[Info] Trending Topic for Yoochun to Support Three Days’ Premiere on March 5th


Hello, everyone!

How have you been?

As you know, SBS Three Days, Yoochun’s fifth drama and maybe his last one before enlistment, will premiere at 22:00 KST on March 5th (Wednesday). For this drama, Yoochun has been working harder than any of his previous dramas due to the overlapping schedule with Seafog’s filming and intense action scenes. Just some days ago, we also knew that Yoochun got injured during the filming of this drama and because of that, many have been quite upset. However, we can’t just sit there and get discouraged, let’s unite and do something to show our support for him. We should support this drama more than any of his previous drama. For his previous dramas, we did not trend anything, but this time, we determine to trend for him and get the tag on Worldwide trending list. To do that, we alone can’t do much, we need your great help.

We do not care where you come from, whether you are group A’s fans, or group B’s fans, or individual fans, or drama fans, whether you come from Asian, America, Europe or Australia, as long as you care for and support Yoochun or you are genuinely interested in Three Days, please give us a hand to trend for him. Last times, when we trended for his birthday, we already asked everyone which the most popular tag was, but at the end it took forever to get something on trending list just because different people were trending different things. This time, we HAVE to get Yoochun and Three Days on trending list. Please help!!! Please agree on only one tag, no matter if you support different fansites, no matter what conflict you have with each other, let’s just chose only one tag and trend together, can you do that?

From now on to the D-Day, the time and the tag to trend are subject to change. So please help us come up with the most popular tag and please agree to trend together. We are planning to trend one hour before the airing time so we are going to start at 21:00 KST and keep trending for one hour. However, if you want something else, please inform us so that we can adjust it according to the popular opinion. We call out for all fansites and fans to tell us what you are planning to tell you followers to trend that day through comments under this post, or through mentions to our Twitter (@6002sky). When you do so, please inform us what fansite that agrees on what tag if possible. On March 4th, which is one day before the premiere, we will come up with a specific tag and time according to the popular opinion and inform everyone.

Please give us your support to get this done,

Thank you,

With Love,


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[TRANS] 130806 The Extent Of Changmin’s Injury On His Variety Show – His Lips Suffer From Severe Swelling


Max Changmin’s lips swelled up significantly.


During the episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’ that aired on the 6th of August, the celebrity team set off to the Gangwon Province for an intensive training session.


Max Changmin was smacked in the mouth by an oar while being rocked by a strong current during the team’s river-rafting competition. Because of this, the area around Max Changmin’s lips swelled significantly.


However, Max Changmin received basic first aid treatment and returned to participate in all of the planned activities. While the others were enjoying lunch, he left to get ointment rubbed onto the affected area.

Though it was difficult for Max Changmin to talk because of the swelling, he used his dogged determination to help his duo get a decisive victory in the following badminton match. During their talk sessions, he did his best to participate in the conversation, despite his injury, instead of sitting out.

Source: [newsen]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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[TRANS] 130722 [Message From U-Know Yunho] Hello, This Is U-Know Yunho. ^^


Hello~ This is U-Know Yunho.
Cassiopeia, I hope you are all doing well~?^^
I was out on a break today and decided to go to Gangwon Province to see a friend off as he returns to his unit in the army~
But I heard that you guys were all so worried about me, so I decided to write a post to assure you of my condition and thank all the fans who came to our Shanghai concert..

Because I wanted to create a better performance for all of our loving fans at the concert, I put all my efforts into preparing, rehearsing and exercising before the event. My muscles cramped up and I ended up making you all worry, which makes my heart ache so much when I think about it..

But thanks to the passionate shouts and cheers that you sent us when we got on stage, and thanks to all the love you have for us, I  was able to stay strong and keep going till the very end. I’ve gotten better now, and it’s not that the wire had snapped, so please don’t worry too much about it~^^

Though we and our fans were exhausted because of the hot weather, each and every heart at that venue became one to create a performance that we all enjoyed!!!! Thank you!!!!!

To our Cassiopeia, who have always loved and cared for us, I will continue to work hard to repay your love with performances that only get better and better!!!
Please be careful to avoid getting hurt or sick from the heat, overexposure to air conditioning and damages from the rain in this hot weather~~
And please continue to shower us with your support. ^_^v

We are~~~~~~~~~~~~~~T!!!!!!!!

Source: [TVXQ’s Official Homepage]

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News 110712 TVXQ’s Changmin Is Nursing His Injured Wrist

[News] 110712 TVXQ’s Changmin is nursing his injured wrist

TVXQ’s Changmin had a cast put on to nurse his injured right wrist; representatives state, “It’s nothing big, just a sprain“.

On July 12th, Changmin was spotted at Gimpo National Airport in order to attend the KBS 2TV ‘Kpop Festival- Music Bank‘ on the 13th held in Tokyo Dome, Japan. However, the pictures taken from the airport shows that he had a cast around his right wrist arousing concern about the injury from many fans.

Changmin’s agency, SM Entertainment, stated that Changmin injured his wrist recently while practicing new choreography. As a result, Changmin received a half-cast in order to protect the injury.

An associate of the agency states, “It was a mere sprain. We’re just following through on the doctor’s recommendation of getting a half-cast to insure protection on his injury“, and also added, “the injury doesn’t affect his adequacy in performing the choreography; he’s still going to perform on stage“.

Meanwhile, fellow TVXQ member Yunho couldn’t attend the event held in Japan due to conflicting schedules with round 3 of SBS’s ‘Good Sunday- Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry‘.

Source & Photo: Newsen via Nate+allkpop

Momma’s source; sharingyoochun.net

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News TVXQ’s Yunho Had Leg Injuries During ‘Kiss and Cry’ Performance

[News] TVXQ’s Yunho had leg injuries during ‘Kiss and Cry’ Performance

Praying for your healing, U-Know Yunho. 🙂 Momma Cha

TVXQ’s Yunho managed to wow the audience with his suave “Summer Night” performance with partner Claudia Mueller, but a bonus, unaired clip from SBS’s “Kiss and Cry” showed that Yunho had actually performed with a severe leg injury.

In the unseen clip, which aired after the June 19th episode, Yunho was interviewed about his competition performance. “I had a previous leg injury from another concert,” he revealed. “My leg was ripped and swollen but I want to enjoy the stage without thinking about it.”

Meanwhile, his partner, professional figure skater Claudia Mueller, expressed her admiration for Yunho’s dedication. “Yunho oppa was much more handsome and self-assured on the stage, compared to the rehearsals,” she said.

Yunho and Mueller’s team scored a combined total of 40.1 for the first round, landing them in 8th place for the time being. The total scores from both the first and second rounds will be averaged, with the lowest-scoring team being eliminated from the competition.

Source + Image: Newsen via Nate

Credit: allkpop

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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