120302 Caps From Levay With Friends Xiahzart

I know that there are many captures of Junsu’s Mozart, but I have a few additional, interesting ones that I would like to share. I never tire of this musical. Momma Cha


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Translation 111004 JYJ Are Crazy About “This’ These days

TRANS] 111004 JYJ Are Crazy About ‘This’ These Days

Posted on October 9, 2011


The individual activities of JYJ’s members get a ’10 out of 10′.

Kim Jaejoong debuted as an actor through SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’ while Kim Junsu starred in two musicals and became a hot topic for his cameo appearance and his participation in the OST of the popular drama ‘Scent of a Woman’. Park Yoochun has made his mark as an actor through ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ and ‘Miss Ripley’.

Kim Jaejoong said, “What’s best is, ‘Let’s be good at one thing’, but I was able to take a shot at acting because a great opportunity came up and I’m thankful to have received a positive response,” and “I’m thinking of taking on acting again if the opportunity arises.

Kim Junsu said, “Thanks to my participation in the OST of the drama, I was fortunately given a cameo appearance. Though I did think for a moment that I’d like to try acting as I watched the other two become actors, I saw them staying up all night for days on end to complete their filming, and that thought vanished.” He bragged and said that soccer suits him better. He said, “I played in fifteen soccer matches in a month,” and “I didn’t have any celebrity friends, but I became friends with Kim Hyun Joong and B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang and Yoon Du Jun through soccer.”

Since finishing his drama, Park Yoochun has been hooked on fishing. He said, “I was in Busan for a month in August and I had fun swimming and fishing,” and “There’s nothing better to pass time than fishing.” Park Yoochun plans to continue his acting career. Offers for movie and drama appearance are currently flooding in and he plans to choose his next production and appear in front of his fans in the near future.

Source: [donga sports]

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Translation 110715 “Tears of Heaven” is The No. 3 Most Influential Musical in Attracting Foreigners — and What is No. 1?

[Trans] 110715 “Tears Of Heaven” Is The No. 3 Most Influential Musical In Attracting Foreigners – And What Is No. 1?

“Xiahzart” Kim Junsu has once again proven this year that he is the leading man in the hallyu musical scene.

Interpark revealed that for the first half of this year, among the top 5 musicals in Korea that attracted the most foreign visitors, Kim Junsu’s “Mozart!” and “Tears Of Heaven” took 1st and 3rd place respectively.

In this ranking, the project that attracted the most attention was “Tears Of Heaven.”

Composed by world famous musician Frank Wildhorn, and directed by Gabriel Barre, who won numerous awards for “Memphis,” “Sweeny Todd” and others, “Tears of Heaven” was a hot topic before it even started its run. However, due to its simple storyline and unconvincing setting, it was criticised as having “limited creativity” and being “an imitation “Miss Saigon.””

During then, there were critics that said “this musical is about a man who is looking for a pure love and humane “Korean Romance,” and although it has touching and emotional music as well as a creative stage, the weak plot is regrettable.”

A musical that seemed to lack a sense of completion and reality, “Tears Of Heaven” managed to take 3rd place in the foreign audience ranking. If not for “hallyu star” Kim Junsu, this would not have been possible.

Kim Junsu injected life into the simple storyline, and improved upon the sense of completion of the entire musical. His outstanding voice and mature acting skills enchanted the audiences. If not for him, this musical would have been normal, and not as spectacular as it had become.

The promotion for “Tears of Heaven” is especially meaningful because it is the only local (Korean) production that was recognised as having the highest foreign audience. In this reality where adapted musicals are the mainstream, it introduces the foreign audiences to an original Korean creative musical, which is a considerable gain.

To ensure the project’s quality and audience numbers, Kim Junsu is diligent when choosing projects to work on and participate in, and has earned praise for this. His choice to participate in a local creative production, and the energy he gradually injected into the musical is imaginable.

With Kim Junsu spearheading it, the growth of the musical hallyu wave looks positive. Musical production companies who are targeting the gradually growing crowd of foreign audiences have expressed that they will be expanding on the promotional efforts for the foreign crowd.

“There have always been audiences from countries like Japan, China and others that have come to watch hallyu stars, but that was before Kim Junsu showed his true power. And now he is the top sell-out guarantee in musicals.”

It is truly impressive that both of Kim Junsu’s projects were ranked as 1st and 3rd for the highest number of foreign audiences.

Source : [BaiduJYJ + EnterPost]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net


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NEWS 110709 A Musical In Which The Musical Stage and Audience Breathes As One, Xiahzart!!!

June 9, 2011

[NEWS] A Musical in which the musical stage and audience breathes as one, ‘Xiahzart!’

credit: xiah-sshi forum

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Translation 110618 Kim Junsu”s Musical Mozart Premiered on the17th of June

[Trans] 110618 Kim Junsu’s musical ‘Mozart!’ premiered on the 17th‏

JYJ Kim Junsu appeared on the stage of musical ‘Mozart’.

Receiving new actor awards and popularity awards from last year’s prestigious award shows, “The Musical Awards” and “Korean Musical Award”, Kim Junsu who successfully debuted as a musical actor returned once again as music genius Mozart.

Nicknamed ‘Xiahzart’ and grabbing a place as musical actor, Kim Junsu received a nomination for the Best Actor award with seasoned actors such as Jung Sung Hwa and Jo Seung Woo etc, in the “5th The Musical Award” held on the 7th of June.

During the open rehearsal for Mozart, Kim Junsu had expressed, “To me, ‘Mozart’ is not just a simple musical work, it gave me a feel that I have once again descended to this world.”

Reappearing on Mozart’s stage, Kim Junsu said, “Have been thinking about wanting to reappear, presenting the looks of the best stage. I have been having many thoughts for the past 1 year about Mozart, about music and would want to present a different production of Mozart from last year’s.”

Additionally, Im Taekyung, Park Euntae, Kim Junsu, Chun Dong Shik will be performing in musical “Mozart” till the 3rd of July at Sungnam Arts Centre with Kim Junsu having 13 performances.

credit: newsnate+baidu
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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Translation 110607 Junsu’s Thank You Message to the Fans

[Trans] 110617 Junsu’s Thank You message to the fans

I will love you forever, sweetheart. Momma Cha

On the day I stood on the stage

in the name of Kim Junsu for the first time in my life,

it was Mozart who let you and I face each other once again.

The image of all of you,

who silently sent applause and affection to my challenges,

to Kim Junsu soaring into the new world

over the tall walls of the castle,

I will keep in my heart for a long time

And I will do my best today as well on this stage

to be worthy of the love that I receive from you,

because I cannot express all the gratitude in words.

I want to remember these moments for a long time

when the name Xiahzart is not so strange anymore.

I am happy on this day when I become more like him and you feel my heart

Thank you… to all of you ^.^

credit+trans: InHeaven_wJYJ
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Translation 110515 Xiah Junsu Sings ‘That Man’ With…

Translation 110515 Xiah Junsu Sings ‘That Man’ With Passion… ‘Is This Really The Voice Of Someone With A Cold?’

The video of JYJ’s Kim Junsu (formerly known as TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu) singing to a karaoke instrumental has become a hot topic amongst netizens.

On the 14th, Kim Junsu appeared on an internet broadcast program and sang ‘That Man’, the theme song of the SBS drama ‘Secret Garden’, famous for being sung by Hyun Bin.

Kim Junsu lived up to his reputation as the most vocally talented idol singer in the industry by perfecting ‘That Man’ with his trademark husky voice.

As soon as the video was released, Kim Junsu ranked high on various portal sites’ search engines and has since been receiving a great amount of attention from netizens.

Those who heard him sing ‘That Man’ left comments such as, “He said that he had a cold but is this really the voice of someone with a cold?” “How is it possible to sing so well with just a karaoke machine?” “Kim Junsu doesn’t let us down. His vocal talent is amazing” and “No wonder he’s called Xiahzart”.

On the other hand, Kim Junsu will soon be transforming into Mozart for the musical ‘Mozart!’ at the Seongnam Art Center on the 24th.

Source: [star mk]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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