130123 [Video] Yim Jae Beum Song Compilation/Sampler

Thank You, Jae, for leading me to this singer. Beautiful, rich voice.  His covers are just as beautiful as the originals.  🙂 TT

credit: koolbjeongshin+AFGMcHan+OceanBrightness+kissofdragon08+kuri8000708+

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121210 Gungor “Call Me Out”/Dry Bones -Youtube

This is a contemporary Christian band that has a unique approach to music. Beautiful songs for this Christmas Season.  Momma Cha  🙂

credit: chipjordan

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120328 A Clean Voice for an Advanced Nation: Singing in South Korean Christianity

A Clean Voice for an Advanced Nation: Singing in South Korean Christianity
March 28th, 2012

Host Department: Nam Center for Korean Studies

    • Date: 03/28/2012
    • Time: 04:00 PM – 05:30 PM
    • Location: Room 1636 School of Social Work Building, 1080 South University
      Nicholas Harkness, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University

  • Description:  
  • Further Information:This lecture focuses on the role of the voice in South Korean Christian culture. Drawing on ethnographic research conducted in Seoul’s Protestant churches and colleges of music, I explore the way European-style classical singing (songak) relates to certain idealized qualities of modern Christian personhood and national advancement. Among these Christians, it is claimed that the advanced nation is joyful, healthy, stable, and clean—and so should its voice be. I discuss both the aesthetics of sound as well as the ethics of bodily practice.

credit: Nicholas Harkness

Momma’s Source: Nam Center for Korean Studies


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NEWS 111004 KBS President “JYJ” May Request For Reexamination of Banned Song

[News] 111004 KBS President “JYJ May Request For Reexamination For Banned Song [Pierrot]


In regards to the group JYJ’s song [Pierrot], which was banned by KBS citing the reason that it specifically attacks a particular person, KBS President said, “They may submit a request for a reexamination anytime.”

On the afternoon of the 4th, during a paliamentary inspection of the Committee for Culture, Sports, Tourism & Broadcasting Communication, Jun Byung Hun (Democratic Party), a member of the National Assembly, questioned KBS President Kim In Kyu and asked, “JYJ’s [Pierrot] is banned because the lyrics ‘PSM’ is targeted at a specific person. What is the standard of consideration?”

President Kim said, “According to the deliberation committee, the lyrics ‘PSM’ in JYJ’s [Pierrot] are problematic as it points to a specific person” and “Although JYJ’s side has said that ‘PSM’ stands for ‘Professional Success Music’, it doesn’t match when the lyrics are looked in their entirety.”

He also added, “JYJ may submit a request for a reexamination any time.”

To this, Congressman Jun asked in return, “Is KBS the spokesperson for Mr Lee Soo Man?” and “Why do you refuse to believe the person who wrote the song? Why do you have to interpret ‘PSM’ as refering to Mr Lee Soo Man?” President Kim said in replied, “The members of the deliberation committee judged that it is likened to that given name” and “I will request that the deliberation committee be more open to flexible interpretations.”

The other day, on 28 September, KBS announced the results for the review of JYJ’s album through their website and judged that the songs [Pierrot] and [Mission] were banned as they contained “lyrics that were personal attacks”.

KBS had explained that the song [Pierrot] resulted in being banned because it suggested “personal attacks to an individual” and that it showed a personal grudge towards a particular individual as the lyrics “‘P.S.M’ obviously represents ‘President, Lee Soo Man’”.

Source: [STARNEWS + JYJTheirRooms]
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