[TRANS] 140310 TVXQ Say, “We Weigh 8kgs More Than Our Profiles Say We Did 7 Years Ago”

TVXQ revealed their weights on a radio show.

During today’s broadcast of ‘Kim Shin Young’s Hopeful Song of Noon’, TVXQ fixed the information on their profiles, which hadn’t been updated for over 7 years.

DJ Kim Shin Young said, “Max Changmin is said to weigh 61kg and stand at 185cm. Is that right?” Max Changmin replied by saying, “My profile hasn’t been fixed for over 7 years. That’s my old weight and I weigh about 69~70kg now. I haven’t gotten any shorter.”

U-Know Yunho said, “It says I weigh 66kg and am 183cm tall. I think my bones have grown as I’ve aged. I weigh around 74kg now.”

DJ Kim Shin Young added, “It’s probably muscle weight. You used to be quite skinny in the past, but now you’ve bulked up a bit.”


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[TRANS] 130814 Park Yoochun’s Chinese Fan Community Hits 210,000 Members… “Thank You”


The Chinese fan community of JYJ’s Park Yoochun has hit over 210,000 members, prompting the star to express some words of gratitude.


C-JeS Entertainment revealed, “Park Yoochun’s Baidu Community has hit over 210,000 members in commemoration of their ninth anniversary. Park Yoochun expressed his gratitude for his Chinese fans’ warm affection and love for him through a personal signature for the site. He has been gaining popularity in China for his roles in ‘Rooftop Prince’ and ‘I Miss You’, and he will work hard to return with a great follow-up production as the hottest Hallyu star in China.”


Park Yoochun sent the site a signature with the message, “Thank you, I’ll see you soon with a great production.”


Park Yoochun’s Baidu fan community has been gaining approximately 300 new members a day for the past year, showing just how popular the star is in China.


Park Yoochun’s drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ became the most watched Korean drama on China’s biggest video site, as well as the third most watched drama overall. Even six months after it finished airing, it still boasts over 90,000 hits a day, with the total number of views hitting 100 billion.


Meanwhile, Park Yoochun is currently reviewing possible follow-up productions.

(T/N: We’ve also added the actual signed image here!)


To : MickyBaidu

Congratulations on your 9th anniversary
Thank you
I’ll see you soon with a great production!

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[NEWS] 121121 JYJ Continues To Grow Steadily, The Group Dominates In Films, Dramas, And In Musicals

[NEWS] 121121 JYJ Continues To Grow Steadily, The Group Dominates In Films, Dramas, And In Musicals

Are we in the era of JYJ?

JYJ members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu are each excelling in films, dramas, and in musicals, drawing the attention of the fans and the industry giants alike.

First is the member Kim Jaejoong who has made his big screen debut with the movie ‘Jackal Is Coming’. He has demonstrated in television dramas that he is a more than capable actor and he’s ready to expand his potential into films. Kim Jaejoong plays an A-list star in the movie and he hasn’t shied away from making himself look ridiculous to make the character come alive. He’s been praised by the industry insiders for his passion and hard work.

Even though ‘Jackal Is Coming’ is Kim Jaejoong’s first film, he has shown acting abilities much beyond his experience and he portrays his character in the a perfect way, which is sure to hit a chord with the moviegoers. Kim Jaejoong has taken his first step in the film industry with the movie ‘Jackal Is Coming’ and many are curious as to how and if he will make a comeback with another hit at the box office.

At similar timing member Park Yoochun has started appearing on the MBC drama ‘I Miss You’, taking over the character Han Jung Woo from child actor Yeo Jin Goo. Park Yoochun will be playing the main character that lives his live in regret and sorrow for not being able to protect his first love. It’s expected that the actor will make many female fans cry from their hearts with his amazing acting.

Park Yoochun is an actor who gets praised a lot for his ability to express his emotions very delicately through his acting. His acting truly stood out in the drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ and his excellent acting skill is unquestioned. The viewers’ anticipation is high on how Park Yoochun will portray the deeply hurt Han Jung Woo, whose childhood experience still haunts him as an adult.

Lastly is the member Kim Junsu who’s won the ‘Best Male Actor’ award at the ’18th Korea Musical Daesangs’. Kim Junsu starred on several musicals including ‘Mozart’ and ‘Elizabeth’ and he’s an highly regarded actor in the musical industry.

Kim Junsu has also won the ‘Popularity Award’ for the third year in a row at the ’6th The Musical Award’ held in June of this year, revealing his incredible popularity as a musical actor. He’s finally enjoying the fruits of his hard work over the last three years as a musical performer and the fans are waiting in anticipation for his next musical.

It wouldn’t be so farfetched to say that it is an era of JYJ at the moment and 2012 has especially been special for members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu. The fans are eagerly awaiting to see what JYJ has in store for them in 2013.

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[Trans] 120927 @star1 October Issue – Kim Junsu‏

[Trans] 120927 @star1 October Issue – Kim Junsu‏

 Transforming into a charming man, Kim Junsu.
The man who is ever transforming and never staying at one place, Kim Junsu.
The one who dare to transform and never afraid of transformation, came to @star1.
As a member of JYJ, a musical actor and a soloist.
The man who ran relentlessly, Kim Junsu.
The man he relays, the story of Kim Junsu.


While he is transforming into a soloist, he released another English version of his album. ‘UNCOMMITTED’ gathered the production of Bruce Automatic and this became a focused topic. An entirely different approach towards production and also a new attempt. “During the recording in Korea, the focus is only on recording. In America, the recording was started after discussion with everyone with inputs of ideas and suggestions. If the planned recording is about 4 hours, then there’s about 2 hours being used to hear out each other’s opinions for the album. And also I feel that they really take care of the artiste’s feelings. If there’s a need for rest, rest can be given anytime. If there’s any bad throat condition, everyone would be very panicked. Therefore I’ve learnt about what is the best environment for working with the best staffs.” The MV was also shot in America with the best staffs. He was at the same time unable to adapt to the new way of long shot filming for the whole story. “In our country, we have known from long ago that you have to use ‘seductive’ ways to sing in America. Of course, there was not special designation at that time either. After the period of time, it’s called ‘action’. When we first met, I was unsure and when every actors are in standby mode, it really felt as though fishes were being poured into water. After the music started, all the actions that are needed for the storyline were all my ad-libs. When filming started, I thought that I should do whatever I can. Though it is a huge burden, a natural scene can only be shown through this way. At the desert, the car was parked and music started playing. I have to do that scene my own way. Especially at the scene when I just met the opposite party and had to seduce her, it made me really at a loss. Filming was done at such circumstances and a high quality MV was thus completed. Everyone at the filming site were looking at me, putting aside the shyness, I just keep thinking on how to end the filming quickly. The staffs who worked with me are very famous people and they are also working with Korean artistes for the first time. Because of this, I want to leave a good impression with the and at the same time increased a certain responsibility for it and wanted to present it well under pressurized state. No matter what, it has to be completed.”


From Group To Solo

From a 5 membered group to a 3 membered group, then transforming into a soloist. Just like this, there were many troubles and it was not easy. Especially for a soloist who is unable to appear in any television program, the burden is bigger. An album that was produced after long consideration, therefore he really want it to be a high quality and perfect album. “The basis determines whether this album will be a success or not. Before the release of the album, this consideration has to be done ad this kind of consideration will definitely brought upon great success. To be honest, when the company wanted me to release a solo album, I rejected the idea. As I felt that, under the circumstances that I am unable to appear on the television screen, an album release seems tough. Moreover, to produce a high quality album, a lot of investment has to be made. If it did not succeed, it will be a completely waste of time.” The release of a solo album brought upon the collaboration with Gaeko and Double K. The things that were not tried before are done now.

“In the past I had such a thinking. Everyone has his own colours at music. No matter how you want to change it, there will not be an irresistible boundary. I feel that to break this boundary is to have collaborations. Now I just want to say, even when the company is at risk, they still produce an album for me. I felt really blessed for this.


A Transformation Called ‘Breakthrough’

The album that was released after consideration, also said to be ‘breaking a rule’.
Appearing once again with the name ‘XIA’, with the choice of an androgynous creativity that was never attempted before. The meticulous decision made by Junsu with a thoughtless carefree personality surprised me even more. “Honestly, it was very awkward. For my character to do manicure and dyed all kinds of weird hair colours was something I would never have thought of. As an artiste, I am shameful to say that I am not at all good with styling. From my previous point of view, as a singer, I just have to sing well. I am the kind who find skin treatment bothersome. However since I started to act in musical ‘Elisabeth’, it gave me a different perspective.”

Kim Junsu acted as Death in musical ‘Elisabeth’. Such a fantasy and supernatural character would need an even more extraordinary style. “This is also the reason I started to lose weight. I felt that I am a huge difference from the character Death. If I were to appear on television screen, I would definitely take note of my styling. But it was completely different during my rest time. The Death portrayed in the musical is very sexy and like a god of fate. Therefore when I look at myself in the mirror I felt that I shouldn’t be like this. I will not be able to immerse myself in the musical in this state. I have to grasp all the attention when I appear. Therefore I have to change my current state and thus I starts to lose weight.”

After becoming Death, Kim Junsu’s inner being also took a turn. “To singers, singing well is a must but not to be neglected is to give the audience the good image a singer should possessed. Though image should not be more important than music, visual should still not be neglected. When producing this album, I made a lot of effort towards the visual aspect. Because of such, I started to do manicure and recently I even felt weird without manicure. My inner being has changed to such. Even be it for fans, such an effort is worth it. I have never thought of wigs in the past too but now I think I will use it if it’s needed.”

Solo Concerts, Asian Tour, World Tour

Just by watching a solo concert of 90 minutes, it was a string of strong dance numbers. Holding up the stage by himself, his singing skills and stage presence were greatly complimented. “I always been thinking, what if after Tarantallegra and while I was sitting on the chair, the host doesn’t announce the next song, that would be great. Sometimes I also think that if only I don’t have to get up after I sat on that chair. But in order for a perfect performance, I have to link all the dance numbers together and focused on the stage. The joy and success received after that are very grand.” It’s the starting of the world tour now. (T/N: This interview was most likely done right before world tour.) To stand on an international stage, it feels different from a domestic stage. It is alike to the feelings of national representatives. Not just maintaining the popularity in Japan but to open up the market to Europe and South America. Preparing for the appearance of ‘XIA’ and also as a Korean singer moving towards International ground. It is a responsibility that they cannot underestimate. “Actually I don’t even know what I’m dancing during the last dance song ‘Mission’. It was really tiring. When the concert ended, not only happiness, there is also an echoing feel. It is not a bad feel but after every performance ended, there’s a sad and emptiness feel. And also a determination to do it better next time. “


The Daily Life Of A Commoner Kim Junsu

While chatting with him, it felt really relieved that these glamourous artistes on stage are in fact without any qualms, chatting in a very free and easy tone, making everyone laughing non-stop. “I like to be with my friends, my home is the headquarters. If I am at home, Kikwang from B2ST, professional gamer Yeom Bo Sung and Seo Kyung Jung etc will just key in the door’s password and enter. I am one who loves a crowd therefore I would call friends over. Kikwang would come frequently in his rest time. As we don’t like to drink alcohol, Kikwang, Doojoon, Ji Suk hyung will come and we would go Han River for a game of basketball.”

As the captain of the artiste football team FC MEN, his passion for football is well-known. Even when he is alone, he is always thinking, “If I was to be born again, I want to be a footballer. I am not one who will take care of my health. But as I need to stand on stage, I can’t be at my own wish and I did not have such depressing thoughts either. Therefore if I said I wanted to play football during concert period, my manager will not agree. Even so, I will insist.” He appeared in Park Ji Sung’s Asian Dream Cup at Vietnam in 2011 and fought along with the players. Joined upon Park Ji Sung’s invitation and not because his desire to run on the field. It was a chance to be on the field together. “I accepted the invitation and the Vietnamese players seems to think that I am one of the professional players and kept blocking me. I had wanted to observe a while but to no avail. I can only pass the ball. (laughs) I had never thought of joining the competition and Ji Sung hyung said, ‘Didn’t you said you like to play football? Let’s play together.’ He encouraged me like this. Actually I wasn’t in my good state but I think that such a chance might not happen again so I didn’t show that I was unwell and participated in the game. Even the national representative’s manager came to check on my health status.”

Beyond An Idol Star, Reaching The State Of A Musical Actor

His ticket power is also renowned in musical industry. For the ordering of ticket, there is a rumored ‘ticketing war’.To be a musical actor of such an appealing status with a strong ability, he has earned his place in the musical world. “I am really thankful to everyone who paid such an expensive price to fill up the seats (in a musical hall). This made me very touched. Therefore I can’t afford to be negligence. Though I am unable to fill up 100% of everyone’s expectation, at the very least I don’t wish to hear that an idol star managed to crossover to the musical industry simply because of his popularity etc. Comments like these. It’s such responsibility that made me this hardworking. Of course I will work even harder in the future. Indeed, there were many talks on idol-borne artistes who went into musical. A portion said it is because of the popularity, thus easily receiving the lead role. Some says that this is a way to boost sales. In order to refute these talks, one had to work even tougher. As an idol-born artiste, I also went through such an ordeal of skepticism before. In order to get ridden of their skepticism, I have to do it perfectly. Burden was there but if due to my mistake that caused this musical to be unsuccessful, the finger will be pointed at me. Thus it made me even more cautious and I don’t allow myself any mistake in every performance. Thus I have to work even harder. But I still can feel the doubts about me. Because once I went of tune, someone would say, ‘Told you, idol stars just can’t make it.’ I know this is inevitable to me. Because of this, I have to work harder, even for a bit. I will change these skepticism through my hard work as this is my responsibility.” In the end, Kim Junsu gained everyone’s recognition.

At the ‘Musical Award’, he received popularity award 3 years consecutively and nomination for best male actor 2 years consecutively. The feeling is different between a musical award ceremony and a music award ceremony. “At a music award ceremony, I am a senior and at musical award ceremony, I am totally the youngest of the juniors. I am very thankful to the actors/actresses who love and took care of me. Afraid that I will feel outcasted, they treat me very well. It made me feel that I shouldn’t be shy standing on this position. I am able to sit on this position and it’s just due to my popularity… I hate such a description. Thus I have to work harder.”

Debuted For 9 Years And Still Developing

It is already his 9th year of debut and though there were many things faced but he feel that right now he is really planning his own route. “No matter what issues, one has to have his own ideas. I will understand JYJ’s situation and think of how to do it better in the future. After I saw the results, it felt more agitated after going through what the strenuous route. Right now I don’t like to be told what to do because I feel that THAT is not me but a repackaged me. Of course repackaging is an art but I just want to be myself. No packaging. Artistes should have their own thinking and own personality. My members also went through it with their own effort for some success and at the same time they are indulging in this happiness.” This talk seems to be an encouraging message for the juniors. Though with own thinking, it might not attained 100% completion but to build a trust with the company and then negotiate, one would become an artiste who did not lose himself. “Don’t just do what the company told you to do. You can express your own positive suggestions in the midst of it. Even if it’s just a bit, it would be good to be such a kind of artiste. When company is setting up the concept, one should rightfully express his own ideas. Of course, it might be very risky to do it your own way so collecting opinions is very important. If to become such an artiste with such thoughts, then it will form his own personality and will become competitive.”

Challenging like this and be himself is what he is enjoying the most lately. To be himself is not a one-side issue, but it can be done through communications and working towards the direction one hopes to move towards. Therefore there might be failure in this route but even if it is more dangerous than before, one should not regret. “Burden and responsibility are my enjoyment now. There’s bound to be crossways and turns. I want to create such turns. Though I don’t know if it is a success or failure, firstly it has to be something I wish to do. In that way I won’t feel regretful. Find out the convergence point with my staffs and then walk down the route together. Through this, I hope that there will be an exchange of trust and happiness.”


@star1 Editor’s Epilogue – Thanks XIA!

22nd of August, it was raining the whole day and I met Kim Junsu at the elegant Kyeongridan road. There is no sign of rain stopping and while waiting for the outdoor shooting, Junsu looked rather happy as compared to the very gloomy faces of the staffs. The concept for @star1 this time was inspired by Junsu’s two-sided charm, and thus decided to go for ‘playboy and wilderness’. As there are two concepts this pictorial, there was a constant changing of outfits and even hair styling and make up took up a lot of time. But he was not tired at all and on the contrary helped staffs to ease the tiredness by firstly games then jokes. The atmosphere was very hot.

In the midst of filming, Junsu discovered a piano by the corner and starts to play beautiful music. Time to time, you could see him serenading away. He would sing when he has time and upon talking about music, the time seems to pass by very swiftly unknowingly. Looking at him like this, there is no need for exact explanation as you can easily see his passion for music. “Usually I will also trust the positive forces earnestly. The rain will stop for sure.” Just like what Junsu said, as though the sky heard Junsu’s spell, the rain really stopped after the indoor shooting ended and a scorching sun appeared.

All the staffs gained happiness through interactions with Junsu and shooting was done quickly. Because of him, the pictorial was done better and more handsome than expected. The solo album also brought upon a busy schedule and though he was very exhausted, Junsu did very well from the start to the end. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all staffs who helped in this shooting. Thank you, Junsu!

credit: xiahjunsoobar
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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Editors Note: JYJCY Are Growing Up

Editors Note: JYJCY Are Growing Up

On the average children grow up. Pure and simple. They develop their own ideas and morals and defy you to question their validity. These moral and lifestyle decisions are based upon what they have observed or absorbed early in life and what they choose to embrace in the present. As time progresses and they learn more of what life has or does not have to offer these paradigms may change. They have a responsibility, however, to others around them, and, in the case of our dynamic five with their high-end public exposure, the responsibility and accountability factor goes even higher. I am proud to say that I believe, even with the occasional snafus and hiccups that come our mancubs way, that they are trying their best within the choice limitations placed upon them to do right things in the proper way.

Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin are not always in the position to say no. Many of their choices are made for them and everything that they may do or say while working does not automatically reflect their own inner ideals or desires of the heart.

Is it time to stop nurturing them? Is it time to conclude that now that they are adults that they do not need us there for them? Can they do this entirely on their own? I don’t think so. It is more crucial to let them know how much we believe in their humanity and abilities now than ever before. We may not always like everything that we see–but here is the question. If JYJCY could get to know each and every one of us individually would they like everything about us? Probably not. They have voiced their opinions about stalking and other privacy and behavioral issues in the past and present.

Let’s keep supporting them through what may seem to be a rapid growth time where their individual personalities and preferences are starting to show. We all are kept busy trying to keep up with the sheer volume of productivity going on. JYJCY is on the move and we have to move with them. This doesn’t mean that we have to agree to each action or choice. We just have to remember that love covers these things, prayer changes things, and true love never dies. Praying and Hwaiting.  Momma Cha

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

You may share this but please keep credentials intact. Momma Cha