[TRANS] 120604 A-Nation “Stadium Fes.” – First Batch Of Participating Artists Revealed

[TRANS] 120604 A-Nation “Stadium Fes.” – First Batch Of Participating Artists Revealed

A-Nation “Stadium Fes.” will be held at the Nagai Stadium, Osaka on 18 August (Saturday) and 19 August (Sunday) and at the Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo on 25 August (Saturday) and 26 August (Sunday). The first batch of performing artists was released today, and it has been decided for top artists including Big Bang, EXILE, Ayumi Hamasaki, Super Junior and Tohoshinki to perform.

For the first day of “Stadium Fes.” at the Nagai Stadium Osaka on 18 August (Saturday), Every Little Thing, EXILE, mihimaru GT, 3rd Generation J Soul Brothers and Sonar Pocket will be performing. The following day, on 19 August (Sunday), AAA, Acid Black Cherry, Do As Infinity, Ketsumeishi, Tohoshinki and TRF will be performing. With the appearance of Tohoshinki, who have just successfully wrapped up their large-scale nationwide tour, as well as Ketsumeishi, who recently announced their transfer over to Avex, the Osaka venue will be livened up.

It has been decided for Do As Infinity, Shonan No Kaze, Sonar Pocket, Super Junior and Tohoshinki to perform for the show at the Tokyo Ajinomoto Stadium on 25 August (Saturday). On the final day, 26 August (Sunday), AAA, Acid Black Cherry, Big Bang, Every Little Thing, Ayumi Hamasaki, TRF and U-Kiss will be performing.

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EDITOR S NOTE WHAT is with all the…


WHAT is with all the Hogwash about U-Kiss, Code-V and the like reenacting, replacing, or surpassing a group as popular, even split, as DBSK?

Each one of these groups has, I am sure, its own dynamic, attraction, and appeal based upon the interaction and abilities of the individuals that comprise the groups. Even providing U-Kiss with the same staff, and executive leadership as was there for DBSK is no guarantee of tremendous success. Why? Simply because the success of DBSK has come primarily from the group dynamic of five of the most talented and individually determined people to hit the industry. What they have accomplished both as five members of DBSK, and now as JYJ and HoMin, three members and two members respectively, is astronomical. Even with U-Kiss’ intended “packed schedule” (which may not be a blessing btw) they have much to do to even come close to the legacy of DBSK.

Not only that, but the majority of DBSK fans are made of tough stuff, and loyalty is one of the glues that holds this fanbase together. We are “fanily”, a new coined phrase of my own that expresses JYJ and HoMin’s fanbase. There are always a few who run on the edge of the pack and drift off at some point–but these are few. As in the case of JYJ, what other group(s) can you think of, who, despite being unable to market new albums or promotions, or distribute products to the whole of their fanbase, still has the loyalty of their fans after a year of more of separation?

There will always be wannabees, and imitators just like with Elvis Presley, living their lives off of someone else’s accomplishments–but the original always is the best. Market these groups on their own merit Avex. You do not need to make them strive to live up to DBSK’s accomplishments. I’m sure that over time–these later groups will not suffer as much as DBSK, who broke the ground in Japan at the cost of their time, energy, and well-being. After all, these new groups will work hard to please your expectations, forfeiting their own desires until such time as they wise up to the reality of their everyday existence.

If they garner as large a fanbase as DBSK over time, let them do it on their own merit. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel.

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Translation 110608 U-Kiss “To Continue The Legacy of TVXQ”

[Translation] 110608 U-KISS “To Continue The Legacy Of TVXQ”

U-KISS will reenact the legacy of TVXQ in Japan.

Recently, U-KISS announced that they would be entering the Japanese market with Avex. Avex gave U-KISS’s potential high praise and gave Watanabe-san, who used to be in charge of TVXQ, full reigns to U-KISS’ Japanese activities. Avex also appointed all staff members who helped TVXQ reach the top spot in Japan to help U-KISS as well.

U-KISS’ agency NH Media stated, “Avex has confidence in U-KISS. They have discovered potential that comes close to that of TVXQ. We have confirmed their plans to provide the best and most active support possible.”

The support from Avex is fuelling U-KISS’ Japanese activities. Their first album, which is to be released on August 24th, includes the title song <0330> of their Japanese license album . They plan to have a major debut single release in December and hold a nation-wide tour early next year. They plan on maintaining a packed schedule as they fly back and forth Korea and Japan.

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