[Trans] 121104 Pale And Fatigued Kim Jaejoong’s ‘Fighting Spirit Against Flu’ At Indonesia’s Fan Meeting

[Trans] 121104 Pale And Fatigued Kim Jaejoong’s ‘Fighting Spirit Against Flu’ At Indonesia’s Fan Meeting

Kim Jaejoong caught a bout of severe flu and under the situation where he was unable to speak, he still continued to keep his promise with the 4000 fans in Indonesia.

C-JeS expressed on the 4th, “On the day before Kim Jaejoong left for Indonesia, he caught a flu and was advised to rest. After discussion on postponement or cancellation, Kim Jaejoong insisted on going for the fan meeting for the fans who have been waiting.”

During the event on the 3rd at Jakarta’s Mata Elang International Stadium, Kim Jaejoong did not forget to communicate with the fans and wrote a letter to express his thanks for the fans. As he was unable to sing as well, he felt apologetic and replaced it with handshake and photo session with the fans.

In the letter, Kim Jaejoong mentioned, “Very sorry to everyone, I do not know what to say. My vocal condition is not good due to the bad flu and am very troubled. Even so, I still want to create memories in a closer way with everyone.”

The appearance of Kim Jaejoong at an emergency room of a certain hospital in Seoul on the wee morning of 2nd sent the fans in panic. He was slated to be having an event that afternoon in Indonesia but visited the hospital due to his severe flu. As his health status continue to deteriorate, his schedule was unable to be confirmed but Kim Jaejoong managed to go through the event in Indonesia.

C-JeS Entertainment expressed, “After Kim Jaejoong return to Korea, he will be recuperating through ample resting and health management.”

source: sportsseoul
credit: kimjaejoong baidu
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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120912 Editors Note: The Work of Public Service–A Commitment

        I’ve worked in public service positions my entire adult life. Public Service is rewarding in some aspects, but it can carry severe risk. A public servant is subject to whom he/she serves–the people. In the instance of Chris Stevens–the political morass called world politics.

          So why do people choose to serve in the public arena? What compels an individual to risk life and limb, or even reputation, in the struggle to help others. I believe that there is a call on a person’s life that they recognize early on, and this call continues to persist until it becomes reality.

         Public service encompasses many fields and has many applications. On a local scale it is the teacher, counselor, preacher, policeman, librarian, social worker, editor…I could go on. On the national and international level it is the Newscaster, the Senator, the Representative, the Judge, the President, the King/Queen, the Soldier, the Ambassasor… By the term public, the nature of the work is made known, and the implications of the task are defined. To perform public service work you must engage the public and all that term implies. This is where the rubber meets the road.

         Commitment is a strong concept and action, and there are many who cannot commit. This is because committing involves giving over a large part of yourself to someone else’s control. It means serving when your own natural instincts scream “no”. It means making the decision to risk a loss in the effort to lift someone else up. It can span as wide as a neighborhood, a town, a nation, or the world. Over the span of history many public figures have been martyed.

          I salute Ambassador Chris Stevens for the ultimate sacrifice he and others like him have made in the cause for peace. May their effort on behalf of the common good last for eternity to inspire others to also toil to serve the struggling masses regardless of differences in ideology or societal norms.

credit: Momma Cha

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