[News] 140414 BoA thanks TVXQ’s Yunho for his cameo on “Make Your Move”


BoA has expressed her gratitude to TVXQ’s Yunho, who made a cameo in her Hollywood movie, “Make Your Move”, through the showcase “BoA’s Love Letter” at CGV Cheongdam in Seoul.

“I thanked Yunho for appearing as a cameo. He came to America and quickly memorized the choreography to film his part. I wanted to buy him a meal, but failed to do so since he was busy and immediately left after finishing his part. I want to thank him for showing a good performance even he was very busy,” said BoA.

In “Make Your Move”, Yunho made a cameo as a famous club dancer, which attracted attention with a perfect 100% poppin skill. He will also show off his dance moves with his unreleased solo song, which increase the anticipation among fans. TVXQ also participated in the OST for the movie, in the track “Runnin’ On Empty”.

“Make Your Move” is a romantic dance movie starring BoA and ballroom dancer Derek Hough. The movie will be premiered in Korea on April 17 and on April 18 in the United States.

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[Vid] [Eng Sub] Road For Hope 2012-2013

There is no better application of God’s love than to comfort His children.

credit: HeeYun hojub+KonaBeans+FrenchNeri+Hallyu Yoon Eun Hye International Fan Channel

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[TRANS] 130717 D-50 Till The Gwangju Design Biennale ‘The U-Know Yunho Effect


Concept art from the ‘My Favorite Gwangju’ exhibition, a collaboration with U-Know Yunho’

There are fifty days left till the 2013 Gwangju Design Biennale and it’s already become the talk of the town.

With a two-top strategy of inviting ‘Hallyu stars’ BoA and U-Know Yunho to participate in promotional activities, it was revealed on the 17th that requests about the convention are flooding in from China and Japan.

This year’s event is expected to write a new page in ‘Gwangju Tourism’ history as a map of tourism in Gwangju is set to be created on the heels of the biennale’s expected success.

When it was reported that U-Know Yunho would be attending his honorary ambassador commencement ceremony on the 5th of September, fans both in Korea and overseas began calling the foundation to secure seats for the event.

Ticket reservation sites in Asia are experiencing a ‘Gwangju Boom’ from Japanese and Chinese fans, and travel agencies are working on holiday packages that include the commencement ceremony at the Gwangju Design Biennale for U-Know Yunho’s overseas fans.

After attending the commencement ceremony, Asian fans are planning to visit U-Know Yunho’s ‘My Favorite Gwangju’ exhibition, as well as his old school.

With requests coming in for Japanese and Chinese leaflets for the 2013 Gwangu Design Biennale, the foundation in charge of the event is set to print more leaflets soon.

The ‘Gwangju Map Project’, which will study the history of Hallyu stars and famous designers from Gwangju, is expected to be popular with fans.

The project will feature a collaboration of 40 famous designers in Korea and will be printed as a book and map detailing the various tourist spots and eateries in Gwangju.

The 40 designers recently spread out throughout Gwangju and the Jeolla Northern Province to find hidden eateries and tourist spots. The project will highlight such places in the province from the perspective of the designers, bring a new angle and approach to such areas.

CEO Lee Yong Woo of the Gwangju Design Biennale stated, “The Gwangju Design Biennale, which is the frontrunner of promoting Korea’s designs as a part of the Hallyu Wave, is focus on tourism in Gwangju this year to help the local economy flourish.”

Meanwhile, this year’s Gwangju Design Biennale will be held for a total of 59 days (September 6th~November 3rd) and the list of participants will be revealed this month. BoA’s logo song will be released online around mid-July.

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[Trans] 130702 U-Know Yunho Is Chosen As The Honorary Ambassador Of The Gwangju Design Biennale

[Trans] 130702 U-Know Yunho Is Chosen As The Honorary Ambassador Of The Gwangju Design Biennale


Gwangju’s Hallyu star U-Know Yunho (27) has been chosen as the honorary ambassador of ‘the 2013 Gwangju Design Biennale’.

The Gwangju Biennale Foundation announced that they have chosen popular Hallyu group TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho (Jung Yunho) as the honorary ambassador of the 2013 Gwangju Design Biennale.

The foundation stated that they have chosen U-Know Yunho as their honorary ambassador because his image as the center of the Hallyu pop culture goes well with the image of the Gwangju Design Biennale.

With BoA singing the logo song and U-Know Yunho acting as the honorary ambassador, this year’s Gwangju Design Biennale is set to be more approachable to visitors.

This year’s biennale gallery will feature the special ‘My Favorite Gwangju’ corner, which will be designed by U-Know Yunho himself through his reminiscence of his hometown, Gwangju. U-Know Yunho’s participation is meant to work with the biennale’s ‘Anyone can be a designer’ theme and has been created to initiate communication between designers and the masses.

Meanwhile, the main theme of the 2013 Gwangju Design Biennale is ‘Whatchamacallit, Thingamajig’ and will be held from the 6th of September till the 3rd of November for 59 days at the Gwangju Biennale gallery.

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[News] 130312 BoA Compliments Yunho On His Acting

[News] 130312 BoA Compliments Yunho On His Acting

BoA is usually seen giving words of praise and encouragement to contestants on ‘K-pop Star 2‘. But she also had some supportive words as of recent for labelmate and same-age friend Yunho!

SBS drama ‘Queen of Ambition‘ has been picking up speed lately and entertaining its viewers, one of which is BoA!

Having caught the latest episode, BoA tweeted, “Oh~~~~~ Jung Yunho!!!!! Brother~~~~ Your tearful acting has come alive~~~~~~~~ I was a bit surprised~~~~ Friend, have strength, hwaiting^^ Please show your support for ‘Queen of Ambition’s [Yunho].”

Although Yunho’s acting was pointed out as awkward and stiff by viewers when the drama first began, he has shown that hard work and dedication pays off as his skills have quite improved, pulling off several tearful, emotional scenes through the recent episodes!

Image: Star News
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[Info] 120913 Biggest K-Pop Music Event To Be Held in November

[Info] 120913 Biggest K-Pop music event to be held in November

Arguably the biggest Korean pop music event to be held in Singapore so far will take place on Nov 23.

SM Town Live Tour III, a multi-act mega concert over four hours featuring Korean music superstars Super Junior, Girls’ Generation and BoA among others, will be staged at the Marina Bay floating platform.

Its stage is touted as the world’s largest floating stage. Measuring 120m by 83m, or 9,960 sq m, it is considerably larger than the 5,572 sq m National Day Parade stage this year.

And with 18,000 tickets to be released for sale, starting Sept 29, it should also draw far more fans than the Mnet Music Awards held last year at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, which has a maximum capacity of 12,000.

At the moment, Singapore will be one of only three stops for the concert in South-east Asia. Jakarta and Bangkok are the other two.

 SM Town Live, which started in 2008, is a marquee event for the Korean pop label SM Entertainment, gathering the company’s roster of top acts such as Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, BoA, Shinee, f(x) and TVXQ. While the final line-up in Singapore has yet to be finalised, the first three acts have been confirmed.

The 10-member boy band Super Junior and nine-strong girl group Girls’ Generation, among the most popular K-pop acts in Singapore, have performed here in the past year.

Singer BoA, a former teen prodigy who released her debut album at the age of 13, has never performed in Singapore, as hercareer had peaked well before the Korean wave, or Hallyu, had started.

The current SM Town Live Tour is the concert’s third edition.

According to local concert promoter Running Into The Sun, which is bringing the concert here, it is a huge undertaking which has taken it 2 1/2 years to bring to reality.

Ms Beatrice-Chia Richmond, the company’s creative director, says: “SM Town is truly the mother of all K-pop concerts.”

She adds that the event is a “massive concert that has only been staged so far at iconic international venues”, including Seoul’s
Olympic Stadium, Los Angeles’ Staples Center, Tokyo’s Tokyo Dome and New York’s Madison Square Garden.

In Singapore, 5,000 fans will get to be in the mosh pit on the floating platform itself, with the luckiest ones just 3m from the stage.

The four-hour concert will feature fireworks, flying stunts and water features.

Priority ticket sales for OCBC card members and Samsung customers (who have to produce any Samsung handset) are from Sept 29 to Oct 1.

Public sales starts from Oct 2.

Prices will be announced later and it is not yet known how many tickets will be set aside for priority sales.

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[TRANS] 120806 TVXQ Captivate 100,000 Audience Members With A Powerful Performance

[TRANS] 120806 TVXQ Captivate 100,000 Audience Members With A Powerful Performance

 The ‘SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III in TOKYO’ concert was held in Tokyo Dome, Japan on the 4th and 5th of August.

The two-day event attracted a total of 100,000 people and showcased an extravagant repertoire of 52 songs by SM artistes such as Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, TSZX the Grace, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x) and EXO, who performed through collaborations, units and in their respective teams.

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[News] 120808 BoA Surprises Netizens: “I Want To Take Yunho With Me If I’m Leaving For A Desert Island

[News] 120808 BoA surprises netizens: “I want to take Yunho with me if I’m leaving for a desert island

Singer BoA has said that she will take TVXQ’s Yunho with her if she was to leave for an uninhabited island.

In the broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s Hong Jin Kyung’s Two O’Clock that aired on August 8, BoA appeared in the segment called Haute Couture.

She talked about her “Only One” duet performances with Yunho, SHINee’s Tae Min, and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk.

When DJ Hong Jin Kyung asked, “If you were leaving for a desert island, who would you take with?” BoA answered, “I’ll take Yunho with me, “surprising listeners.

She explained, “Because we are very close friends, he may do a lot of things for me without having me say them out loud.”

Netizens who heard the episode reacted: “I was surprised when BoA said that.” “Yunho and BoA must be very close friends.” “BoA didn’t even seem to be embarrassed at the question.” “BoA and Yunho gave a great performance.”

BoA has recently released her seventh official album Only One and is now busy giving performances.

source: TV Report
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[TRANS] 120728 TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho And BoA Go On Camera With No Make-Up On, “But They’re Still Gorgeous”

[TRANS] 120728 TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho And BoA Go On Camera With No Make-Up On, “But They’re Still Gorgeous”

U-Know Yunho and BoA appeared on camera without any make-up on.

During BoA’s comeback show ‘BoA 4354′ on the 28th, footage was aired of BoA practicing with U-Know Yunho, who was helping the singer out with her performance of ‘Only one’.

The two celebrities, who came together for a couple dance for the show, appeared on camera with no make-up on but their good looks still shone. Behind the stage, BoA looked at Yunho and said, “Yunho, I find myself able to really get into it when I dance with you.” But they burst into laughter as they described their relationship like “That of Tom and Jerry” as Yunho is too tall for her.

In the following performance of ‘Only one’, BoA and U-Know Yunho’s joking side seemed to have disappeared completely as they showcased an amazing couple dance that wowed the audience.

Meanwhile, BoA has released her seventh album ‘Only one’ and will be holding her comeback stage in SBS’ ‘Inkigayo’ with SHINee’s Taemin.

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[News] 120606 TVXQ’s Yunho: “BoA Is A Lovely Friend So Ask Her Out

[News] 120606 TVXQ’s Yunho: “BoA is a lovely friend so ask her out..

Singer BoA recently appeared on a talk show for the first time in 12 years after her debut. TVXQ’s Yunho appeared on the show as a secret guest and drew a lot of attention by saying, “Ask her out on date, boys.”

On June 6, BoA tweeted a video with the short comment, “Win Win! Secret guests! Thank you everyone.”

In the second episode of BoA on KBS’s Win Win, which aired on June 4, Yunho, who has known BoA since their debut and actresses Go Ah Ra and Lee Yeon Hee, who are known as beautiful girls from SM Entertainment, surprised BoA by appearing as secret guests.

 In the video, the four stars, who finished recording the show, are gathering together and having a conversation. Lee says, “I was going to give full particulars about BoA. I hope you can get to know more about her.”

Yunho says, “I think you know BoA’s true character now. She is a lovely friend. Guys, who are watching the video now, ask her out on date.” Lee also says, “Ask her out.”

They finished recording the video by saying “Go, BoA!”

source: TV Report
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Translation 111213 Go Ara Stars in Movie “Papa”, Says BoA and TVXQ Taught Me English and Dance

TRANS] 111213 Go Ara Stars In Movie “Papa”, Says “BoA And TVXQ Taught Me English And Dance”

Korean movie “Papa” is about Chunseob (Park Yong Woo), a manager who goes to America in search of a junior manager who ran away with a singer. He then finds himself in an unexpected contract marriage which results in the birth of six children.

Go Ara plays the role of Chunseob eldest daugher, Jun, who posesses good singing ability, and becomes a star in the US. Ara said, “For about 2 months prior to filming, I practiced dance, the guitar and singing,” and “(prior to debut) I had trained with 2 members of Girls’ Generation, so that experience was useful in the filming of the movie.”

Labelmates BoA and Yunho of TVXQ from SM Entertainment, gave her dance and acting advice. “BoA came to the filming site to teach me English. Also, ‘masculine’ dancing was required in the film, so it was not easy to do. I met Yunho in the office once or twice, and he helped to check my dance, telling me ‘You must put in your utmost effort.’ “

(Irrelevant portions omitted)

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[TRANS] 111206 SM Entertainment, Releases Christmas Carol Album After 4 Years

[TRANS] 111206 SM Entertainment, Releases Christmas Carol Album After 4 Years

One of Korea’s largest entertainment productions, SM Entertainment (SME) has revealed on 6 December that TVXQ, BoA, Super Junior, SNSD and other artists under their label will be releasing a Christmas Carol album “The Warmest Gift” on 13 December.

It has been 4 years since SME released a Christmas Carol album, with the last one being in 2007.

In this album, Kang Ta, BoA, TVXQ, Trax, Dana & Sunday, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), Jang Ri In and J-min will sing a total of 7 songs, as well as 4 carol remixes, for a total of 11 tracks, to be recorded in English.

The title track “Santa U Are The One” will be sung by Super Junior.

SME explained, “SM Town wants to show our feelings of gratitude to their fans from across the world who have been supporting us, so we produced an English album.” “It would be good if this could be an album that the whole world can enjoy together,” they said.

“The Warmest Gift” will also be released in Japan on 14 December.

Source: [Wow!Korea]

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