[News] 121024 ‘SM Party’ was thrown…TVXQ, SNSD and Jang Dong-Geon Attended

[News] 121024 ‘SM Party’ Was Thrown…TVXQ, SNSD and Jang Dong-Geon Attended

SM family including TVXQ, SNSD and Jang Dong-Geon gathered together at ‘SM Party’.

New and old members and all staffs of SM Entertainment such as Jang Dong-Geon, TVXQ, SNSD, Kang Ho-Dong and Shin Dong-Yeop threw ‘SM Celebrity Party’ in Gangnam on 23rd and gathered into the one place for the first time.

It’s said that artists of SM Entertainment, Kang Ho-Dong, Jang Dong-Geon, Shin Dong-Yeop, TVXQ, SNSD and SHINee, had a exciting and funny time together

The photographs of the party were released via SMTOWN official Twitter. The new member of SM Entertainment such as Jang Dong-Geon, Shin Dong-Yeop and Kim Ha-Neul are posing with the old members, Super Junior, TVXQ and SNSD with playful atmosphere.

Meanwhile, SM announced its overall expansion as the entertainment named ‘SM Nation’ after mergers and acquisitions with AM Entertainment where Jang Dong-Geon and Kim Ha-Neul were in while it also signed Kang Ho-Dong, Shin Dong-Yeop and Kim Byeong-Man. [Photo=SMTOWN official Twitter]

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[Review] 120928 The Unforgettable Night of SMTOWN World Tour III in Jakarta

[Review] 120928 The Unforgettable Night of SMTOWN World Tour III in Jakarta

The night of SMTOWN World Tour III in Jakarta started young; fans mobbed the entire area of the concert venue, Gelora Bung Karno a day before and more even joined in enjoy the concert from the outside for they held no tickets. This is the largest K-pop concert thus far held in Indonesia, and fans from all over the nation came to watch, more with their parent, or with a group of friends that shares the same passion through fanclubs.

This was truly a hard one for me, how could I ever encapsulate a night worth of tears, joy, happiness of all the audience present, who has literally fought their way through by purchasing tickets, flown to the city, and be welcomed by another mob of traffic, heat, and unsightly entrance? SMTOWN clearly has made its permanent mark that fans will be more devoted than ever to their favourites, and the new ones will come to appreciate and learn more in this new popular culture

 As scheduled on time at 6:30PM for the concert to start with no delay, due to the artiste’s tight schedule for their same night flight.Colors of green, blue, yellow and red dominantly filled the dark evening; fans vigorously holding their light sticks to all the artists that appear – that didn’t make any difference for the mega stage was prepared with lighting that spotlighted all over the stadium. Posters of all the SM Entertainment artists decorated around with the iconic SM mascot backdrop. Fans chanted all the names, chorus, took photos together, and shrieked to the videos playing. It was a stupefying sight for even before 6:30 strikes, everyone was in the greatest fever of K-pop, and nothing can stop the sporadic euphoria, even to people not at the concert nor venue, to need to know what was going on. I was part of it as soon as I was 20KM away from the stadium perimeters, a welcoming traffic jam of Jakarta thanks to the concert.

Aptly opened by f(x)Hot Summer’, the weather in Jakarta was feverish and literally hot, they continued on with a warning of danger with ‘Pinocchio’. The level of excitement was deafening with chants and fans, especially when Victoria wishes to return to Indonesia soon! On the other hand, Amber is truly a favourite among the stadium. Unfortunately, due to the SBS drama ‘To The Beautiful You’, Sulli was not present, and so becomes Minho of SHINee.

The SM director and former H.O.T. member Kangta swooned the crowd after with a ballad ‘Remember’, and everyong immediately lowed down their voices to enjoy the slow beat. He made the crowd go mad with his simple Indonesian greeting of “Hello indonesia! Selamat malam, saya Kangta… Mantap!” (Hello Indonesia, good evening. My name is Kangta… Super!). He returned the crowd’s loud energy with ‘Breaka, Shaka‘ before switching the stage with a trio collaboration stage of f(x) Amber, SHINee Key and EXO Kris of Far East Movement’s ‘Like A G6′!

If anyone expects only performances within groups, prepare to view a different preparation for SM TOWN celebrates all the SM artistes within their company and to create special stages found no where else. So who had expected the beautiful sisters of f(x) Krystal and SNSD Jessica partied out with Katy Perry’s ‘California Girls‘; TVXQ! Changmin and Super Junior Kyuhyun in Bruno Mars’ ‘Just the Way You Are‘ where a fan was invited to be serenaded by the two; TaeTiSeo trio ‘DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again’ featuring D.O, Luhan, Sehun, and Chanyeol EXO for a start. Even without vocals, Victoria and Tao did a Chinese dance featuring their talent of flexibility and traditional martial arts from China. The collaboration stages flutters all fans across the stadium and it was all unexpected!

The game was on for the new youngest group, EXO-K and EXO-M to perform their two powerful single hits, History and MAMA. They looked as in par like all the other seniors in SM, and showed their promising energy and power to continue on to the rise of the Hallyu wave with their two groups of Korean and Mandarin.Short but sweet, they greeted a little in Indonesian and the reaction was wild and positive. I look forward to their continuing powerful skills in the future and not only just two songs


Taeyeon’sDevil May Cry‘ mystified the stage in red and black, powerful once again as she presented on thie stage. SONE fans who had seen their Girls Generation Asia Tour will remember the same moment. Continued with ‘Run Devil Run‘, all 9 members were clad in black leather jackets and sexy short outfits for a strong impression. Nonetheless, once the lights were up after their energetic performance, the crowd went wild when leader Taeyeon greeted “Kami dari So Nyuh Shi Dae!” (We are from SNSD!). The devil look might not be the best image of the girls because when ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ and ‘Kissing You‘ came about with moving stage towards the main stage was prepared, the male fans were heard loud and clear.

Of course, Indonesia’s most favourite group due to their recent venture of SUPER SHOW 4 earlier this year, garners the loudest cheer from all other 8 groups – Super Junior started with the duet ‘Oppa Oppa‘ of Donghae and Eunhyuk in stellarly eye-catching costumes. Their other stage that reminds me of their concert SS4 with water fountains and elevated stage was recreated for ‘Superman’, still mesmerising, still beautiful to see, still thrilling to view all the members to slowly rise from below. The fans could not hold their excitement no more to continue on to watch their other hits of ‘Sexy, Free and Single’ and ‘Bonamana’

If that was only for a special group, birthdays are even more special where two SM members are having their birthdays in the weekend; SNSD Hyoyeon had been dedicated a special ‘It’s Hyours Day’ banner project for ther birthday is on the same day as the concert, and SHINee Key was to have his the next day. Both had gotten the greatest love from their fans filled the stadium with the “Happy Birthday” song. This was a truly special feat only for the Tour in Jakarta! Both members looked bashful and thankful and said words of thanks, and Key speaking in English.

SHINee, despite the lack of rapper Minho, did not stop their elemental act with water dance splash with their songs ‘Love Like Oxygen‘ featuring EXO Sehun to fill in Minho’s shoes, ‘Lucifer’, ‘Juliette’, and ‘Ring Ding Dong’. The final song from their latest mini-album, ‘Sherlock’, was the final five song that impressed the fans with their unique choreography. The duet everyone was waiting for was the appearance of main vocalist of the group, Jonghyun, to come topless and show off his built body with the youngest Taemin in ‘Internet War’. Boy, did that shake the entire stadium up with the powerful metal rock rendition!

Those who are seniors in the K-pop scene since early 2000s will be ecstatic for the next performer, the best of Asia, BoA.Hurricane Venus‘ made a strong impact from the little dancer, and later with ‘Only One‘, her own penned song featuring SHINee Taemin to dance, and ‘The Shadow‘. Known since she was still in her early teenager days, BoA talked to the audience and said that this was her second time coming to Indonesia. Her effortless cool style with a casual tank top and baggy pants for her powerful dance choreography proves her stability and image that she is not your usual idol.

It was a night to remember where fireworks were shot, water fountains glittered the sky, and a lot of pink balloons was released to the sky, noting that the 4-hour concert was at its end. With the last song ‘Hope’, the entire SMTOWN artists came to say goodbye, running all over the stage and did more interaction with fans who had thrown them gifts and taking pictures together with phones and cameras. It was so hard not to not be seated as all the performances made myself want to jump up and stand to be able to see all things clearly and close while singing along to the performance. The magic of K-pop was brought just for one night that made a plain Saturday into a special one, and a leap of great heights for the entire Indonesian entertainment industry.

Thanks to MP Entertainment and W Productions for making a night in Indonesia a most historical one yet in 2012!

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[Video] 120922 TVXQ – SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III in Jakarta

[Vid] 120922 TVXQ – SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III in Jakarta

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[Info] 120913 Biggest K-Pop Music Event To Be Held in November

[Info] 120913 Biggest K-Pop music event to be held in November

Arguably the biggest Korean pop music event to be held in Singapore so far will take place on Nov 23.

SM Town Live Tour III, a multi-act mega concert over four hours featuring Korean music superstars Super Junior, Girls’ Generation and BoA among others, will be staged at the Marina Bay floating platform.

Its stage is touted as the world’s largest floating stage. Measuring 120m by 83m, or 9,960 sq m, it is considerably larger than the 5,572 sq m National Day Parade stage this year.

And with 18,000 tickets to be released for sale, starting Sept 29, it should also draw far more fans than the Mnet Music Awards held last year at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, which has a maximum capacity of 12,000.

At the moment, Singapore will be one of only three stops for the concert in South-east Asia. Jakarta and Bangkok are the other two.

 SM Town Live, which started in 2008, is a marquee event for the Korean pop label SM Entertainment, gathering the company’s roster of top acts such as Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, BoA, Shinee, f(x) and TVXQ. While the final line-up in Singapore has yet to be finalised, the first three acts have been confirmed.

The 10-member boy band Super Junior and nine-strong girl group Girls’ Generation, among the most popular K-pop acts in Singapore, have performed here in the past year.

Singer BoA, a former teen prodigy who released her debut album at the age of 13, has never performed in Singapore, as hercareer had peaked well before the Korean wave, or Hallyu, had started.

The current SM Town Live Tour is the concert’s third edition.

According to local concert promoter Running Into The Sun, which is bringing the concert here, it is a huge undertaking which has taken it 2 1/2 years to bring to reality.

Ms Beatrice-Chia Richmond, the company’s creative director, says: “SM Town is truly the mother of all K-pop concerts.”

She adds that the event is a “massive concert that has only been staged so far at iconic international venues”, including Seoul’s
Olympic Stadium, Los Angeles’ Staples Center, Tokyo’s Tokyo Dome and New York’s Madison Square Garden.

In Singapore, 5,000 fans will get to be in the mosh pit on the floating platform itself, with the luckiest ones just 3m from the stage.

The four-hour concert will feature fireworks, flying stunts and water features.

Priority ticket sales for OCBC card members and Samsung customers (who have to produce any Samsung handset) are from Sept 29 to Oct 1.

Public sales starts from Oct 2.

Prices will be announced later and it is not yet known how many tickets will be set aside for priority sales.

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[Video] 120518 Homin at LAX

[Vid] 120518 Homin at LAX


Yunho and Changmin smile ^^

credit: azngerl07+Jenny3257

Basically TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin + Super Junior members + some SNSD members came out another less-known exit. They came out from a “Restricted Area” exit because there was a HUGE number of fans in the Korean Air terminal area. (+ huge fat looking line) Once the other majority number of fans realized that the members were coming out of another exit… A huge “migration” (lol) happened, and they were running on the streets and wherever. Super Junior members + TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin went into the same van while the few SNSD members I saw went into another car.

I apologize that I did not get a good video of Yunho or Changmin…Especially when Yunho passed by….I pretty much was staring in awe and forgot that I had a camera in my hand. (OTL) BTW….Yunho’s hair looked SO SILKY.

For ELFs…There was a girl who had a huge SuJu (fanmade) poster…And I saw one of the members look + wave at that girl I think.

credit: freakinlovefive

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NEWS Led by SNSD and TVXQ, SM’s Market Capitalization Is Reaching $1 Trillion Won

[NEWS] Led by SNSD and TVXQ, SM’s Market Capitalization Is Reaching $1 Trillion Won

On November 22, SM’s share prices recorded an all-time high of 60,100 won. Using this day’s share prices as a gauge, SM’s market capitalization has reached $995.9 billion won, with the $1 trillion mark right before its eyes. To make up $1 trillion won, the share prices would have to reach 60,350 won, so there was only 250 won remaining. Recently, stocks related to the music industry have skyrocketed in value, with the current market capitalization of SM being able to easily pass the $1 trillion won mark on November 23.

In 2011 alone, SM’s share prices have skyrocketed by 220%. In early August last year, the share prices were languishing at around 20,000 won, but in the middle of August this year, the share prices have surpassed the 30,000 won mark. In September and October, the share prices recorded 40,000 won and 50,000 won respectively. Further, on November 22, the upper ceiling price broke the record by surpassing 60,000 won, resulting in a situation where the market capitalization is nearing $1 trillion won right before our eyes.

Source: newsen

Translated by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com

Distributed by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com

Please Keep All Credits Intact, thanks.

[Our Source: iLoveTVXQ5.wordpress.com]

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Translation 111119 K-Pop Music Fest In Sydney Wows 20,000 Fans…

[TRANS] 111113 K-POP Music Fest In Sydney Wows 20,000 Fans… Australia Is On Fire

’2011 K-POP Music Fest In Sydney’, the first large-scale Hallyu concert in the southern hemisphere, has successfully come to an end.

MBC held the concert at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney for 20,000 fans to commemorate its 50th anniversary, as well as ‘Korea-Australia Friendship Year’, as 2011 marks the 50th anniversary since Korea and Australia established diplomatic relations.

With Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Yuri as MCs, a total of 12 teams, including TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, KARA, SHINee, 2AM, CN BLUE, B2ST, 4 Minute, SISTAR, Secret, MBLAQ and miss A, came together to kick off the K-POP boom in the southern hemisphere. The groups performed their hit songs and took part in special performances during the three-hour concert and captivated their Australian fans.

4 Minute and miss A prepared a rendition of Australian pop sensation Kylie Minogue’s ‘Can’t get you out of my head’ while CN BLUE, B2ST’s Yo Seob and MBLAQ’s G.O. formed their own band.

2AM’s Jo Kwon and Changmin, 4 Minute’s Ga Yoon and SISTAR’s Hyorin showcased their vocal talent while Girls’ Generation and SHINee, forerunners of the K-POP boom, prepared a special dance performance.

Australian fans gathered in front of the ANZ Stadium from as early as six hours before the show and sang and danced to Korean songs, showing the strength of K-POP in Sydney.

Suzanne(17), a fan of Girls’ Generation, stated, “I’ve liked Girls’ Generation for two years now and it feels like a dream to be able to watch them perform in Sydney,” and “I will never forget today.”


’2011 K-POP Music Fest In Sydney’ will be aired in Korea on the 3rd of December.

Source: [star news mt]

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Translation 111108 TVXQ, SNSD Etc.– Movie To Be Made?…

TRANS] 111108 TVXQ, SNSD Etc. Idol Movie To Be Made? SMTOWN

New York Concert To Appear On The Big Screen

Posted on November 9th, 2011

A luxurious stage featuring Kang Ta, BoA, TVXQ. Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, F(x) and other idols, as well as previously unreleased off-stage clips will be shown in the form of a movie.

On 23 October, at Madison Square Garden, the “SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in New York” was successfully held. A leader in K-pop, SM Entertainment’s artists were the first Asian musicians to hold a concert in the center of American pop culture, Madison Square Garden.

At the press conference for the above event, aside from the NY Times, Billboard, Village Voice and MTV and other local media being present, Japan’s Sankei News, Nikkan Sports, China’s Mingbao and other foreign media were also present in this press conference battle.

Titled “I am: SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in Madison Square Garden (tentative title)” (Produced by CJ Entertainment in collaboration with SM Entertainment, distributed by CJ Entertainment,) (this movie is) centered around the SM Entertainment artists performing in this historic event , and their intensive training process in preparation for a emotionally charged stage, as well as their real, everyday lives, honest feelings and others will all be shown on camera.

Also, videos of the SMTOWN artists and their journey from their trainee days to their current position, how they are now, as well as their hopes for the future will all be revealed via interviews. This movie will be aired in the first half of 2012.

 Source : [BaiduTVXQ + nocutnews]

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Translation 111027 ‘SMTown Live’ is Written About in American, Japanese, and Chinese Papers

[TRANS] 111027 ‘SMTOWN LIVE’ Is Written About In American, Japanese And Chinese Newspapers

The Japanese and Chinese media have followed the American press and have published an array of articles on the ’2011 SMTOWN LIVE in New York’ concert that was held in New York’s Madison Square Garden on the 23rd.

In an article on the 26th, the major Japanese daily newspaper Sankei Sports introduced the New York performance and described the highlight of each SM artiste’s performance, saying that, “K-pop has taken over the birthplace of entertainment.”

The article described the ending stage as “The moment New Yorkers acknowledged the SM family,” when TVXQ’s Yunho said, “Thank you New York!” and was met by everyone in the audience standing up and cheering.

Nikkan Sports had the headline “SM TOWN Appears in New York City, Finishes Off With The Crowd Going Wild” and talked about the passionate response the concert received from its American fans. The article talked about a flashmob that was done in Central Park in July to call for a SM concert in New York, and introduced the immense popularity of the SM TOWN LIVE concert.

The Chinese portal site Huanqui wrote, “The SM concert in New York was a sensation in New York’s Madison Square Garden and showed the world the charm of K-Pop.”

Meanwhile, the New York Times article described the singers as acts “any American reality-TV talent show or major-label A&R department worth its salt would be thrilled to have discovered.” Billboard posted a review of the concert with the headline, “K-Pop Hits Madison Square Garden at SMTown Live” while the New York Daily News released a special article on the concert, highlighting the interview with Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany.

Source: [etoday+New York Times(direct quote)]

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Translation 110905 SM CEO Kim Young Min Says, “What TVXQ Did As Five Was Extraordinary”

[Trans] 110905 SM CEO Kim Young Min Says, “What TVXQ Did As Five Was Extraordinary”

SM Entertainment’s CEO Kim Young Min highly praised the achievements TVXQ made as five members.

CEO Kim met with domestic reporters in Tokyo, Japan on the 3rd for ‘SM TOWN LIVE in TOKYO’ and while explaining the role and importance SM has in the Hallyu Wave, he said, “We are neither representatives who have been selected and recognized by the country nor representatives of K-POP. Though we do feel a sense of responsibility, I don’t feel that we should speak for K-POP or the nation as a whole,” and “But SM places importance on whether or not we can be number one in a cultural aspect. To SM, whether or not our stars can be number one or not is extremely important.“

Talking about TVXQ, CEO Kim indirectly explained the role and importance of SM as he said, “TVXQ’s power is astronomical. What the five members did together was extraordinary. So regardless of the incident (of the three members leaving), the group was able to come to its current position. TVXQ’s power played the role of opening the road ahead for their juniors. What’s more important than being number one is whether or not we can create contents that have the most power in the market.”

Regarding SNS, which has helped the Hallyu Wave spread throughout the world, CEO Kim stated, “SNS has contributed a great deal to the Hallyu Wave. We’ve benefitted from it as well. But within it lies a sacrifice that stems from illegality. Though we’ve been able to expand our influence geographically, I believe that the mindset that SNS marketing is a powerful tool is wrong. Though it is useful, it could cause the downfall of the music industry. What could we do when IDs are shared on the Cloud service? SNS is a useful marketing tool, but it isn’t a necessity.“

Talking about SM’s future plans, CEO Kim stated that SM plans follow the natural flow of the market as he said, “We will follow the market. We’ve set up a steady foundation in Japan, and China is a market I’d like to see us expand into. K-POP has been going on for ten yeas here, starting with BoA. I can’t speak for K-POP’s current location or identity. But according to Japan’s Tsutaya (Japan’s biggest album and publications rental shop), Hallyu-related products have recorded the highest sales so far, beating every other type of contents. Hallyu-related products are now being rented out more frequently than American movies.”

‘SM TOWN LIVE in TOKYO’, which was held at Tokyo Dome from the 2nd till the 4th, featured SM artistes such as Kangta, Kim Min Jong, BoA, TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, SHINee and f(x), bringing in 50,000 spectators each show for a total of 150,000.

Source: [kuki news]
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NEWS Is There A Japanese Backlash Against the Hallyu Wave

[News] Is there a Japanese Backlash Against the Hallyu wave?

It’s no secret that as of late, Korean entertainment companies have been setting their sites on the greater pool of fame and fortune laying a short plane ride away, in the island nation of Japan. Idol group after idol group has either debuted or been slated for a Japanese release. The dramas and the television programs follow. The reasons behind it are not difficult to see. Japan has a far larger music industry than Korea. Being a small fry in the Japanese industry will still rake in far more profit than being a small fry in the Korean industry. However, as of late, it’s becoming quite evident that not all Japanese are welcoming of the “Hallyu Wave”. Protests have jumped from the bowels of the internet to fronts of television network buildings.

According to Japanese Internet news outlets such as J-CAST, roughly 6,000 people gathered outside Fuji Television Network to protest what they believed was too much time allotted to “Korean Wave” content on TV.

“We do not want to watch Korean TV dramas,” protesters chanted, adding that Fuji TV should not force people to watch programs they did not want to see.

They added that the Japanese people desired more homegrown programs on TV.

These protests come on the heels of the controversy surrounding the firing of Japanese actor Sousuke Takaoka from his agency, after he made some negative remarks concerning the recent flood of Korean entertainment into Japan. This kind of conflict is not surprising, given the history between Korea and Japan. But it leaves the question: are Japanese netizens being irrational in their negative reaction to the Hallyu Wave? And what can be done to minimize backlash?

The first, rather obvious point that people will make is that despite all the negative attention, Korean music seems to be selling quite well anyway, with recent acts such as SNSD and Kara topping Japanese pop charts. Kara has been gathering a significant fan base inJapan, and does seem to be growing genuinely popular, but this does not hold true for the vast majority of other K-pop groups. The majority of the imported groups sell very well, but hold little consequence in the mainstream because they have an extremely small, loyal niche of K-pop fans that buy up physical albums. These fans are not reflective of the average casual listener; they are like other overseas Korean idol fans. They are devoted, but exist outside of the mainstream trend.

Once the fact that Korean groups are, on average, not enjoying runaway success is established, it leaves the question: why does the Japanese public tend not to like K-entertainment? It’s tempting to say that it boils down to a matter of historical tension and nothing more, but that fails to dig deep enough. There is a pervasive assumption that Korean groups are only gaining airtime because powerful Korean zainichi executives are cutting deals within the Japanese industry to give them the spotlight, thereby shutting out native music groups. Given the number of zainichi executives giving rookie K-groups ample, easy opportunity to promote in the industry, it is a hard accusation to refute. Add this to the recent economic crisis caused by the earthquake and tsunami and a stew of general bitter feelings is created. It may be that if K-pop idols gave the impression of working hard to achieve their fame, then some of these problems might have been overlooked by the public. However, when very few groups even bother to learn Japanese, let alone record original songs or promote properly, it makes the fact that the attempts to break through are nothing more than a grab for money even more obvious.

There is no easy fix for this situation. There are extremely racist Japanese netizens, determined to never give a Korean group the time of day, as there are xenophobic Korean entertainment executives who want the money but cannot quite conceal their distaste regarding Japan. However, if more groups took the route that DBSK took, and worked from the bottom up rather than taking advantage of cheap media grabs, then it would go a long way towards improving things. Do you think that the system for debuting groups in Japan should be changed? Do you think that any groups will achieve a greater level of success within the current system?

Source: (The Korea Herald)
Credit: Seoulbeats
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Translation 110729 KBS, The Reason For JYJ’s Performance Cancellation Is?

[Trans] 110729 KBS, The Reason For JYJ’s Performance Cancellation Is?

KBS has given its explanations against criticisms about the sudden cancellation of group JYJ’s participation in the Jeju 7 Wonders performance.

On 28 July, KBS responded to the request for an explanation for the sudden cancellation of JYJ’s participation in KBS 1TV’s “Challenge the New 7 Wonders Of The Natural World, This is Jeju.” JYJ was “supposed to participate in the KBS Jeju-produced special broadcast “Challenge the New 7 Wonders Of The Natural World, This is Jeju,” but this was cancelled by the production team.” and “the reason for this was that SNSD and f(x) whom we had initially planned to invite, replied on 15 July informing us about their availability to perform,” they explained.

“Because Jeju is an island, there is high demand for pop culture icons, but compared to Seoul and other cities, there is less availability. When we were contacted about the possibility of SNSD and f(x) performing, the production team decided that it would be a good chance to showcase such big stars on the program.” Also, “Currently, SNSD and f(x) are developing in Europe, so it was decided that they would be more effective in letting the World know about Jeju, which is currently challenging for a spot in the “New 7 Wonders of the Natural World.” and “On 16 July, around 9am, we contacted the JYJ management representative over the telephone and expressed our sincere apologies,” they announced.

The production team said, “The production PD has full authority over the negotiations and decides on the appearance list, and for the sake of a well-rounded program, we decided on the more effective artist. Things are changing even as the program is underway, and this could happen even if it’s just 5 minutes before the live broadcast.” they insisted.

After seeing this, fans said, “This is a reason that lacks logic, and will only fuel criticism” “It was already in the preparation stage of the event, and this not just about JYJ, whose performance was suddenly cancelled, but an act to cheat all artists.” “If anything, these vindications are just killing the JYJ fans once more” and other comments, demanding for a public apology from KBS.

On 20 July, JYJ were scheduled to perform as the appointed ambassadors, and sing 2 songs. However, KBS removed JYJ, and artists from SM Entertainment, the management company that JYJ were involved in a exclusive contract dispute with, SNSD and f(x) performed.

Source : [Innolife.net]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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News 110717 KBS Brings in SNSD & f(x), Explains That They Were The Original Performers For N7W

[News] 110717 KBS brings in SNSD & f(x), explains that they were the original performers for ‘N7W’

Yesterday, we reported on speculations regarding possible “backdoor pressure” with regards to the sudden cancellation of JYJ’s KBS broadcast appearance.

On July 17th, a KBS Jeju representative revealed that JYJ’s appearance on their special program, “New Seven Wonders“, was cancelled because of SNSD and f(x), who were said to be the original guests for the show.

“Initially in the past, plans for SNSD and f(x)’s broadcast appearances were being pushed forward, but they fell through because of the groups’ schedules. However, in the final stages of our broadcast preparations, their appearance became possible… Considering our station’s cultural duty of introducing a variety of stars to local communities, we considered what would be effective… We expressed our great apologies to JYJ’s representatives.

Spring Summer Fall Winter will still be making an appearance as planned. However, other artists besides like SNSD, f(x), and a popera singer are also scheduled to appear as well.“

A representative of one of the hosts of the event, the local government of Jeju Island, revealed,

“We did not know of this. By what skill and authority could we cast a celebrity? This is something that has been hosted by KBS Jeju. Our local government message board has been flooded with comments regarding this event, however, this is not something that we have done.“

The local government also shared their concern with this issue’s possible negative impact on the votes for Jeju Island in the ‘New Seven Wonders’ selection process.

Source: My Daily+allkpop
Tip: Cindy

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