[TRANS] 130727 [Choi Ji Yae’s Epilogue] JYJ, Will They Be Able To Escape The Tunnel And Fly Again


SM “The FTC’s verdict is unfortunate” VS JYJ “We saw a ray of hope”


The Fair Trade Commission (FTC) laid down a prohibitive order on SM Entertainment and the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and the Arts (KFPCAI) on the 24th. This order prohibited the two parties from interfering with the broadcasted and musical activities of idol group JYJ (Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong).


In July of 2009, JYJ filed an exclusive contract nullification injunction against SM as members of the idol group TVXQ, claiming that the exclusive contract signed between the two parties was unlawful. Since then, SM and JYJ had been locked in a legal dispute over the validity of their exclusive contract.


According to the FTC, JYJ released their first album in October, 2010, during their lawsuit with SM, and attempted to restart their activities as singers but were met with an official notice by SM and the KFPCAI that asked 26 companies in the broadcasting and distribution industries to refrain from working with JYJ.


Regarding this, the FTC stated, “Considering the leverage that SM Entertainment has as one of the three biggest entertainment agencies in Korea, as well as the specific nature of the KFPCAI as an organization in the entertainment industry, the official notice that was released placed a considerable amount of pressure on the recipients,” and “This incident is significant as it has prohibited a large-scale entertainment agency from using its influence and working with a business organization to prohibit the activities of celebrities currently locked in a legal dispute with the agency.”


The FTC also ordered the KFPCAI to, “notify the 12 business associations in the organization, as well as the 26 licensees who received the official notice, of the corrective measures that have taken place.”


Regarding this order, the FTC explained why they had not made SM pay a fee as they stated, “We do not believe that SM benefitted economically from this event, and we believe that a prohibitive order is enough as a warning for other entertainment agencies as well.”


The most important question surrounding the FTC’s order is whether JYJ will be able to appear on broadcasted shows in the future. As it has now been accepted by the FTC that JYJ have been faced with limitations in their activities, many are wondering if JYJ will finally be able to let their activities take flight.


Regarding this, CEO Baek Chang Joo of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Although JYJ’s legal dispute with their former agency was concluded in April, JYJ still suffered from unlawful external pressure. Including the unilateral notification they received from their album distribution company recently, it is an undeniable fact that JYJ have unlawfully been restricted from appearing on music programs, even when they release albums.” He also added, “But if policies and institutions continue to be the foundation of change, as they were today, we believe that JYJ will be able to perform on a fair stage in the future.”


JYJ stated, “We hope that the FTC’s verdict will allow us to freely pursue activities in the entertainment industry and to stand on a fair stage in front of the public. Although a long and dark tunnel still lies ahead of us, we saw a strand of light in the far distance flash by our eyes. We will continue to walk towards that light, and we will always do our best to repay everyone with great performances and activities.”

However, SM released an official statement that read, “It is unfortunate that such a verdict was made, although there was no evidence to prove that such interference had taken place,” and “SM is currently reviewing the option of pursuing legal action against this latest decision.”

With such differing stances coming from both sides, there are may opinions surrounding this issue that exist in the industry. The FTC’s order is very meaningful as a symbol, but the opinion is split on whether it will actually translate into change in reality.

One representative in the industry saw the verdict in a positive light as he stated, “The verdict made by the FTC is a symbolic precedent against large-scale, influential entertainment agencies. The entertainment industry is changing from a food chain into an environment that everyone can be a part of.”

On the other hand, another representative believed that the order would not be able to make any lasting change as he stated, “Though the FTC have made their verdict, we still can’t say whether JYJ will be able to appear on variety shows or music programs. The industry has agreed that the issue is whether the broadcasting companies will take the necessary big step.”

One representative of the broadcasting industry gave a more skeptical opinion as he stated, “I’m doubtful that the FTC’s verdict will have a positive effect on JYJ’s broadcasted activities.”

He also added, “Though the FTC has sided with JYJ, what’s important is how SM accepts their verdict. If JYJ are able to freely pursue activities in the industry after the verdict, wouldn’t that basically mean that SM and the KFPCAI admits to interfering with JYJ’s activities? I don’t think it’s a simple problem.”

A representative who works in management at an agency emphasized, “People are curious to see how SM will react as a large-scale entertainment agency. And it’s true that the FTC’s verdict has hurt SM’s image to an extent. But if JYJ were now able to freely pursue activities as singers, SM would no longer be associated with the term ‘Tyranny of super powers’. As the frontrunner of K-pop, SM must make a wise decision.”

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[TRANS] 121129 Kim Jaejoong, “Congratulations To MyDaily On Your 8th Anniversary!”

[TRANS] 121129 Kim Jaejoong, “Congratulations To MyDaily On Your 8th Anniversary!”

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, who has made a transformation into a movie star, has personally congratulated MyDaily for their eighth anniversary.

During an interview with MyDaily recently, Kim Jaejoong left the message “Congratulations to MyDaily On Your 8th Anniversary” with his signature.

Kim Jaejoong’s debut movie ‘Jackal Is Coming’ recently made its debut. Making an appearance as the popular star Choi Hyun, Kim Jaejoong showcased his passion and fighting spirit as a rookie movie star by doing anything and everything for his role.

Regarding this, Kim Jaejoong stated, “I didn’t feel embarrassed by the notion of doing anything for the movie, and because I worked hard for my role, I felt like I shouldn’t. Because I went in with that mindset, I didn’t think too much of it. Though I was a little worried about wrecking my image, I wasn’t too concerned.”

He also revealed his methods of self-mind control by saying, “No matter how hard it is now, I feel better when I think about the future. I relieve my stress by looking back at how much I’ve grown over time and how much I’ve gained through the process.”

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[TRANS] 120808 Kim Jaejoong, “I Want To Appear On Music Broadcasts” – Interview (2)

[TRANS] 120808 Kim Jaejoong, “I Want To Appear On Music Broadcasts” – Interview (2)

Honestly speaking, I haven’t really heard any JYJ songs. I also had that preconceived idea that “they are just like the other idol singers.” However, from the moment that I watched JYJ in concert, I suddenly felt that “It’s such a pity that I’m the only one watching this concert.”

They wrote their own songs, and the concert was not particularly biased towards performing or singing. While balancing between the two elements, they delivered a well-finished performance with high standards, and this was a truly impressive fact that I saw on site. This is why I felt that it was a pity. I felt, disregarding the issue of influential connections, the inability of JYJ to meet with the audiences via broadcast programs is not a loss to JYJ, but a loss to the viewers.

And it’s precisely because of this that I couldn’t help but ask Kim Jaejoong during the interview, “It’s been a long time that you’ve been unable to appear on music shows. How do you feel as you watch other singers appearing (on programs)?”

Kim Jaejoong paused for a moment, then simply said, “Why would I not want to appear (on programs)?”

I asked him again, “Don’t you wish to appear on broadcasts?”

This time, Kim Jaejoong said, “I do” then started to explain in detail about how he felt.

“After speaking with other juniors, I realise that JYJ is a group with a very special sort of existence. To the juniors, we have become very unique seniors. It’s hard to see us on broadcast programs, so juniors find it fascinating when they happen to see us. When JYJ releases a new album or new songs, our juniors will download the music themselves, and make a special effort to listen to our songs.”

Kim Jaejoong expressed, although he himself is unable to appear on music programs, he has always paid attention to music from his juniors. “My manager is a big fan of Sistar, so I often hear their songs. Their music is good, and Sistar sings very well. In terms of male idols, I think the recent B2st song is pretty good. I watched their “Inkigayo” performance.”

In terms of songwriting, Kim Jaejoong has been hard at work. Although busy with drama filming, he still puts in a lot of effort to write songs, especially when playing the role of Kim Kyung Tak in the MBC weekend drama “Dr Jin.”

When asked if he was inspired by his drama role, he replied, “I wrote many sad songs, but I deleted them all. My role in the drama was too tragic, so I only managed to write very sad songs.”

Kim Jaejoong mentioned, “We are in the midst of preparation, aiming to release a new album in the early part of next year.”

I’ve thought about whether things would have changed for JYJ by then, and even after much thinking, I still feel that it is too much of a pity for me to enjoy a JYJ stage by myself.

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Translation 111129 JYJ Kim Jaejoong, “Please Convey A Lot Of Good News For JYJ” 7th Anniversary Congratulatory Message

[TRANS] 111129 JYJ Kim Jaejoong, “Please Convey A Lot Of Good News For JYJ” (7th Anniversary Congratulatory Message)
Posted on November 29, 2011 by TheRarasaurus

Male group JYJ member Kim Jaejoong has left a 7th anniversary congratulatory message for My Daily.

Kim Jaejoong said, “I sincerely congratulate My Daily on their 7th anniversary. Please continue to convey a lot of good news, and write good articles for JYJ. I hope that you will continue to prosper through your 10th, and 20th anniversaries. My heartfelt congratulations.”

Aside from being a singer with JYJ, Kim Jaejoong has been active as an actor in “Protect the Boss” and due to it’s popularity, will be holding his “2011 Kim Jaejoong fanmeeting in Shanghai” by himself at the Shanghai International Gymnastics Center.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + My Daily via Nate]

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