Translation 111103 JYJ Hitachinaka Concert was Introduced in A Japanese CS TV Program

[Trans] 111103 JYJ Hitachinaka Concert was Introduced in a Japanese CS TV Program Eng subbed


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T/N: This program (Kan-tame! POP) was broadcasted in Fuji TV CS network (Skyperfect TV & Cable TV) on Nov 1.

“In Heaven”, the new album of JYJ, which was released in Korea in Sept, is causing repercussions.

Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, who left Tohoshinki because of their problems with the management company, made a new unit JYJ. Though they turned their back to the company and made a new start, the lawsuit with their previous company is still going on, so they were not able to hold live concerts.

In the new album, the members themselves composed and wrote the lyrics for most of the songs, they were participating positively to the production of the album. However, one of the songs in the album “Pierrot” was judged ineligible to broadcast by KBS, and had restrictions in their promotions.

(T/N: the lyrics of Pierrot)

The “p.s.m” phrase in the lyrics is said to be the initials of the President of their previous company, and it was interpreted that the lyrics was slandering an individual person. Thus, KBS judged the song ineligible to broadcast.

They were restricted from appearing in music programs not only in Korea but in Japan, too, and it was doubtful that events would be held. Their difficult situations were continuing for months. Under such difficult circumstances, JYJ’s event in Japan was held for two days without any special publicities. In the venue in Ibaraki, many fans gathered from all over Japan. According to the official announcement, the number was 80 thousand in 2 days!

Fan 1: (T/N: introducing her own name)
Fan 2: (T/N: introducing her own name) I hope that someone can make an environment so that they could promote freely in Japan.
Fan 3: I can feel that they are doing their best even under the current severe conditions, so I would like to support them as long as I can.
Fan 4: I feel that the connection between JYJ and the fans are very strong.
Fan 5: I hope that we can move forward with their love, and also with our love.

For the Japanese fans, the live concert and the new album were received with a flood of emotions. That may speak for the fact that the pre-order for “In Heaven” exceeded over 300 thousand. The album increased its sales, so that the shops had to make a special counter on the day of the release.

Yamamoto: We received a message from a JYJ fan. May I introduce it here?
Furuya: Yes, please.
Y: Sesami-san, 50 years old, a lady. Thank you very much. “I am always enjoying the broadcast. At last, JYJ released their Korean album! Though they haven’t done any promotions, the pre-order exceeded 300 thousand. That means, they are not only popular, but also have the real ability.”
F: It was the hot topics before release that the pre-order exceeded 300 thousand. If the 300 thousand sales is the actual number, the album will be the highest selling album in Korea this year. Of course there are gaps between the shipment and the actual sales number, so we do not know what the final results will be, but it means that the album is in high demand.
Y: Sesami-san also says that she would like to support JYJ’s activities in Japan, but their music videos are not broadcasted, and maybe the fans should feel impatient… I thought so, looking at her message.
F: Basically, their problem is not solved. In this stage, the promotions in both countries may be difficult in many cases.

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NEWS 111004 KBS President “JYJ” May Request For Reexamination of Banned Song

[News] 111004 KBS President “JYJ May Request For Reexamination For Banned Song [Pierrot]


In regards to the group JYJ’s song [Pierrot], which was banned by KBS citing the reason that it specifically attacks a particular person, KBS President said, “They may submit a request for a reexamination anytime.”

On the afternoon of the 4th, during a paliamentary inspection of the Committee for Culture, Sports, Tourism & Broadcasting Communication, Jun Byung Hun (Democratic Party), a member of the National Assembly, questioned KBS President Kim In Kyu and asked, “JYJ’s [Pierrot] is banned because the lyrics ‘PSM’ is targeted at a specific person. What is the standard of consideration?”

President Kim said, “According to the deliberation committee, the lyrics ‘PSM’ in JYJ’s [Pierrot] are problematic as it points to a specific person” and “Although JYJ’s side has said that ‘PSM’ stands for ‘Professional Success Music’, it doesn’t match when the lyrics are looked in their entirety.”

He also added, “JYJ may submit a request for a reexamination any time.”

To this, Congressman Jun asked in return, “Is KBS the spokesperson for Mr Lee Soo Man?” and “Why do you refuse to believe the person who wrote the song? Why do you have to interpret ‘PSM’ as refering to Mr Lee Soo Man?” President Kim said in replied, “The members of the deliberation committee judged that it is likened to that given name” and “I will request that the deliberation committee be more open to flexible interpretations.”

The other day, on 28 September, KBS announced the results for the review of JYJ’s album through their website and judged that the songs [Pierrot] and [Mission] were banned as they contained “lyrics that were personal attacks”.

KBS had explained that the song [Pierrot] resulted in being banned because it suggested “personal attacks to an individual” and that it showed a personal grudge towards a particular individual as the lyrics “‘P.S.M’ obviously represents ‘President, Lee Soo Man’”.

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NEWS 110929 KBS Reviews JYJ’s “In Heaven” Album…

[News] 110929 KBS reviews JYJ’s “In Heaven” album and deems “Pierrot” and “Mission” ineligible for broadcasting

KBS just finished their review of JYJ’s 1st Korean studio album “In Heaven” on September 28th. Nearly all of JYJ’s tracks passed KBS’s reviews except two, “Pierrot” and “Mission.” The two songs were deemed ineligible for broadcasting.

The broadcasting company states that the lyrics to the track “Pierrot” are inappropriate because they are a personal attack to SM Entertainment’s Lee Sooman. The lyrics read, “There is nothing ahead of money, you are a complete pro. Properly p.s.m.”

During the process hearing, KBS stated that the lyrics “p.s.m” from JYJ’s “Pierrot” can only be understood as President Sooman, which gives off the impression of their personal attack towards the SM Entertainment CEO. JYJ is currently undergoing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment. Therefore, “Pierrot” was deemed ineligible for broadcasting due to it being a song that “holds a grudge against someone.”

An official representing JYJ told Star News on September 29th, “KBS has arbitrarily interpreted ‘p.s.m.’ without going through the verification procedures. They are not a deliberate attack towards anyone. You have to understand the lyricist’s intentions with a bit more effort.”


He continued with, “The written lyrics aren’t intended for any one person. It questions society as a whole. The target was not written towards a specific person.”

The lyricist of the song “Pierrot,” Kim Jaejoong, can request a reconsideration and submit an explanation of what the lyrics mean to reverse KBS’s ruling.

“Pierrot” has been questioned ever since it’s release. Last November at the Jamsil Stadium during JYJ’s concert, reporters present asked Jaejoong about the song, to which he replied, “It is a song written to educate on the reality and to express the anger for the suppressed freedom.”

A few minutes ago, Jaejoong tweeted on the matter and said, “The one thing that I’m curious about despite having had no sleep for 33 hours.. who thought of “president” for p..? And everything that comes afterward as well.”

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In addition, JYJ’s “Mission” has the lyrics “So f*** off no more talk,” and due to the swearing involved, did not pass KBS’s review for broadcasting. However, JYJ’s remaining songs on the album “Nine,” “In Heaven,” and “The Boy’s Letter,” were all deemed eligible for broadcasting on KBS’s networks.

JYJ is still waiting on broadcasting verification from television companies MBC and SBS.

Source: Newsen, sharingyoochun, @JaeBon_OT5, and Star News
credit: koreaboo

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