“Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave…” “Queen of Ambition”

Queen of Ambition

 “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive….”

Sir Walter Scott

Queen of Ambition Synopsis

“When you grow up in extreme poverty, the experience can instill a steely resolve to succeed at all costs. Joo Da Hae (Soo Ae) is determined to leave her life of poverty behind and will stop at nothing until she achieves the wealth and lifestyle she so desires. Ha Ryu (Kwone Sang Woo), who loved Da Hae and would have done anything for her, is used and betrayed by her in her greedy quest. He later becomes a public prosecutor who must bring her down. But the heartless Da Hae, who rises to become First Lady, has plenty of others who will sacrifice themselves at her whim, including the smitten Baek Do Hoon (U-Know Yunho of TVXQ). Can the ruthless Da Hae be stopped before she goes too far? “Queen of Ambition,” also known as “Yawang,” and “Night King,” is a 2013 South Korean drama series directed by Jo Young Kwang and Park Shin Woo and based on the manhwa written by Park In Kwon.”

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I admit that I’m a bit behind on my opinion of the new drama “Queen of Ambition” that stars one of my favorite people–Jung Yunho. Yes, this American eo-meo-ni unabashedly proclaims that Yunho is her favorite in this drama. What can I say? Yunho has this boyish charm thing going on that just disarms you from the start. He’s playing sweet naughty, but as this drama progresses I am interested in seeing how Yunho intends to mature the  character of Baek Do Hoon, a hockey enthusiast. I guess that could be up to the producer, writer, and director, but it also the responsibility of the actor to convince the viewers that this role is believable. It’s a bit early to say, but I am enjoying Yunho immensely.

The lead female character Joo Da Hae seems a bit stiff, but this is probably deliberate. After all, she has to portray someone who kills and agrees to cover it up to advance her personal career.. She tends to be judgmental, drawing back from Ha Ryu, her lover and the father of her daughter, when she discovers that he has been providing for the family by working as a male prostitute. She had attempted to go this way years before, and Ha Ryu rescued her and has given up everything–his dignity and his body– to put her through college.

My sympathies are with the young lovers because they lack wisdom, and out of this lack arises a murder cover-up and a life of hiding from Joo Da Hae’s step-brother.

There is also another element present in this drama–the older CEO sister of Baek Do Hoon [Yunho]. Hints have been dropped here and there that seem to indicate that Do Hoon is her son, not her younger brother.

BTW, I am happy to see Ha Ryu’s aunt being portrayed by veteran actress Lee II Hwa. She starred with Jung Yunho in “Heading To The Ground”.  If I’m in error please correct me. 🙂

I will write again after absorbing a few more episodes. This drama is well written, directed and produced.


O.K.  I just absorbed a few more episodes as I promised and My! My! My!. I’m almost speechless, and, if you have been visiting this blog over time you know that is not my norm. This woman is unbelievable. As long as things are looking up she is right with you. As soon as her little imaginary world starts to topple, she’s ready to ditch you and start clinging to the next available rock. What woman deserts her child like this? The Momma Bear in me is starting to snarl!!! This reminds me of Miss Ripley in some respects because both women are manipulators, but I believe Miss Ripley was less mercenary than Joo Da Hae. They both faced loss early in life, and I sympathize with Joo Da Hae concerning the sexual abuse, but even taking her early childhood into account–there is no justification for the way she treats those who love her. She is a formidable enemy, and she has one many-faceted goal in mind–prestige, money, power, and success. Joo Da Hae is driven by fear–fear of being without provision and without love. Somehow she remains a small girl who wants everyone to take care of her, right or wrong. I cried with Ha Ryu, the most loving, naive man possible, when she told him that she knew what he did at his job. He was suffering all of that degradation just to please and provide for her. She gave him disrespect in return.

Right now, this drama is sizzling on the bar-be. There is a volcano poised to blow at any moment and when it does I guarantee you that Joo Da Hae will be safely conniving to be somewhere else.  Let’s see what’s cooking up for next week. In the meantime here are a couple of the Queen of Ambition OST songs to listen to…

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[TRANS] 130116 Jung Yunho Receives Praise For His First Appearance In ‘Queen Of Ambition’ And Proves His Potential

[TRANS] 130116 Jung Yunho Receives Praise For His First Appearance In ‘Queen Of Ambition’ And Proves His Potential



TVXQ’s Jung Yunho received positive reviews for his first appearance in the SBS drama ‘Queen of Ambition’.

Jung Yunho made his latest appearance, not on stage, but as Baekhak Group’s next-in-line chaebol Baek Do Hoon in SBS’ new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Queen of Ambition’ on the 15th. This will be his first regular appearance in a drama in approximately four years since the 2009 MBC drama ‘Heading to the Ground’.

Baek Do Hoon didn’t seem so different from the other chaebols we’ve seen in other dramas in the past. He is a college student who is also an ice hockey player for his school’s team and has no interest in running the company. After a fateful meeting with the female lead Da Hae (Soo Ae), a romance between the two was foretold as the typical ‘impossible love’ between a rich man and a poor woman was drawn out.

However, Jung Yunho molded himself into Baek Do Hoon’s character with his own unique charm and is planning to grab the hearts of female viewers. his appearance in an ice hockey player’s uniform matched with his boyish looks to give him a daring and masculine image.

The considerate manner in which he acted around the woman of his interest made Jung Yunho’s character shine brighter. In the teaser video for the following episode, Baek Do Hoon was seen asking Da Hae, “Do you have a boyfriend?” and beginning his advances on her.

The viewers’ reaction to Jung Yunho’s first appearance wasn’t negative. Most of the opinions included, “His acting has improved a lot compared to the what it was before”, “Though he’s still awkward at times, I can’t wait to see what Baek Do Hoon will be like,” and “Baek Do Hoon’s appearance helps the fast pace of the storyline.”

The acting activities of idol stars hasn’t always been successful. This is because it can be a ‘dangerous choice’ to appear in a drama based on a pervious image and charm alone, without much preparation or experience though their acting skills may be lacking as a singer.

Amidst the different opinions that surround acting idol stars, there are some who have successfully shown good results within their acting careers. In the case of JYJ’s Park Yoochun, he has appeared in both modern-day and historical dramas such as MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley’ and SBS’ ‘Rooftop Prince’, and has been improving his skills as an actor through various dramas, receiving high praise from viewers.

Jung Yunho has also put much consideration in his decision to return to acting. During the ‘Queen of Ambition’ press conference on the 9th, he stated, “I hope this drama becomes a stepping stone that helps me become more successful as an actor,” and “I’ve worked on the parts I was lacking in, and I hope to show improvement.”

Regarding this, a representative of SM Entertainment stated, “Jung Yunho does have plans made as a singer, but he is working hard to focus his efforts on his acting for now.”

Though he is one of the most popular idol stars in Korea as a member of TVXQ,  the title of an ‘actor’ is still unfamiliar to Jung Yunho. But he has the potential to succeed. With ‘Heading to the Ground’ ending with more disappointment than satisfaction, many are curious to see what kind of reviews Jung Yunho will receive as an actor in his second drama ‘Queen of Ambition’

Source: [star news]

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