[NEWS] Will We Be Able To See JYJ On ‘Strong Heart’?

[NEWS] Will We Be Able To See JYJ On ‘Strong Heart’?

Though the doors to JYJ’s chances of appearing on variety and music programs have opened up, the door sill that blocks them is still sky-high. JYJ’s legal dispute with SM Entertainment has been settled, but no broadcasting companies have made any movement to invite JYJ on their programs.

JYJ fought a long legal battle with SM for three years and four months. The fact that they are ‘Kpop stars’ and ‘former members of TVXQ’ were enough to push them into the spotlight. As producers and writers of broadcasting companies are always searching for controversial topics and fresh faces, one would believe they would be rushing to get JYJ.

A representative of JYJ’s management agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We haven’t stopped knocking on the doors (of variety shows and music programs) but we haven’t gotten a single confirmation or a request from any production team,” and “We can’t fathom why.” Their chances look bleak for end-of-the-year music awards shows as well. The representative also stated, “We made enquiries to various music awards shows, with proof of high album sales, and there have been places that have already expressed that they have no intention of inviting JYJ yet again.”

With SM dominating all broadcasting companies, many in the industry wonder if JYJ will ever be able to be truly free to pursue independent activities. One representative stated, “Think of it this way, would JYJ really be able to appear on SBS’ ‘Strong Heart’, a TV show run by SM celebrities and Super Junior?”

Many representatives of the music industry are raising their voices against the ‘walking on eggshells’ approach broadcasting companies take because of their relationship with major entertainment agencies. Though there is no specific instance of coercion, production companies ‘meekly follow’ the wishes of the major entertainment agencies, who have Korea’s hottest celebrities working under their labels, to keep their relationship intact.

A representative of KBS’ variety sector stated, “Though I’m sure JYJ will be able to freely pursue independent activities once they actually start appearing on TV shows, many in the industry just hope it’s not them who has to start it off.” A representative of MBC’s drama sector stated, “Though JYJ have been finding success in sectors where major entertainment agencies have less of an influence, I know for a fact that there were many instances where even these activities were close to failing,” and “I don’t think we could say that JYJ are really ‘free’ now.”

A representative of C-JeS Entertainment showed his disappointment as he said, “There have been no legal issues, not since the 28th of November when the two sides came to an agreement, but since three years ago when the first injunction was accepted by the courts. We have known from the beginning that the issues that JYJ are facing against broadcasting companies was never a legal issue.”

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[TRANS] 120808 Kim Jaejoong, “I Want To Appear On Music Broadcasts” – Interview (2)

[TRANS] 120808 Kim Jaejoong, “I Want To Appear On Music Broadcasts” – Interview (2)

Honestly speaking, I haven’t really heard any JYJ songs. I also had that preconceived idea that “they are just like the other idol singers.” However, from the moment that I watched JYJ in concert, I suddenly felt that “It’s such a pity that I’m the only one watching this concert.”

They wrote their own songs, and the concert was not particularly biased towards performing or singing. While balancing between the two elements, they delivered a well-finished performance with high standards, and this was a truly impressive fact that I saw on site. This is why I felt that it was a pity. I felt, disregarding the issue of influential connections, the inability of JYJ to meet with the audiences via broadcast programs is not a loss to JYJ, but a loss to the viewers.

And it’s precisely because of this that I couldn’t help but ask Kim Jaejoong during the interview, “It’s been a long time that you’ve been unable to appear on music shows. How do you feel as you watch other singers appearing (on programs)?”

Kim Jaejoong paused for a moment, then simply said, “Why would I not want to appear (on programs)?”

I asked him again, “Don’t you wish to appear on broadcasts?”

This time, Kim Jaejoong said, “I do” then started to explain in detail about how he felt.

“After speaking with other juniors, I realise that JYJ is a group with a very special sort of existence. To the juniors, we have become very unique seniors. It’s hard to see us on broadcast programs, so juniors find it fascinating when they happen to see us. When JYJ releases a new album or new songs, our juniors will download the music themselves, and make a special effort to listen to our songs.”

Kim Jaejoong expressed, although he himself is unable to appear on music programs, he has always paid attention to music from his juniors. “My manager is a big fan of Sistar, so I often hear their songs. Their music is good, and Sistar sings very well. In terms of male idols, I think the recent B2st song is pretty good. I watched their “Inkigayo” performance.”

In terms of songwriting, Kim Jaejoong has been hard at work. Although busy with drama filming, he still puts in a lot of effort to write songs, especially when playing the role of Kim Kyung Tak in the MBC weekend drama “Dr Jin.”

When asked if he was inspired by his drama role, he replied, “I wrote many sad songs, but I deleted them all. My role in the drama was too tragic, so I only managed to write very sad songs.”

Kim Jaejoong mentioned, “We are in the midst of preparation, aiming to release a new album in the early part of next year.”

I’ve thought about whether things would have changed for JYJ by then, and even after much thinking, I still feel that it is too much of a pity for me to enjoy a JYJ stage by myself.

Source : [BaiduHeroJaejoong + My Daily]

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[Trans] 120723 This Year, Which Group Artiste Will Go Solo?

[Trans] 120723 This Year, Which Group Artiste Will Go Solo?

JYJ Kim Junsu: Solo Album Released Under “Restrictions” Circumstances

His first album was seen as a protest against JYJ’s restriction. To this, Kim Junsu felt disheartened.

When JYJ, who used to be a part of TVXQ, was resolving their contract with SM Entertainment, their company filed for their restriction from appearing on any music programmes or performances. The court later on ruled against the filing, however it was said that due to SM Entertainment’s strong influence, Korean broadcasting companies had to “show some respect and gave in”. Though the filing for restriction was ruled as invalid, JYJ is still under restriction circumstances.

It has been 8 years since Kim Junsu debuted and when he released his solo album “Tarantallegra”, he continued to be absent from all music programmes, causing rumours of the “restrictions” once again.


He helplessly said, “It was not easy during the production. Especially under the circumstances knowing that I was not able to promote it on television programmes. Therefore I emphasized more on the vocal quality and MV filming. But what troubled me was that, the album was seen as me using my own energy to protest against certain issues.”

Though he was unable to escape from the rumours, his album was a big sell-out. His Asia tour tickets were selling fast and almost every stop was sold out. The 17000 tickets in Seoul was in fact sold out in 15 minutes.

JYJ Park Yoochun envied Kim Junsu’s solo album and expressed, “Looking at Junsu’s album, it’s as though my wish was fulfilled. I am proud of him and no one else can do it better than him. Therefore I want to thank him for making JYJ shine so brightly.”

source: MyPaper Singapore
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[TRANS] 111121 JYJ’s Popularity Remains Strong Despite Restriction In Activities, Albums & DVDs Sold Out

[TRANS] 111121 JYJ’s Popularity Remains Strong Despite Restriction In Activities, Albums & DVDs Sold Out

Korean group JYJ have been unable to perform in official activities in Japan and other countries, but their popularity is just as before, and could probably be even growing stronger.

JYJ’s world tour concert in Ibaraki, Japan kicked off on 15 October, and attracted an audience of 80,000 people over 2 days. The upcoming special version of “In Heaven” to be released in November, which includes a DVD to thank the fans, has dominated the preorder charts of various large record stores. The Jamshil concert DVD that was released last week was sold out on Amazon immediately after it went on sale, showing their extraordinary popularity.

Despite not having any overseas activities, JYJ has still managed to keep in contact with their fans via social networking tools such as  twitter. In October, Kim Jaejoong even took the 2nd place after AKB48 in Japan’s influential fashion awards, proving his high level of popularity.

The fans have also shown great concern for JYJ’s individual activities. Park Yoochun’s “SungKyunKwan Scandal” DVD remained at the top of the DVD rental rankings for an entire month, “Miss Ripley” and Kim Jaejoong’s “Protect The Boss” have been broadcast in Japan and met with an enthusiastic response. The recently released “Protect the Boss” OST also took first place in total sales ranking of Gmarket Japan. Starring Kim Junsu, the musical “Kim Junsu’s Musical Concert” also became a hot topic when it was released.

JYJ’s management in charge of overseas markets analyzed, “I’m really surprised that JYJ managed to gain so much popularity despite not having any overseas activities. I think it’s due to the loyalty of the fans from Japan as well as the rest of the world, with the age range of the fans becoming wider,  and JYJ’s steadfast attitude towards their music as well as the charm from their individual activities are important reasons why fans are attracted (to them).

The special repackaged version of JYJ’s first Korean album “In Heaven” has exceeded 100,000 copies in preorder sales, and will be released this week.

Source : [yule.com.cn]

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NEWS 111010 JYJ’s “In Heaven” Is Still Blocked From Music Programs

[News] 111010 JYJ’s “In Heaven” Is Still Blocked From Music Programs

Fans had high hopes for “In Heaven“, but it seems the restrictions imposed on JYJ are still going strong, as the trio recently revealed that their album still can’t be performed on air (despite charting at the top for four weeks in a row now).

Representatives of JYJ revealed, “We have never received an offer to perform on music programs. Even if we bring the album with us to meet them, they never call back. The album is creating waves on the Hanteo chart right now but it’s not being reflected onto the music program charts, which we find difficult to understand.”

They continued, “Music programs weren’t able to give a logical and fair reason as to why they were rejecting JYJ, but it seems they just simply don’t care anymore and are acting like they don’t notice what’s going on.”

Despite the cold treatment, the boys are going strong, selling out their European tour and being invited to foreign festivals left and right.

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver
credit: allkpop

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