[TRANS] 131107 Jaejoong Weibo Global Chatting

T/N: This post consists of the Weibo posts from the Global Chatting session Jaejoong had with Chinese fans. Posts are in chronological order top-down:) All posts were made in Chinese unless otherwise stated:) p.s. the Chinese fans really do type “oppa” in Chinese 😛

(2.49pm KST, Korean & English) Everyone I’m here!!! are you ready???


(3.01pm KST) Hello everyone in Beijing~ Hello everyone in Shanghai~ Is everyone else well too?

(3.01pm KST) How’s the weather in China? The weather in Korea today is especially good

(3.01pm KST) Let’s begin~~~~!


(3.02pm KST) Have you guys heard the title track?

(3.05pm KST) Now I’ll be answering your questions regarding the M/V

(3.06pm KST) In the last scene of the MV, a crane was used to lift all the objects up 30m, before they were dropped. Additionally, there were explosives hidden in the objects, so it was dangerous so we had many rehearsals.But I think it was worth it and very interesting~~

(3.07pm KST) ^.^


(3.08pm KST) In the album this time, aside from the title track, I also really like Rotten Love, everyone should check it out~

(3.11pm KST, Fan’s post, Korean) We’ll be meeting in Nanjing on 7 Dec!
(3.13pm KST, Reply) Alright! I’ll be there soon! Nanjing’s good! Good!

(3.11pm KST, Fan’s post) I sent so many questions… Could you answer one please??
(3.13pm KST, Reply, Chinese & English) Questions go! go! go!

(3.14pm KST, Fan’s post) Will there be any special points about the Nanjing concert as compared to the Seoul concert?
(3.15pm KST, Reply) Well there’s a time difference~~~~~ so I’ll be more tired! Haha

(3.11pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa come to China more often~ The Chinese fans love you lots~

(3.17pm KST, Reply, Chinese & English) Wait for me~~ baby~

(3.14pm KST, Fan’s post) Why are you becoming skinnier? I hope you’ll put on a bit of weight. Also, could you tell everyone your secret to losing weight?
(3.18pm KST, Reply) I put on 2 kilograms after the concert ended~~~~

(3.16pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa.. Are there any Chinese dishes which you like..
(3.18pm KST, Reply) Sze Chuan cuisine!! I especially like mala*~~~ (*T/N: literally numbing spiciness)

(3.18pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa, you’re in a good mood today right?!!
(3.20pm KST, Reply) Extremely good~~ My heart is beating~

(3.21pm KST) Has everyone seen the new M/V? How was it?

(3.20pm KST, Fan’s post) Can you talk about how you maintain your skin?
(3.22pm KST, Reply) I have 7 types of skincare products~ Hahaha

(3.22pm KST, Korean) Send many questions!!! Gogogo!!


(3.23pm KST, Fan’s post) perfect!!!! Will there be other MVs being released?
(3.24pm KST, Reply) Alright! I’m going to tell the boss about this question

(3.24pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa. There’s a Chinese translator beside you right? If so just say “ah”..
(3.26pm KST, Reply) Sorry, there is~ Haha

(3.26pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa, I really like the album this time, the concept and the outfits. Do you like it??
(3.27pm KST, Reply) Is it because of the good figure? Hahahaha

(3.26pm KST, Fan’s post) Time passes really fast, I hope oppa can use Weibo more, love you~
(3.28pm KST, Reply) Writing in Chinese is a little little little little bit difficult~~

(3.28pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa you’re so good looking!!!! You’re the most good looking!!
(3.29pm KST, Reply) You’re a very good looking fan~~

(3.28pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa what’s your idea girl type like?
(3.32pm KST, Reply) A woman whose (top of the) head smells nice~~

(3.32pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa what did you have for lunch? I haven’t eaten yet, I’m so hungry T_T
(3.34pm KST, Reply)I haven’t eaten~~~ Do you want to recommend something to me? I’m hungry~~~

(3.32pm KST, Fan’s post) What do you like to do on rest days?
(3.36pm KST, Reply) Rest at home

(3.36pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa, I think the hairstyle in the MV is really manly. What do you think?
(3.38pm KST, Reply) It’s a horse~ You should try it too~~~

(3.36pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa, do you like hotpot?? If you do come to Cheng Du
(3.39pm KST, Reply) Okay okay~~ Yummy~~

(3.38pm KST, Fan’s post) Do you like the left side of your face or the right side?
(3.40pm KST, Reply) I like the back haha

(3.41pm KST) What am I doing? Make a guess~


(3.40pm KST, Fan’s post) Does oppa like drinking milk!!! My home is in the grasslands!!! We have milk cows!!! Come visit!!!
(3.41pm KST, Reply) Give me a cow then~ Hahaha

(3.42pm KST, Fan’s post) May I ask what your weight is now?
(3.43pm KST, Reply) You’d get a shock if you knew~~~

(3.44pm KST) Let’s have fun in Nanjing~ Is everyone ready?

(3.45pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa are you well?
(3.46pm KST, Reply) I’m good, are your parents well?

(3.44pm KST, Fan’s post) Can the time for questions be extended by a little bit?
(3.47pm KST, Reply) If we extend it, I’ll get arrested~ haha

(3.46pm KST, Fan’s post) Where are you now~^^
(3.48pm KST, Reply) I’m in Seoul~~

(3.50pm KST) The photo I uploaded just now was of me holding up umbrellas to shelter that staff, who had been working very hard, from the sun. The sun that day was really strong~~

(3.52pm KST) I have cheeks now..!


(3.52pm KST, Fan’s post) Why! Oppa, look here look here! It’s ending soon, I sent so many, why aren’t you replying?
(3.53pm KST, Reply) I’m replying~~ Any other questions~

(3.54pm KST) Last question~ go go go!

(3.56pm KST) There are too many questions from everyone, but I can’t answer them all due to time constraints. Sorry~~

(3.57pm KST)


3.46pm KST, Fan’s post) Can the last question be “Kim Jaejoong do you love us?”~~
(3.48pm KST, Reply) call!!!!!!! Of course!!!!

(3.59pm KST) ^^


(4.01pm KST, English) Bye!!


(4.02pm KST, English) And Dress code for Nanjing concert…!!! Light, Scream, Delight…!! OK?!

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[Trans] 130624 JYJ Official Weibo Update

[Trans] 130624 JYJ Official Weibo Update

Recently I have been in the recording studio everyday… But I’m very happy.. It feels great~~~!

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[Trans] 130621 JYJ Official Weibo Update

[Trans] 130621 JYJ Official Weibo Update

Jaejoong hyung gave me a bracelet as a present

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[TRANS] 130612-130616 JYJ Official Weibo Updates

[TRANS] 130612-130616 JYJ Official Weibo Updates

(10.40pm KST, 130612, Korean post) I enjoyed the fansign today~^^

(7.56pm KST, 130614, Korean post) While taking family photos… Guys in blue~ Ladies in pink~^^

(12.34pm KST, 130615, Korean post) Cloudy, whom I met at the filming site previously~~^^

(T/N: Please pardon the formatting from here on. Dear child decided he would have a little party on Weibo >< So here’s the result 😛 I’ve split the posts based on threads of replies from different fans, but you’ll notice they were mostly in response to the same first post. Those without “fan reply/fan mention” indicated are posts from the JYJ official account.)

(1.02pm KST, 130616) Hi everyone~~ How’s the weather today in your part of China?
(Fan reply, 1.20pm KST, 130616) Gloomy day, bored, feeling really uncomfortable!
(1.24pm KST, 130616, English) Cheer up!!

(1.02pm KST, 130616) Hi everyone~~ How’s the weather today in your part of China?
(Fan reply, 1.20pm KST, 130616, English) So hot So cool So sweet Yeah~~~
(1.26pm KST, 130616) (^_-)♪(´▽`)

(1.02pm KST, 130616) Hi everyone~~ How’s the weather today in your part of China?
(Fan reply, 1.20pm KST, 130616) Bright and sunny~~
(1.28pm KST, 130616, English) Sunny day

(1.02pm KST, 130616) Hi everyone~~ How’s the weather today in your part of China?
(Fan reply, 1.29pm KST, 130616) It’s really really hot, how is it that oppa can use Chinese?
(1.31pm KST, 130616, English) Gooooogle

1.02pm KST, 130616) Hi everyone~~ How’s the weather today in your part of China?
(Fan reply, 1.31pm KST, 130616, English) I’m in Shanghai! The weather’s like: OMG! SUN!  I’m trying to cool down by drinking water! And you? And you? And you?
(1.34pm KST, 130616, English) Hi~ Shanghai!

(1.02pm KST, 130616) Hi everyone~~ How’s the weather today in your part of China?
(Fan reply, 1.40pm KST, 130616, English) I’m in Qingdao!It’s foggy today, and the fog is quite heavy.
(1.42pm KST, 130616) 

(1.02pm KST, 130616) Hi everyone~~ How’s the weather today in your part of China?
(Fan reply, 1.42pm KST, 130616, English) What are you doing now~~?Who are you??? @JYJcomeon
(1.43pm KST, 130616, Korean) Secret^^

(1.45pm KST, 130616) I see you’re here~

(1.02pm KST, 130616) Hi everyone~~ How’s the weather today in your part of China?
(1.51pm KST, 130616) 
(Fan reply, 1.55pm KST, 130616, English) It’s fine in Guangzhou.But a little hot
(1.57pm KST, 130616, English) Guangzhou!!! 
(Fan reply, 2.04pm KST, 130616, English) I am in huangshan Sky is blue is very beautiful today

(2.06pm KST, 130616) 

(1.02pm KST, 130616) Hi everyone~~ How’s the weather today in your part of China?
(Fan reply, 2.06pm KST, 130616, English) hi ~I am in SuZhou~it is a sunny day,Do you know SuZhou? it is a very beautiful city ~I hope you can come~ welcome to SuZhou!
(2.07pm KST, 130616, English) Suzhou~♪(´▽`)

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[Trans] 130610~130611 JYJ Official Weibo Update

[Trans] 130610~130611 JYJ Official Weibo Update

haha Xie Xie[呵呵] [T/N: Thank you] //@Xiahxiahky: [爱你][心] Junsu you are the world’s most perfect existence.[心][心][心].cv

A game of golf this weekend~ Very happy~

Things I love collecting recently. NO1-JJ

Hand and hand

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[TRANS] 130607 JYJ Official Weibo Updates

[TRANS] 130607 JYJ Official Weibo Updates

(10.43am KST) We hear there’s an important examination on 7 June~! All our fans,please do your best,we’ll be working hard! fighting~~~~~!!!!!
(T/N: It’s the nationwide high school leaving examinations/higher education entrance examinations in China today.)

(2.40pm KST, English post) Hi china^^

(2.41pm KST) [photo shared

(2.44pm KST, English post) Thank you friends~! (Followers~)jiayou (T/N: press on)!!!

(7.25pm KST, Korean & Chinese post) Yoochun’s dilemma… To try it on… Or not to try it on… Haha

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