[TRANS] 130822 53 Korean Idol Groups Are Nominated For The Hallyu 10th Anniversary Japanese Music Awards


53 Korean idol groups, including TVXQ and Girls’ Generation, have been nominated for the Hallyu 10th Anniversary Japanese Music Awards, which will be held in Chiba, Japan in October.

According to Oricon, a ‘Hallyu 10th Anniversary Awards’ awards ceremony will take place at the International Convention Hall in Chiba, Japan on the 9th of October to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Hallyu Wave. The committee in charge of the awards ceremony will hold a poll from the 22nd till the 30th of September for boy bands, girl groups, and female and male solo artistes, to choose the top 5 groups in each category.

The nominees for the boy band category came to a total of 33 teams including INFINITE, AJAX, EXO, Epic High, FT Island, MBLAQ, CN BLUE, JYJ, SHINee, SHU-I, SHinhwa, Super Junior, ZE:A, Choshinsung, TEEN TOP, 2AM, 2PM, TVXQ, NU’EST, B.A.P, B2ST, B1A4, Big Bang, VIXX, Boyfriend and U-Kiss.

The girl group category had a total of 20 nominees including Jewelry, After school, A Pink, f(x), Girls Day, KARA, SECRET, SISTAR, Girls’ Generation, Davichi, Dalshabet, T-ara, 2NE1, 4Minute, Brown Eyed Girls, Miss A, Rainbow, and the Wondergirls.

The male solo category includes Psy, Se7en, Rain and Kim Bum Soo while the female solo category includes IU, Gummy, Ailee, BoA and Wax.

Source: [starnews]

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130215 [News] JYJ Performs at President’s Inauguration Ceremony – Singing ‘I Know

[News] JYJ Performs at President’s Inauguration Ceremony – Singing ‘I Know

FEB 15, 2013


The representative Korean-Wave idol group JYJ has been appointed to attend at the 18th presidential inauguration with the internationally noted singer PSY.

According to the announcement of the Preparatory Committee for 18th President’s Inauguration, pre-celebration event for Inauguration Ceremony starts from 9:20 AM on 25th FEB at National Assembly’s front square and the event would be consisted of the videos and performance of the representative songs of each age.

A musical team is to perform with the song ‘Sergeant Kim’s return from Vietnam’ with the wind music, and the singer Yoon Jung JANG will be singing ‘A guy with a yellow shirt’ and ‘With You’.

The musical actor Kyung Joo NAM and SONYA are singing ‘Whale Hunting’ and the musical team is leading flash mob event with the song ‘Let’s Hit the Road’.

JYJ is set to sing ‘I Know’ [the song of Taeji Boys] and 90’s hit-song medley and the world star PSY will be singing ‘Champion’ and ‘Gangnam Style’.

JYJ’s management C-JeS Entertainment commented that “It is appreciated to attend the state occasion ceremony as the representative artist of the age. The group will prepare well to present a good stage for the event”

*Short Summaries of JYJ’s State-Occasion Career*

2013 Celebration performance for 18th President’s inauguration day ceremony 

2012 Received official commendation from the Minister of Knowledge Economy
2012 Honorary Ambassador for KOR-JPN Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo
2012 Honorary Ambassador for Seoul Nuclear Security Summit
2011 On-Line Honorary Ambassador for Ministry of Education, Science And Technology
2011 Good Will Ambassador of UNAIDS’s Asia-Pacific
2011 Honorary Ambassador for 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific
2011 Honorary Ambassador of Korea Electric Power Corporation [a.k.a KEPCO]
2011 Honorary Ambassador of Jeju Ireland’s New Seven’s Wonder
2011 Honorary Ambassador of World-OKTA
2011 Honorary Ambassador of FLL KOREA
2010 Honorary Ambassador of G20 Summit in Seoul

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[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu: “The Only Person Who Will Break PSY’s Record Is PSY Himself”

[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu: “The Only Person Who Will Break PSY’s Record Is PSY Himself”

On November 29 at a hotel in Germany, JYJ’s Junsu made statements concerning singer PSY. He said, “Achieving Billboard Top 10 is hard even for American singers, so for PSY to reach top two with a song sang in Korean was an amazing accomplishment. Realistically, I think it would be hard for other Korean singers to break his record, except maybe PSY himself. Perhaps, and hopefully, we could be the one to break the record.”

Junsu continued, “Music is not like soccer where you can keep a clear score. When I say my goal is to succeed in music, what I mean is to improve people’s view on KPop music.”

He also shared the story of how he first saw “Gangnam Style” MV. He said, “When I was in U.S. to shoot “Uncommitted” MV, an American actor for this MV showed me “Gangnam Style” MV on his cellphone.”

Junsu has been a member of DBSK, and then JYJ, and became a top star in Korea. As a member of JYJ, his popularity has spread to Japan, and the rest of the world including in North and South America.

In May 2012, Junsu has released a solo album “Xia” and has performed in Asia, North and South America, and Europe. He will be completing his world tour on December 30 in Oberhausen in Germany.

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Fans of TVXQ Claim Pearl Red Shouldn’t Be Used on Psy Items

Fans of TVXQ Claim Pearl Red Shouldn’t Be Used on Psy Items

 A heated controversy over the color to use on Psy items is going on.

On October 20, a posting titled “We should ask fans of Psy for a public apology“ was put up on a community website and is causing a sensation.

This is because K-pop fans use a color in order to represent their idol stars. According to K-pop lovers, each K-pop act has its own color, distinguished from others.

The post writes: “The color of the light stick for Psy―pearl red―has been in use for TVXQ. We have been using the color for 9 years now. Don’t try to take away our colors.”

With this, fans of TVXQ are requesting that pearl color items for Psy should be banned from using and selling and fans of Psy should make an immediate, public apology.

Meanwhile, netizens are showing conflicting opinions about the color controversy.

Source: Xportsnews

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[Trans] Exclusive Interview With Kim Jaejoong: Are Good Friends With PSY And Would Like To Take On Chinese Movies

[Trans] Exclusive Interview With Kim Jaejoong: Are Good Friends With PSY And Would Like To Take On Chinese Movies

On the afternoon of 20th October, the press conference for Kim Jaejoong Fan Meeting 2012 was held in Nanjing. After the press conference, Sina had an exclusive interview with Kim Jaejoong.

At the press conference, Kim Jaejoong shared his feelings on visiting Nanjing for the second time and his latest involvement. Visiting Nanjing for the first time on his own, Jaejoong prepared songs and interactive games, hoping to discover the adorable side of the fans with this event. In a year, Jaejoong filmed new works and wish to represent his own growth with these. With regards to his identity as both singer and actor, Jaejoong expressed that he liked it a lot singing songs as a singer and as he has been acting recently, he tend to be emotionally attached to the character and is now working hard developing his acting skills.

As for chinese actors, Jaejoong said he knew a lot of them but have yet to meet them face-to-face. When asked which historical character he would like to portray if he was to return to the past, Jaejoong expressed that rather than the past, he wants to know the future as he is keen on knowing what is going to happen in the future. When discussing about his plans in 2013, Jaejoong revealed that he is now preparing for the new album and hoped to bring good work to fans.

After the press conference ended, Kim Jaejoong accepted an exclusive interview with Sina.

Sina: Which fan support project from China makes you most touching?

Kim Jaejoong: It is difficult to choose just one. But since I don’t usually come to China, the continuous support from fans touched me the most.

Sina: You challenged on comical roles for your latest korean movie ‘Code Name: Jackal’. Is there any area you need to overcome as an idol when acting?

Kim Jaejoong: The movie’s genre is a comedy and as an actor, it is basic responsibility to portray the role well. I will work hard to show my very best state in the movie.

Sina: There are China-Korea collaboration movies these days. If there is a good chance, will you consider working with a China film director?

Kim Jaejoong: I would like to try if there is a chance.

Sina: Your interaction with PSY on Twitter was highlighted. How did the two of you became good friends?

Kim Jaejoong: We met at Rain’s birthday party and became close after that, just like brothers.

Sina: Is there any special words for chinese fans?

Kim Jaejoong: I’m sorry that I am unable to visit China very often and I hope that I will be able to bring better works and performances to repay chinese fans’ support.

Source: http://ent.sina.com.cn/y/k/2012-10-21/21453768496.shtml
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[News] 121016 JYJ’s JaeJoong and Psy are Friends

[News] 121016 JYJ’s JaeJoong and Psy are Friends

 The friendship between JYJ’s Jae Joong and Psy recently attracted a lot of attention.

On October 14, Jae Joong tweeted, “It’s really interesting,” mentioning KBS 2TV’s drama series Nice Guy. At this, Psy replied, “I think the song that you wrote is more interesting.”

Jae Joong replied to Psy, “I wrote a different song eventually. I’ll let you listen to it later. The interruption to the inspiration made me to write a better song. ‘Gangnam Style’ is the best.”

People responded: “The friendship between Jae Joong and Psy is quite unexpected.” “Are Jae Joong and Psy friends? That’s great.” “How did they meet each other?” “I cannot imagine Jae Joong and Psy listening to the same song.”

On October 16, Jae Joong will attend a press conference and a showcase for the production of the film Jackal is Coming, and Psy went to Australia on October 15. Psy showed off a cute look in a Mickey Mouse T-shirt at the airport.

source: TV Report
credit: korea.com

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121006 Editors Note: Gangnam Style Videos [Horseriding?] :)

O.K. I know that it has been months, so Momma Cha finally succumbed to seriously looking into this Gangnam Style Phenomena, especially since it is raising world awareness of Korean and Asian entertainment styles. Obviously it is taking America (and other places) by storm.
Therefore, I am featuring an exclusive Gangnam Style post. BTW. You will not find me dancing Gangnam style, but for those who dig this–Hang On, Pardner!!!

credits: Michelle Foodie Fashionista+officialpsy+ictsilpakorn