[TRANS] 130612-130616 JYJ Official Weibo Updates

[TRANS] 130612-130616 JYJ Official Weibo Updates

(10.40pm KST, 130612, Korean post) I enjoyed the fansign today~^^

(7.56pm KST, 130614, Korean post) While taking family photos… Guys in blue~ Ladies in pink~^^

(12.34pm KST, 130615, Korean post) Cloudy, whom I met at the filming site previously~~^^

(T/N: Please pardon the formatting from here on. Dear child decided he would have a little party on Weibo >< So here’s the result 😛 I’ve split the posts based on threads of replies from different fans, but you’ll notice they were mostly in response to the same first post. Those without “fan reply/fan mention” indicated are posts from the JYJ official account.)

(1.02pm KST, 130616) Hi everyone~~ How’s the weather today in your part of China?
(Fan reply, 1.20pm KST, 130616) Gloomy day, bored, feeling really uncomfortable!
(1.24pm KST, 130616, English) Cheer up!!

(1.02pm KST, 130616) Hi everyone~~ How’s the weather today in your part of China?
(Fan reply, 1.20pm KST, 130616, English) So hot So cool So sweet Yeah~~~
(1.26pm KST, 130616) (^_-)♪(´▽`)

(1.02pm KST, 130616) Hi everyone~~ How’s the weather today in your part of China?
(Fan reply, 1.20pm KST, 130616) Bright and sunny~~
(1.28pm KST, 130616, English) Sunny day

(1.02pm KST, 130616) Hi everyone~~ How’s the weather today in your part of China?
(Fan reply, 1.29pm KST, 130616) It’s really really hot, how is it that oppa can use Chinese?
(1.31pm KST, 130616, English) Gooooogle

1.02pm KST, 130616) Hi everyone~~ How’s the weather today in your part of China?
(Fan reply, 1.31pm KST, 130616, English) I’m in Shanghai! The weather’s like: OMG! SUN!  I’m trying to cool down by drinking water! And you? And you? And you?
(1.34pm KST, 130616, English) Hi~ Shanghai!

(1.02pm KST, 130616) Hi everyone~~ How’s the weather today in your part of China?
(Fan reply, 1.40pm KST, 130616, English) I’m in Qingdao!It’s foggy today, and the fog is quite heavy.
(1.42pm KST, 130616) 

(1.02pm KST, 130616) Hi everyone~~ How’s the weather today in your part of China?
(Fan reply, 1.42pm KST, 130616, English) What are you doing now~~?Who are you??? @JYJcomeon
(1.43pm KST, 130616, Korean) Secret^^

(1.45pm KST, 130616) I see you’re here~

(1.02pm KST, 130616) Hi everyone~~ How’s the weather today in your part of China?
(1.51pm KST, 130616) 
(Fan reply, 1.55pm KST, 130616, English) It’s fine in Guangzhou.But a little hot
(1.57pm KST, 130616, English) Guangzhou!!! 
(Fan reply, 2.04pm KST, 130616, English) I am in huangshan Sky is blue is very beautiful today

(2.06pm KST, 130616) 

(1.02pm KST, 130616) Hi everyone~~ How’s the weather today in your part of China?
(Fan reply, 2.06pm KST, 130616, English) hi ~I am in SuZhou~it is a sunny day,Do you know SuZhou? it is a very beautiful city ~I hope you can come~ welcome to SuZhou!
(2.07pm KST, 130616, English) Suzhou~♪(´▽`)

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[News] 130612 JYJ Yoochun Holds Fan Sign Event, ‘Fans Wait in Line for 2 Days’

[News] 130612 JYJ Yoochun Holds Fan Sign Event, ‘Fans Wait in Line for 2 Days’

JYJ Yoochun Holds Fan Sign Event, ‘Fans Wait in Line for 2 Days’

JYJ member Yoochun held a fan sign event and had fans waiting in line for 2 days.

Today, Yoochun held his solo fan sign event and brightened his fans hearts.

His agency stated that there were a couple hundred fans waiting to meet him and had been waiting in the rain for 2 days in line to see him.

Yoochun did not lose his smile and showed off his sweet and gentle personality throughout the entire fan event.

On the other hand, Yoochun is currently taking a break after finishing the Tokyo Dome concert.

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[News] 120815 TVXQ Holds Special Fan Signing in Myeongdong for ‘Missha’

[News] 120815 TVXQ Holds Special Fan Signing in Myeongdong for ‘Missha’

On the afternoon of August 14th, TVXQ set out to the streets of Myeongdong for their ‘Missha‘ fan signing event.

The event was set up as a celebration of the release of a special limited edition TVXQ perfume set that includes two perfumes embossed with the autographs of the members along with a photobook on all of the latest pictures of the group.

Attendance for the fan signing was organized prior to the event online, and as expected, fans crashed the site’s servers with over 5,000 rushing to grab a seat. On the actual day of the signing, hundreds were said to have paralyzed the area as they crowded around the boys’ table.

TVXQ made sure to hold each of their fans’ hands and greet them face to face. Like the Hallyu stars they are, reporters were able to spot a number of Japanese and Chinese fans in line as well.

The duo stated, “We’d like to deeply thank everyone who’ve expressed interest in the Missha limited edition release. We’ll be showing more variety as models to advance the Missha brand into the global market.”

Source + Photos: Newsen
credit: allkpop

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JYJ′s Park Yoochun Blows Away The Heat at Blacksmith Fansigning

JYJ′s Park Yoochun Blows Away The Heat at Blacksmith Fansigning

Park Yoo Chun held a fansigning event in the sweltering heat for Blacksmith, the restaurant chain he models for.

On July 26, the official Twitter account of the restaurant Blacksmith uploaded photos from Park Yoo Chun’s fansigning for the restaurant, saying, ‘Hello, everyone. We’re here at the fansigning for Park Yoo Chun at Blacksmith Jamsil Shincheon. I don’t think we’ll forget Park Yoo Chun’s handsome face. We’re looking forward to your future activities!’

The photos show Park Yoo Chun smiling broadly in front of his fans.
According to a rep who had been at the scene, about 3,000 fans had gathered by 3 p.m. this day for the event, and some had even come earlier to see the star. The crowd included not only Korean fans, but Japanese, Chinese and some fans from as far away as Germany.

Park Yoo Chun said, “It was great to meet with fans after a long while. Thank you for coming out despite the heat. I received a lot of positive energy.”

Netizens who saw the photo left comments such as, ‘His hair grew a lot’, ‘It’s great to see him smile’, ‘The heat’s nothing to us if we can just see Yoo Chun’ and ‘When’s the next fansigning?’

Credits: enewsworld

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[PICS-HQ] 120601 XIA “Tarantallegra” Fansign Event [Choices]

[PICS-HQ] 120601 XIA “Tarantallegra” Fansign Event


credit: as tagged
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[TRANSLATION] 120112 Park Yoochun Fansign Event For Ottogi

[TRANS] 120112 Park Yoochun Fansign Event For Ottogi

A total of 100 lucky fans will be able to attend the fansign event. The winners will be randomly selected from customers who purchase the “Ottogi GisMyun” from Ottogi Mall, or among those who participate in events on Ottogi’s facebook page. The fansign event will be held at 4pm on 27 January.

Here are the details:

Customers who purchased GisMyun, We invite you to Park Yoochun’s fansign event!

Duration Of Event: 11 Jan 2012 (Tuesday) – 20 Jan 2012 (Friday)
How To Participate In The Draw: Ottogimall members who purchase GisMyun through Ottogi Mall within the duration of the event can participate
Number Of Winners To Be Chosen: 20
Announcement Of Winners: 25 Jan (Wednesday)
Date And Time Of Fansign Event: 27 Jan (Friday), 4pm

Points to note:
Bring along your identification, and fill in the member’s information.
Member’s information must be correct (final confirmation will be done according to the information provided during registration).
We reserve the right to disqualify any participation that is done on behalf of another person or through inappropriate means.

Should there be any changes to the details of the fansign event, prior notice will be given.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Ottogi Mall]

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FanAccount 111021 YooSu — In Heaven FanSign Event Day

[Fanaccount] 111021 Yoosu – In Heaven FanSign Event Day 1‏

Heart still thumping…
The fan sign today was arranged by giving out numbers.
Arrived earlier than expected, and though it’s not the first row, it was quite in front. Tomorrow should be arranged by numberings as well…
After getting the number ticket, I waited at the hall and unexpectedly saw Yoochun and Junsu who came in.
Although I have seen their photos before, they are really handsome. T T
Photos are only half evident of how handsome they are.
Yoochun wore a coat with swept hair and a pair of characteristic specs… hahaha
Not sure if it is my own feeling, I exchanged glances with Yoochun a few times.
When our eyes meet, Yoochun did not look away but stared intensely…
Yoochun ah…. such a great person….
I’m not good with writing, keke, I shall write down their conversations as a fan account.
(Although I recorded the audio, I don’t know what went wrong… I realized it only after I heard it, the conversations were cut into segments… The important parts, some were saved and I shall upload it some other time.)
This was written by my own memories and the spoilt audio recording.


Upon entering, Yoochun is very lively and the duo’s feelings were great.
They smiled sweetly and greeted. keke.

JS: It’s been a long time for a fan sign event right? As it’s been too long, I’m excited yet nervous… To be able to see each other up close is really good.

YC: Junsu’s words were nothing unique (T/N: as usual i.e.), right? (fans laughed)

JS: There’s nothing new but it’s my true words!

YC: Oh… sorry… keke

(T/N: Some of the conversations might not link, as per what the fan said that her audio recording has errors.)

YC: But we saw these messages on the net. Some bought 30 copies and was not able to come. Some bought one copy and was able to come.

JS: This is luck, I guess. Keke. Just like everyone here. It’s my pleasure to have a fan sign event with everyone like this.

(fans applauded)


YC: Jaejoong hyung is not here today… we heard a lot of rumors (from various sources)

JS: There’s a rumor that we purposely did not let him come… It’s definitely not like this. He has something to do… Erm? Did somebody from the front just sighed? Kekeke~ It’s (T/N: JJ’s not coming) not due to something bad that happened.

YC: It was two people during the previous fan sign event too, isn’t it?

JS: No, it was (you) with Jaejoong hyung, two of you, ke ke ke, I didn’t join in due to musical involvement.

YC: It felt so good that time.

JS: Eh? Why? Because I’m not there? Keke

Both of them laughing away.

Fans: (out of a sudden) Make a call! International phone call!

YC: If you all would pay for the international roaming charges… kekeke

Fans: We’ll pay!!! We’ll pay!

Both smiled and silence….

JS: Any questions for us? Kekeke~ We did not intend to accept questions today thus if there are awkward questions, we’ll reject answering, okay? Keke.

Fan’s question 1: At the concert in Japan, when Yoochun filmed Junsu, he said, “Oh? So big!” What does it mean?

JS: (immediately) This is an awkward question, PASS!

Fan’s question 3 (T/N: yes, it was written as 3): Have Yoochun oppa finished the game?

YC: Probably everyone could not see, but my eyes are blood-shot right now. I have been playing for 38hrs… currently 60% done.

JS: When we met at the shop today, he said he played till morning. Yoochun has been a enthusiastic player of Legend of Zelda. During our Japanese activities’ days, I saw him playing this frequently. But he said he will stop for a while. keke. Said that it’s too difficult.

YC: I think that professional gamers are very powerful. I salute them.

JS: My friend is a professional gamer and to them it’s not a game but a job. Anything is never easy.

Fan’s question 4: I’m sorry to ask this from the start, but can Junsu do Angel Xiah?

JS: T T T T…. This is old trick of mine already. Let’s have Yoochun! Kekeke~ Let us see Angel Yoochun~

YC (with a face of ‘huh?): I can’t do it… I have never been an angel since high school…

JS: Then let us see Devil Yoochun! Keke~ If Yoochun do it, I will do it. Come, get ready your expression, Keke~

Yoochun with a face of “Why should I do it?” and smiled, looking at Junsu.

Fans did not back down and keep pleading. Just once more, once more.
Of course, I’m one of them as well. Kekeke~
Junsu still did the Angel Xiah pose in the end.
Yoochun looked at Junsu who was being teased by fans, and smiled.

Fan’s question 5: When will there be activity in Korea (as in concert etc.)?

YC: Korea? Hmm… it’s still unconfirmed… Although it’s still unconfirmed, but might be before the year ends. Probably… End of December or roughly there. Although it’s still in consideration but it’s not yet fixed. Plus there’s things to settle…

Fans: Larger scale! Ticket sales!

YC: Erm… if were to hold a concert and has to be large scaled… Hmm… how about (held) at the road to University for just 5 people? Kekeke~ For (accommodation of) 5 people only~ (T/N: He meant that the place is only big enough for 5 people.)

Fans: Ah!!!!!!!!!!!

Fan’s question 7: You all were so popular with South American fans, Asian fans, (and worldwide fans), what’s your plan in the future?

This fan behaved and asked in a very reporter-way. Everyone laughed….

YC: Is that laptop switched on? Kekeke (As though he is facing a reporter.)

Then both of them did not talk for a while… silence…

JS: Hmm… there’s a lot of plans… but not all matters are easy to handle with. There are a lot of times where things are confirmed and yet cancelled. To us, these are hope and encouragement. But when talking to everyone, we have to be cautious a bit. Just like what was said, before the end of this year, we will try our best to create a chance to meet everyone. If possible, we will release our second worldwide album next year. In the mid of it, we might have solo activities. Hm… just these. Ok? Keke.

After the questions, they began to sign.
The line up is Junsu, then Yoochun.
The two were feeling great during the fan sign.
I have been observing, if asked for it, Yoochun would shake hands with.
Time for me to go.

Upon reaching Yoochun, the atmosphere around him….
He was very gentle and considerate… but he signed very fast… Isn’t it a bit too fast? T T

YC: Your name is?

Me: Li~~

Yoochun signed…

Me: Are you happy recently?

YC: Hm?

Me: You looked very happy recently, thus I’m happy too.

Yoochun was signing without any expression initially but looked up after hearing this.

YC: Very blessed. ^^ I’ve been doing very well.

He smiled happily while saying this.
The strength of these words were stronger than any other hundred words, not kidding.
I almost fainted…
I like Yoochun… no, it’s love. Although it’s only a short time, my heart, kwang….
Please don’t smile to me like that~

My autograph was done very fast but strong.
I went back to my seat, thinking of Yoochun’s “I’m very blessed!”, felt so touched.

The fans today were very polite and well-mannered…
(Fans, you did well.)
The fan sign event’s atmosphere was very warm-hearted… he himself was warm-hearted.

Crazy fans kekeke~
Park (YC) and Kim (JS) were very calm but the fans were excited.
Applauded, teased/cheered, kekeke~ Yoochun and Junsu smiled.

Fan’s question: The two of you walked through from youth till now… was there a side where you saw and realized, hey this kid grew up! Or, he’s still the same!

Everyone like this question.
It is a heartwarming question.

JS: Erm… first, given the same circumstances, rather than saying Yoochun’s reaction changed, I would say it got better. Be it his expressions, or actions, it became more relaxed. In the past, Yoochun often smiled in TV programs but he would sometimes be gloomy off-camera. It got better recently and he smiled a lot more in private. It was really amazing and (I) was very happy.

Just when he was saying warmheartedly about Yoochun’s positive traits and changes, fans suddenly asked about his negative traits.

Fans: (Yoochun’s) Shortcomings!

JS: Mm? Yoochun’s? Nothing negative.

Fans: Oh~ Eh~ Keke~

JS: It is that way! Good looking~ Sings well~ Knows how to compose~ Good in sports too~ (his tone is filled with love and fans were “oh~” ) Ah~ there’s a shortcoming that can’t be changed! Forehead? Kekeke~

Fans burst out laughing.

JS: Forehead can’t be changed and it actually upgraded. Keke~ This should be a good thing, able to see the age lines soon. kekeke~ Haha

Time for Yoochun to answer.

YC: Firstly, I like my forehead a lot. Keke~ For Junsu’s, when being active as an artiste, various… even not being an artiste, anyone has their own way to be relaxed. If weren’t able to do that, it would be troublesome. But Junsu did that aspect very well.

Fans: Huh? (Don’t understand)

YC: (Upon facing problems) He has his own way to solve his problems… That is, he has many ways to make himself feels good… erm, although I can’t be there… but, he always asked me to go play soccer… kekeke

JS: (abruptly) I always asked him along! But he won’t come.

YC: No, if it’s only Junsu, I would definitely go but there’s other artistes as well… it’s a bit awkward.

JS: Ah~ if Yoochun would come, I would not ask other artistes along then. (he said it earnestly.)

YC: Actually… isn’t there a lot of fans in the audience?

JS: Ah~ keke~ the training matches. There are private matches as well, just come for that!

YC smiled and didn’t answer.

JS looked at YC: “See, it’s him who doesn’t wants to come. Yoochun loves to exercise, probably he has some psychological barriers… afraid that he won’t do well.

YC: I have no confidence in soccer. I prefer baseball or basketball.

JS: Then you should create a basketball team one day. He’s very good with basketball. Put me in the team as well.

YC: Erm… I…. will work hard with my current work.

Yoochun who kept avoiding till the end. Kekeke.

Fans: Oppa, can you say a line (from drama or musical)?

YC: Erm, I shall choose one from Junsu’s musical that left me a deep impression, ‘That Tiger…!’ (It was a line where Junsu pointed to the tiger and said during the last day of Tears Of Heaven.)

But how did Yoochun knew about this? Or Junsu told him?

JS: Then, let’s have one from Ripley.

YC: Sorry about that… (The fans in front shouted Penzal!!) Penzal? Upon recording, I didn’t intend to say that but the advertisement company hoped to have that line included.

JS: Don’t you find it funny? Kekeke~ So funny, kekeke~ To say it alone. Keke.

Fans: Please say it!

YC: How was it said?

Fans: Don’t feel painful~! Fool!

YC: Let me think about it first.

YC: Everyone, if there’s any rumors, remember to eat (Penzal Q) only when you feel painful!

Lastly are the words to fans.

YC: Fans gave us a lot of support and encouragement… We also have expressed our feelings for fans through words… What we can do… Honestly… Only through words “Will work hard!” or “Will work hard to do the best!”. No matter said it how many times, it feels that the people who will believe in these words are minority. The majority just listened to it. In a daily conversation… it’s just a sentence. The best repayment to fans, really, no matter if it’s individual activities or JYJ’s activities… Now we have prepared a recording studio and a training studio, stages like these, was it the best repayment to fans…. we are still working hard and hopefully everyone can support us. Thank you.
(Yoochun meant that rather than using words to express his thanks, the best repayment is through actions and the various live stages.)

credit: blessingyuchun+baidu
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source; sharingyoochun.net



The JYJ album, book, diary Music Essay–…

The JYJ album, book, diary Music Essay–Their Rooms all-in-one has gone out. I probably will not see mine for weeks and even when I do receive it I won’t be able to read it. That’s o.k. It will give me ten years worth of translation opportunities, great music to listen to, and pictures, piictures, pictures. 😉
Interviews and Fansign Events. Yea!!!!! Great. A lot going on with our guys. Good exposure and publicity, and a chance to see those beautiful smiles. I think it noteworthy to mention the short conversation between Jae and a Fan in which when asked directly Jae declared that he liked JiJi more. What else could he say.except a general I love all the fans statement? Quick thinking, JaeBoo. Thanks for that fatal smile. Momma Cha.