Translation 111207 TVXQ To Participate in Hey! Hey! Hey! Christmas Live Special

19 December (Monday)
19:00 ~ 20:54

Guest artists: no3b, AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, KARA, Tohoshinki, Ikimonogakari (more TBC; total 15 teams)
Reporter: Haruna Ai, Chris Matsumara, Mitz Mangrove, AMEMIYA. Hirai Rio

Over 2 hours, these artists will perform well known winter songs and their energizing hit songs at Odaiba FujiTV’s stage.

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Video 110711 HoMin/TVXQ Preview on Hey! Hey! Hey! Special

[VIDEO] 110711 Tohoshinki Preview on Hey! Hey! Hey! Special

Tohoshinki will appear on Hey!Hey!Hey! Special with SNSD, EXILE, AKB48, Perfume, 2PM, KAT-TUN, and many more! Are you excited for this? This show will be broadcasted on July 18th~

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