[News] 130403 JYJ Huge Popularity Recognized in Streets of Japan, ‘Amazing Power’

[News] 130403 JYJ Huge Popularity Recognized in Streets of Japan, ‘Amazing Power’

Group JYJ was able to see and feel their overwhelming popularity throughout the streets of Japan.

Group JYJ was able to see and feel their overwhelming popularity throughout the streets of Japan.

Yesterday, JYJ began their ‘The Return of the JYJ’ Japan Tokyo Dome concert and met with 150,000 fans. The streets were covered in posters and videos played of the group as well.

Their agency stated, “At the April 3 concert at the Tokyo Dome, all 150,000 seats were sold out. Over 300,000 people had tried to reserve for this concert. JYJ has widened their spectrum as they have also started acting careers as well. They made their fan base even bigger after they became the first Korean group to hold a Europe and South America concert as part of their world tour.”

On the streets, not only were there posters, but also video footage from the member’s dramas playing on screens as well.

A Japan commercial agency stated, “Although today is a weekday, the streets are packed and JYJ’s concert has been sold out. They really are amazing artists.”

The producer in charge of JYJ’ concert stated, “JYJ’s perfect performance and amazing vocals have allowed them to be recognized more as artists than idols in Japan. It is rare to see a group be able to sing 26 live songs at a concert. This shows that all members of the group really do put in their 120% when performing.”

On the streets of Japan, traces of the Hallyu can also be seen as there are also specialized JYJ sections for advertisements.

JYJ’s concerts will also be broadcasted live in Japan theaters as well. For their last concert on April 4, it will be played live on a total of 113 different movie theaters in Japan.

One official commented, “This idea was thought up in order to allow fans who did not buy tickets to still be able to enjoy the concert.”

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[TRANS] 120604 Park Yoochun, Success In Drama Causes His “Net Worth” To Soar… Even The Advertising Industry Has Caught The “Yoochun Fever”?

[TRANS] 120604 Park Yoochun, Success In Drama Causes His “Net Worth” To Soar… Even The Advertising Industry Has Caught The “Yoochun Fever”?

Park Yoochun, who solidified his position as an actor through the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Rooftop Prince”, has been attracting attention in the CF market for being the new “blue chip” of the advertising industry.

Recently, male models Lee Seung Gi and Kim Soo Hyun, and female models Kim Yuna and Jeon Ji Hyun have been receiving much attention, but Park Yoochun is a fast-rising, powerful darkhorse.

Park Yoochun is currently active mainly as the CF model for Dongsuh Food’s ice tea TiO, Ottogi’s Gismyun, Nintendo and Black Smith, among others. Including the headache medication advertisement filmed together with the other JYJ members, Park Yoochun can often be seen in television commercials.

The reason why Park Yoochun is appearing in this many advertisements is because of the outstanding advertising effectiveness (he brings).

For instance, with Gismyun, sales broke 20,000,000 (packets) in 80 days, and following the Korean wave, the “Park Yoochun Effect” was also evident overseas. Gismyun, which was exported to Japan, New Zealand, China, Russia, Southeast Asia and other regions, ranked 3rd in sales in the food section of Japan’s Gmarket, causing Ottogi’s representatives to say, “Aside from instant noodle lovers, Park Yoochun fans locally and overseas have also shown their interest (in the product).”

The advertisement which can be seen most often recently is TiO ice tea. TiO is a latecomer compared to brands such as Nestea and Lipton, but since Park Yoochun became the CF model, there as been a record increase in sales.

Thus, Park Yoochun’s value in the advertising industry has long been recognised, and by winning over women’s hearts with the drama “Rooftop Prince” this time, it has brought his “net worth” up another level. In particular, advertisers feel that Park Yoochun’s gentle and warm image, is one of the main factors which makes him a reliable spokesperson in the eyes of the consumers, and are all presently keen to “capture Park Yoochun”.

An advertising agency representative stated, “Park Yoochun has formed a polite and dandy image with the viewers through his drama productions in this period of time. In addition, his good looks and friendly disposition are appealing to the advertisers.” He also went into detail by saying, “He has an active fanbase, which directly affects the increase in sales of products, so the love which advertisers have for Park Yoochun is likely to continue.”

A representative of Park Yoochun’s management agency, C-Jes Entertainment stated, “Every time a production ends, the invitations for Park Yoochun to participate in a new CF are numerous. He devotes himself greatly to (taking on) each role in each production, and is hence able to show the viewers a new image each time.”

He then went on to say, “Also, because Park Yoochun seems very warm, it is much easier for the viewers to relate to him, and hence the (advertising) effectiveness is more outstanding than other spokespersons. In particular, ‘love calls’ for Park Yoochun have been coming from all industries, regardless of the type of product, or the age group or gender of the target audience.

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun is taking a break, while deliberating between movies, dramas, plays, and other fproductions. He will make a decision within this month, and is expected to appear before audiences before the end of this year.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + OBS]

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[Trans] 120123 Park Yoochun Shouts “Kiss Me” Out Loud…

[Trans] 120123 Park Yoochun Shouts “Kiss Me” Out Loud…

The Ottogi GisMyun CF, which JYJ’s Park Yoochun appeared in as the CF model, achieved 1st place last month for advertising effectiveness.

According to Korea CM Strategic Studies Institute, GisMyun’s recorded a CPCM (cost per consumer mind) of 253 won last month. CPCM is a value projected by consolidating aspects such as the feedback of customers to the CF, advertising costs etc, and is one of the criteria in determining advertising effectiveness. The overall average CPSM for last month was 1621 won.


The GisMyun CF makes a pun on the words “Gis” and “Kiss”, and moves female hearts through JYJ’s Park Yoochun. Ottogi GisMyun is called “Kiss Myun” in English, and this special point and others are also featured in the CF.

(The CF) left a deep impression in the minds of consumers by using the lyrics of “Kiss Me Darling”, which is well-known, as the background music, then (changing the lyrics) to “GisMyun Darling”, which is similar in pronunciation. Coupled with the gentle image of the CF model, managed to garner good responses. This CF was ranked 1st place for CF effectiveness among the top 30. (T/N: the original article had this mistyped as 3rd place)

(irrelevant portions omitted)

Source: [BaiduTVXQ + Asiae via Nate]
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[TRANS] 111221 Why Is Park Yoochun Considered As The Next Lee Seung Gi In The Advertising Industry?

[TRANS] 111221 Why Is Park Yoochun Considered As The Next Lee Seung Gi In The Advertising Industry?
Written by TheRarasaurus

JYJ member Park Yoochun is currently gunning for the position of the second Lee Seung Gi.

Park Yoochun recently became the model for a new product launched by a famous food brand, with his unique smile that catches the hearts of women, coupled with his humming along to the product name “Gismyun,” netizens who watched the ad said “You can’t help but want to buy it and eat it,” “Park Yoochun looks too sweet, let’s go buy ramyun” and other responses.

Aside from this, Park Yoochun has also appeared in an ad for a famous computer game, and is featured together with members Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu in a pharmaceutical ad, getting involved in various types of ads, proving that he is gaining a reasonable amount of attention in the advertising industry.

And the reason why Park Yoochun has been chosen for more solo ads in comparison to his fellow members, should be because of the healthy, gentle image which he possesses. A representative from a large advertising firm said, “Park Yoochun is not considered as a star with exceptional looks, but one that possesses a natural and healthy image. And as a member of JYJ, he has a certain level of popularity, and is an ideal spokesperson appealing to consumers in their teens and 20s.”

Another person from the advertising industry said, “After becoming active as an actor, he has gained a certain amount of recognition among not only the younger age groups, but in the middle to older age groups as well. Currently, there are quite a number of advertisers that wish for Park Yoochun to endorse their products, and although I can’t give an exact number on how many cases, there are definitely a large number of advertisement requests asking for him.”

Following the current CF King Lee Seung Gi, who also has a warm, healthy image which earned him the the label of “Mother’s Friend’s Son,” Park Yoochun is currently receiving a lot of attention. Lee Seung Gi’s endorsements include home appliances, pharmaceutical products, apparel, foods and other advertisements, and is also a popular CF model among both consumers and advertisers, and now Park Yoochun is evaluated to have a similar potential.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Osen via Nate]

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