As this album will be targeting the world market, it will include an English single and a music video produced in America. Although we cannot further clarify our future plans, Junsu will be climbing the steps to fame in America.

One of these American parties interested in JYJ’s Junsu commented, “There is great interest [and anticipation] for JYJ’s Junsu’s world tour success throughout America. The title song,“TARANTALLEGRA”, not only attempted to draw in interest via the K-Pop Wave, it created its own, unique sensation; the music video has gathered high marks from parties throughout America as well. It seems that, after promoting as a soloist and single-handedly holding a world tour, Junsu has demonstrated the global interest [he has gathered].

It has been decided that Junsu’s upcoming world tour will include stops in 2-3 cities per continent. Currently, Junsu is still on his Asia tour, which started in Seoul, and is continuing throughout countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and China. Next month, Junsu will be holding his final concert in Hong Kong.

Source: Financial News via Naver
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[Trans] 120716 North and South America, Europe… JYJ Junsu Crossed Over To World Tour

[Trans] 120716 North and South America, Europe… JYJ Junsu Crossed Over To World Tour

Singer Kim Junsu will be starting his world tour as a solo singer. Representative C-JeS Entertainment expressed that, “Kim Junsu will be touring around North and South America and Europe with concerts at 2-3 cities of each continent.”

C-JeS said, “Kim Junsu’s solo album was not just sold domestically but was targeted at Asian market. The MV is also produced for overseas’ market. Right now the Asia tour is successfully being held, and the endless ‘love call’ from America and Europe resulted the decision in the world tour.”

“The repackaged album is also currently in the midst of preparation. The album this time is targeted at global market and there’s English song(s) included. The MV is also produced in America. Though it is not yet to be announced but there’s a famous US staff that is involved in it,” C-JeS expressed.

 The representative of North America expressed that, “The success of JYJ world tour has resulted in very high popularity of Kim Junsu (XIA).” The title song Tarantallegra is different from the typical K-pop and thus caused a sensation. The MV also received good reviews in America.”

Additionally, the Asia tour that started from Seoul, then Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, China etc, Kim Junsu will be concluding the Asia tour next month at Hongkong.

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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong’s Impression of the South American Leg of the World Tour: “Moved by all the Love and Passion”

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong’s Impression of the South American Leg of the World Tour: “Moved by all the Love and Passion”

On JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s personal twitter, Jaejoong conveyed his impression of the end of the last concert.

On his personal twitter he wrote, “In situations such as this, up till the last concert in Peru things ended quite well. Because of the great amount of support and love we received, I am very thankful. Though there was a feeling that we were quite close to everyone, we were still not able to see you all. I was moved by the South American fans who had been waiting for us with love. For sure, I will come again.” After this, netizens wrote, “I didn’t know in South America they’d be so popular too” and “If JYJ also had a concert in Korea, that’d be great” as well as “If they returned to Korea as soon as possible, that’d be great” and much more.

JYJ had a concert in Santiago, Chile on the 9th at the Teatro Caupolican and finished their final concert performance on the 11th in Lima, Peru’s Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental.

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[Trans] 120128 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Says, “What Scares Me Most About Our First South American Concert Is…”

[Trans] 120128 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Says, “What Scares Me Most About Our First South American Concert Is…”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu recently expressed his anticipation for the group’s upcoming concerts in Peru and Chile in March.

Kim Junsu met with reporters and stated, “This is the first time in five years that I’m going to South America since visiting Rio de Janeiro in 2007 for a commercial. At that time, I only stayed for four or five days so I wasn’t able to see much while I was there,” and “My anticipation for our upcoming concerts there is as high as it could possibly be as we’ll work with passionate people in a new environment.“

His increased anticipation is partially due to the fact that he recently experienced the passion of fans from a similar culture through JYJ’s concert in Spain. He was deeply moved by the fact that fans were not merely spectators, but participants who were enjoying themselves.

Kim Junsu let out a long sigh as he said, “If there’s one thing that scares me, it’s the duration of the flight,” and “Last time, I think it took me more than 15 hours to get to Brazil with a stopover in Paris. I was told that it would take even longer this time around.”

The singer ended the interview with the statement, “As these South American concerts are the last leg of JYJ’s world tour, I think we’ll be able to provide the most complete performance we’ve ever given of everything we’ve done till now. We promise to visit our fans in other countries of the Central and South American region, such as Brazil and Mexico, someday.“

Meanwhile, JYJ will be holding solo concerts in Chile and Peru on the 9th and 11th of March respectively and Kim Junsu will begin performing in the musical ‘Elisabeth’ on the 9th of February.

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[News] 111229 JYJ to Bring Their World Tour to South America in 2012

[News] 111229 JYJ To Bring Their World Tour to South America in 2012

After bringing their world tour to the United States, South Korea, Canada, Europe, Japan, Singapore, China, Taiwan and various other countries in Asia, JYJ is planning to add stops to their world tour in 2012 to South America.

On December 29th, an official from C-JeS said, “We are currently in the final stages of scheduling JYJ’s concert tour in South America.” The official adds that the stops to South America will most likely take place between late February and early March.

However, the cities in which JYJ will hold their concert has yet to be finalized and they will be revealed after everything has been concluded as there are still discussions taking place.

Are you excited for JYJ’s venture into South America?

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