[TRANS] 120921 Park Gun Hyung Says, “I Joined Junsu’s Soccer Team At His Request, I’m Surrounded By Idols

[TRANS] 120921 Park Gun Hyung Says, “I Joined Junsu’s Soccer Team At His Request, I’m Surrounded By Idols

Actor Park Gun Hyung revealed how he ended up joining the celebrity soccer team that Kim Junsu’s introduced him to.

The actor appeared on the episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together Season 3′ that aired on the 20th with his fellow team member Lee Gi Kwang.

Lee Gi Kwang stated, “Park Gun Hyung is quite a big guy and really tall, so you’d expect him to be really good at soccer, but he just likes playing for fun,” and Park Gun Hyung added, “JYJ’s Kim Junsu persuaded me to join, but I found out that everyone was an idol singer.”

He continued to add, “Because of the age difference, it’s harder to be around them than it is when I hang out with people older than me.” The other celebrities on the show smiled as they said, “If we were in your position, we couldn’t have done that. You’re amazing,” and “Aren’t the oldest people usually the financiers when people meet up?”

Meanwhile, the aforementioned episode of ‘Happy Together’ featured Park Gun Hyung, Lee Gi Kwang and IU. During the midnight snack corner, IU’s ‘IU style food’ was chosen as the best menu item.

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111217 “Junsu, Happy Birthday!” From Lee Gi Kwang, and Min Young Ki Among Others

JYJ member Kim Junsu received (birthday) wishes from his artiste colleagues on his birthday.Kim Junsu, who celebrates his birthday on the 15th, received congratulatory messages via Twitter from artistes including Kim Jaejoong, B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang and actor Min Young Ki.

They left mentions for Kim Junsu, wishing him on his birthday, with Kim Jaejoong’s saying “To my beloved Junsu, happy birthday”, B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang said, “Junsu hyung.. I’m in Dubai right now, a foreign country so very far away from you.. keke Even from such a far away place, I want to sincerely wish you a happy birthday, hyung!!~~ I’ll give you a proper birthday wish when I get back to Korea, hyung!!! Happy birthday^.^!!”.

Actor Min Young Ki said, “Junsu, happy birthday!!! Have the best day ever today!!!!!!!!!!!! Though I’m sure every day is the best day ever for you!!! I feel so great about Elisabeth because you’re with us!!! Hwaiting!! Happy birthday Xiah-Tod!!!!!!!!!!!”.

In particular, Kim Junsu’s elder twin brother Kim Junho also revealed his regret of not being able to spend his birthday with his younger brother by saying, “Junsu, my other half! Happy birthday. I realized that we’ve never spent a birthday together because we’re both so busy.. Eat lots of great food with your Korean friends and have a great time! I’m always grateful to have you”.

Kim Junsu’s fans also created a webzine that included a congratulatory video from celebrities such as Lee Dong Wook, Kim Seon Ah, Seo Beom Seok, Bae Hae Sun, Kim Hyun Joong and Park Sung Gwang.

In response to these, netizens expressed, “Junsu-oppa Happy Birthday”, “You must spend the happiest day ever today”, “Have you had seaweed soup?” among other responses.

On another note, Kim Junsu is practicing intensively in light of the performance of the Musical Elisabeth in 2012.

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111023 Translation Kim Junsu and Yoon Du Jun Are The Star Players

TRANS] 111019 ‘Kim Junsu And Yoon Du Jun Are The Star Players’, FC MEN Wins The Celebrity Soccer Tournament


FC MEN, captained by JYJ’s Kim Junsu, has won the celebrity soccer tournament Peace Star Cup.

In the finals match between FC MEN and Miracle FC (captained by Kim Yong Man) on the 19th at the Suwon World Cup Stadium, FC MEN turned the tables around in their favor and won the match 4:3.

FC MEN sent their best players, including JYJ’s Kim Junsu, B2ST’s Yoon Du Jun and Lee Gi Kwang, and Park Sung Kwang, on the soccer field and received loud cheers as they played like professionals.

In the tournament for the first half of the year, FC MEN and FC Libero (captained by Seo Gyeong Seok) were locked in a fierce battle in the finals. In this match, Kim Junsu and Yoon Gyeong Sik were the star players as they scored four goals, clinching the victory for their team. B2ST’s Yoon Du Jun’s performance earned him the ‘Suwon Bluewings FC MEN, Man of the year’ title from his fellow teammates and the Samsung Bluewings team.

Meanwhile, FC MEN officially became a part of Suwon Samsung Bluewings this April and features Suwon Samsung’s key player Jung Sung Ryong as its honorary coach. The team features 12 popular stars such as JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Kim Hyun Joong, B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang and Yoon Du Jun, Lee Wan and Seo Ji Seok.

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