[TRANS] 150108 Korepo Report: JYJ Decorates the Finale of [Ichigo Ichie] Japan Dome Tour with Deeply Moved Tears!


(T/N: a long report on finale of JYJ Japan Dome Tour. I thought it would give everyone a good picture of the whole dome performance set-up and what each member said roughly. Hope you enjoy reading!)

Korea’s top artists JYJ held their Japan Dome Tour [2014 Japan Dome Tour ~ Ichigo Ichie ~] at Fukuoka Yahoo Auction Dome on 24th December (Wed).
The tour which started on 18th November in Tokyo Dome proceeded to Osaka, and then on 23rd and 24th for 2 days, JYJ decorated their dome tour finale with their first Fukuoka concerts with roaring success.

On 24th Christmas eve, while fans eagerly waited in their Christmas cos-play (T/N: costumer play, meaning wearing a costume to become someone/something else) holding JYJ goods, the dome went into darkness.
Penlights the fans were holding shone red all at once, covering one side of the dome with red waves.
When the screen showed clips of Junsu, Yuchun, Jaejoong one-by-one, voices of the audience flew about shouting out the members’ names.
When dancers in black costumes sure to heighten the excitment of the dome came out to show-off their acrobatic dance moves, the screen close up on [JYJ] logo.
When Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu appeared on the top stage dressed in black/gold glittering costumes, the place went into a storm of happiness.

When they sang the opening number “Empty” on top of a firery stage, their powerful dance and voices raised the voltage of the place at once but yet during their ballad number “Ayy Girl (R&B ver)” the place was wrapped up in their sweet voices, capturing fans’ hearts very early into the concert.
The place was in an uproar reaching the highest climax with their even more passionate performances since its the tour finale.

After receiving fanatic responses, the opening stage ended and MC time starts.
After Jaejoong’s “welcome to JYJ Dome Tour in Fukuoka!” and Junsu’s call “Good evening everyone~! I’m Junsu of JYJ. 2014 Asia Tour ends today. For this, I will put in all my energy from the start till the end, going with my all strength so everyone! Let’s enjoy till the end!”, the place shook with roars of cheers.
Fans were nodding in agreement when these words were spoken “good evening this is Jaejoong. Its the last one today right. Although we just started, it feels lonely right (as the final performance)”.
When he said “and Merry Christmas everyone!”, the audience responded with loud cheers of “Merry Christmas” back.
Jaejoong further continued with “since its Christmas today, let’s enjoy with a special performance we prepared only for today. Thank you” and raised expectations towards the performance while passing the baton to Yuchun.
“I’m Yuchun of JYJ!” he greeted and gave out a huge sigh with “today is the last of this tour right. Haaaaaa~” and continued “dome tour, I want to do it one more time you know”. At these words, the dome was filled with voices responding in a split second “we want!!”
“But….. JYJ will also try hard so please give us your support till the end!” said Yuchun.
After “until the end, ready to enjoy, OK~!” shouted by Yuchun in his usual style, the second stage started!
“And so please listen to this” said Jaejoong, introducing the number “Let Me See”.
After feeling intoxicated with that gem of a harmony created with these 3 beautiful voices, everyone in the dome was then intoxicated with “In Heaven”, the masterpiece ballad that stimulates all our 5 senses.

The fans, applauding loudly with all their emotions after each song, complimented the 3 members’ performances towards making this the best LIVE.
A clip was shown on screen to look back at their activities as JYJ and as individuals, and when the words [now is the time to show a new look ~…..] appeared, it was time for the special solo performances.
Jaejoong appeared in chic black-base clothes sitting on a chair and sang emotionally to Nakajima Miyuki’s [Keshou], while Junsu also sang Nakajima Miyuki’s [Kimi to Sora no Aida]. Yuchun then followed with Fukuyama Masaharu’s [Sai Ai].
While they delivered these emotional ballads which fit their individual image exactly, everyone was so touched that some fans who even shed tears.
Then the atmosphere took a complete change, and Jaejoong appeared wearing a leather jacket with frills showing off a look mixed with sexiness and charisma singing passionately to [Butterfly].
This was a rock number elegant and bewitching like a butterfly, and the audience was sucked into a vortex of passion.  “Everyone, are you ready to go crazy?” shouted Jaejoong and everyone responded with “Yeah~!”
And to further words of “Go crazy? You sure?”, fans shouted even louder “Yeah~!”
“Coz today is the finale. We have enjoyed those concerts we did until now too but today everyone please force yourselves a little…. like this [I am normally like this but because its the finale I’ll put in more for you] (laugh). Like more crazy then usual….. To the level that will shock even the friend you came with today….. I want you to enjoy today with that kind of tension!” said Jaejoong encouraging the fans and finally “next song, you know what it is right?”
“First floor, second floor Ultra Soul!” (Jaejoong) “Hey!” (fans) “now everybody! Ultra Soul!” (Jaejoong) “Hey!” (fans), the call & response continued like this.
With cheers that filled-up the entire place, “I’m going to ride this tide!” said Jaejoong and went on to do [Ultra Soul] by B’z.
Fans who got excited during the MC where Jaejoong captured their hearts, then screamed his name “Jaejoonggggggg~!” loudly and shook the floor together with Jaejoong.

Next up was Yuchun wearing a greyish jacket.
When he sang the R&B-flavor number [I Love You] with his charismatic high tone and heavy low notes voice, the dome reacted with unbreaking applauses and cheers that sounded like howling. (T/N: can’t help it just want to comment here that this use of “howling” by the reporter was just hilarious and so apt!)
While reciprocating to screams of female fans, he also expressed his appreciation to the many male fans’ cheers when they said “Yuchun-san, I love  you” (T/N: very difficult to translate DAISUKI coz it can mean LOVE it can mean like a lot etc. but I’ll go with LOVE coz I believe its closer), prompting him to joke “that’s a little (laugh)” (T/N: meaning he CAN’T reciprocate lol) and making everyone laughed.
As today is the tour’s final day, Yuchun said with regret “now, I want time to stop. I mean, I think members may do individual LIVE but as JYJ probably 3 years, 4 years later….” and the audience went “eeeeehhhh~!” in shocked.
As if to make it sound better to himself too, Yuchun explained “I mean, we are going for military service right”
After pausing for a breath, he continued “but please wait for us JYJ” and everyone responded back “we’ll wait~!!!”
Changing the topic, “its kind of exciting ’cause it’s Christmas right? I was excited with Junsu yesterday (laugh) when Junsu said at the side of the stage [what do I do? This really makes me uncomfortable you know]. But sorry Junsu (laugh), I personally want to give fans a Christmas present….. I want our performance today to be a present from us” said Yuchun and went on to perform [30] and after that whispered “everyone, I love you” to huge cheers from fans.

Last from the solo section was Junsu wearing pure-white long coat.
Strong yet beautiful voice singing “because you are not alone, because I will protect you ~” to fans like he is talking to them with AI’s [STORY], and was drown with applause.
“It’s been a while so my Japanese may not convey my meaning 100% but it’s great to be able to communicate in Japanese right? All of you are so kind. Even when I used ridiculous Japanese you will understand me and I feel thankful every time” expressing his gratefulness.
“And so its the same today, are you ready?” he shouted and there were cheers heard from male fans.
In response to those cheers, he said “can I hear the guys’ voices today? One – two!” and the male fans cheered “Junsuuuuuuu~!!”
Furthermore, “and from now!” said Junsu, “Junsu Time!” shouted fans as per usual, and an intensive performance started.
To the strong electron sound, Junsu performed [Incredible] with the dancers and overwhelmed the audience with a perfectly-executed dance performance and his predominant singing skill.

The stage started again with 3 of them singing [So So].
As its Christmas eve today and finale of dome tour, Junsu, Jaejoong and Yuchun appeared on the top stage cos-play as snowman, Santa Claus and Tree!
Fans went wild with excitement at how cute the 3 of them looked.
The simple performance, born from 3 of them wanting to make fans happy, brought delight to the audience.


While singing Yuchun’s hit-drama [Sungkyunkwang Scandal] theme song [Chajatta], they moved towards the sub-stage.

They were moving slowly towards audience at the back.
When the 3 of them were approaching slowly on the moving stage, everyone was overjoyed!
Junsu said “after debuting 10 years, this is a first cos-play for me (laugh)”. “Yes, for Junsu and me (laugh). But Jaejoong is sexy right” quipped Yuchun.
“We are almost turning 30 and frankly this is too embarrassing” Jaejoong said shyly while Junsu quipped “at first there was talk about dressing-up as girls but on a moving stage you can see…..(T/N: erhm, I supposed you can imagine them wearing SKIRTS and hence….) so we gave up on that” bringing continuous laughters from everyone.
In addition, Jaejoong started doing “adult” talk and the place went into an uproar.
In the midst of singing SMAP’s popular song [Lion Heart] and [Be My Girl], 3 of them went on separate trams and gifted audience with color balls that included their signatures, toys, and even the costumes they wore, making one round of the dome to the delights of fans.

JYJ appeared again after changing into dark blue outfits and sang the title track [BACK SEAT] in their new album [JUST US], followed by [Be the One] and [Valentine], and finally there remains only 1 song.
“It’s time to introduce our final song but….. Time passes so fast right. Its amazing how fast time passed from Yuchun’s [are you ready!] just now. I don’t want to do the next song. I mean, today is the last time”.
In addition, “when the new single release has been confirmed, we shouted BANZAI! (T/N: we did it) It’s the same happiness we feel when we first took No 1 on the weekly chart after debut in Japan. So this moment should not be a lonely time for us but a waiting moment for new happiness I think. Because today is Christmas eve, I want to part with you all while smiling”, and further “let us introduce the new song to be release on 21 January” before performing [Wake Me Tonight].

After singing [Get Out] during encore, Junsu said “with the next song our [2014 JYJ Japan Dome Tour] ends. When we started off in China, I was also doing musical then and frankly it was tough but today I really feel lonely. Until now even when we couldn’t appear on TV or in the midst of various bad situations, we could overcome everything and be here now because of you all. I feel that I can prepare for my next step with your support and love. I will continue to do my best”. Jaejoong sighed with deep emotion ” after becoming the name JYJ there will be no next, we don’t know what will happen next. Everyday we feared what’s to come tomorrow. Everytime we performed in Japan we always say [we can meet again] but we don’t know when that will be and spent our time while watching over that period of “uncertain future”. But this concert I felt the trust with you and the really deep love that is like an assurance that we can certainly keep doing this. Although we talk about going into military service soon, I am coming to Yokohama in January (laugh). We won’t be meeting for 2 years but 2 years is short so just wait for us for a while alright”.
Yuchun also said “yesterday I was listenig to some good old songs with Jaejoong in the car after a long while. I want to make beautiful memories too from now. This beautiful memories cannot be made without all of you and without Jaejoong and Junsu….. Let’s make beautiful memories with JYJ and all of you from now. Thank you today” warm words from his heart.

To Jaejoong who said he didn’t want to do the next song, Yuchun proposed “then let’s do A Cappella” and the entire dome echoed with a huge roar of roof-penetrating loud cheers.
Everyone was super-excited when their A Capalle harmonized beautifully.
They sang [NINE] written by Jaejoong.

[BEGIN] was sang durng double=encore.
3 of them were filled with deep emotions and couldn’t control their crying.
Fans there were also crying, and finally they took a picture with fans behind them and promised to come back again, ending Japan Dome Tour’s finale with tears and emotions.
This Japan Dome Tour mobilized 240,000 people starting from November, performing at Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka.
After proving their continuous-poplularity, JYJ will release their first Japan single [Wake Me Tonight] on 21 January.


Source: Korepo
Translated by: Jen_BabyLove of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

JYJ Fantalk Source: JYJ3

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[TRANS] 131124 TVXQ Become The First Foreign Artistes To Perform At The Tokyo Dome For Three Consecutive Years


TVXQ have become the first foreign artistes to perform at the Tokyo Dome for three consecutive year.

The group made this announcement during their fanclub event that was held on the 23rd of November at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan. The accomplishment is extremely meaningful to both TVXQ and their fans as this makes TVXQ the first foreign artistes to hold a solo concert at the Tokyo Dome for three consecutive year.

During the fanmeet, TVXQ announced, “We will begin our Japanese tour in April next year, and perform at the Tokyo Dome on the 20th, 21st and 23rd of May,” and “We will hold a total of 26 concerts in eleven cities across Japan.”

The news of TVXQ’s upcoming nationwide tour was reported by various Japanese media outlets. Oricon, Sankei Newspaper, Nikkan Sports were some of the media outlets that covered the announcement and gave detailed information on the upcoming tour in posts titled ‘TVXQ: Becoming the first foreign artistes to perform at the Tokyo Dome for three consecutive year’.

Meanwhile, TVXQ met with 36,000 fans at the fanmeet that was held on the 23rd and performed a rendition of ‘Very Merry Xmas’, their single that will be released on the 27th of November.

Source: [osen]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

JYJ Fantalk Source:  dongbangdata.net

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[TRANS] 130618 Tohoshinki, Concludes 5-dome Tour Successfully… “Myriad Of Emotions At The Tokyo Dome”

[TRANS] 130618 Tohoshinki, Concludes 5-dome Tour Successfully… “Myriad Of Emotions At The Tokyo Dome”

With their final concert at Tokyo Dome, group Tohoshinki’s 5-dome tour concluded as a huge success, the first for any Korean singer.

Tohoshinki began their 5-dome live tour “Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME~” with the first show at the Saitama Super Arena on 27 April, then went on to tour Sapporo Dome, Nagoya Dome, Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome, Kyocera Dome Osaka, and Tokyo Dome.

A total of 16 concerts were held in this tour, attracting an audience of over 700,000, proving their high popularity.

To wrap up the 5-dome tour, finale concerts were held over 3 days, from 15 to 17 June, at the Tokyo Dome. Tohoshinki sang a total of 28 songs over 3 hours, charming the audience with a concert that brought together their outstanding singing abilities, powerful performance, and diverse stage production effects.

In particular, the audience also prepared a special event during the last day of the concerts in Tokyo Dome on 17 June. When the performance for “In Our Time” began, the audience switched their red lightsticks, which represent Tohoshinki, to pastel blue ones instead. Among the blue lights, the title of the tour, “Time”, was displayed in red. The members are said to have been touched.

After the concert, Yunho expressed his thoughts, “Thanks to the many people who have supported us, we’ve been able to fulfill our dream of having a 5-dome tour. It still seems like a dream, and we will work even harder from now on with the mindset that this is just the beginning.”

Changmin said, “10 years ago, I did not think it would be possible for us to hold a 5-dome tour. But I’m really happy that this dream has come true, and I would like to share this important dream-like moment with our fans.”

Following their 5-dome tour, Tohoshinki will be holding their “LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME~ FINAL in NISSAN STADIUM” at the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama over 2 days, 17 and 18 August. This will be the finale of their Japan live tour. Through the tour this time, it is expected that a total of 850,000 audiences would have been attracted, and this is expected to set a record for highest number of audiences for any Korean singer.

Source: [My Daily via kstyle]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

JYJFantalk Source: dongbangdata.net

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[TRANS] 130510 Park Yoochun’s ‘Rooftop Prince’ To Begin Airing On Japanese Terrestrial TV From June

[TRANS] 130510 Park Yoochun’s ‘Rooftop Prince’ To Begin Airing On Japanese Terrestrial TV From June

‘Rooftop Prince’, which features Hallyu star JYJ’s Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min, is set to air on TV in Japan.

According to TBS, a Japanese terrestrial broadcasting company, on the 10th, ‘Rooftop Prince’ will begin airing on the 3rd of June on TBS’ ‘Hallyu Select’ at 10:05am every day for an hour.

TBS introduce ‘Rooftop Prince’ as, “A drama that fans all over the world went crazy for, with fans from 36 countries streaming the drama live when it was airing in Korea. Park Yoochun even graced the covers of magazines in Japan even before it began airing.” TBS also talked of the company’s anticipation for the drama as they added, “Park Yoochun will steal the hearts of his viewers with high quality historical acting and a perfectly fitting role.”

‘Rooftop Prince’ first aired in Japan last July on KNTV. It then aired on WOWOW and became a huge hit as a DVD as well. A representative of the industry stated, “The popularity for the drama has spiked since JYJ ended their lawsuit in Japan and successfully held a concert in Tokyo Dome.”

Source: [eNEWS]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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130423 Angel’s Artistry Compilation

Angel’s Artistry

This fan takes video&music artistry to an all time high level. It takes a lot of dedication to do work this appealing. This is a labor of love. 🙂

credit: AngelWing

JYJFantalk Source: youtube

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[Pic] 130404 JYJ with The FEllAS Band

[Pic] 130404 JYJ with The FEllAS Band

It’s the FEllAS band that performed live with JYJ. Taken from their FB. Unforgettable memories 🙂

credit: bestiz
shared by: sharingyoochun.net

[TRANS] 130405 JYJ “We Have Returned To Tokyo Dome” – Concert Review #1

[TRANS] 130405 JYJ “We Have Returned To Tokyo Dome” – Concert Review #1

Approximately 50,000 red fan-lights moved in sync as they basked the interior of Tokyo Dome in a red glow.

On the 4th of April at 5:30pm, audience members filled 50,000 seats in Tokyo Dome and chanted “JYJ” in one voice. When the members appeared on staged, the fans screamed and shouted their delight, only to begin waving their fan-lights in sync. 1,300 square meters of Tokyo Dome were lit by a red glow. The first Tokyo Dome concert in three years for JYJ. This was the moment their last concert was to begin.

“We! JYJ! have returned to Tokyo Dome.”

This is what the three members, including Kim Jaejoong, shouted on stage. And they said, “We wanted to see you. We really, really wanted to see you.”

Their voices were filled with power. Park Yoochun kept shouting, “Are you ready to have fun?” Though the other members tried to calm him down and told him, “Save your voice,” Park Yoochun’s expression was filled with nothing but happiness.

The fans replied by holding up supporting placards that read, “Let’s stick together.”

Kim Jaejoong looked at the placards the fans were holding up, which had been different for every day JYJ had held a concert. The first day’s placards said, ‘Welcome back’, while the second day’s said, ‘We wanted to see you.’ And on the last day, fans held up signs that said, ‘Let’s stick together’. It was like the fans were holding a conversation with JYJ.

“What about tomorrow?” was the response Kim Jaejoong gave before he remembered it would be their last day in Tokyo Dome.

The first portion of the concert had the fans pumped up with each members’ individual performances. The first up to the bat was Kim Junsu. He showcased his sophisticated performance skills, vocal talents and rap skills with the song ‘Breath’. He continued to sing ‘Lullaby’ and walked around the large stage set within Tokyo Dome. He closed his eyes and spread his arms out wide, as if he was feeling the support and love of his Japanese fans with his whole body. At the crux of the song, high notes burst forth from Kim Junsu like the breaking of a dam.

Kim Jaejoong followed him soon after and brought out his rocker side as he sang his latest track ‘Only Love’. The audience members made sure they didn’t miss a single expression that crossed his face. Kim Jaejoong would close his eyes and get into the music in one moment, and suddenly open his eyes and sing to the audience the next.

Last but not least was Park Yoochun. Park Yoochun sang ‘Friend’ by Anzenchitai and ‘An Old Song’ by Kim Dong Ryul. His emotion-laden voice calmed the energy of the venue down and fans could be heard shouting ‘Yoochun-chan’ in between the songs’ melodies. When he finished his pieces, he was met with warm applause from the fans.

The three members then took their individual stages to another notch and showcased their individual colors on stage.

Kim Jaejoong had everyone up and running with ‘One Kiss’ and Mika Nakashima’s ‘Glamorous Sky’. Kim Jaejoong rocked it out with a fur coat worn below his shoulders, getting the fans waving their arms and enjoying themselves. One middle-aged fan who was passionately waving her arms had an expression of pure happiness on her face as he performed.

Kim Jaejoong had the audience at the edges of their seats; he knew exactly what would get his fans riled up. At times, he would put on a look of charisma on his face when the instrumental was playing and when his song hit its climax, he stopped singing, said, “It’s too hot,” and promptly took off his coat. He ended his performance with the smirk of one who knew what he was doing.

Straight after him came Kim Junsu, with his sharp vocal talents.

Starting off with his English solo ‘Uncommitted’, Kim Junsu also sang ‘Everyone Under the Sky’. Kim Junsu’s emotional tone and perfect vocal talent created a stage with no faults. He sang the first minute of his song with any instrumental music and was met with thunderous applause that filled Tokyo Dome. Kim Junsu continued to sing with such strong emotions, as though he had locked it all away for too long and was finally letting go. It was like watching Lim Jae Beom on ‘I Am a Singer’ singing ‘Everyone’.

“No matter how hard it gets, I will not cry. Because I’ve traversed over walls so high numerous times. I’m not afraid of anything. Because I’m not alone.” Though the lyrics were written in another language, they touched everyone’s hearts with their sincerity. The song was met with applause that carried on for a long time. Kim Junsu’s eyes teared up as he took in the applause that was given to him.

It was Park Yoochun’s turn to shake things up. Starting off with Masaharu Fukuyama’s ‘Sai Ai’, he also performed his new piece ‘Walking in Spring with Her’. As a warm and sweet ‘Spring carol’, Park Yoochun’s new song enveloped Tokyo Dome in warmth. The sweet yet sincere song was met with cheers and applause when it ended.

The air crackled with energy for the last of JYJ’s solo performances.

Kim Jaejoong started off with his rock-ballad composition ‘All Alone’, and lit the flame with Mine, the title song of his rock album ‘I’. He unleashed his rock spirit with the help of two guitarists, hitting high notes while moving across the stage and head-banging to the riffs of the guitars. Imitating hitting the keys of a piano when the instrumental came on, Kim Jaejoong proceeded to run his hand down his body. Fans went crazy at the sigh of this and even seeing the back of Kim Jaejoong’s head had them screaming.

Kim Junsu was the last to perform a solo piece with the title song of his solo album ‘Tarantallegra’. He appeared on stage by flying in and his fans cheered along in between the beat of the song. The fans rose from their seats, dancing and feeling the rhythm of Kim Junsu.

Continued in part 2…

[TRANS] 130405 JYJ’s ‘Sorrow’ Of Three Years Is Melted Away By The Cheers Of 50,000 Fans – Concert Review #2

*Continued from Part 1…

The latter half of the concert had all three members of JYJ on stage together. JYJ started off by singing ‘In Heaven’, the title song of their first Korean album. Their beautiful harmonies filled Tokyo Dome and stayed in the hearts of their fans for a long time.

The three members continued to sing ‘A Boy’s Letter’ to express their feelings for their fans. The lyrics of the song depict the grateful emotions a boy feels towards a girl. Like the little boy, the members expressed their gratitude to their fans, but through a heartfelt performance that was met with warm applause.

They immediately changed the relaxed pace of the concert with ‘Get Out’. With great dancing skills, the three members stuck together as they roamed the stage within Tokyo Dome.

JYJ’s car parade kicked things up a notch as they sang ‘You’re’ and ‘Found You’ on moving cars. They threw rubber balls to their fans and Kim Jaejoong even used gun-shaped equipment to shoot the balls closer to the fans who were sitting further back.

Like so, JYJ continued to make memories with the fans they hadn’t seen for three years. The members and fans all waved their arms in sync and finally broke the dam of sorrow that had built up from their three years spent separated. JYJ made a confession through the lyrics, “Found you, my love. The person I’ve been looking for,” and the 50,000 fans in attendance reciprocated by singing, “I love you, I love you.”

JYJ continued to connect with their fans through special performances. Kim Jaejoong stated, “It’s been four years since I’ve seen the bright lights of this concert venue. We’ve prepared a song that will bring back the memories of our time together four years ago.”

The song he was hinting at was ‘Rainy Blue’, a popular Japanese song from the 80s that was originally sung by Hideaki Tokunaga but was reinterpreted by Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun four years ago. JYJ also sang this song four years ago atop a revolving stage at Tokyo Dome.

Seeing them performing the same song they had sung four years ago seemed to connect the fans’ past and present. The applause and cheers that followed the performance lasted a very long time. After the song, Kim Jaejoong said, “All three members agreed that we needed to sing this song again. It’s a song that brings back old memories.”

The end of the three-day event, which attracted a total of 150,000 fans, was coming to an end, and the members expressed their disappointment of having it all end so soon.

“Though so much time had to pass for us to be able to stand on this stage today, we’ve been so happy the past three days.”

Kim Junsu’s eyes teared up but he valiantly held back his tears as he stated, “We will never forget the love you have shown us the past three days and we will perform more often in Japan. For our next concert, we’ll hold a tour all over Japan, not just in Tokyo.”

Park Yoochun said, “I’m happy. We’ll come back soon. The three of us will always be together. I hope we can keep coming back to show you that.” His eyes were also full of tears as he slowly expressed his thoughts.

Kim Jaejoong’s eyes were already very red. He said, “We believe that things are okay, things have been okay, and we have nothing but happy days ahead of us. Never again do I want us to say ‘Goodbye’ or ‘Farewell’ to you guys. Those words don’t fit what you and we have very well.”

He also added, “We were scared of time, because it would keep flowing so fast against our wishes. The first year wasn’t that bad. Because a year can pass quickly. But when it got to the second year, that’s when we thought, ‘Time is a frightful thing.’ Time kept slipping through our fingers and four years passed. I can’t express what emotion we’re feeling, standing here with you all. Though the three of us are still young, we don’t know what’s ahead of us and though our future’s unclear, we will be strong and keep moving forward because we have you, who believe in us no matter what.”

With his words, a look of determination crossed Kim Jaejoong’s face and he was met with applause from JYJ’s fans.

Kim Jaejoong continued to say, “I feel relieved. We don’t have many opportunities to honestly talk about our feelings. And it was great just seeing you all again. I believe that these moments will continue to increase from now on.” Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun took on more serious expressions as they listened to Kim Jaejoong talk.

For their last song, JYJ performed ‘Fallen Leaves’, which contains the lyrics, ‘When the flowers fall, we start again’.

Disappointed at having to let the members go, the fans waved their yellow fan-lights and at the end of the song, Kim Jaejoong shouted out, “Thank you all so very much.”

After the performance, the members gathered around Kim Jaejoong, held hands, and bowed for a very long time.

With Kim Jaejoong’s final words, “We were so happy today. Thank you all,” the members of JYJ began preparing for their encore performances.

The encore performance was like a festival, celebrating the members’ presence at the venue.

While JYJ sang ‘be My Girl’, 56 dancers stood on stage and had the fans do the Wave. It was a sight to see 50,000 fans do the Wave together. Like the pink fan-lights the fans held in their hands, a pink wave seemed to dance across Tokyo Dome.

With the final performance of ‘Empty’ ringing through the venue, Tokyo Dome was filled with colored confetti.

After singing ‘Empty’, the members walked off stage for a few minutes, only to come running back. Though the Japanese fans had stayed calm and orderly throughout the concert, they began shouting and cheering in earnest, knowing that this would be the last. They were sad to see JYJ go, but vowed to wait till they came back again.

The three members of JYJ ran to the middle of the stage and returned back to their original position, holding hands with their staff members and bowing. After saying their final farewells, Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun put their hands around their lips and shouted, “Thank you” to everyone. Park Yoochun seemed especially reluctant to leave, staring at the audience with yearning eyes filled with tears.

This marked the end of their Tokyo Dome comeback in three years. During the concert, the members of JYJ aired messages that expressed their emotions through short videos that were met with applause. In the videos, such a message was sent.

“It seemed like our time apart would never end. It was like being in a maze and unable to see the end. But now, the darkness has passed and we’ve exited the maze. Please watch over JYJ as we make our new beginning. We will repay you for the time you have spent waiting. We love you.”

Three days spent together after a long and arduous journey. The three days were like a dream but passed too quickly.

Source: [xportsnews]

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[TRANS] 130405 JYJ Earn 20 Billion Won In One Go… Invite Seol Gyung Goo’s Daughter To Their Concert

[TRANS] 130405 JYJ Earn 20 Billion Won In One Go… Invite Seol Gyung Goo’s Daughter To Their Concert

They called it ‘The return of the kings’. From the 2nd till the 4th, JYJ held their successful ‘The Return of the JYJ’ concerts at Tokyo Dome, ‘the heart of Japan’.

According to C-JeS Entertainment, 300,000 people applied for tickets before reservations began. Only 150,000 tickets were given out, with the concert selling out instantly.

150,000 seats costing 130,000 Won sell out… MD goods ‘sell like hotcakes’

The cost of one ticket was 10,500 Yen. When this is converted to Korean currency, each ticket costs approximately 130,000 Won. If we take this into consideration, this means that JYJ earned 19.5 billion Won in ticket sales alone. MD goods were sold in sets of towels, t-shirts and fan-lights, costing 100,000 Won. Even the goods that were sold separately at cheaper prices sold out like hotcakes. Fans gathered near Tokyo Dome from 6am to purchase the goods.

Adding all of this revenue together, we can approximate JYJ’s sales for their Tokyo Dome to be over 20 billion Won. The real profit of the event is a mystery. A representative of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We have to factor in the cost of renting the venue, wages, and paying the Japanese concert management company we hired. So we aren’t sure what the real profit of the concert will be.”

Seol Gyung Goo, asks for a ticket for his daughter

On the second day of JYJ’s concerts, a special guest arrived at Tokyo Dome. It was Seol Gyung Goo’s ex-wife and daughter. According to a representative, they went to JYJ’s concert together.

Seol Gyung Goo recently called C-JeS Entertainment’s CEO Baek Chang Joo and personally asked for a concert ticket for his daughter, who is a JYJ fan. Thanks to his daughter, Seol Gyung Goo has become close friends with CEO Baek.

During the episode of SBS’ ‘Healing Camp’ that aired on the 1st, Seol Gyung Goo revealed that his daughter was a fan of JYJ. During the show, he stated, “My daughter is now a high school student as is a big fan of JYJ. Whenever JYJ move around, I get nervous. I wish they’d just stay in Seoul.” He also shot down rumors that he had abandoned his daughter as he added, “I wanted to get to know JYJ, so we’ve met outside of work and we watched ‘Tower’ together during the movie premier,” and “I’m sorry to my daughter. I feel a sense of guilt. But I’m getting along well with her.”

Aired live in 113 cinemas… Fans were ‘So proud’

JYJ’s last concert was screened live in various cinemas across Japan for fans who were unable to get tickets. The concert was shown in 113 cinemas in Japan, including Japan’s biggest cinemas TOHO Cinema and Warner Mycal Cinema.

A representative of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “The Hallyu Wave was died down a little so most Korean films are shown early in the morning or late at night, but JYJ’s concert was aired live during the prime time slot,” and “Even this proves just how popular JYJ are in Japan.”

The reception from fans was equally explosive. Chieko (26, female) stated, “The past three years filled me with a sense of dread. But today’s concert makes those past three years so worth it. Of course, because it was JYJ. I always told myself that if I waited, I would be able to see them again. I missed them. I’m so happy and grateful to have seem them at Tokyo Dome again.”

Aya (29, female) gushed, “I went to Korea twice last year to see JYJ. Being able to see JYJ in Japan again means something completely different from just seeing them at a concert. I’m thankful that they never gave up, and I’m proud of all of us for waiting for them. I’m sure that the connection we have is something no other artiste has with his or her fans.”

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[Pic] 130402 JYJ 2013 Concert in Tokyo Dome

[Pic] 130402 JYJ 2013 Concert in Tokyo Dome

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[Vid] JYJ @ Tokyo Dome Compilation Part 2

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JYJpigg 『JYJ CONCERT in TOKYO DOME 2013 SPOT CM ver.』 + Mini Live Concert 2013

Sorry, I simply love this…   I had to re-feature it   😉

Cuteness! Cuteness! Cuteness!

JYJpigg 『mini LIVE CONCERT 2013』 3-1

JYJpigg 『mini LIVE CONCERT 2013』 3-2

JYJpigg 『mini LIVE CONCERT 2013』 3-3

credit: yuchuonpark

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[Vid] [Aud] JYJ @ Tokyo Dome 2013 Compilation Part 1

This is such an exciting moment. My heart is beating fast and I am in tears. Congratulations Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu. We at JYJ Fantalk love you as do so many others out there. Thank You contributors.    🙂

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[Vid] 130401 JYJ -Tokyo Dome Concert Rehearsal Photos Revealed

[Vid] 130401 JYJ -Tokyo Dome Concert Rehearsal Photos Revealed


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