[Video] 140104 Jaejoong WWW Busan Concert + Final Ment parts 1&2 Osaka

Thanks to everyone for this video footage. I’m sure there is more to come.

Great vocals and visuals Jaejoong. You are a star performer.     🙂    <3

credit: ayajae11+TheChalanceii+Angel Wing

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[TRANS] 131223 ‘Down To The Last Detail!’… Kim Jaejoong Designs His Own Asia Tour Outfits


Having successfully held the Osaka leg of his Asia tour on the 17th and 18th of December, Kim Jaejoong is in the spotlight for his special concert outfits.

Kim Jaejoong designed the clothes he wore during his Asia tour, which took him to Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan this year. He had two more leather jackets created for his Yokohama and Osaka concerts, reflecting his passion to be as involved as possible.

Royal Sunday, the Swiss designer brand that put together the outfits, stated, “Kim Jaejoong wanted to create special outfits for his Asia tour, so he contacted us via Royal Sunday’s personalized design system to create stunning outfits for his concerts,” and “He’s always been interested in fashion, so we reflected all of his opinions into the designs to create a one-of-a-kind repertoire for him.”

Kim Jaejoong released his mini-album ‘I’ and full-length album ‘WWW: Who, When, Why’ this year, taking his first steps as a solo singer. His shocking visuals and rock music separated him from his JYJ activities, and won the hearts of the public. Having proven his popularity all across Asia through his tour, Kim Jaejoong will be returning to Korea in January to embark on his nationwide tour.

Source: [sports seoul]

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[TRANS] 131209 News Roundup

[TRANS] 131209 Kim Jaejoong Captivates The Chinese Mainland With ‘Talent + Visuals + Effort’


Kim Jaejoong’s first solo concert has the Chinese mainland shaking it up.

C-JeS Entertainment stated on the 9th, “Kim Jaejoong held his first solo concert in Nanjing, China at the Wutaishan Sports Center this weekend,” and “He attracted a total of 10,000 fans to the two-day event for his first-ever solo album Asia tour, and he captivated everyone with his amazing rock performances.”

On this day, Kim Jaejoong performed songs from his first full-length album and mini-album, showcasing his explosive vocal talent and fatal charm. Effortlessly belting out high notes, the singer showcased a variety of rock genres and ballads, captivating his fans with his melodious voice.

As many of the songs featured lyrics written by the singer himself, each performance felt like watching an episode of a drama. Kim Jaejoong changed outfits frequently, matching each outfit to a different atmosphere and touching his fans. The highlight of the concert was the singer’s rendition of ‘Just Another Girl’, which was followed by cheers from his fans to return to the stage for an encore.

After performing ‘MINE’, the title song of Kim Jaejoong’s mini album, Kim Jaejoong said, “Unfortunately, I have to say goodbye with the song ‘Paradise’. I’d like to thank all the fans who came from all over China to see me, and I’m so happy that we were able to share this special moment. I hope to see you again soon.”

The Chinese mainland’s passionate love for the star drew the attention of many. Banners were hung at the entrance of the sports center to show the fans’ support for the singer, and they began chanting Kim Jaejoong’s name 10 minutes before the start of the performance.

Each fan had a different backstory to how they reached Nanjing to see Kim Jaejoong perform. Jiang Myung (22), who came from the northeastern region of China, was unable to buy a plane ticket to Nanjing and had to ride a train for 22 hours to get there. There were many fans who traveled over 1,000km to get to Nanjing from Beijing.

A representative stated, “Fans flocked to Nanjing from all over China because they aren’t sure when Kim Jaejoong will return to China after this performance. We added an additional concert because we wanted to give more fans an opportunity to see the singer perform, and this became a hot topic in China.”

Source: [enews24]

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[NEWS] 131219 Kim Jaejoong at Osaka Concert, “I don’t want this ‘live’ to end”


Kim Jaejoong’s 1st Asia tour concert in Osaka was held last Dec 18.

Kim Jaejoong has released his first solo album WWW: Who, When, Why last Oct 29. His Asian tour started in Seoul last Nov 2-3, followed by Yokohama (Nov 15-16), Nov 23 in Taiwan, December 7 in Nanjing, then Osaka.

He talked fluently in Japanese, hold conversations with his fans, and his bold and candid speech reflects his true feeling.

“I’m sorry, I’ll change into some clothes on stage.”
Subtle seduction? After singing Rotten Love, he removed his fur jacket and his pale chest can be seen, sits on the couch while changing dress shirts.

“I’m on vacation now, because doing Live is not a job. Let’s play. Let’s Enjoy.”
His response after fans’ enthusiastic response at Kiss B.

Gummy: “Jaejoong is prettier than me but I’m cooler right?”
Fans: “Gummy is beautiful.”
Gummy (hands on her face): I feel shy when someone calls me beautiful.
It’s time for Kim Jaejoong who entered the stage cutely.

“Wet hair, Wet body, even my underwear is wet. Oh sorry, what am I saying.”

The camera shows everyone in real time while Kim Jaejoong takes off his clothes back stage. In particular, the cameraman lowers the camera on the lower part of his body much to the enthusiastic screams of his fans.

“Ultra Soul is amazing. It makes the atmosphere livelier. It’s a good song but the last part has some high notes.”

But he repeated it twice after fans made the request. A male fan continues and the audience responded as well.

“I hope this Live will not be over. I don’t want to end it.”
Encore stage which might be the last stop of the Asian tour.

“I’ll have my 10th anniversay on the 26th… 8 years in Japan, half of which, I was not able to work in Japan. A lot of things happened but it doesn’t matter since I am singing, dancing, and having fun with everyone. I believe that we must strive to be happy everyday.”
His response when seeing messages congratulating him for his 10th year anniversary.

“Next year, I will only have a bit of time before I go to the army for 1.5 years. I will not have activities for a short period but I am not afraid. He quoted a famous Japanese expression “Itsumo soba ni” which means I am always here.”
There is no definite schedule but he wants to come to Japan next year.

Source: TVDaily via Nate
Translated by: Ruby (@rubypurple_fan) of JYJ3
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[News] 131209 Kim Jae Joong Leaves a Good Impression in China With His Great Manners


Kim Jae Joong has deeply captured the hearts of the Chinese people because of his well mannered gestures.

Last December 6th, Kim Jae Joong stopped by Nanjing, China for his Asia tour show.

Before his said show, Kim Jae Joong first met up with 50 local media reporters who anticipated his arrival and they were impressed because the idol showed great manner and attitude.

Kim Jae Joong shared, “I added an extra show in Nanjing for fans who are making their way all the way to Nanjing from different regions.”

Kim Jae Joong also answered questions pertaining to his new album and how he feels about his stay in China.


One of the media reporters asked him why he chose’ love’ as the theme of his new album. He responded ,”I think love is the most beautiful motif that people can write music and story from. Everyone goes through it at some point in their lives, but it is always equally difficult to everyone, and I tried to express such feelings through the album. I also tried to include messages into my performance costumes as well. Acting is not similar to acting, not even by a bit, so I need to express the music through outfits, performance, and poses as well.”

After the press conference, Kim Jae Joong did a photo op and he showed care for the reporters as well.

In the other news, Kim Jae Joong’s latest solo and first regular album WWW: Who, When, Why ranked #1 on iTunes Charts in 12 different countries, as well as Tower Records and dominated Oricon Weekly.

credit: kpopstarz

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[TRANS] 131113 Post of JYJ SNS Updates

This post will be updated throughout the day with Twitter, Naver LINE and Instagram updates by JYJ. A time will be added with each tweet, LINE message and Instagram update as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations This post includes updates from 6am KST, November 13th to 5:59am KST, November 14th.


(Jaejoong, 7:20am KST, Twitter) I sound pretty strange these days, don’t I? So much that you guys are worried that I’m high-strung with tension or drunk.. But it’s just because I’m doing what I love and you’re cheering me on for it. That’s all, okay~~~~~~~~♡


(10:31am KST, LINE) I’m so happy these days, thinking about seeing you all soon! There are only two days left keke Teehee♡ To commemorate, I’ll be uploading some photos I took in the waiting room yesterday!! Oh, and you’ll be able to hear my voice on Tokyo FM at 1pm, so don’t forget~~^^



Source: [Jaejoong’s Twitter + JYJ LINE]

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[TRANS] 131110 Despite His Undisclosed Arrival Schedule, Kim Jaejoong Is Greeted By 700 Fans At The Japanese Airport

jaeonplanejapanJYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has flown to Japan for his Yokohama concert.

C-JeS Entertainment stated on the 10th, “Kim Jaejoong arrived in Japan through Hanaeda Airport today,” and “Kim Jaejoong has flown to Japan to prepare for his Yokohama concerts that will be held on the 15th and 16th of this month.”

The agency continued to add, “Although his arrival schedule was not announced beforehand, 700 fans flocked to the airport and waited for his arrival,” and “Now that he’s in Japan, Kim Jaejoong will begin rehearsals for his concerts that will be held this weekend at the Yokohama Stadium for 60,000 fans.”

Kim Jaejoong released his first full-length album on the 29th of October and kicked off his promotional activities. His global chatroom event was flooded by 1.8 million messages from all over the world and included 200,000 Japanese fans logging in at the same time.

jaeonplanejapan1Kim Jaejoong’s album has also dominated Gaon and Hanteo’s weekly charts, and become a nominee for 1st place on KBS2′s ‘Music Bank’, despite a complete lack of broadcasted appearances.

Meanwhile, the singer held the first leg of his ’2013 Kim Jaejoong 1st Album Asia Tour Concert’ at COEX on the 2nd and 3rd of November, and captivated his audience as a sexy rock star.

He will continue his Asia tour at the Yokohama Stadium on the 15th and 16th of November, where he will greet 60,000 fans.

Source: [enews24]

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[TRANS] 131107 Jaejoong Weibo Global Chatting

T/N: This post consists of the Weibo posts from the Global Chatting session Jaejoong had with Chinese fans. Posts are in chronological order top-down:) All posts were made in Chinese unless otherwise stated:) p.s. the Chinese fans really do type “oppa” in Chinese 😛

(2.49pm KST, Korean & English) Everyone I’m here!!! are you ready???


(3.01pm KST) Hello everyone in Beijing~ Hello everyone in Shanghai~ Is everyone else well too?

(3.01pm KST) How’s the weather in China? The weather in Korea today is especially good

(3.01pm KST) Let’s begin~~~~!


(3.02pm KST) Have you guys heard the title track?

(3.05pm KST) Now I’ll be answering your questions regarding the M/V

(3.06pm KST) In the last scene of the MV, a crane was used to lift all the objects up 30m, before they were dropped. Additionally, there were explosives hidden in the objects, so it was dangerous so we had many rehearsals.But I think it was worth it and very interesting~~

(3.07pm KST) ^.^


(3.08pm KST) In the album this time, aside from the title track, I also really like Rotten Love, everyone should check it out~

(3.11pm KST, Fan’s post, Korean) We’ll be meeting in Nanjing on 7 Dec!
(3.13pm KST, Reply) Alright! I’ll be there soon! Nanjing’s good! Good!

(3.11pm KST, Fan’s post) I sent so many questions… Could you answer one please??
(3.13pm KST, Reply, Chinese & English) Questions go! go! go!

(3.14pm KST, Fan’s post) Will there be any special points about the Nanjing concert as compared to the Seoul concert?
(3.15pm KST, Reply) Well there’s a time difference~~~~~ so I’ll be more tired! Haha

(3.11pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa come to China more often~ The Chinese fans love you lots~

(3.17pm KST, Reply, Chinese & English) Wait for me~~ baby~

(3.14pm KST, Fan’s post) Why are you becoming skinnier? I hope you’ll put on a bit of weight. Also, could you tell everyone your secret to losing weight?
(3.18pm KST, Reply) I put on 2 kilograms after the concert ended~~~~

(3.16pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa.. Are there any Chinese dishes which you like..
(3.18pm KST, Reply) Sze Chuan cuisine!! I especially like mala*~~~ (*T/N: literally numbing spiciness)

(3.18pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa, you’re in a good mood today right?!!
(3.20pm KST, Reply) Extremely good~~ My heart is beating~

(3.21pm KST) Has everyone seen the new M/V? How was it?

(3.20pm KST, Fan’s post) Can you talk about how you maintain your skin?
(3.22pm KST, Reply) I have 7 types of skincare products~ Hahaha

(3.22pm KST, Korean) Send many questions!!! Gogogo!!


(3.23pm KST, Fan’s post) perfect!!!! Will there be other MVs being released?
(3.24pm KST, Reply) Alright! I’m going to tell the boss about this question

(3.24pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa. There’s a Chinese translator beside you right? If so just say “ah”..
(3.26pm KST, Reply) Sorry, there is~ Haha

(3.26pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa, I really like the album this time, the concept and the outfits. Do you like it??
(3.27pm KST, Reply) Is it because of the good figure? Hahahaha

(3.26pm KST, Fan’s post) Time passes really fast, I hope oppa can use Weibo more, love you~
(3.28pm KST, Reply) Writing in Chinese is a little little little little bit difficult~~

(3.28pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa you’re so good looking!!!! You’re the most good looking!!
(3.29pm KST, Reply) You’re a very good looking fan~~

(3.28pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa what’s your idea girl type like?
(3.32pm KST, Reply) A woman whose (top of the) head smells nice~~

(3.32pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa what did you have for lunch? I haven’t eaten yet, I’m so hungry T_T
(3.34pm KST, Reply)I haven’t eaten~~~ Do you want to recommend something to me? I’m hungry~~~

(3.32pm KST, Fan’s post) What do you like to do on rest days?
(3.36pm KST, Reply) Rest at home

(3.36pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa, I think the hairstyle in the MV is really manly. What do you think?
(3.38pm KST, Reply) It’s a horse~ You should try it too~~~

(3.36pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa, do you like hotpot?? If you do come to Cheng Du
(3.39pm KST, Reply) Okay okay~~ Yummy~~

(3.38pm KST, Fan’s post) Do you like the left side of your face or the right side?
(3.40pm KST, Reply) I like the back haha

(3.41pm KST) What am I doing? Make a guess~


(3.40pm KST, Fan’s post) Does oppa like drinking milk!!! My home is in the grasslands!!! We have milk cows!!! Come visit!!!
(3.41pm KST, Reply) Give me a cow then~ Hahaha

(3.42pm KST, Fan’s post) May I ask what your weight is now?
(3.43pm KST, Reply) You’d get a shock if you knew~~~

(3.44pm KST) Let’s have fun in Nanjing~ Is everyone ready?

(3.45pm KST, Fan’s post) Oppa are you well?
(3.46pm KST, Reply) I’m good, are your parents well?

(3.44pm KST, Fan’s post) Can the time for questions be extended by a little bit?
(3.47pm KST, Reply) If we extend it, I’ll get arrested~ haha

(3.46pm KST, Fan’s post) Where are you now~^^
(3.48pm KST, Reply) I’m in Seoul~~

(3.50pm KST) The photo I uploaded just now was of me holding up umbrellas to shelter that staff, who had been working very hard, from the sun. The sun that day was really strong~~

(3.52pm KST) I have cheeks now..!


(3.52pm KST, Fan’s post) Why! Oppa, look here look here! It’s ending soon, I sent so many, why aren’t you replying?
(3.53pm KST, Reply) I’m replying~~ Any other questions~

(3.54pm KST) Last question~ go go go!

(3.56pm KST) There are too many questions from everyone, but I can’t answer them all due to time constraints. Sorry~~

(3.57pm KST)


3.46pm KST, Fan’s post) Can the last question be “Kim Jaejoong do you love us?”~~
(3.48pm KST, Reply) call!!!!!!! Of course!!!!

(3.59pm KST) ^^


(4.01pm KST, English) Bye!!


(4.02pm KST, English) And Dress code for Nanjing concert…!!! Light, Scream, Delight…!! OK?!

Source: [JYJ Official Weibo]

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