[Trans] 140127 [Star Talk] ‘December’ Kim Junsu, “I Still Feel Like A Fool In Front Of Women”


JYJ member and musical actor Kim Junsu has met with Kim Kwang Seok’s music. ‘December: The Song That Hasn’t Ended’ is a jukebox musical that opened in December and uses 24 of Kim Kwang Seok’s music to create a love story.

When it was found that Kim Junsu would be appearing in ‘December’, many were confused by his choice.

Since making his debut as a musical actor, Kim Junsu has swept up Best Rookie Awards and Popularity Awards left and right, moving on to win the Best Actor Award at the 18th Korea Musical Awards.  He has made his mark as a musical actor with real talent and immense ticket power.

Despite a flood of famous overseas licensed musicals up for grabs, Kim Junsu decided to choose the dangerous road of a ‘newly created musical’. This was what our first question was about.

“There were so many things about this musical that drew me in. I think I felt a sense of responsibility to take on a newly created musical after winning such a great award. Then there was the fact that the musical is directed by Jang Jin and uses Kim Kwang Seok’s music. It was an honor for me to be able to sing ‘December’. This musical requires a lot of acting and memorizing lines, so I hoped it would help widen up by spectrum. I’ve stayed humble and am open to learning as much as I can.”


Kim Junsu plays the role of Ji Wook, a man hurt by the memories of his first love, and plays a wide age range from his twenties to his forties. Seeing Kim Junsu play the role of Ji Wook in his twenties brings a smile to our faces. The charismatic ‘JYJ Kim Junsu’ is nowhere to be seen, leaving the cute and adorable ‘younger brother Kim Junsu’.

“The overall feel, way of speaking, movements and tone all come from my days as a student. When I was in middle school and high school, I would do nothing but sing and dance because I was so passionate about my dream. So I used to feel like a fool in front of women, just like Ji Wook. I still feel like that sometimes. I feel embarrassed and shy for some odd reason. (laughter)”

Kim Junsu is a presence in the Korean musical industry that can’t be ignored. Making his debut in 2010 with the musical ‘Mozart!’, Kim Junsu has showcased an amazing ticket power, selling out every performance he’s been in. ‘December’ is no exception. The Seoul performances of ‘December’ will come to an end on the 29th, and the 63,000 seats for Kim Junsu’s performances were sold out.Kim Junsu’s Busan performances (February 7th~16th) and Daegu performances (February 21st~March 2nd) were sold out as well. What is the secret to his success?

“I think people appreciate me for how hard I work. Musical tickets are expensive, so I feel a sense of responsibility to make each performance worth the ticket price. It’s been five years since I’ve appeared on broadcasted programs due to various reasons, and I want to thank everyone for their unlimited love. I truly think of myself as a lucky person.”


When asked what production he’d like to appear in next, Kim Junsu said ‘Man of La Mancha’, ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, ‘Hedwig’ and ‘Sweeney Todd’. Finally, we asked what the end game of this lover of Korean musicals is.

“I plan to stop releasing albums as a singer when I believe that no one is waiting for me anymore. But I want to keep performing in musicals. Please keep watching over me as I evolve as a musical actor.”

Source: [sportsworldi]
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JYJ Fantalk Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[TRANS] 130821 Variety Shows – Acting – Musicals, What Do People Think Of Idol Stars Branching Out?

What should we think about idol groups branching out into other fields?

Other than their main job of singing, more and more idol members are starting to branch about into acting, variety shows and emceeing. On top of working on their singing and dancing skills as trainees, idols have been coached in languages, acting and eloquence, with special talents to back them up. In a way, it’s expected of these idols to branch out and try out other fields. However, there is a difference in how idols are viewed in each individual field.


▶Variety Shows : Ensuring viewership ‘Two thumbs up’

The number of idols appearing on variety shows has rapidly increased recently. In the past, idols would appear on any and every program when they were rookies, and then begin to choose only the best programs once they became popular, but it’s different these days. More and more idols are appearing in documentary-form variety shows and quiz shows, which usually have lower viewership ratings. This is because of the ranking system of music programs. Because the number of broadcasted appearances plays a big role in the ranking of music programs, idols have to get their faces out in the public as much as possible. One representative stated, “No matter how popular an idol is, it’s hard to get first place if they don’t appear on TV often. The situation’s a little better on SBS’ ‘Inkigayo’ and MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’ because votes from fans has a greater influence on rankings, but because fan participation is low in KBS2′s ‘Music Bank’, an idol group can rank higher if they appear on TV more often. Therefore, idols should appear on any program they can, no matter how small it is.”

This desperation means that idol groups do their absolute best when they appear on variety shows. And they’re also great for promoting the shows. In the case of popular idol groups, their dark pasts or small happenings between the members become a hot topic. Even rookie groups become the center of attention if they talk about suitors, their love lives, plastic surgery and dieting. It’s a win-win situation for everyone and idols can appear on any kind of variety show out there, whether it be education, sports or talk shows. Good examples of this are the idol special of MBC’s ‘Infinite Challenge’, the diving project of SBS’ ‘Barefooted Friends’, MBC’s ‘Idol Track and Field Competition’ and KBS2′s ‘Dream Team Season 2′. Not only can they apply themselves to a diverse number of shows, but they can also ensure higher viewership ratings, thanks to the support of their fans, meaning that idols are welcomed with open arms in the variety sector.


▶Acting : They know what they’re doing~!

Most idols branch out into the acting industry with countless idols are currently active as ‘acting-dols’. Though viewers are split on their opinions on such idols, production companies prefer to work with them. Not only do they ask for less money than top-class actors, but they also bring a rippling effect with them. With idols riding the Hallyu Wave and gaining popularity overseas, more and more of their productions are being exported overseas with them. Meaning that output greatly outweighs the initial input. Though they were at the center of controversies surrounding their lack of acting skills in the past, more and more idols these days make their debut with an acting career already planned out, acting as a positive for them as it means that their acting skills rival that of most actors. Even the movie industry, which used to be cautious about using idols in their work, have changed their tune. With more productions hiring idols for major and minor characters, such as ‘Noblesse’ (Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, Dalshabet’s Ah Young), ‘Lawyer’ (ZE:A’s Lim Shi Wan), and ‘Alumni’ (Big Bang’s TOP), the industry seems to be moving towards a pro-idol opinion. A representative stated, “Idols are better at expressions and acting than most people think. They’re more used to the camera and look more natural than rookies who haven’t proven their talents yet. They’re able to catch on quickly to the overall feel and atmosphere of their productions. The fact that there aren’t that many popular actors who can take on the roles of characters in their early twenties becomes a great opportunity for idols. Even if productions featuring idols don’t do well in Korea, they are usually exported to Japan or Chinese-speaking countries. More and more scripts are being sent to idols these days, and some production companies are even creating high teen dramas in order to bring in idol stars to their works.”


▶Musicals : Idols aren’t that great

The musical industry is also one that many idols are flocking to. It is the best field for idols to go to as they can already sing and dance at the same time. However, the reception has been quite chilly. The general consensus is that production companies hesitate in hiring idols, except JYJ’s Kim Junsu.

Many representatives chose the idols’ insincere attitude as the most important factor. There are times when they do not attend rehearsals due to overseas activities, and many of them either don’t show up or show up late to rehearsals with the excuse of packed schedules. Because of this, the actors are unable to connect with each other and this clearly shows on stage. High salaries are also an issue. A representative stated, “Though Kim Junsu receives 15 million Won per show, he’s worth that amount. He has such a sincere attitude towards his work that everyone, from his fellow cast members to the staff, like him. On the other hand, most idols aren’t like him but still receive salaries of 8 to 9 million Won. The problem is that they don’t deliver as much as they should,” and “Because musicals are created in a poor environment, production costs are limited, and most of it ends up going to the idols. That means that musicals have to reduce costs in other areas, and the people who usually suffer because of this is the ensemble. Ensembles are also ranked in talent and experience, and this means that musicals aren’t able to hire good ensembles. Not only do idols not deliver when they’re on stage, but the ensembles aren’t that great either, so it’s no wonder that some musicals end up failing.” It’s impossible for idols to receive positive reviews when they don’t even have strong ticket power to salvage the situation. Another representative stated, “No idol singer, except for Kim Junsu, has enough ticket power to succeed. At first, many musicals hired them based on their popularity in the music industry. But because the age range of most idol fanbases are concentrated in the teens and early 20s, there is a limit in the number of people who can buy expensive musical tickets. 90% of musicals that performed in big venues, putting their faith in the fandoms of idols, have suffered losses. With ticket power failing as well, the number of musicals hiring idols has decreased.”

Source: [sports chosun]

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JYJFantalk Source; dongbangdata.net

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[TRANS] 130806 “We Want To See Kim Junsu’s Performances” – The Seoul Arts Center’s Homepage Crashes

Fierce competition for ‘Elisabeth’ tickets, the Seoul Arts Center’s homepage crashes


A flood of fans are aching for tickets to see JYJ’s Kim Junsu (XIA) in the musical ‘Elisabeth’, leading to the homepage of the Seoul Arts Center, who are in charge of ticket reservations for the musical, to crash.

At 10a.m. on the 6th, Interpark and the Seoul Arts Center opened up the third round of ticket reservations for the musical ‘Elisabeth’.

Kim Junsu’s fans flooded in to grab tickets for Kim Junsu’s performances. Almost as soon as reservations opened up, the Seoul Arts Center’s homepage crashed. Though fans could access Interpark, Kim Junsu’s shows were sold out in an instant.

The reason behind the Seoul Arts Center homepage’s crash is probably Kim Junsu’s fans. Many of the posts written on various online communities were made by Kim Junsu and JYJ’s fans and said, “I want to get a ticket but I can’t access the website.”

During the first and second round of ticket reservations, most Kim Junsu-related online communities were flooded with posts about buying tickets for Kim Junsu’s ‘Elisabeth’ performances.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu, who is charge of the role Death (Tod), attended the ‘Elisabeth’ press call on the 25th of July at the Seoul Arts Center and said, “‘Elisabeth’ is the production that won me the Best Musical Actor Award. I loved working with the greatest actors of the industry and I wanted to feel that excitement again. I’m happy to be working with everyone in this year’s cast. I learned so much from Robert Johansson last year, and I’d like to learn more from him this year.”

The musical ‘Elisabeth’ is a production that depicts the life of the beautiful Austrian empress Elisabeth. Her dramatic life story of love and death is highlighted by the fantasy character of Death.

Ok Joo Hyun, Kim Junsu, Park Eun Tae, Min Young Ki and Lee Jung Hwa will be joined by Kim So Hyun, Park Hyo Shin, Lee Ji Hoon, Kim Isak and Noh Ji Hoon, and the musical will be performed from the 26th of July till the 7th of September at the Seoul Arts Center’s Opera Hall.

Source: [xports news]

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JYJFantalk Source: dongbabgdata.net

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[TRANS] 121218 Solo Activities Again? We Find Out When JYJ Will Get Back Together Again

[TRANS] 121218 Solo Activities Again? We Find Out When JYJ Will Get Back Together Again

When will JYJ get back together again?

With the continuation of JYJ’s individual activities, many are curious to see when they will get back together to perform as a group.

C-JeS Entertainment, the management company of JYJ, revealed on the 18th that, “Kim Jaejoong will be releasing a solo mini album next January that contains a variety of rock genre music.” With Kim Junsu holding a solo concert from the 29th till the 31st of this month and Kim Jaejoong releasing a solo album, JYJ’s group activities can’t help but be pushed back to a later date.

With fans waiting for the group’s next album release, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “JYJ will focus on individual activities in the first half of 2013, and will release a new album in the summer of next year.”

After releasing his solo album in January, Kim Jaejoong plans to continue his career as an actor. Kim Junsu will be choosing from solo activities in a wide variety of genres, potentially including a new musical. After Park Yoochun’s drama ‘I Miss You’ ends in January, he will be taking a break and choosing his next production.

As the group’s legal dispute with SM Entertainment has ended, many are curious to see what kind of activities JYJ will be pursuing in 2013.

Source: [sports chosun]

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[NEWS] 121121 JYJ Continues To Grow Steadily, The Group Dominates In Films, Dramas, And In Musicals

[NEWS] 121121 JYJ Continues To Grow Steadily, The Group Dominates In Films, Dramas, And In Musicals

Are we in the era of JYJ?

JYJ members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu are each excelling in films, dramas, and in musicals, drawing the attention of the fans and the industry giants alike.

First is the member Kim Jaejoong who has made his big screen debut with the movie ‘Jackal Is Coming’. He has demonstrated in television dramas that he is a more than capable actor and he’s ready to expand his potential into films. Kim Jaejoong plays an A-list star in the movie and he hasn’t shied away from making himself look ridiculous to make the character come alive. He’s been praised by the industry insiders for his passion and hard work.

Even though ‘Jackal Is Coming’ is Kim Jaejoong’s first film, he has shown acting abilities much beyond his experience and he portrays his character in the a perfect way, which is sure to hit a chord with the moviegoers. Kim Jaejoong has taken his first step in the film industry with the movie ‘Jackal Is Coming’ and many are curious as to how and if he will make a comeback with another hit at the box office.

At similar timing member Park Yoochun has started appearing on the MBC drama ‘I Miss You’, taking over the character Han Jung Woo from child actor Yeo Jin Goo. Park Yoochun will be playing the main character that lives his live in regret and sorrow for not being able to protect his first love. It’s expected that the actor will make many female fans cry from their hearts with his amazing acting.

Park Yoochun is an actor who gets praised a lot for his ability to express his emotions very delicately through his acting. His acting truly stood out in the drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ and his excellent acting skill is unquestioned. The viewers’ anticipation is high on how Park Yoochun will portray the deeply hurt Han Jung Woo, whose childhood experience still haunts him as an adult.

Lastly is the member Kim Junsu who’s won the ‘Best Male Actor’ award at the ’18th Korea Musical Daesangs’. Kim Junsu starred on several musicals including ‘Mozart’ and ‘Elizabeth’ and he’s an highly regarded actor in the musical industry.

Kim Junsu has also won the ‘Popularity Award’ for the third year in a row at the ’6th The Musical Award’ held in June of this year, revealing his incredible popularity as a musical actor. He’s finally enjoying the fruits of his hard work over the last three years as a musical performer and the fans are waiting in anticipation for his next musical.

It wouldn’t be so farfetched to say that it is an era of JYJ at the moment and 2012 has especially been special for members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu. The fans are eagerly awaiting to see what JYJ has in store for them in 2013.

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[Trans] 110314 ‘Musical Idols’ High Tick…

[Trans] 110314 ‘Musical Idols’ High Ticket Power, “Not Bad” Acting Skills
(top to bottom: Acting, Singing, Marketability, Growth Potential–Junsu is placed 1st for whole categories)

Idol craze has grown stronger in musical industry. These idols usually have strong ticket power as shown by Kim Junsu who sold out all tickets of his musical starring ‘Tears of Heaven’. There are more than 20 names of idols that have ventured into musical industry.

However, as they’ve been under gazes of many musical critics, most performances of these idol turn musical actors were not highly praised. There’s been debate of the fact that despite the unproven acting skill, these idols still get many notable roles. Therefore since the 28th last month to March 13th, Kukinews held a survey to 11 musical critics and producers to assess the skills of ‘musical idol’. The positions will be decided through 4 categories: acting, singing, marketability, and growth potential where for each category there will be 2 chosen names, at which the first rank will be graded with 3 points and the second rank gets 2 points.

Idols who are chosen in skill category are Kim Junsu, ONew, Kyuhyun, Taeyeon, and J (sorted based on ranks). Yet some respondents said, “None of them has the skill that can be evaluated,” and returning a blank paper.

Kim Junsu who swapped 1st in all areas, received particularly good marks on marketability and singing ability. ChungKang Culture Industry University Professor Jin Jeong-hoon said, “Kim Junsu has proved himself as a musical star through his role in ‘Mozart!’ and ‘Tears of Heaven’” However, “His vocal range is limited so traditional classic works will be difficult for him.” The professor further pointed out, “His vocalization is also peculiar and he lacks in ability to communicate the lyrics.”

Regarding Kim Junsu’s acting skill, Dankook University Professor Yunho-jin commented, “While there are still few lacking in some parts, but his ability to instinctively grasp the stage is remarkable,”

Kim Junsu got the vote of 6 people as an idol who shows potential to become next musical idol star. Seoul College of Arts Professor Wangyongbeom said, “He seems to have potential to be loved by public in the future as shown by the sold out performances of ‘Mozart!’ and ‘Tears of Heaven’. But he has assignment now to choose another good musical work hereafter.”

A musical producer who asked to remain anonymous, “The growth of potential depends on practice. Eventhough he/she is an idol singing star, but if he/she’s failed to practice in musical basis, it would be the beginning of a cloudy performances of him/her. But the main problem of these idols are, they have their main work to focus on as well (that cause the lack of musical-base practice),”

‘Musical idol’ is undoubtedly contributing positively to the popularity of musical. This fact shown on the increase of foreign tourists from Japan, China, and more to attend musical performances.

Fans of these idols are claimed to be the source of this musical idol’s ‘ticket power’. Kim Junsu, for instance, sold out the whole of his 17 performances (26,000 seats), while ‘Legally Blonde’ starring SNSD Jessica and ‘Song of The Sun’ starring fellow member Taeyeon all at least become a break even. Therefore although their title is still a ‘rookie’, these musical idols receive at least 1.5 times higher fee than those musical veterans.

ChungKang Culture Industry University Professor Yuri said, “Sometimes musical performance appointed idols to star on their works merely to grab more and more audiences without any consideration to create a high level and good taste performances, this could dropped the quality of musical in the long term that leads to the loss of audiences at the end.”

credit: Kukinews
trans: sharingyoochun.net

Source: sharingyoochun.net

I really can’t believe that these crtics are evaluating the K-Pop music stars by opera standards. The genre is light opera that will attract the “common people” and allow them to grasp a taste of musical drama. As a vocalist I find it rather refreshing, and Junsu gets my first vote, then, Onew and Kyuhyun.

[« [Pic] Junsu – M