[TRANS] 140715 Park Yoochun’s Episode Of China’s ‘Happy Camp’ Scores The Highest Viewer Ratings Ever


JYJ’s Park Yoochun recently appeared on China’s popular program ‘Happy Camp’, making it the most popular program of its time slot.

On the 15th, C-JeS Entertainment relayed the words of a representative of the Chinese broadcasting industry and stated, “Park Yoochun’s episode of ‘Happy Camp’ scored the highest viewer ratings of any Korean star ever, as well as the highest viewer ratings of the day.”

According to their report, Park Yoochun’s episode of ‘Happy Camp’ that aired on the 12th scored viewer ratings of 2.242%, which is higher than last week’s statistics (1.922%) and the show’s average statistics (1.844%). The episode was also the most-watched program of the day on Chinese TV, and broke the record for the highest viewer ratings for an appearance by a Korean celebrity.


C-JeS’ representatives stated, “Park Yoochun appeared on ‘Happy Camp’ on the 23rd of June. The episode aired on the 12th of July and became the most-watched show of the day. With Park Yoochun appearing on Weibo’s real-time search rankings, the program helped show just how popular Park Yoochun is in China.”

Park Yoochun was the only Korean actor who appeared on the ‘God Special’ of ‘Happy Camp’, and showcased his acting skills, warmth and charisma in each corner of the show. When Park Yoochun appeared in a white suit, he was greeted by the audience of 1,000 people. He continued to showcase his professionalism by conversing with the other cast members and keeping the show flowing smoothly.

‘Happy Camp’ is a popular program that began airing in 1997 on Hunan Satellite TV, one of China’s three largest broadcasting companies. With a total of 700 million viewers over the years, the program has featured top Chinese stars and global stars as well.

Park Yoochun will be releasing JYJ’s second album in July. He will also be greeting fans with his movie ‘Sea Fog’ next month.

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[TRANS] 140102 ‘Three Days’ Already Feeling The Park Yoochun – Park Ha Sun Effect, ‘Receiving Love Calls From Overseas’


SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Three Days’ is already being flooded with love calls from overseas. And it’s all thanks to the popularity of the leading roles, Park Yoochun and Park Ha Sun.

TSUTAYA, Japan’s biggest DVD/CD sales and rental business, held a survey from January 1st, 2013 till November 30th on ‘The Year’s Best 20 Korean Dramas’, and found MBC’s ‘Dongi’ and SBS’ ‘Rooftop Prince’ coming in at first and second place respectively.

‘Rooftop Prince’ was the 2012 drama Park Yoochun starred in and was aired on KNTV and TBS last year due to its immense popularity. Through the production, Park Yoochun was able to solidify his position as a top Hallyu actor in Japan.

‘Dongi’ has been loved in Japan since it aired in 2010. Park Ha Sun, who played the role of Queen Inhyeon in the drama, has become a favorite of the Japanese people as well.

Park Yoochun and Park Ha Sun will respectively play Han Tae Kyung, a bodyguard of the Blue House, and Yoon Bo Won, a female police officer. As the leading roles of the two dramas with the most influence in Japan in 2013, Park Yoochun and Park Ha Sun’s appearance in the drama is already created a buzz amongst overseas buyers.

Lee Ji Soo from Goldsum Pictures, the production company of ‘Three Days’, stated, “The results from TSUTAYA’s polls are encouraging. ‘Three Days’ has already received love calls from overseas, asking to buy broadcasting rights. Park Yoochun and Park Ha Sun will help lead to the path towards created a new Korean genre.”

With filming beginning last month, ‘Three Days’ brings together screenwriter Kim Eun Hui and PD Shin Kyung Soo, as well as actors Park Yoochun, Park Ha Sun, Sohn Hyun Joo, Yoon Jae Moon, Jang Hyun Sung and So Yi Hyun.

‘Three Days’ will begin airing in February as the followup of ‘You, Who Came from the Stars’.

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[TRANS] 131209 News Roundup

[TRANS] 131209 Kim Jaejoong Captivates The Chinese Mainland With ‘Talent + Visuals + Effort’


Kim Jaejoong’s first solo concert has the Chinese mainland shaking it up.

C-JeS Entertainment stated on the 9th, “Kim Jaejoong held his first solo concert in Nanjing, China at the Wutaishan Sports Center this weekend,” and “He attracted a total of 10,000 fans to the two-day event for his first-ever solo album Asia tour, and he captivated everyone with his amazing rock performances.”

On this day, Kim Jaejoong performed songs from his first full-length album and mini-album, showcasing his explosive vocal talent and fatal charm. Effortlessly belting out high notes, the singer showcased a variety of rock genres and ballads, captivating his fans with his melodious voice.

As many of the songs featured lyrics written by the singer himself, each performance felt like watching an episode of a drama. Kim Jaejoong changed outfits frequently, matching each outfit to a different atmosphere and touching his fans. The highlight of the concert was the singer’s rendition of ‘Just Another Girl’, which was followed by cheers from his fans to return to the stage for an encore.

After performing ‘MINE’, the title song of Kim Jaejoong’s mini album, Kim Jaejoong said, “Unfortunately, I have to say goodbye with the song ‘Paradise’. I’d like to thank all the fans who came from all over China to see me, and I’m so happy that we were able to share this special moment. I hope to see you again soon.”

The Chinese mainland’s passionate love for the star drew the attention of many. Banners were hung at the entrance of the sports center to show the fans’ support for the singer, and they began chanting Kim Jaejoong’s name 10 minutes before the start of the performance.

Each fan had a different backstory to how they reached Nanjing to see Kim Jaejoong perform. Jiang Myung (22), who came from the northeastern region of China, was unable to buy a plane ticket to Nanjing and had to ride a train for 22 hours to get there. There were many fans who traveled over 1,000km to get to Nanjing from Beijing.

A representative stated, “Fans flocked to Nanjing from all over China because they aren’t sure when Kim Jaejoong will return to China after this performance. We added an additional concert because we wanted to give more fans an opportunity to see the singer perform, and this became a hot topic in China.”

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[TRANS] 131101 Kim Jaejoong’s First Album Hits It Big In Japan, Tops Tower Records’ Daily Charts


Kim Jaejoong’s first full-length album has become extremely popular in Japan.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Kim Jaejoong’s first full-length album is extremely popular in Japan right now. With ‘WWW: Who, When, Why’, Kim Jaejoong has already topped the iTunes Japan charts six times this year, and he also topped Tower Records’ daily charts yesterday. The album has gotten a better-than-expected response because Japanese people like rock music and they have responded positively to the top quality album.”

Tower Records’ special display for Kim Jaejoong has become a hot topic. In the offline stores in Tokyo, Gobe and Nagoya, special displays have been set up with the captions, “Kim Jaejoong shines brighter than the gold plating of the album!”, “A great album that you’ll want to buy after one listen!” and “Kim Jaejoong is a genius!”

To repay his Japanese fans for their support, Kim Jaejoong has chosen Japan as the second destination of his Asia tour. His Japan leg will be held for two days at the Yokohama Stadium on the 15th and 16th of November for a total of 60,000 fans.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong released his album on the 29th and was able to top the iTunes charts in 10 countries (Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Barbados, Lithuania) and entered the worldwide charts in 29th place, proving his status as a global star.


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[TRANS] 131015 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Dominates Japan, ‘Incredible’ Long Lines On A Weekday To Buy His MD Goods


The excitement for JYJ’s Kim Junsu (XIA)’s second album Asia tour is hotter than ever.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “The response that Kim Junsu has received for his first Japanese solo tour is amazing. There were approximately 60,000 seats available for his Nagoya and Yokohama concerts, and more than three times that number of people applied for tickets with all seats selling out before the show. His popularity in Japan was proved yet again when fans began queuing from the early hours of the morning to buy MD goods ahead of Kim Junsu’s concert on the 14th.”


They continued to add, “The fans who were coming to watch the Yokohama concerts began queuing extremely early because they heard that the MD goods had been sold out in Nagoya. This may be because only one MD good can be bought per person. Though all concerts of Kim Junsu’s Japanese tour were held on a weekday, Japanese fans packed Yokohama’s busy streets to show their support for Kim Junsu on his first solo tour.”

The Japanese fans themselves expressed their satisfaction with the concert. Keiko Yamada (36) of Osaka stated, “I was sad that we couldn’t see Kim Junsu in Japan the last time he held a tour. I’m so happy that he’s here this year. Kim Junsu’s music has a sincerity that touches the heart. It was such a moving experience that I could never properly express in words.” Aimee (24) of Saitama said, “Kim Junsu sang ‘Tsubomi’ and said he’d come all the way here to see us. I could feel just how much he cares for his fans. I hope he will be able to release a full-length album in Japan soon.”

A representative stated, “There were many middle and high school students who had come to buy MD goods. Though he has been inactive in Japan for the past 3~4 years, Kim Junsu has been able to attract new fans with his albums. The fandom continues to expand as the years go by.”

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[TRANS] 130914 150,000 People Swarm For Tickets For Kim Junsu’s Concert… ‘Incredible Popularity’


A total of 150,000 people swarmed in to grab tickets for JYJ Junsu (XIA)’s Nagoya and Yokohama concerts.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “The spotlight is on Junsu’s Japanese tour, which will take him through two cities and six performances. A total of 50,000 people submitted their names for tickets for Junsu’s Nagoya concerts, which will seat 24,000 people from the 8th till the 10th of October, and 100,000 people applied for tickets for his Yokohama Arena concerts, which will seat 33,000 people from the 14th till the 16th. This means that a total of 150,000 people have applied for tickets when there are only 57,000 seats available.”

XIA Junsu’s second solo album was released in July and was praised as a “top quality album”. The album’s title song ‘Incredible’ topped the dance track iTunes charts in eight countries, including Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore as soon as the album was released. It also topped Japan’s Tower Records Charts, and Yinyue Tai’s weekly charts, proving that the singer is receiving a staggering amount of love from both Korea and the world.

A representative stated, “The anticipation for XIA Junsu’s music and top-quality performances, as well as the fact that he will be holding concerts in Nagoya and Yokohama instead of Tokyo, has put him in the spotlight of his Japanese fans. Though we have not run the ballot for tickets yet, he has already attracted a total 150,000 people in one week, despite the fact that he hasn’t been active in Japan. We’re expecting more fans to apply for a ticket as the ticket reservation period isn’t over yet.”

Meanwhile, Junsu kicked off his Asia Tour with the release of his second solo album. Starting in Bangkok, Thailand on the 20th of July, he has performed in Shanghai, Seoul and Busan, and is now preparing for his concert in Australia on the 28th of September and his Japanese tour.

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[TRANS] 130910 JYJ’s 38-Second ‘Asiad Song’ Teaser Gets Over 300,000 Views In One Week


It’s gotten 300,000 views in one week. The teaser video for ‘Only One’, JYJ’s Incheon Asiad song, has been met with an explosive response.

On the 3rd, the Incheon Asian Games committee uploaded the video on their official YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/Incheon2014) and it garnered over 300,000 viewers in one week. Fans from all over the world, not only Korea and Asia, have shown their interest in the song with over 1,600 comments made in various languages such as English, Korea, Japanese and Chinese.

JYJ, who are at the center of Asia’s Hallyu Wave, were chosen to be the honorary ambassadors of the Incheon Asian Games in February. They have been working since the early months of this year on an Incheon Asiad song and music video that the four billion people of Asia can enjoy together.

The teaser video, which is around 38 seconds long, shows the members of JYJ entering the main Asiad stadium and cheering for their Incheon Asian Games. Shots of the three members recording the song, practicing the choreography and shooting the music video have Hallyu fans and sports fans alike excited to see what comes next.

The full audio and music video of ‘Only One’ will be released all across Asia on the 16th, exactly one year till the games begin. Afterwards, JYJ will be promoting the Incheon Asian Games on a ‘road show’ across Asia in countries such as China and Vietnam.

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[TRANS] 130716 Kim Junsu’s ‘Isn’t This Song Funny’, “I’m Surprised How Popular It Is Though It’s A Bonus Track”

Kim Junsu (XIA) is at the center of the spotlight for revealing the process behind the creation of his song ‘Isn’t This Song Funny’.

Kim Junsu held a showcase at the UNIQLO AX Hall on the 15th to commemorate the release of his second solo album ‘Incredible’.

During the press conference that was held after the showcase, Kim Junsu talked about his song ‘Isn’t This Song Funny’ and had everyone laughing when he said, “The song was done and all it needed was a title. But I found that nothing really worked as well as ‘Isn’t This Song Funny”. The staff members were at a loss for words when I told them about how I had chosen the title of the song.”

juneincredibleHe continued to say, “When I was writing the lyrics, I tried to express what I had always wanted to say in a funny way. I left out any heavy material like love stories and looked back on things I had written on my Twitter account for my inspiration,” and “It’s a song that I wrote as a present to my fans.”

He smiled and said, “It’s supposed to be a bonus track so I was surprised to see how popular it is.”

Netizens who heard this left comments such as, “Isn’t This Song Funny, even the behind-the-scenes story is funny”, “Isn’t This Song Funny, the bonus tracks are always the jewel in any album,” and “Kim Junsu must not like writing about serious things.”

Meanwhile, ‘Isn’t This Song Funny’ has been drawing much attention for expressing the various happenings that Kim Junsu faced as a solo singer. A more fun and exciting aspect has been added with Boom’s narration.

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[News] 130403 JYJ Huge Popularity Recognized in Streets of Japan, ‘Amazing Power’

[News] 130403 JYJ Huge Popularity Recognized in Streets of Japan, ‘Amazing Power’

Group JYJ was able to see and feel their overwhelming popularity throughout the streets of Japan.

Group JYJ was able to see and feel their overwhelming popularity throughout the streets of Japan.

Yesterday, JYJ began their ‘The Return of the JYJ’ Japan Tokyo Dome concert and met with 150,000 fans. The streets were covered in posters and videos played of the group as well.

Their agency stated, “At the April 3 concert at the Tokyo Dome, all 150,000 seats were sold out. Over 300,000 people had tried to reserve for this concert. JYJ has widened their spectrum as they have also started acting careers as well. They made their fan base even bigger after they became the first Korean group to hold a Europe and South America concert as part of their world tour.”

On the streets, not only were there posters, but also video footage from the member’s dramas playing on screens as well.

A Japan commercial agency stated, “Although today is a weekday, the streets are packed and JYJ’s concert has been sold out. They really are amazing artists.”

The producer in charge of JYJ’ concert stated, “JYJ’s perfect performance and amazing vocals have allowed them to be recognized more as artists than idols in Japan. It is rare to see a group be able to sing 26 live songs at a concert. This shows that all members of the group really do put in their 120% when performing.”

On the streets of Japan, traces of the Hallyu can also be seen as there are also specialized JYJ sections for advertisements.

JYJ’s concerts will also be broadcasted live in Japan theaters as well. For their last concert on April 4, it will be played live on a total of 113 different movie theaters in Japan.

One official commented, “This idea was thought up in order to allow fans who did not buy tickets to still be able to enjoy the concert.”

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[TRANS] 130204 JYJ Are Chosen As The Stars People Want To Give Chocolates To On Valentine’s Day In Japan

[TRANS] 130204 JYJ Are Chosen As The Stars People Want To Give Chocolates To On Valentine’s Day In Japan

‘Ranking princes’ JYJ have been chosen as the artistes Japanese women would most like to give chocolates to on Valentine’s Day.

The Japanese Hallyu site ‘Mpost’ held a survey on the 31st of January labeled ‘Which Hallyu Group would you most like to give Valentine’s Day chocolates to?’ with 1,000 female Hallyu fans between the ages of 10 and 70. Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu’s group JYJ received 71.6% of the votes, topping the ranks with a landslide victory.

In the same survey that enquired about individual artistes, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun came in at first to third place, proving just how popular JYJ are in Japan.

JYJ were followed by CODE-V, who made their Japanese debut last year, and TVXQ in second and third place. Others included in the rankings were Super Junior, Cho Shin Sung, and CN Blue.

Regarding the results, Mpost stated, “It was a complete victory for JYJ. It’s amazing to see how popular they are, even without any Japanese activities.”

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[TRANS] 130115 Chinese Fans Choose Kim Junsu As The Most Popular Overseas Artiste

[TRANS] 130115 Chinese Fans Choose Kim Junsu As The Most Popular Overseas Artiste

Kim Junsu has become a hot topic for being chosen as the most popular overseas artiste by China.

Kim Junsu received a total of 63.7% of the votes on Beijing TV (BTV)’s popular entertainment program ‘Top Chinese Music’ as the ‘most popular overseas artiste’, proving just how popular he is in China. He has proved himself to be Korea’s top singer as he beat out Justin Bieber in second place and Madonna in eighth place.

The program, which aired on the 8th of January, stated that Kim Junsu’s surprise Christmas season single ‘Thank U For’ helped him reach first place, but they also explained that it wasn’t surprising considering his popularity till now. They also talked about 200,000 people logging in at the same time for Kim Junsu’s Ballad&Musical concert and all 21,000 tickets selling out instantly, as well as the fact that Kim Junsu won the Best Male Lead Award at the 2012 Korea Musical Awards. Kim Junsu found success with his solo album, single, world tour and musical, and the program attributed this success to Kim Junsu’s hard work and diligence.

Kim Junsu’s popularity in China outdid itself in 2012. The music videos of his first solo album’s title song ‘Tarantallegra’ and his single ‘Uncommitted’ topped the monthly charts of China’s biggest music video site ‘Song Tai chart’. Not only this, but when Kim Junsu flew to Shanghai for his concert in July, 2012, thousands of fans and over 20 media news outlets filled the airport, with over 30 cars following his every move. Over 500 fans who couldn’t get tickets stood in front of the concert venue and cheered for the star, proving just how popular Kim Junsu is in China.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu successfully completed his ’2012 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra’ amidst a flood of praise.

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[News] 120926 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Ranks High On Japanese Charts

[News] 120926 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Ranks High On Japanese Charts

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong is drawing a lot of attention by ranking high on every Japanese chart.

Japanese magazine Anan recently did a survey asking, “What is your favorite Hallyu TV series?” SBS’s Protect The Boss, in which Kim appeared, ranked first.

Kim also ranked third, following Hyun Bin, on the survey of ‘Japanese women’s favorite Korean actor.’

The fashion magazine, which sells around 300 thousand copies every week since 1970, is well known as a publication that features the top stars. The magazine is also very popular among girls from their 20s through 30s.

The series was aired on Japanese TBS in July and received considerable attention. The ‘Protect The Boss Kim Jae Joong Special Making DVD,’ which will be released in November, ranked first on a chart as soon as they started to receiving reservation offers.

A Japanese official says, “Kim has many fans who love him in Japan. His series made him even more popular all cross the country.”

Kim will start going on an Asian fan meeting tour on October 20 in China.

source: TV Report
credit: en.korea

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[News] 120727 Protect the Boss, Starring JYJ’s Jae Joong, is Currently Popular in Japan

[News] 120727 Protect the Boss, starring JYJ’s Jae Joong, is Currently Popular in Japan

SBS TV’s Protect the Boss,which stars JYJ’s Jae Joong, is currently very popular in Japan.

Protect the Boss, which aired in Korea last summer, is currently airing on TBS, the biggest private TV channel in Japan. The series attracted a lot of attention when it was once introduced on KNTV and DATV, paid satellite channels in Japan.

A special DVD of the series, which will be released on November 28, also topped the DVD chart of the HMV Chart, the Amazon Chart, and the Rakuten Chart in Japan

The reason for the DVD’s high popularity is Jae Joong’s Korean narration in the DVD. Jae Joong explains how important scenes were shot, tells behind-the-scenes stories about the shooting of the series, and introduces special scenes of himself singing and acting for about 180 to 240 minutes.

People responded: “Jae Joong’s really popular in Japan.” “I’m curious about Jae Joong’s special DVD. I want to have it!” “I wish the DVD gets released in Korea, too! I envy Japanese fans.” “I should reserve the DVD immediately. I wish it sells a lot.”

source: TV Report
credit: en.korea

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[News] 120503 JYJ’s Kim Jun Soo is May’s Most-Anticipated Singer

[News] 120503 JYJ’s Kim Jun Soo is May’s Most-Anticipated Singer

JYJ’s Kim Jun Soo will release his first solo album and it is the most-anticipated album for the month of May.

Music site Monkey 3 did a survey starting on April 26 through May 2 asking 356 people, “Who is the most-anticipated singer of May?” Kim ranked first receiving 40 percent of the votes.

Kim previously released his teaser poster and the title of his album Xia Tarantallegra and made people eagerly anticipate his album.

The title song “Tarantallegra,” which is a spell to make people dance, is made by Kim. Kim will begin his Asian concert tour at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul on May 19 and 20.

IU ranked second receiving 14 percent of the votes. She will release her new single Spring of a Twenty Year Old, which includes 3 songs, on May 11. The song ”Peach,” which is written by IU, will also be released on May 4. The song has a lovable feeling with the concept of a fluttering heart.

Infinite, who drew a lot of attention with their song “Be Mine,” ranked third. And the group was followed by Lissang, Ulala Session, and Baek Ji Young.

source: TV Report
credit: en.korea

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[News] 120430 JYJ’s Jaejoong To Hold Solo Taiwanese Fan Meeting In May

[News] 120430 JYJ’s Jaejoong to Hold Solo Taiwanese Fan Meeting in May

JYJ‘s Jaejoong will be holding a solo fan meeting on May 23rd in Taiwan and it’s all due to the explosive popularity he is receiving with his last SBS drama, ‘Protect the Boss‘.

On April 30th, according to his label company, C-Jes Entertainment, “After his fan meeting in Shanghai in December, he will be holding a solo fan meeting in Taipei, Taiwan at the ATT hall.  This fan meeting is a way to repay the high popularity he received through his past drama, ‘Protect the Boss’“.

Actor/Idol, Jaejoong has received much love as his character in ‘Protect the Boss’, charmed many with his cool and mysterious personality.  According to a Taiwanese representative, the drama has become so popular in Taiwan, that officials are in discussion to make a sequel.  Jaejoong’s popularity is extremely high as his online fan members total over 100,000.

In this upcoming fan meeting, Jaejoong plans to sing the OST, “I Will Protect You“, which he personally wrote.  He will also have a casual talk with fans.

Source + Photos: kukinews via Naver
credit: allkpop

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