[TRANS] 130727 If You Are Curious Of The True Extent Of JYJ Kim Junsu’s Ticket Power

The reason why everyone should see Kim Junsu in ‘Elisabeth’


‘Elisabeth’, the large-scale musical that took the industry by storm last year, has returned. Like last year, Kim Junsu’s performances, which seat a total of 20,000 people, were sold out in five minutes.


Looking at the overall critiques by the public and media, Kim Junsu’s ticket power is astounding. But this time around, the expectation for ‘Elisabeth’ is different from that of last year, because this time around, many people are saying “‘Death’ by Kim Junsu, ‘Death’ for Kim Junsu.”


First of all, last year’s Tod role was given to three actors, Ryu Jung Hwan, Song Chang Ui and Kim Junsu. The first two actors are veterans who each have at least 10 years of experience in the industry. Because of this, Kim Junsu was constantly compared to them for their ease and presence on stage.


On the other hand, 2013′s ‘Death’ role was given to Kim Junsu, and two other young actors. Park Hyo Shin, who appeared in ‘Rock Hamlet’ in 2000 but is better known as a singer than a musical actor, and Jeon Dong Seok, who hit the musical scene through the 2009 production ‘Notre Dame de Paris’.


Not only does Kim Junsu have the merit of having been in the first round of ‘Elisabeth’ performances, but he has also created a strong foundation for himself in the past three years through ‘Elisabeth’, ‘Tears of Heaven’ and ‘Mozart!’.

During the press call of ‘Elisabeth’ that was held on the 25th at the Seoul Arts Center’s Opera House, composer Sylvester Levay showed his faith in the singer as he said, “I personally think of him as a close friend and I’m honored that Kim Junsu will be working with me for another production since ‘Mozart!’. His presence on stage is truly spectacular.”


Kim Junsu’s role of ‘Death’ is a fantasy character that draws off the fact that the real-life empress Elisabeth used to write countless poems about death. He is an important character who makes the life of ‘Elisabeth’ more dramatic and tragic.


‘Death’ falls in love with ‘Elisabeth’ when she falls from a tightrope at a young age. He is a mystical character whose gender can’t be properly defined. Though he approaches Elisabeth as a man, he approaches her son Rudolph as a woman. He follows her wherever she goes throughout her life, and tries to seduce her into taking the last dance with him because he is the only one who can give her true freedom.


The image of ‘Death’, who is both strong and soft, is similar to Hyde of ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ or the phantom of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ when he appears on a lift. In the musical, he seduces both Elisabeth and her son Rudolph, but also has to draw the audience in and entrance them.


‘Death’ is accompanied by six ‘Angels of Death’, who fill the stage with sophisticated choreography. The ‘Last Dance’ number showcased Kim Junsu’s superior dance skills that he honed as a member of idol group JYJ.


During the press call, Kim Junsu performed ‘The Shadows Grow Longer’ and captivated everyone with a more dignified and charismatic stage presence than last year. During the press conference that followed, he impressed the reporters as he sat and paid attention to what the other actors were saying. It seems as though we must let go of some of the prejudices and negative feelings we have for singer-turned-musical-actors when it comes to Kim Junsu. One critic even justifiably stated, ‘Kim Junsu’s aura grows longer.’


Kim Junsu is currently facing restrictions on his activities as a singer due to a dispute with his former agency. During the press conference, Kim Junsu stated, “My longing for the stage is on the verge of desperation. I’m only able to show my energy through concerts or in musicals. As desperate as I am, I’m going to put all my power and energy into each and every scene.” The instincts he picked up while on stage, as well as the passion he has for what he does, will ensure that Kim Junsu’s charisma will have increased tenfold this time around.


One more thing, EMK plans to open the musicals ‘Marie Antoinette’ and ‘Dance of the Vampire’ next year and the year after, and it looks as though he may be in the running to appear in one of these shows.


Meanwhile, the big and small changes made to this year’s ‘Elisabeth’ is drawing the attention of many. The biggest change is that a new song called ‘The Dance of Love and Death’ has been added to the musical. As a song that was showcased during the Japanese performances of the musical, it will greet Korean audiences this year. Small details have been fixed to bring a new ‘Elisabeth’ to the music industry.


‘Elisabeth’ opens on the 26th of July and features Ok Joo Hyun and Kim So Hyun as the leading role of Elisabeth. They will be joined by Lee Ji Hoon, Park Eun Tae, Yoon Young Seok, Min Young Ki, Lee Jung Hwa, Kim Isak and Noh Ji Hoon.


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[Trans] 130717 XIA Junsu Sells Out Both His Seoul – Busan Concerts… Amazing Ticket Power

JYJ’s Kim Junsu has proved yet again that he has unbeatable ticket power by selling out all 32,000 seats for his Seoul and Busan concerts.

According to Kim Junsu’s agency C-JeS Entertainment, all 18,000 seats of XIA Junsu’s Seoul concerts sold out last week and all 14,000 seats of his Busan concert, for which ticket reservations began yesterday, have sold out as well.


Kim Junsu also sold out all 20,000 seats for his nine Elisabeth performances in August, meaning that he has managed to attract a total of 50,000 people to his events in the month of August.

Regarding this, a representative of the ticket reservation site in charge said, “It’s amazing enough that he managed to sell all his tickets in August, the off-season for musicals, but to hear that he has sold out his concerts in Seoul and Busan as well, which are set a week apart, shows just how powerful Kim Junsu is when it comes to selling tickets.”

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu held a showcase on the 15th to commemorate the release of his second solo album, and will begin his Asia Tour on the 20th in Thailand.

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[TRANS] 130703 Kim Junsu Ticket Power, Takes Him Only 5 Minutes To Sell Out All His Shows

[TRANS] 130703 Kim Junsu Ticket Power, Takes Him Only 5 Minutes To Sell Out All His Shows


Kim Junsu has proved his ticket power yet again.

During the second round of ticket reservations that took place today for the musical ‘Elisabeth’, Kim Junsu sold out all of his shows in five minutes.

C-JeS Entertainment revealed on the 3rd that, “During the ticket reservations that took place today, Kim Junsu’s shows were sold out in five minutes. Most of the tickets were gone in the pre-sales that began at 2pm, and when regular sales for tickets began at 3pm, the server crashed and proved just how powerful Kim Junsu is as a musical actor.”


Kim Junsu was highly praised last year for creating the closest representation of Death that the original writer had intended. Receiving positive reviews from critics and audience alike, he won the Best Musical Actor Award at the 18th Korea Musical Awards. On the 1st, he released a teaser photo that showed him with dark hair and a mystical gaze.

Kim Junsu stated, “I decided to appear in ‘Elisabeth’ this year because I wanted to show the audience a newly interpreted and evolved Death.”

The musical ‘Elisabeth’ is a unique take on the beautiful Hapsburg empress Elisabeth. The fantasy character of Death has been added to the dramatic interpretation of the royal’s life, with a unique storyline of Death falling in love with the empress. With music created by Composer Sylvester Levay, who has also written the music for ‘Mozart!’ and ‘Rebecca’, the musical has been loved in Europe for over 20 years.

Meanwhile, the musical ‘Elisabeth’ will open its curtains on the 26th of July at the Opera Hall in the Seoul Arts Center.

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[TRANS] 111223 Jo Seung Woo And Kim Junsu Are Musical Rivals? In Reality, They Support Each Other

[TRANS] 111221 Jo Seung Woo And Kim Junsu Are Musical Rivals? In Reality, They Support Each Other
Posted on December 24, 2011 by melodiamuse

Jo Seung Woo and Kim Junsu(JYJ), who are known as the two musical actors with the greatest ticket power, don’t see themselves as rivals, but as a heartwarming pair of friends who support each other.

The two became a hot topic when they battled it out on stage with ‘Tears of Heaven’ and ‘Jekyll and Hyde’. But recently, Kim Junsu has been garnering much attention for attending Jo Seung Woo’s musical ‘Zorro’ and the VIP preview of his latest movie ‘Perfect Game’. Many were curious to know the relationship between the two musical actors because they had assumed the two stars didn’t know each other very well.

In a recent interview, Jo Seung Woo commented that Kim Junsu was a great junior actor and said, “I asked him to come see my movie, and he really showed up. Junsu said, ‘Hyung, I really enjoyed the movie,’ afterwards.“

A representative stated, “The two keep in touch and frequently exchange text messages. Jo Seung Woo takes care of Kim Junsu a lot as a fellow musical actor and it’s great to see him giving Kim Junsu advice on improving his acting. Though many think that the two are rivals in the musical industry, in reality, they’re just a senior and junior who support and take care of each other. Kim Junsu recently watched ‘Perfect Game’ and was so impressed by Jo Seung Woo’s acting that he’s been telling everyone around him to go watch the movie.“

In an interview with OSEN, Kim Junsu once expressed his deep respect for Jo Seung Woo as he said, “In my heart, I’ve always wanted to stand on one stage with Jo Seung Woo.”

Meanwhile, Jo Seung Woo’s new movie ‘Perfect Game’ was released on the 21st while Kim Junsu recently ended JYJ’s world tour that took place across 13 cities.

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Translation 110608 VBW Representative Thomas Drozda, “Junsu’s Star Marketing Left A Deep Impression”

[Trans] 110608 VBW Representative Thomas Drozda, “Junsu’s Star Marketing Left A Deep Impression”

“Korea’s musical industry is expanding rapidly in a short time, it is foreseen that the growth will be expedited in the future. This will especially be true via the ticketing power of pop stars like Kim Junsu, which left a deep impression on me.”

The representative, Thomas Drozda (46), from United Stages Vienna (VBW), the production company that brought ‘Mozart!’ to Korea, received an interview on the 30th last month.

After witnessing the Korea ticket sales of ‘Mozart!’, Drozda expressed shock towards the influence that stars like Kim Junsu has on the popularity of musicals.

He said, “In Austria, idol stars like Kim Junsu have never tried musicals before”, “The musical industry and the scope of a pop star’s activities never overlap”. He continued, “What is most important, is that Junsu attracted a new level of audience, and this is very valuable. Due to the influx of idol stars with strong fanbases into the Asian musical industry, the audience now has a wider composition.”

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