[TRANS] “Did 3,000 People Really Show Up?”… The Truth Behind JYJ’s Spanish Concert Fabrication Controversy ~~ Aishhh…=__=

[TRANS] “Did 3,000 People Really Show Up?”… The Truth Behind JYJ’s Spanish Concert Fabrication Controversy ~~ Aishhh…=__=

PLEASE READ T/N: There’s going to be a lot of talk about this article. Some of you will probably even wonder why we’re even translating an article that ‘bashes’ any of the boys. However, life isn’t always full of rainbows and unicorns. Everyone is subject to criticisms and controversies, and this just happens to be one of those moments. Please read everything with a pinch of salt, and remember that the articles we translate don’t always reflect the beliefs/thoughts of our translators. (aka Don’t shoot the messenger)

P.S. Yes I know the article says six disputes and only gives five. It’s bugging the crap out of me but I can’t do anything about it. Sorry y’all :(


“Is it a fabrication, or a fact?”

JYJ held their first European concert in Barcelona, Spain. Opinions on this one concert have been split in opposite directions with one side giving it a thumbs-up and calling it ‘the best performance ever’ while the other is diminishing it and calling it ‘excessive media play’.

What is the reason behind this fierce battle between praise and criticism? There’s also a conflict arising on the difference between the ‘media reports’ and the ‘photos taken at the concert’. An example of this is the actual number of people who went to the concert. All the reporters who traveled to Spain gushed about ’3,000 audience members’ and ‘a complete sell-out of tickets’. On the other hand, fans who saw the photos of the concert raised the question, “You call that 3,000 people?”

‘Dispatch’ has stepped forth to investigate the controversy. We met with three fans who were at the concert through a Madrid correspondent. We then called up representatives of the ‘Culture Center’ and the Korean restaurant that sponsored the concert. We posed questions to the local organizer of the European tour and talked to the staff members who helped out with the concert in Barcelona.

There are a total of six points that are being debated. They include topics such as ‘Did 3,000 people really show up’, ‘Did they pass out free tickets’ and ‘What was teh reaction of the Spanish media?’. If we were to give our conclusion before we began, it would be that there are parts that have been extremely exaggerated by the media. In other words, ‘media play’ was used. On the other hand, there are parts that netizens have diminished and criticized more than necessary.

Dispute 1. JYJ’s concert in Barcelona, Spain. According to C-JeS Entertainment’s report on the 10th of last month, 80% of the tickets had been sold. Considering the fact that the concert venue seated 4,000 people, this meant that according to C-JeS, they had already sold 4,000 tickets.

 On the day of the concert, the Korean media reported that the number of concert attendees was 3,000 people. But some netizens have been stating that it was impossible for 3,000 people to have shown up, using the photos taken inside the concert venue as proof.They said that the media was exaggerating the numbers. Then how many people actually showed up to watch the concert? We heard what representatives of the Korea Culture Center and the local promoter had to say about the issue. We also received a photo from someone who attended the concert.

 A. To state the conclusion first, it wasn’t 4,000 or 3,000 people. According to local reporters, the number was actually between 1,000 and 2,000 people. The ‘Poble Espanyol’, in which the concert was held, can hold a maximum of 5,000 people. In the photo that was provided to ‘Dispatch’ by Tak Bitna(20), a Korean resident living in Spain, one can see that over half the standing area is empty.

 Tak Bitna, who attended the concert, said, “It couldn’t possibly have gone over 2,000 people. You can see in my photo that the back of the standing area is empty,” and “Representatives and staff members took up a lot of seats. Only the areas lit up by glowsticks were actual fans.”

 In a phone conversation with ‘Dispatch’, a representative of the Korea Culture Center in Spain stated, “The concert venue actually holds 5,000 people. We believe that around 2,000 people showed up because it looked like they filled less than half the venue,” and “The reason why the back looks so empty is because everyone rushed forward once the concert began.

 What is the official stance of the promoter who sold the tickets? In a phone conversation with ‘Dispatch’ on the 2nd of November, a representative of ‘Open Music’, the local promoter of the European tour, admitted that they hadn’t sold 3,000 tickets. He said, “It’s not a sold-out concert. We didn’t sell all the tickets,” and “Though Berlin isn’t sold-out yet either, it’s more popular than the Barcelona performance.

‘RPDP’ (Radio Programas del Peru’ wrote the only Spanish review for the concert but this was a Peruvian reporter, not a Spanish one. According to the review, there were around 1,000 people at the concert. They reported, “1,000 fans gathered for the Barcelona concert.”

 Dispute 2. What was the extent of JYJ’s influence and popularity in Spain? The photos of the concert attendees provided by ‘C-JeS’ are all of Caucasians, but actually, the majority were of Asian backgrounds. Meanwhile, Korean media reported that fans from all over the world had gathered in Spain to watch the concert and included people from Spain, France, Switzerland, Japan, Thailand and even South America. What was the actual ratio of races at the concert?


A. The opinions on the ‘fandom’ ratios were split. Tak Bitna stated that there were many Asian fans at the concert. She said, “Asian people, such as Chinese or Japanese people, took up half of the concert attendees,” and “The atmosphere was great. No one left before the end of the concert.

 Testimonies flooded in that fans from all over the world had gathered for the concert. One representative who worked as a staff member said, “Fans from all different nationalities came for the concert. There were some people who flew in, even from the U.S., to watch the concert,” and “Of course, the majority of the fans there were Asians, but anyone could see that there were fans from all over the world.

 Laura(20), who lives in Madrid, explained that some of the Caucasian fans were ‘otakus’. She said, “There are a lot of ‘otakus’ in Spain who like Japanese manga. They love the Japanese culture, and they began taking interest in K-pop because K-pop’s popular in Japan,” and“Because this concert was held at the same time as the ‘Manga Festival’, a lot of ‘otaku’ fans from Madrid went to Barcelona.”

 What’s most important is the atmosphere inside the concert venue. The people who actually did attend the concert enjoyed the performance and passionately cheered JYJ on. It’s indisputable that the air inside the concert venue was humming with passion and excitement. Tak Bitna(20) stated, “The atmosphere was wild and enthusiastic. Though the fans came from different countries, they all came together to support JYJ,” and “Everyone waved their glowsticks till the very end of the concert.”

 Dispute 3. On the morning of their Barcelona concert, JYJ attended the Manga Festival and gave a performance. They sang two songs and met with a total of 800 fans. What exactly is the Manga Festival that JYJ attended and what relation does it have with JYJ’s concert?

 A. JYJ stood on stage to perform at ‘the 17th Manga Festival’, which was held at Barcelona’s La Farga de L’hospitalet on the 29th of October. This was a first for a Korean singer to perform at the festival. The ‘Manga Festival’ is one that attracts over 60,000 people every year and is visited by people who like Japanese comics. JYJ were invited to perform at the festival.

 According to a Spanish reporter at the Manga Festival, JYJ were chosen as one of the few characters selected by the festival. That is why they were invited and that is why they performed ‘Get Out’ and ‘In Heaven’. At the time of the invitation, C-JeS Entertainment was planning the Barcelona concert and when the invitation was received, the concert date was set to match with the festival.

 According to a representative who is well-versed in Spanish culture, the Manga Festival played a big role in spreading the Hallyu Wave in Spain. He stated that most of the people who like manga are ‘otakus’ who are into Japanese culture. Their interest in Japanese culture carried on to an interest in K-pop. JYJ’s Spanish concert was aiming for such a synergy effect by setting the concert date in the same time period as the Manga Festival.

Dispute 4. Some netizens voiced criticisms that too many of the concert tickets were overissued(?). Specifically, there were too many VIP invitations. They claim that many people were attending the concert for free because invitations were given out by the Culture Center in Spain and the Korean restaurant (Seoul Jung) as both were sponsors.

A. The answer is, this is ‘false’. Though some netizens claim that free tickets were given out, it is impossible to confirm this. There is no way to confirm how many tickets the organizer and C-JeS Entertainment distributed. However, it was confirmed that the Korean Culture Center of Spain received VIP tickets from the agency.

According to a representative of the center, a total of 50 VIP invitations was given to them. But because the center is located in Madrid and only Madrid, they couldn’t just hand out these invitations to anyone. The representative explained, “We were given 50 VIP tickets the day before the concert. Because there’s quite a distance between Madrid and Barcelona, we couldn’t distribute the invitations.”

Most overseas concerts by domestic singers are done with the help of that country’s Korean culture center. Therefore, it is normal for these centers to receive VIP invitations from the singers as a show of gratitude for helping out with the overseas concert. It was the same case when B2ST performed in Madrid this year and the tickets that were given to the center were distributed accordingly.

Also, the Korean restaurant ‘Seoul Jung’, which was a main sponsor of the concert, was in charge of providing JYJ with goods, mostly food, more than monetary funds. We were unable to confirm if tickets were distributed to them. In a phone conversation with ‘Dispatch’, ‘Seoul Jung’ stated, “JYJ’s promoters have been asking for our help from a year ago, and we agreed to help them out,” and “We don’t provide them with monetary funds. We just provided them with food.” When asked if they gave out free tickets at the restaurant, they said, “No comment.”

Dispute 5. C-JeS stated that fifty major TV and news mediums fought to get coverage of JYJ at their Spanish press conference. Several domestic media reports stated that the local media ‘El Mundo’ “praised JYJ as three sexy Justin Biebers”. What was the actual media response like for JYJ? Did they receive enough praise to, for example, land them a front cover article?

A. To put it bluntly, no. Through a search on Google, we could see that not many well-known media reporters wrote about JYJ’s Spanish concert. Though fifty different overseas mediums were present at the press conference, not all of them were there to cover JYJ’s concert. Most had been there to cover the ‘Manga Festival’ that was also being held in Barcelona.

There weren’t many articles done related to JYJ. According to a representative of the Korean Culture Center of Spain, there were only two Spanish articles written about JYJ, done by ‘El Mundo’ and ‘LaVanguardia’. But even these were not reviews of JYJ’s concert and were instead articles about the Manga Festival with the added information that JYJ attended the festival.

Let’s take a look at ‘El Mundo’ for example. JYJ take up one sentence in the entire article. “JYJ are like sexy Justin Biebers. They opened themselves up to the American music market, working Kanye West to sing ‘Ayyy Girl’.” 90% of the article deals with the Manga Festival. Also, not a single photo of JYJ could be found on ‘El Mundo’ or ‘LaVanguardia’.

‘Radio Programs del Peru’ dealt with JYJ’s Spanish concert has an important piece of news and this reflected the K-pop craze that is going on in South America. ‘RPDP’ has its own K-pop section and JYJ’s Spanish concert was written about in this section.


When taking into account the testimonies from a Korean residing in Spain who attended the concert, a representative of Spain’s Korean Culture Center, a representative of the local organizer, and a representative of Spain’s Hallyu culture, one can see that certain aspects of JYJ’s Spanish concert were slightly exaggerated. The actual number of people who attended the concert was closer to 2,000 people and there was a lot of empty space. There isn’t much interest in them yet and only two articles were written about them in Spain, which were just references to them while talking about the Manga Festival. It isn’t right to exaggerate JYJ’s popularity within Europe.

But regardless of all the fuss, JYJ’s continuous search for new challenges should be recognized. JYJ are the first Korean singers to hold a solo concert in Spain. The fact that they have taken this first step is meaningful enough. They took the first step for K-pop, small though it was, and the fact that they had their presence in Spain recognized is significant.

Source: [Dispatch]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net
re-up by: iXiahCassie

Momma’s Source: iXiahcassie

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[TRANS] 111102 JYJ’s Concert Organizer Apologizes, “We’re Sorry… JYJ’s Dance Moves Were Too Intense”

[TRANS] 111102 JYJ’s Concert Organizer Apologizes, “We’re Sorry… JYJ’s Dance Moves Were Too Intense”

After the end of JYJ’s Europe Tour in Barcelona concert on the 29th, the concert’s organizer left the reporters with an interesting apology. It was regarding the fact that it was hard to find photos of all three members together in one cut. The only group shots were two photos of the members standing still and singing a ballad and there were no shots of the members dancing together.

The organizer stated, “It seems that the members danced with more intensity than usual. We tried to get more group shots by editing the photos but we couldn’t get a single one. Even the professional photographers who worked with JYJ on their North American tour were taken aback.“

What was so different about the performance that it was almost impossible to get a group shot of JYJ? The members showed fierce determination before the concert began as they repeated that they had decided to start off with a small-scale concert (3,000 seats) to go back to their roots as rookies. True to their word, the members didn’t hold back as they ran around and danced for their fans.

Kim Jaejoong said, “Although this stage is smaller than previous ones, it bears a totally different meaning. In Korea and Japan, we started from small stages, and slowly gained the love of our fans. Therefore, although this European concert stage is small, it still feels like a very good starting point. Instead of creating an overly exaggerated large-scale concert in Europe, beginning with a small-scale stage with the mindset of starting afresh seems like a better idea.”

The concert we watched that day was far from extravagant. There was no thrust stage or LED screens and the fireworks were absent as well. All that was used was the occasional burst of CO2 and the spotlight that shined at the old castle in the distance added to the scenery of the concert.

However, the concert was no shabby event. Even the fans seemed different from those in other concerts as they screamed and shouted to help JYJ’s new beginning in Europe. JYJ gave such an energetic performance that even professional photographers found it hard to get a shot of them on their cameras. Heo In Won, a student who studies abroad in France and who was visiting Spain to watch the concert, stated, “I think this is the first time I’ve seen the members work so hard on their singing and dancing during a performance. The fans were moved by their concert, regardless of the size of the concert venue.“

Source: [hankooki]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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NEWS 111102 “It Was Because of JYJ’s Vigorous Dance Moves…We’re Sorry…

[News] 111102 “It was because of JYJ’s Vigorous Dance Moves… We’re sorry”, Organizer Apologized

‘JYJ European Tour in Barcelona’, even the professional photography team became puzzled by [JYJ’s] energetic moves. ”We’re sorry. There is no photo.”

On the 29th (local time), after the ‘JYJ European Tour in Barcelona’ has ended, the organizer unusually apologized to the reporters because there were very few photos of all the members Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun. Except for the two photos of them singing a ballad, there was actually no photo of them dancing.

The organizer said, “The dance moves of the members were more intense than ever. We have tried hard but we couldn’t get a single shot. Even the professional photography team that has accompanied them in the North American Tour was abashed.”

What was so different this time that they couldn’t capture photos of the members? The members have expressed determined willingness to hold this concert. Since it was decided that it would be a relatively small concert (3,000 people), they said, as if it was a habit, “We’re going to get back to the basics.” Just like those words, on the stage, they didn’t think about their own, and just jumped and danced.

“It’s true that the stage is small, but it has a different meaning. In Korea or in Japan, we have also started from small things and with that basis, the love of our fans has grown. I think the first concert in Europe is also a good beginning. Rather than a bombastic concert in Europe, we want to set foot on a small stage first, with a heart that wants to start again from the beginning.” Those are Kim Jaejoong’s words.

The stage that we saw with our own eyes was far from glamorous. Protruding or pumping stage, even LED screen couldn’t be expected. Fireworks on stage has also disappeared. Sometimes,the effect of CO2 sprang, but that was all. Only the light that was shining on the old castle from afar added as flavor.

But it was not unsuccessful. Fans that joined them there also differed from any other shows. With the shout of 100 warriors, they provided support to JYJ’s new start. JYJ really had such a vibrant concert that the professional photography team couldn’t properly capture with their camera. A French student who watched the show that day said, “I think this is the first time I see the members try so hard to sing and dance like that. Regardless of stage scale, fans were greatly impressed.”

Source: Nate
Translation Credit: The_little_pear of JYJ3
Please do not add, alter, or remove the credits.

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Picture Choices 111029 — 2011 JYJ World Tour Concert In Barcelona, Spain Part 3

[Pic] 111029 – 2011 JYJ World Tour Concert in Barcelona, Spain Part 3

 photo by: jumotic
credit: sharingyoochun.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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Translation 111030 Camping Overnight To See JYJ’s Concert In Spain! Evidence Of Korean Wave Popularity, Even In Europe

[TRANS] 111030 Camping Overnight To See JYJ’s Concert In Spain! Evidence Of Korean Wave Popularity, Even In Europe

For the sake of watching JYJ’s concert in Spain, local fans showed their indomitable spirit as they camped overnight, gaining much attention. On 29 October, JYJ held their first concert in Barcelona. It was surprising to see that it wasn’t just Spanish fans, but fans from all over Europe that flew in and started queuing overnight from 28 October in front of the ticketing center.

The European fans said that it was because “we don’t know when we will next be able to see JYJ in concert,”  and therefore waited on the streets for 28 hours. Some of the fans who were not able to withstand the cold brought tents along. Other fans who wanted to give Junsu a present for his upcoming birthday prepared a special football jersey, and took a photograph of it as proof. This passionate atmosphere was communicated to the rest of the world via JYJ fan pages as well as twitter.

Fans said, “It’s great. We didn’t know that the Korean wave was this popular,” “We’re really proud,” and other supportive messages.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + eNews24 via Nate]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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111030 FanCams @ JYJ in Spain — Barcelona’s Concert Fancams Compilations!

[FanCams] #JYJinSpain — Barcelona’s concert fancams compilations!

credit: Uploaders

Momma’s Source: iXiahcassie

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Pictures 111029 JYJ World Tour Concert 2011 in Barcelona, Spain

[Pic] 111029 JYJ World Tour Concert 2011 in Barcelona, Spain

credit: as tagged
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Video 111029 JYJ World Tour Concert 2011 In Barcelona, Spain

[Vid] 111029 JYJ World Tour Concert 2011 in Barcelona, Spain

Jaejoong – I’ll protect you

JJ: “Te quiero” (I love you~)

YC: “Besame mucho” (Kiss me a lot~)

credit: SeungHana
shared by: sharingyoochun.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net
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[Translation] 111029 Post Of JYJ Tweets

[Trans] 111029 Post Of JYJ Tweets

WHAT IS THIS ADORABLENESS?   I’m adorable only when I want to be.  kekeke…  

(Junsu, 8:15pm KST) Angel Xiah… is here.. ㅜ http://twitpic.com/77iqmt

 lol jelly of Junsu’s attention? ;)
(Jaejoong, 10:46pm KST) I took a photo here too..  http://yfrog.com/nw3a3yoj

Source: [Jaejoong and Junsu’s Twitter]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source:  sharingyoochun.net

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Translation 111024 Posters For JYJ’s Spanish Concert Are Spotted In London’s Chinatown

[TRANS] 111024 Posters For JYJ’s Spanish Concert Are Spotted In London’s Chinatown

Posters for JYJ’s Spanish concert have been found in London, England and are quickly becoming a hot topic.

JYJ will be holding a solo concert in Barcelona, Spain on the 29th. They will also be holding a concert in Berlin, Germany at the Tempodrom on the 6th of November.

Photos showing the Spanish concert’s posters in various locations within Chinatown in London were recently posted in an online community. As the largest Chinatown in Europe, the area is known to have the largest floating population, including tourists, in London.

Netizens who saw this left comments such as, “I’m really proud of JYJ”, “This is amazing, they’re in London!”, “This is what boosting national prestige really is”, and “JYJ’s influence is spreading globally.


 Source: [enews24]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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111027 JYJ Poster in Barcelona With ZunoXiahMom

JYJ Poster in Barcelona with ZunoXiahMom

I’m glad that you are there with them. You are a supportive mother.

This is a wonderful, depictive poster-collage with JYJ at it’s center. Do well at the concert, Mancubs, Our prayers are with you.  Momma Cha


credit: zunoxiahmom’s twitter

Momma’s Source: twitter.com

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