[Trans] 120803 Jaejoong’s Twitter Update

[Trans] 120803 Jaejoong’s Twitter Update

Jaejoong: This is the time where my body is the most exhausted but also the time where the sky is the most beautiful. pic.twitter.com/CtsddyZr

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trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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The Joy and Pain of Gardening…by Chaelwest

The Joy and Pain of Gardening

There is this crazy urge that I get each Spring when the first crocuses peek out of bed, and the daffodils put on their bonnets–it is called, in my vernacular, time to dig. Whether it is digging into the black dirt with my toes, or grabbing a shovel and digging holes, or using a tiller to turn the soil over for planting–It truly doesn’t matter because the urge is simply to dig-dig-dig.

Along with this urge comes a need to plant baby flowers and vegetables in the hope of watching them grow into fruit producers and bloomers of the garden variety. Before this can be accomplished, however, there are many steps toward this luxurious goal. No pain no gain.

As I am no longer in the ‘bloom’ of youth, each year it becomes harder and harder to perform the gardening tasks necessary to say that I have had a wonderful, productive season.  I used to be able to kneel and pat those little suckers right into place with no aching aftereffects, but now Mr. Arthur shows up almost immediately after I have patted the last little plant and put them to bed. Ibuprofen to the rescue!!! I guess if I weren”t so driven I would simply let the garden do the natural thing. It would overgrow itself quickly and what a tangled mess I would have.

Since it is human to want to control everything and everybody around you, lest there be any surprises, I struggle year after year to reach the same gardening goals of  twenty years ago. I want little pansies to smile at me while giant sunflowers tower over the fence and protect the borders. I long to see Jack command his pulpit while begonias beguile me with their constant beauty and variety. The shrubs and bushes offer summer glamour while fruit trees, maples, and oak offer bountiful shade.

I am a sensory person. I enjoy textures and myriad colors around me. Nothing is more sensory than touching the fleshy petal of a Day Lily or an Iris. The beauty that is the rose family is absolutely breathtaking–domestic or wild. The variety of colors  is mind-boggling–giving me a glimpse into the rainbows of Heaven. Will there be gardens there to plant and explore?

There is great joy in watching the tomatoes grow and ripen on the vine. Cucumber’s yellow flowers team with the golden orange of the melon flowers. Such a lovely scene. The greens of the foliage form a wonderful contrast to the bursts of color that speak of fruit to come.

My garden always makes me think of the responsibility of parenting. The little seeds that we are given to water and nourish grow quickly. If we give them good food then we will yield a plenteous harvest with strong seed toward the next generation. Will it be easy? No. Just as the garden in my yard takes careful tending in order to grow–so do my children. My difficulty is that I am like ‘The Old Lady Who lived In A Shoe’– I have so many children in my heart that I don’t know what to do. At home and abroad, they take careful tending each day. An earnest prayer here and some encouragement there–a shake of the head when I see them making some of the same mistakes that I made in my own youth; panic when I see that they are going to follow their own chosen path making wise or unwise choices along the journey and disregarding my loving advice. 

I will continue to tend my gardens and the mixed bed of joy and sorrow will be mine to lie upon. Prayerfully, hopefully, the flowers of my heart will someday bloom with beauty and wisdom. I will then hold them close and kiss the dew from their faces.

credit: charlene @charlenesattic.com

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120506 [News] JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong’s Sister About To Debut? She Looks Just Like Her Brother!

[[News] 120505 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong’s sister about to debut? She looks just like her brother!

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong’s little sister has been unveiled, attracting people’s eyes.

Recently, a netizen captured a tweet of Kim Jae Joong’s mother, Oh Seo Jin, and posted it on an online community board with the title “Kim Jae Joong’s sister about to debut.”

In the posting, Oh wrote, “The youngest one decided to enter the Department of Theater and is about to debut. We’ve met director yesterday, and today we’re going to have a meal with station manager at an annex hall of KBS building. He says that he likes her pure image, but since she doesn’t know how to dress up in a stylish way, she seems to fall behind the trend. I’m so concerned.”

 Along the posting, a picture of Kim Jae Joong’s sister was revealed. It was first uploaded on February 4 by Oh on Twitter. Kim’s younger sister shows well-defined features just like her brother, and her flawless skin appeals an innocent image.

Netizens reacted: “No wonder they are related by blood.” “Is this another brother and sister celebrities after Kim Tae Hee and Lee Wan?” “She’s a pure beauty.”

source: Xportsnews
credit: en.korea

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[TRANS] 120417 Tohoshinki, Tokyo Dome For The First Time In 3 Years, “No anxiety”. Event For 100,000 Fans Decided.

[TRANS] 120417 Tohoshinki, Tokyo Dome For The First Time In 3 Years, “No anxiety”. Event For 100,000 Fans Decided.

Popular unit Tohoshinki held the finale of the additional concerts of “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2012 ~TONE~” in Tokyo Dome on 16 April. On this stage, which marks 3 years since they last had an independent concert in Tokyo Dome, Yunho smiled saying, “I’m so happy that I cannot put it in words.” Looking at the venue which was dyed red by lightsticks, they expressed their gratitude to the fans, “Everyone’s ‘red power’ is a great source of strength to us. When we restarted activities last January, and when we begun the tour in January this year, we were nervous and anxious. However, there is no anxiety now! Because there is everyone who supports us, and allows Tohoshinki to continue. Thank you for waiting all this while.” The duo showcased their charisma with powerful performances of 25 songs.

They appeared dressed in white, and showcased energetic stages with dance tracks such as “B.U.T (BE-AU-TY)” and “Superstar”, hyping up the atmosphere in the venue. They opened the concert by greeting the fans with, “We will give our all and showcase all that we have worked hard to prepare,” (Yunho) and, “In this huge venue, it’s just Tohoshinki and everyone! Let’s sing and dance together and enjoy ourselves.” (Changmin)

This tour makes use of “3D Mapping” to create optical illusions, and also has many other interesting points including the use of umbrellas as props. For their solo stages, the duo showcased contrasting performances. Yunho used a sexy dance in “Honey Funny Bunny” to highlight his charms, while Changmin performed X Japan’s “Rusty Nail” powerfully with his fist raised in the air, his wild charm blew the crowd of 55,000 away.

Towards the end, the duo went around the venue in floats, and threw small signed coloured balls into the audience stands. The fans were excited and let out deafening cheers. During “We Are”, which was added to the concert, they taught the fans the “T Jump”. When the duo shout “We Are”, the fans in the venue form “T” with their hands. The duo had satisfied expressions on their faces upon seeing this.

During the encore, the audience was prompted to do a wave, and the entire venue became one during “Weep”. During the concert on 15 April, Yunho was moved to tears by the surprise event by the fans, where they filled the entire venue with white penlights. He said, “I felt ‘This is Tokyo Dome’. Tohoshinki likes being on stage the most, and it is when we are the happiest. I think this is a beginning. Tohoshinki exists because everyone exists. Please continue to give us your passionate support from here on.” The duo then took a deep bow.

The tour was of the largest scale thus far for the unit, attracting 250,000 people during their arena tours, and a total of 165,000 people during the three consecutive nights at Tokyo Dome. 135,000 audiences are expected at the Kyocera Dome Osaka concerts, which will be held this weekend (over 3 days), bringing the total number of audiences at the 26 concerts to 550,000. In addition, it has been decided for Tohoshinki to hold fan events in Saitama and Hyogo Prefecture (Kobe) in June and July, which are expected to attract 100,000 people. For more details, please check the official site.

Source : [pia via yahoo.jp]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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