[NEWS] 140831 JYJ successfully complete Vietnam concert in heavy rain! The night in Saigon they’ll never forget

Group JYJ created a special encore stage with Vietnamese fans in heavy rain.

On August 31, C-JeS Entertainment disclosed, “JYJ successfully completed the Vietnam concert of their Asia Tour in the midst of 6000 Vietnamese fans’ cheers at Quân khu 7 Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on August 30,” and, “In particular at this concert held in an outdoor venue, singer and fan becoming as one created a splendid sight, even amid pouring heavy rain on the encore stage”.


JYJ is famous as the team gaining highest popularity among Hallyu stars in Vietnam.

On this day fans, who gathered from across the nation, sang along to songs in Korean and enjoyed JYJ’s concert.

One fan saw JYJ who she’s looking upon again in 4 years, and choked back tears.

On this day, JYJ opened with live stages for all of 24 songs; like title song ‘Back Seat’ and their 1st regular album’s title songs ‘In Heaven’ and ‘Get Out’. As a talented band they also showed off a variety of colorful stages –such pop, rock, dance, R&B– within their own solo performances in a group-like way and captured local fans’ hearts.

The encore stage became an unforgettable memory for everyone, singer and fan.

Although everyone got drenched in the rain, they enjoyed the concert. JYJ said, “The rain came but we got more excited. It became a sexy stage because of the rain” and “It seems we’ll never forget the time we spent with Vietnamese fans”.

Passing through Seoul, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Vietnam, JYJ’s Asia Tour will continue onto Chengdu, China on September 6.

jyjvietnamrain1 jyjvietnamrain2 jyjvietnamrain4 jyjvietnamrain5 jyjvietnamrain6 jyjvietnamrain7 jyjvietnamrain8 jyjvietnamrain9 jyjvietnamrain10 jyjvietnamrain11 jyjvietnamrain12

Source: Sports Khan
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JYJ Fantalk Source: JYJ3

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[TRANS] 140110 ‘Rain Effect’ Rain Reveals His New Year’s Text Message Exchange With Kim Jaejoong


During ‘Rain Impact’, Rain talked about his New Year’s text message exchange with JYJ (Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu)’s Kim Jaejoong.

The episode of Mnet’s ‘Rain Impact’ that aired on the 9th showed Rain headed to Singapore for his end-of-the-year concert. This was when Kim Jaejoong contacted the singer to wish him a Happy New Year.

Rain said that Kim Jaejoong sent him a text that read, “Hyung, Happy New Year~ Hope luck comes your way this year!” Rain replied by saying, “Happy New Year to you too. I hope this year turns out to be amazing for both of us.”

When Kim Jaejoong asked if Rain was out working already, Rain showed off his generosity by saying, “I have to earn a lot of money to buy you something~!!”

Kim Jaejoong jokingly replied, “Hyung.. Don’t just give me empty words. Actually buy me things,” to which Rain said, “You earn a lot of money. Isn’t it time for you to buy me something?”

Source: [star mt]

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JYJ Fantalk Source: dongbangdata.net

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[TRANS] 130822 53 Korean Idol Groups Are Nominated For The Hallyu 10th Anniversary Japanese Music Awards


53 Korean idol groups, including TVXQ and Girls’ Generation, have been nominated for the Hallyu 10th Anniversary Japanese Music Awards, which will be held in Chiba, Japan in October.

According to Oricon, a ‘Hallyu 10th Anniversary Awards’ awards ceremony will take place at the International Convention Hall in Chiba, Japan on the 9th of October to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Hallyu Wave. The committee in charge of the awards ceremony will hold a poll from the 22nd till the 30th of September for boy bands, girl groups, and female and male solo artistes, to choose the top 5 groups in each category.

The nominees for the boy band category came to a total of 33 teams including INFINITE, AJAX, EXO, Epic High, FT Island, MBLAQ, CN BLUE, JYJ, SHINee, SHU-I, SHinhwa, Super Junior, ZE:A, Choshinsung, TEEN TOP, 2AM, 2PM, TVXQ, NU’EST, B.A.P, B2ST, B1A4, Big Bang, VIXX, Boyfriend and U-Kiss.

The girl group category had a total of 20 nominees including Jewelry, After school, A Pink, f(x), Girls Day, KARA, SECRET, SISTAR, Girls’ Generation, Davichi, Dalshabet, T-ara, 2NE1, 4Minute, Brown Eyed Girls, Miss A, Rainbow, and the Wondergirls.

The male solo category includes Psy, Se7en, Rain and Kim Bum Soo while the female solo category includes IU, Gummy, Ailee, BoA and Wax.

Source: [starnews]

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[TRANS] 121203-121204 Post of JYJ Tweets

[TRANS] 121203-121204 Post of JYJ Tweets

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by JYJ. A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations This post includes tweets from 6am KST, December 3rd to 5:59am KST, December 4th.

The best thing would be for this blasted rain to stop -__-
(Jaejoong, 5:39pm KST) The best thing to do on a rainy day is to exercise^^http://pic.twitter.com/bWeNK72S

Health first bb! Or you won’t be able to play at all D:
(Junsu, 10:25pm KST) It’s been exactly one day.. since I got back from Germany.. Like always, I played soccer today. Even though it snowed.. and that snow hit my face.. and my body froze.. (I played because) I like soccer too much, I can’t help it.. So what if it’s snowing.. Even if it rained and the wind blew, even if a storm raged on. I would still be playing soccer http://pic.twitter.com/CUphvw00

(Yong Hwan, 12:44am KST) @1215thexiahtic I’m sorry I couldn’t be with you all today^^ Yet you still win, even without Gwak Yong Hwan? lol
(Junsu, 12:50am KST) @plmok30 Hm.. If I said that I didn’t notice your absence.. would that make you sad..? lol

What is this conversation…. Yoochun would be proud of all the lameness 😉
(Jung Hwan, 3:03am KST) @1215thexiahtic plmok30 Hello, this is Messi.
(Junsu, 5:14pm KST) @chozzz0110 Messi? You mean, what time is, right..? ^^;; (Messi and ‘몇시 (Myeotshi)’ sound very similar)
(Jung Hwan, 5:15pm KST) @1215thexiahtic kekekekekeke Hyung, have you already forgotten about the first half of the game yesterday^^? Be honest, you remember what we said, right? Christian Ronaldo
(Junsu, 6:23pm KST) @chozzz0110 You mean Cristiano.. not Christian…^^
(Jung Hwan, 6:25pm KST) @1215thexiahtic That was the Brazilian pronunciation of the name, you must not know that kekekekekeke Hyung, I only do well when I receive praise ^^;
(Junsu, 6:29pm KST) @chozzz0110 For a moment, I thought Ronaldo went to church or something..! lol Fine, you’re good at this!^^

I missed this kid and his photos 🙂  (Jaejoong, 11:11pm KST) 1111 http://pic.twitter.com/eQpFOOzD  

(Jaejoong, 11:30pm KST) jj-v in HK http://pic.twitter.com/it2fwFLO

And yes, I get confused too, Mr. KJJ

(Jaejoong, 11:35pm KST) @1215thexiahtic Sometimes, I get confused on whether you’re a singer or a soccer player
(Junsu, 12:37am KST) @bornfreeonekiss keke >_<

Source: [Jaejoong+Junsu+Others’  Twitter]

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[TRANSLATION] 120227-120305 Post Of JYJ Tweets

[TRANS] 120227-120305 Post Of JYJ Tweets

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by JYJ. A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations This post includes tweets from 6am KST, February 27th to 5:59am KST, March 6th.

Sad but true 🙁
(Jaejoong, 2:59pm KST, 120227) When faced with having to make a choice, we smile at times and cry.. at times.

Awwww I’m so glad they still hang out 😀
(Eun Hyuk, 4:52am KST, 120228) Kim Junsu lost to me in Winning (Winning Eleven). 3:2.
(Junsu, 2:27pm KST, 120228) @AllRiseSilver Hyuk Jae~~ Why can’t you remember.. the times that you’ve lost to me.. Is it that you want to forget those moments? Or do you honestly not remember…… lol

Having a nice sleep-in eh? 🙂
(Junsu, 2:32pm KST, 120301) Such a languid afternoon.. Maybe it’s the aftereffects of yesterday’s performance… I opened my eyes but my body’s been lying in bed… for the past 2 hours and 12 minutes……

(Junsu, 2:38pm KST, 120301) I don’t usually like lying down in the middle of the day.. But I seem to be enjoying myself today.. The sound of cars that comes through the darkness from the closed curtains.. The steam that comes from the humidifier that stares at me… My legs that have been placed upon a cool blanket… A sense of languidness that I can call my own.. amidst the bustles of my busy life

Hwaiting to both of them!
(Young Seok, 2:48pm KST, 120301) @1215thexiahtic Great job yesterday~^^ Rest well~^^ It’ll be a while till I see you again~
(Junsu, 2:55pm KST, 120301) @yoonphantom You’re rightㅠ Keep giving great performances till then~^^

Junsu, please give us the meaning of ‘Ha-ak!’ D:
(Hyo Jun, 2:43pm KST, 120301) @JUNO_Japan Hyung!!! You didn’t know this right…kekeke I’m going to call us the three brothers… kekeke pic.twitter.com/D2oRmDSk

(Junsu, 2:55pm KST, 120301) @AmadeRudolph Ha-ak~!

Awwww Junsu takes such good care of his juniors 🙂
(Junsu, 6:13pm KST, 120301) So today was finally Seung Hyun’s first performance as Rudolf as well as his first step as a musical actor.. Seeing your face yesterday, as you were nervous and somewhat exhilarated, reminded me of myself, shaking with nerves as I waited to step on stage for the first time for Mozart! two years ago..

(Junsu, 6:15pm KST, 120301) Of course, I’m still a rookie musical actor but as a senior who stepped foot into this industry before you, I give you my support.. The Rudolf that you think is right.. The Rudolf that you imagined, never back down and do what you feel is what needs to be done~ Because at least for today, you are the one who creates Rudolf on stage.. Here’s an unconditional Hwaiting!!!

(Junsu, 6:17pm KST, 120301) I’m sorry I couldn’t go today but I had work~~ Though you’re probably nervous.. I pray that you forget it all the moment you step on stage and are left with only the Rudolf that you imagined~^^

(Junsu, 6:20pm KST, 120301) Most of all, you know that the genre isn’t one that is accomplished alone, right..? Just being with some of the greatest actors (in Korea) to create a production will give you a great sense of courage and strength~ Have faith in your hyungs and noonas^^ They’ll make it work, no matter what you do~ I hope you have a successful first performance

I wonder what they said? 😛
(Junsu, 5:22am KST, 120304) @Evi_pui Hey… I didn’t get my hair cut… Do you mind not over-exaggerating??
(T/N: The account he replied to is private so I didn’t get to see the tweet he’s replying to)

idk if they meant this satirically but it sounded a little too harsh 🙁
(Kim Junsu Fan, 3:26am KST, 120304) @1215thexiahtic Are you seriously not going to participate in any broadcasted activities? You’re at such a great, young age, but because you’re chained to doing only concert-based activities in so few genres, JUNSU fans are being devoured by anxiety. If you don’t appear in any broadcasted TV appearances this year, you’ll be forgotten by the public and you won’t have any fans left who will support you till the end
(Junsu, 5:24am KST, 120304) @jbghhtpa83e08ty Do you not know (about our situation).. or are you saying this though you do… Is it that we’re not doing it (participating in broadcasted appearances)… or is it that we can’t… Think before you speak

I think I know what he’s talking about~ 😉
(Jaejoong, 5:57am KST, 120304) Monitoring Junsu and Yoochun’s work! My great, amazing dongsaengs and members^^ I saw Yoochun and Junsu today but I don’t ever get sick of seeing them…. haha They’re the best pic.twitter.com/e9VgjK2M

(Junsu, 1:38pm KST, 120304) @mjjeje Huh?? What did you watch?? lol
(Jaejoong, 2:54pm KST, 120304) @1215thexiahtic You might feel embarrassed if I tell say it out loud.. haha
(Junsu, 3:38pm KST, 120304) @mjjeje What is it?????? lol

Aww \o/
(Jeri, 3:40pm KST, 120304, English Tweet) @12215thexiahtic Junsu!!!!
(Junsu, 6:05pm KST, 120304, English Tweet) @slaughteration Jeri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i miss you!!!!!!!!!

How you doin’?
(Jaejoong, 6:17pm KST, 120304) Cute Yoohwan ^^ pic.twitter.com/ZKzlkQzK

Me too! She’s amazing!
(Jaejoong, 10:34pm KST, 120304) If Comedian Shin Bora really makes her debut as a singer, I’ll for sure be buying and listening to her album.

This reminds me of last year’s awards ceremony 🙂
(Jaejoong, 12:41am KST, 120305) My hair’s grown out a lot~~^^ pic.twitter.com/amjkhG8a

I imagine this tweet coming with a pout from Mr. Park XD
(Ji Hye, 2:09am KST, 120305) I was dead tired after making that long trip but I still wanted to eat ddeokbokki.. keke Everyone’s practically sleeping as they eat^^ pic.twitter.com/TIkO4SmY
(Yoochun, 12:15pm KST, 120305) @jihye5555 And you left me out of your meal…

FC MEN Fighting~!^^
(Junsu, 3:21pm KST, 120305) Everyone is waiting for Kokuritsu Kyougijou! The second round of pre-sales has started. Don’t forget to apply on the official home page!^^

Feeling kinda sad today? 🙁
(Junsu, 7:15pm KST, 120305) Sorrow… A solitude I wish to break free from pic.twitter.com/T044iglQ

(Junsu, 8:31pm KST, 120305) pic.twitter.com/wrFd0mUm

(Young Seok, 8:53pm KST, 120305) @1215thexiahtic Are you feeling down.. because it’s raining??^^ Be strong~~ Our sexy XiahTod~~~^^
(Junsu, 12;24am KST, 120305) @yoonphantom Hyung, please look after Blue Square while I’m gone~^^

Hwaiting to everyone 😀
(Moon Jung, 9:11pm KST, 120305) Because Zorro, which has already faded a little because it ended over a month ago, earned a profit from its performances, every~~~one in the staff received a huge bonus.. It couldn’t have been an easy decision but they gave happiness to the ‘Share Happiness Foundation’.. A warm story.. Let everyone know of it!!~~~~
(Junsu, 12:24am KST, 120306) @mjkim8200 Hwaiting to Elisabeth!

(Joo Hyun, 9:18pm KST, 120305) The one in white is me, right?! It’s hard to tell the difference between us@Jeny233http://photonui.com/31pw photonui.com/31px photonui.com/31py Ok Elly and Esther Haji are getting a massage~

(Junsu, 12:24am KST, 120306) @joohyunieee Hwaiting to Elisabeth~^^

🙁 I think you need a hug. A nice warm and fuzzy one
(Junsu, 12:49am KST, 120306) When I die…. I want the world to look just like this… Or I’d at least want to be somewhere that looks like this (when I die).. Just like this.. http://pic.twitter.com/hkGgz6bG

Source: [Jaejoong+Yoochun+Junsu+Other’s  Twitter]

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[TRANS] 120206 U-Know Yunho Pays A Visit To Rain, Who Is Doing Military Service

[TRANS] 120206 U-Know Yunho Pays A Visit To Rain, Who Is Doing Military Service

 Recently, TVXQ’s Yunho paid a visit to his senior Rain, who is currently doing his military service.

 An image of the two artists were posted online, together with another person whom the public is unfamiliar with. Rain’s fans, who got to see their beloved idol have been so happy and felt fortunate, and have been expressing their gratitude towards Yunho, who made a special visit to see Rain despite his busy schedule.

 Yunho, who seems to be sporting a new haircut, grew out his hair and dyed it a burnt caramel color.

 Netizens said, “Yunho is so sincere!” “Looking at a military man doing the V sign, it’s so cute!” and “I hope that we can see more artists visiting their senior!” and other comments

 Source : [BaiduTVXQ + BNTnews]

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The Dark Side of South Korean Pop Music

The Dark Side of South Korean Pop Music
Posted on June 15, 2011
by DBSK Always

NEWS] 110614 The Dark Side Of South Korean Pop Music

Tohosomnia.net reports:

K-Pop sensations Girls’ Generation on stage in Seoul

South Korea’s pop industry is big business in Asia. As K-Pop sets its sights on Europe and the US, will this force a change in the way it treats its artists?

Selling singles is no way for a pop star to make money these days. Most artists find that touring and merchandise sales are more lucrative. So when it comes to concerts, size matters.

This is why the biggest date in the Korean pop calendar – the Dream Concert, at which up to 20 bands perform – is held in Seoul’s 66,800-seat World Cup Stadium.

Teenage crushes come here for a once-a-year date in a national love story, where commitment is measured in coloured balloons, and devotion is knowing all the words.

Most of the bands, like Super Junior and Wonder Girls, are household names; highly produced, sugary boy- and girl-bands with slick dance routines and catchy tunes.

But the industry also has a less glamorous side: a history of controversy and legal disputes over the way it treats its young artists, which it is still struggling to shake.

Fans of K-Pop star Rain helped him nab top spot in Time’s list of influential people

K-Pop is a massive industry: global sales were worth over $30m (£18m) in 2009, and that figure is likely to have doubled last year, according to a government website.

Industry leaders are also ambitious – Korean stars are beating a path to Japan, America and Europe. This month, South Korea’s biggest production company, SM Entertainment, held its first European concert in Paris, part of a year-long world tour.

In April, Korea’s king of pop, Rain, was voted the most influential person of the year by readers of Time magazine. And earlier this year, boy band Big Bang reached the top 10 album chart on US iTunes.

Follow the money

Korea is excited by what this new musical export could do for its image – and its economy.

But some of K-Pop’s biggest success stories were built on the back of so-called slave contracts, which tied its trainee-stars into long exclusive deals, with little control or financial reward.

Rainbow’s singers put in the hours

Rainbow is a seven-member girl-band, each singer named after a different colour. If any group could lead to a pot of gold, you would think they would.

But Rainbow – currently in a seven-year contract with their management company, DSP – say that, despite working long hours for almost two years, their parents were “heartbroken” at how little they were getting paid.

A director for DSP says they do share profits with the group, but admits that after the company recoups its costs, there is sometimes little left for the performers.

K-Pop is expensive to produce. The groups are highly manufactured, and can require a team of managers, choreographers and wardrobe assistants, as well as years of singing lessons, dance training, accommodation and living expenses.

The bill can add up to several hundred thousand dollars. Depending on the group, some estimates say it is more like a million.

Musical exports

But music sales in South Korea alone do not recoup that investment. For all their passion, home-grown fans are not paying enough for K-Pop.

The CD industry is stagnant, and digital music sites are seen as vastly underpriced, with some charging just a few cents a song.

Girl band 4minute on tour in the Philippines

Bernie Cho, head of music distribution label DFSB Kollective, says online music sellers have dropped their prices too low in a bid to compete with pirated music sites.

“But how do you slice a fraction of a penny, and give that to the artist? You can’t do it,” he says.

With downward pressure on music prices at home, “many top artists make more money from one week in Japan than they do in one year in Korea”, Mr Cho says.

Company representatives say concerts and advertising bring in far more than music sales. “Overseas markets have been good to us,” says one spokesman. South Korean musicians need to perform on home turf, but “Japan is where all the money is”.

As acts start to make money overseas, he says this “broken business model” – underpricing – is creeping into their activities abroad.

A former policy director at South Korea’s main artists’ union, Moon Jae-gap, believes the industry will go through a major upheaval. “Because at the moment, it’s not sustainable,” he says.

Until that happens, he says, artists will continue to have difficulty making a living.

South Korea’s government is keen to promote its new international identity, one many hope could rival Japan’s cool cultural image.

The only question is whether the industry ends up more famous for its music, or for its problems.

Source: [BBC]
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Information 110520 MTVK Poll Result – And The Sexiest Male in K-Pop Is…JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong!!

Why the shock? Jaejoong, you did it again. I hope that they also consider you as one of the most respected men in K-Pop.
Momma Cha

Information 110520 MTVK Poll Result – And The Sexiest Male In K-Pop Is…JYJ’s Jaejoong!

The result from: Who Are The Top 10 Sexiest Male Idols In K-Pop?

These were such incredibly shocking results. Nobody could have seen this one coming…JYJ‘s Jaejoong was both MTV K and the readers’ pick for the sexiest male idol in K-Pop!

Jay Park wasn’t far behind and Time 100 Reader’s Choice Award winner Rain came in third. Siwon and Taecyeon’s abs landed them at 4 and 5, respectively. Check out the full list below!

1. JYJ’s Jaejoong
2. Jay Park
3. Rain
4. Super Junior’s Siwon
5. 2PM’s Taecyeon
6. MBLAQ’s Lee Joon
7. TVXQ’s Changmin
8. BEAST’s Gikwang
9. Big Bang’s T.O.P
10. 2AM’s Seulong

credit: mtvk
shared by: sharingyoochun.net

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