[Trans] 130710 Tahiti Make An Official Apology For Using JYJ’s Song… “It Wasn’t Intentional But It Was Still Wrong”

[Trans] 130710 Tahiti Make An Official Apology For Using JYJ’s Song… “It Wasn’t Intentional But It Was Still Wrong


Girl group Tahiti’s representatives have released an official apology regarding their use of the intro of JYJ’s hit song ‘Mission’ without permission.

In a phone conversation with MyDaily, a representative of Tahiti’s agency Dream Star Entertainment said, “We received an official statement from JYJ’s agency and sent them an official apology. Though it wasn’t intentional, it was still wrong of us to not be more thorough in checking the source of the song. We will make sure that incidents like this will not happen again.”

Tahiti used the intro of ‘Mission’ for their performances in Cambodia in March and at Hongik University in May, which was picked up by JYJ fans and uncovered that the song had been used without any permission.

The representative from Tahiti’s agency added, “We used the intro at the suggestion of a person who had worked on JYJ’s concerts. He told us that it was okay to use the music, so we didn’t think it would be an issue. We should have been more thorough in our background research, so we’re very sorry.”

Regarding this, JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We brought up the issue through an official statement to the entertainment agency in charge to retrieve the rights of our artistes, but we have decided not to take any legal action because it was not intentional. We are just waiting for a response from them instead. We would like for this to be an opportunity for everyone involved to learn the value of copyright laws.”

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[Trans] 130710 Stealing An ‘Intro’? Girl Group Tahiti Stirs Controversy By Using JYJ’s Song Without Permission

[Trans] 130710 Stealing An ‘Intro’? Girl Group Tahiti Stirs Controversy By Using JYJ’s Song Without Permission

Using the intro of ‘Mission’ at overseas concerts and college festivals


Girl group Tahiti has been embroiled in a controversy of using a song without permission.


JYJ fans began making the claim that Tahiti has been using the intro of JYJ’s hit song ‘Mission’ without their permission. The fans brought up a problematic YouTube video that shows Tahiti performing their song ‘Hasta Luego’ at a festival in Hongik University.


The issue is that the intro of the performance uses the intro of ‘Mission’. Park Yoochun’s voice saying ‘just pull it off’ can be heard in the middle of their performance as well. After their performance, Tahiti stated in an interview with the MC that, “This intro is a special one that we only use during our overseas performances, but we decided to use it today because we’re at Hongik University.”


In a video of Tahiti performing in Cambodia in March, JYJ’s ‘Mission’ can be heard as the intro of ‘Hasta Luego’.




Fans raised the issue with the entertainment agencies of both groups, and one fan posted an apology e-mail that they received from a representative of Dream Star Entertainment, the agency in charge of Tahiti.


The e-mail says, “We would like to apologize to the fans,” and “We decided to use the music as our intro at the suggestion of a concert representative during one of our overseas concerts.”


It also says, “We found out that the music had been reused due to the inattention of their manager,” and “Disciplinary action has been taken against the manager, and the music file has been terminated.”


Fans who read the e-mail said, “They shouldn’t send an individual e-mail like that; they should provide us with an official apology”, “I didn’t say anything at first because I assumed they had paid royalties before using the song, but the fact that the entertainment agency apologized shows that they used it without permission,” and “Even if the music was used at the suggestion of a concert representative, shouldn’t you have checked before using JYJ’s song, especially a composition by one of the members?”


Dream Star Entertainment stated in a phone conversation with CBS NoCut News that, “We didn’t know it was a JYJ song,” and “We said that it would be nice to have an intro to the concert, and one of the concert’s representatives, who had been the head of JYJ’s concert business team, brought the music to us and we began using it from Tahiti’s Philippine performance.”


The agency continued to add, “It should have ended as a one-time happening, but we kept using it for the Cambodia and Hongik University performances,” and “If we had known it was a JYJ song, we wouldn’t have used it.”

A representative of JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We contacted the Korea Music Copyright Association and found out that they used the song without permission,” and “We have no idea who they are talking about when they bring up the concert business team representative.”

They continued to add, “But as their actions were unintentional, we will send them an official statement and take the proper actions against this violation that took place between two companies.”

JYJ’s ‘Mission’ was released in their 2011 album ‘In Heaven’ and was composed by Kim Junsu and had lyrics written by his brother JUNO.

Source: [CBS NoCut News]
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[Vid] JYJ @ Tokyo Dome Compilation Part 2

credit: ayajae11+NYCuckoo+BestShowify+rubypurple+emong2+TV5XQHOME+

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120707 Xia Shanghai ‘Why Can’t You Love Me’ 왜 나를 사랑하지 않나요

Mr. Junsu–you totally outdid yourself here. You capture the passion of this song even after numerous times of singing it. So proud.    Momma Cha

BTW. Jacket still too hot? 😉    <3

credit: kkkxxxjj

credit: Lynnxiah

 Momma’s Source: youtube

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111030 FanCams @ JYJ in Spain — Barcelona’s Concert Fancams Compilations!

[FanCams] #JYJinSpain — Barcelona’s concert fancams compilations!

credit: Uploaders

Momma’s Source: iXiahcassie

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111015 Video from JYJ’s Live Unforgettable Concert in Japan — In Heaven

JYJ’s Live Unforgettable Concert in Japan Clips

credit: beebreeze23

JYJ Unforgettable Live Concert In Japan 2011

credit: ten2421

JYJ 2011.10.15 SBU♪


I.D.S. and Opening Talk Tokyo

credit: yukarin33333

Get Out (Warning Mickey Bleep F*** You Overide at 3:23 thru 3:26)

credit: mumuzi0018

JYJ You’re 10/15,16 No Eng Subs but Unforgettable just the same.

credit: tin11yk

Junsu You Are So Beautiful

credit: beebreeze23

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NEWS 110929 KBS Reviews JYJ’s “In Heaven” Album…

[News] 110929 KBS reviews JYJ’s “In Heaven” album and deems “Pierrot” and “Mission” ineligible for broadcasting

KBS just finished their review of JYJ’s 1st Korean studio album “In Heaven” on September 28th. Nearly all of JYJ’s tracks passed KBS’s reviews except two, “Pierrot” and “Mission.” The two songs were deemed ineligible for broadcasting.

The broadcasting company states that the lyrics to the track “Pierrot” are inappropriate because they are a personal attack to SM Entertainment’s Lee Sooman. The lyrics read, “There is nothing ahead of money, you are a complete pro. Properly p.s.m.”

During the process hearing, KBS stated that the lyrics “p.s.m” from JYJ’s “Pierrot” can only be understood as President Sooman, which gives off the impression of their personal attack towards the SM Entertainment CEO. JYJ is currently undergoing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment. Therefore, “Pierrot” was deemed ineligible for broadcasting due to it being a song that “holds a grudge against someone.”

An official representing JYJ told Star News on September 29th, “KBS has arbitrarily interpreted ‘p.s.m.’ without going through the verification procedures. They are not a deliberate attack towards anyone. You have to understand the lyricist’s intentions with a bit more effort.”


He continued with, “The written lyrics aren’t intended for any one person. It questions society as a whole. The target was not written towards a specific person.”

The lyricist of the song “Pierrot,” Kim Jaejoong, can request a reconsideration and submit an explanation of what the lyrics mean to reverse KBS’s ruling.

“Pierrot” has been questioned ever since it’s release. Last November at the Jamsil Stadium during JYJ’s concert, reporters present asked Jaejoong about the song, to which he replied, “It is a song written to educate on the reality and to express the anger for the suppressed freedom.”

A few minutes ago, Jaejoong tweeted on the matter and said, “The one thing that I’m curious about despite having had no sleep for 33 hours.. who thought of “president” for p..? And everything that comes afterward as well.”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In addition, JYJ’s “Mission” has the lyrics “So f*** off no more talk,” and due to the swearing involved, did not pass KBS’s review for broadcasting. However, JYJ’s remaining songs on the album “Nine,” “In Heaven,” and “The Boy’s Letter,” were all deemed eligible for broadcasting on KBS’s networks.

JYJ is still waiting on broadcasting verification from television companies MBC and SBS.

Source: Newsen, sharingyoochun, @JaeBon_OT5, and Star News
credit: koreaboo

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Fanaccount 110507 JYJ World Tour Concert in Beijing

Great Job, Mr. Director, Mr. Park AND Mr. Kim. Momma Cha

[Fanaccount] 110507 JYJ World Tour Concert in Beijing

First want to talk about the question everyone wants to know about, the ocean color TT of course the red ocean is still the biggest. Most of the areas are red, there is white for Yoochun between baidtvxq and herobar, and then there’s green for herobar, there’s also a lot of blue light sticks (should be Yoochun fans), but they are pretty spread out. There are a lot of colors, but red is dominant. White is for Junsu, and Yoonjae fan’s light sticks ocean was also white.

Then the stage, i was really close to it, the stadium is small, so no matter where you are it’s easy to see. So I feel like what I paid for the concert is very worth it. Our baidutvxq section is very close to the stage, it was wonderful. THe stage is mostly of red and blow, red surrounds the stage, then there are a lot of green lighting, including the top of the stage lighting, and the lighting from two sides of the stage. Seems like Director Kim really likes green, this time he used a lot of green lights, and we saw his static hair again.

Compared to the previous concert, Director Kim implemented a couple of different designs, seems like he planned this carefully. The screen was changed to animations for Boy’s letter. The drums before Mission has a Chinese style! Very big surprise. They changed their cloth for Mission, it’s different from the previous concert, so hot, very special design.

The three of them were very amazing live, just like the CD. I don’t even have to talk about Junsu! And Jaejoong, if there’s ever anyone that says anything like Jaejoong doesn’t sing well live, no matter who, this person must have never seen Jaejoong at a live concert to be able to say such things about Jaejoong. Jaejoong’s singing abilities are so amazing, and sound so good live. Yoochun’s Nameless song made everyone cry, 555~ Our heart aches knowing their difficulties. Everyone were looking at the lyrics on the screen while listening to them sing.

When Jaejoong was singing you’re, he suddenly squatted down, at first I thought he was too tired, and can’t continue anymore, it made me worried, but soon he was very playful while singing. Then (not sure if it’s In Heaven or not, but it’s the first song in their four new songs), when Junsu was singing, Yoochun made a hand gesture telling Jaejoong to come to his side, but then Jaejoong replied with a hand gesture saying he wont go. (About this, some people rumored that they two of them were talking saying Jaejong doesn’t like green, and said some bad stuff. But I want to say, they were so far apart, and Junsu was still singing, they couldn’t have heard each other! People shouldn’t talk bad about the green ocean or Jaejoong. Jaejoong is a really great person, being pushed around because of the fans he could still smile so warmly. Everyone went to see the concert went to support him, Director Kim loves everyone all the same. He was really happy today)

Then I saw Junsu on the screen, he is a little round today, hehe, but Junsu was in great spirit today, before he singing Fallen Leaves, he said it came from the heart. Jaejoong’s really white, really skinny, and really beautiful, though he looked tired, but he still worked hard smiling jumping, and his singing was wonderful. Yoochun was very cute, except the part of him dancing with the female dancer made everyone crazy. All the fans screamed really loudly! Then I want to say about the Nameless Song, it’s very gelivable.

Everyone at the stadium screamed JYJ, screamed TVXQ, Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun. But screams of JYJ was the most.

All in all, tonight was very gelivable, all three of them were very happy!

credit: 相信兮兮@baidutvxq
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